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2015届高考英语一轮 专题12 定语从句复习题及答案下载


[学 以 致 用]

Ⅰ.根据句意填入适当关系词,并体会关系词的功能意义。 1. (2013· 课标Ⅱ, 4)When I arrived, Bryan took me to see the house________I would be staying. 答案 where [句意:当我到达时,Bryan 带我去看了我将要住的房子。先行

词 the house 表示地点,还原到从句中为:I would be staying in the house.故应 使用关系副词 where 引导定语从句。] 2. (2013· 北京, 27)Many countries are now setting up national parks________animals and plants can be protected. 答案 where [句意:很多国家现在都在建立国家公园,在那里动物和植物

能够受到保护。先行词为 national parks,代入从句中为:In the national parks animals and plants can be protected.应该使用表示地点的关系副词 where。] 3 . (2013· 天 津, 6)We have launched another manmade satellite , ________is announced in today's newspaper. 答案 which [句意:我们又发射了一颗人造卫星,这件事是在今天的报纸

上宣布的。设空处引导非限制性定语从句,先行词为前面一句话,关系词在 定语从句中作主语,故用 which 引导。] 4. (2013· 重庆, 24)John invited about 40 people to his wedding, most of ________ are family members. 答案 whom [句意:约翰邀请了大约 40 人参加他的婚礼,他们当中绝大部

分是家庭成员。在定语从句中如果介词放在关系代词之前,且先行词指人时, 从句中关系代词只能使用 whom。] 5.(2013· 山东,31)There is no simple answer,________is often the case in science. 答案 as [句意:科学经常就是这样的,它没有一个简单的答案。考查定语

从句。空格处的引导词在从句中作主语,并引导非限制性定语从句。] 6. (2013· 山东,35)Finally he reached a lonely island________was completely cut off from the outside world. 答案 which/that [句意: 他最后到了一座完全与外面世界隔绝的孤岛上。 定

语从句修饰的先行词是 island,将先行词代入定语从句后为:The island was completely cut off from the outside world.由此可见先行词在定语从句中作主





语,且先行词表示“物”,可以用 which 或 that。] 7.(2013· 浙江,13)The museum will open in the spring with an exhibition and a viewing platform ________ visitors can watch the big glasshouses being built. 答案 where [句意:博物馆将在春天开放,届时将有一个展览和一个观光

平台。参观者可以从这个平台观看正在建设的大温室 (玻璃暖房)。先行词为 platform, 代入定语从句后为: Visitors can watch the big glasshouses being built on the platform.由此可见关系词在定语从句中作地点状语,故用 where。] 8.(2013· 福建,27)The book tells stories of the earthquake through the eyes of those ________ lives were affected. 答案 whose [句意: 这本书从遭受地震影响的人们的视角讲述地震的故事。

将先行词 those 代入定语从句后为:The lives of those were affected.由此可知 先行词在从句中和 lives 是所属关系,从句中缺少定语,故答案为 whose。] 9.(2013· 辽宁,34)He may win the competition,in________ case he is likely to get into the national team. 答案 which [句意:他有可能赢得这次比赛,在这种情况下,他有希望进

入到国家队。句子可改为:He may win the competition,and in that case he is likely to get into the national team.去掉并列连词 and, 用 which 换掉 that 的位置 而引导定语从句。] 10. (2013· 江苏, 32)The president of the World Bank says he has a passion for China, ________he remembers starting as early as his childhood. 答案 which [句意:世界银行主席说他对中国有一种情结,他记得这种情

结始于他的儿童时代。先行词是 a passion for China,且在定语从句中作 start 的宾语,要用关系代词,在非限制性定语从句中用 which。] 11.(2013· 安徽,29)Mo Yan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2012, ________made one of the Chinese people's longheld dreams come true. 答案 which [句意:莫言被授予 2012 年诺贝尔文学奖,这使中国人长久以

来拥有的梦想之一变成现实。which 引导非限制性定语从句,指代前面整个 主句。] 12.(2013· 湖南,21)Happiness and success often come to those________are good at recognizing their own strengths.



答案 who



行词为 those, 将先行词代入定语从句后为: Those are good at recognizing their own strengths.由此可见,先行词在定语从句中作主语,且表示“人”,故用 who。] 13 . (2013·四 川 , 9)Nowadays people are more concerned about the environment________they live. 答案 where [句意:现在人们更加关心他们居住的环境。先行词是

environment,将先行词代入定语从句后为:They live in the environment.由此 可见关系词在定语从句中作地点状语,故用 where 引导。] 14.(2013· 江西,33)He wrote a letter ________ he explained what had happened in the accident. 答案 where [句意:他写了一封信,信中他解释了事故中发生了什么。将

先行词 letter 代入从句为: He explained what had happened in the accident in the letter.由此可知从句中缺少状语,应该用关系副词 where,相当于 in which。] 15. (2012· 全国Ⅱ, 8)That evening, ________I will tell you more about later, I ended up working very late. 答案 which [句意:稍后我会告诉你更多关于那晚的事,那晚我工作到很

晚。先行词为 That evening,将先行词代入定语从句后为:I will tell you more about that evening later.由此可见先行词在定语从句中作 about 的宾语, 且表示 “物”,故用 which 引导。本题易误填 when,考生只看到先行词为表示时间 的名词,但没有注意先行词在定语从句中的功能。] Ⅱ.语篇填空 在设空处填入一个适当的关系代词或关系副词,使文章结构完整,语意通顺。 There was a time __1__ I was tired of learning English and disliked to speak English.And this is the reason __2__ my father forced me to join in a 30day training in an English club before I went to senior high school.When I first came to the club, __3__ I met many strangers,I missed my parents very much.So I packed up my things and wanted to go home.Fortunately,my guide __4__ teacher was Li Yang, communicated with me face to face, from __5__ I gained some useful instructions.He also showed me a good partner,and we got along well with each other.Gradually I





adapted to the life there.Every day I would like to talk to other teenagers and set down a series of activities __6__ we did.My father and the guide __7__ encouraged me to fall in love with English should be appreciated.Now I feel it interesting to learn English,into __8__ I put my entire energy.Every day I will read my words and passages aloud.In class I will join in English discussions.Before I go to sleep,I will recall my passages , through __9__ I can memorize a large number of new words.__10__ our English teacher says,“As long as we form the habit of learning English every day and have perseverance,we will conquer English sooner or later.” 答案 1.when 2.why 3.where 4.whose 5.whom
9.which 10.As

6.that/which 7.who/that 8.which 新课 标第 一 网




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