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中职高考英语 固定句型

1. It takes sb some time. to do 2. Sb spends st\sm on sth\ (in) doing sth 3. Sth costs sb sm 4. Sb. pays sb sm for sth 5. Sb like sth\ doing sth\ to do sth 6. Sb enjoys sth\ doing sth 7. Sb i

s interested in sth\ doing sth 8. Sb is fond of sth\ doing Ex:Are you fond of this kind of food?、 你喜欢这种食物吗? 9. It is +adj + for\of sb to do sth 10. 比较级+than 11. as + adj\adv + as; +adj+ as 12. … times\分数+ 比较级+than 13. times the +n(age\height\length\width..) +of 14. …times + as + adj+ as 15. the+比较级+主谓, the +比较级+主谓 16. 比较级+and+比较级 17. one of the +最高级+名词复数 as +adj+ a+n + as, not so

18. ask,





expect, to do\ not

encourage\allow\force\persuade… sb + to do 19. let\make\have sb +do

20. see, watch, observe, hear, listen to sb + do\doing sth 21. decide, learn, want, hope, wish, refuse, manage, try,pretend, promise + to do\not to do 22. suggest, advise, look forward to, be used to, miss, keep, keep on, enjoy, consider, mind ,finish, practice, +doing 23. be + worth+ doing 24. be worthy of+ n\being done 25. need, want, require+ doing(=to be done 26. It’s no use\good\useless doing sth 27. There be\stand\lie\come\go…+主语+ 地点状语 28. would rather do .. than do=prefer to do than do 29. Sb. be used to doing\n 30. sb used to do 31. You had better(not) do 32. 宾从:1) 主+谓+that+ 从句 33. 2) 主+谓+ if \ whether + 从句




wh+ 从句

35. 定语从句: n\pron+ 关系词+(主) +谓语 + 36. There is something wrong with…, 37. sth is broken 38. sth broke down, 39. sth doesn’t work, 40. sth goes wrong 41. be busy in doing\ with sth 42. too +adj\adv+… to

43. so+adj\adv(many\much\few\little)+ that.. 44. such…+(adj) n +that 45. both… and 46. neither…nor.. 47. either…or.. 48. not only… but also.. 49. not … until 50. if 51. as if 52. as soon as sooner.. than… 53. Since 54. It be +强调部分+that+ +其余部分 \the moment\ hardly…when…\No

55. in order to\that 56. so that 57. unless 58. or 59. as long as 60. though\although 61. Do\ Don’t do 62. 感叹句: 63. What +a\an+ adj+n+(主谓) adj\adv+ 主谓

64. What + adj+ ns\不可数名+(主谓) 65. How +

66. How +adj+ a\an+n+主谓 67. How time flies! 68. keep sb doing 69. keep sb\sth+adj 70. keep\keep on doing 71. be on duty\ be in charge of 72. apologize to sb for sth\doing sth 73. thank sb for sth\doing sth 74. help sb. with sth\ 75. be late for 76. as\so long as help sb (to) do sth

77. It’s said \reported \believed \thought \considered that… 78. , too 79. not , either =People say that


80. so + be\助动\情动+主语 81. neither\nor + be\助动\情动+主语 82. I think\find it + 形容词+for sb to do 83. Would\do you mind doing … 84. on one’s way to. 85. in\to\ on the +方向+of 86. give\buy\send\show\lend\hand\tell\ offer\teach.. + sb sth 87. How long\ far\ soon\ often\ much\ many\ old\ … 88. What\ How about+ n\doing 89. Let’s do\ Let us do 90. sb is famous\ well-known 基本句型结构: 陈述旬: 1.主语+系动词(be)+表语 2.主语+call+宾语十宾语补足语 3,主语+name+宾语+宾语补足语 for \as + n\ doing

4.主语+is called+宾语补足语 5 主语十 is named +宾语 6 主语+ regard 十宾语+as 十宾语补足语 7.主语+be+no(none)十 other than(but)+表语 8.It is(was)十强调部分十 that(who)+从句 9.主语+感觉动词+表语 10 主句+ as if\ though)+从句 I l 主语十 be +said to be(so-called)+表语 12. 主语+ be,it is said,+表语 13 so far from being 十表语,主语+谓语+其他 14 主语+be,~more+表语+than+表语 15.主语+be 十 less+表语+than+表语 16 主语+be 十表语+rather than+表语 17.主语+be+not so much+表语+as 表语 18.主语+be+either+表语+or+表语 19.Either 十主语+or+主语十 be+表语 否定句: 1. 主语+系动词+not+表语+其他 2. 主语+ 助动词+not +行为动词+其他 3. 主语+ 情志动词+not 十行为动词十其他 4. 主语+ 行为动词+not(not+宾语+其他

5. There+be +-no(not a,not, any)+主语+地点(时间) 状语 6 主语十肯定谓语+not+非谓语成分 7.主语十否定式谓语部分+状语(从句) 8.否定句,+ nor(neither)+谓语动词十主语 9.主语十 cannot help 十动名词 10 主语+cannot keep from+动名同 疑问句: 1 系动词+主语+表语? 2 助动词+主语+谓语部分一 3 情态动词+主语十谓语部分? 4. 肯定陈述旬,+动词+n’t 十主语? 5. 否定陈述句,+动词+主语? 6.疑问词+系动词(行为动词)+表语(宾语)? 7 疑问词+助动词+主语+行为动词? 8.一般疑问句+or+一般疑问句 9.特殊疑问句,十 A+or-+B? 10. 一般疑问句+间接疑问句 比较句: 1. 主语+谓语+as +形容词(副词)+as 十被比对象 2. 主语+谓语+no+ 形容词或副词比较级+ than+被 比对象

3. 主语+谓语+形容词\副词比较级+名词+ 被比对象


4 主语十谓语十 more(1ess)+形容词或副词+than 十 被比对象 5. 主语+be+the 形容词的最高级+(名词)+范围词6.主语十谓语+副词的最高级+范围词 7 主语+be+ the most(1est)+形容词+(名词)+范围 词 8 主语+谓语+the most(1est)十副词+范围词 9 The+形容词(副词)的比较级+(其他),the+形容 词(副词)的比较级十(其他) 感叹句: 1.How+形容词\副词+主语 +谓语部分 How time flies! 2 What+(a\an)adj+名词+主语+谓语部分 3.方向副词+代词+谓语部分 4 方向副词+谓语+名词 命令句: l,None of+名词 2.Please+动词原形+(其他) 3 Won’t you 十动词原形十(其他)

4.Would you+动词原形十(其他) 5. will you+动词原形+其他) 6.Would you mind not +动名词+其他 7.Do you mind(not)+动名词+{其他) 8 What about+动名词+(其他) 9.How about+动名词+(其他) 10.Let us(Let’s)+动词原形+其他 11. Let 十宾语十 not 十动词原形+其他 12.Don’t let+宾语+动词原形+其他 13 主语+had better+动词原形+(其他) 14. Long live 十第三人称主语 被动句: 1.主语十 be+过去分词+by+ 名词 2 主语+get+过去分词+其他 固定句型: 花费某人多少时间做某事 (1)It take sb.st/sm to do something(动词随时态变 化,st 指 some time;sm:some m Ex:It took me three hours to finish the homework yesterday 昨天我用了三个小时完成了我的作业。 (2)Sb.spend st/sm on sth

Sb spend st/sm in doing sth. Ex:1 have spent two days on the work but 1 haven’t finished it. 我花了两天来做这个工作但还投有完成。 How long have you spent in finishing the work? 你花了多长时间完成这项 T 作, (3)Sth cost sb st/sm Ex:The book costs : me 10 yuan. 这本书花了我 10 元钱。 (4)Sb pay sb st,sm for sth Ex:My mother paid Mr Smith 100 yuan for the book. 我妈妈花 100 元从史密斯先生那里买来了那本 书。 某人喜欢什么: (5)Sb like sth/doing sth. Ex:My brother likes playing basketball. 我的哥哥喜欢篮球。 (6)Sb enjoy sth/doing s,th Ex: enjoy swimming in the sunshine in summer. l 我喜欢在夏天阳光下游泳, (7)

My brother is interested in collecting stamps. 我哥哥喜欢集邮。 (8) Are you fond of this kind of food?、 你喜欢这种食物吗? (9)It is+adj+for sb. do sth(做什么事情对于某人 to 来说是怎么样的) Ex:It’s important for the students to know the difference between the two cultures 对于学生来说了解两种文化的差异是很重要 的。 (10)比较级+than(比……) Ex: This picture is much more beautiful than that one. 这幅画比那幅画漂亮的多。 (11)as+adj/adv/+as(像…一样的…) Ex:Peter does things as carefully as his brother 彼得像他哥哥一样做事认真。 (12)as+adj+n.+as Ex:Henry is as good a worker as Peter. 亨利是一个象彼得一样好的工人。 (13)…times+形容词比较级十 than(比…大几倍) Ex:This table is twice bigger than that one.

这个桌子比那个大两倍 (14)…times+as+adj+as(是…的几倍大) Ex:This table is three times as big as that one 这个桌子是那个桌子的三倍大。 (15)the+比较级,the+比较级(越…越…) Ex:The more you eat, the fatter you will be 你吃的越多就会越胖。 (16)比较级+比较级(越来越…) Ex: The city is becoming more and more beautiful. 这个新城市变得越来越漂亮了。 (J7)one of+the+最高级+名词的复数(最…的之一 Ex:Beijing is one of the most famous cities in the world 北京是世界上最出名的城市之一。 (18)When 引导的时间状语从句 When+一般现在时, 主句用将来时(事情还没有 发生) Ex: When I have time tomorrow, will go to see 1 my grandpa.. 明天我有时间的时候,我会去看望我的祖父。 When+过去式·主句用过去进行时(当…时候, 某人正在做什么)

Ex: When I met him yesterday, he alone the street.

was walking

我昨天碰到他的时候.他正在路上走。 (19)ask.Advise, get,order.Tell, expect, encourage sb to do Ex:His mother asked him not to play football in the street. 他妈妈要求他不要在街上踢足球。 20. see, watch, observe, look at,hear,listen to sb.do /doing sth(doing 强调动作正在进行) Ex:I heard her singing an English song when I passed by her room yesterday. 昨天经过他房间的时候,我听见他在唱英文 歌。 (21)decide, learn, want,hope,wish, refuse, manage, pretend, promise to do。 Ex:We agreed to meet here but so far he hasn’t turned up yet. 我们定好在这见面,但她还没有到。 (22)suggest, advise, look forward lo, miss, keep, keep on+doing Ex:The bird was lucky that it just missed being

caught 那鸟很幸运正好没有被抓到。 (23)…be+worth+n./doing(…值得…) Ex:The book is very interesting and it is worth buying 那本书报有趣,非常值得买。 (24)be+worthy of+n./being done(…值得…) Be worthy to be done Ex:The place is worthy of being visited. 这个地方值得去参观。 (25)need, want.require+ doing (需要) Ex : The window needs / wants / requires … cleaning 那个窗需要擦 (26)It’s no use/good/useless doing sth(做…是没 有用的) Ex:lt’s no use staying up too late every day. 每天睡那么晚是没有用的。 (27)There be/stand/lie/come/live. . Ex : There stands a high mountain near my hometown. 我家乡的旁边有一座山。

(28)Would rather do…than do … Would do……rather than do--.(宁愿做什么而 不做什么) Ex : I Would rather stay at home than “ go shopping with you. I would stay at home rather than go shopping with you. 我宁愿呆在家家里也不愿和你逛街。 (29)sb.be used to+n/doing(习惯于) Ex:He is used to swimming in the river in winter. 他已经习惯在冬天在河里游泳。 (30)sb.used to do sth(过去常常…) Ex:He used to go there to play basketball On Sundays 他过去常常在周日的时候在那哩打篮球。 (31)you’d better do…(你最好做…) Ex:You’d better stay at home in this cold days 这种天你最好呆在家里。 (32)宾语从句 &主+谓+that+陈述句 Ex:Mary told me that she would take part in the party tomorrow.

玛丽告诉我她明天会去参加那个晚会。 b.主+谓+whether/if+陈述句 Ex:Mary asked me whether 1 would like to go to the party with her. 玛丽问我是否愿意和她一起占参)Jill 兜会。 C.主+谓十特殊疑问词+陈述句 Ex:Can you tell me when you went to the party yesterday? 你能告诉我你昨天什么时候去的那个晚会? (33)定语从句 Ex: you know the boy who is standing under the Do tree? 你认识站在树下的那个男孩子么? The vase which l bought yesterday is broken 我昨天买的花瓶坏了。 He told me the time when we would meet at the school gate. 她告诉我明天在校门口见面的时间。 (34)There is something wrong with… Something is broken Something broke down Something doesn’t work

Ex:There is something wrong with my bike. My bike broke down. My bike doesn’t work. (我的自行车坏了) (35)be busy with sth/(in)doing sth(忙于) Ex’The cars are busy going and coming 车来车往 (36)too…to…(如此…以至于不能…) Ex:My little brother is only 6 years old and he is too young to go to school himself.

(59)keep sb/sth.+形容词(让…保持什么状态) Ex The teacher asked us to keep the classroom clean. 老师要求我们保持教室干净。 (60)keep/keep on doing(持续做某事) He looked at me and said nothing, then he kept on drawing his picture. 他看了我一眼.一句话没有说继续画画 61) be on duty 值日) be in charge of(主管…) Ex:Who is on duty today? 今天谁值日

The teachers asked who was in charge of the cleaning work that day 老师问邢天谁管卫生。 (62)apologize to sb for sth./doing sth.(由于…向 某人道歉) Ex: Tom apologized to his mother for making too many mistakes today 汤姆由于今天犯了很多的错向他妈妈道歉。 (63)thank sb for sth/doing sth. (由于…向某人致谢) My classmate Xiaoming thanked me for helping him with his English 我同学由于我帮助他学英语而表示感谢, 64.help sb with sth \help sb(to)do sth(帮某人做某事) Ex . Tom often helps me with my math and sometimes he also helps me write\take notes. 汤瓣并常帮助我的数学,有时候他还帮我 记笔 记。 (65)be late for(迟到) EX:Mike got up late and he was late for school again 马克起晚了,上学有又迟到了。 (66)as long as…(只要)

Ex:As long as I have enough time,I will travel around the world. 只要我有足够的时间,我就会去环游世界。 (67 It is said that…(据说 1 Ex It is said that we will go to school this Friday 据|兑我们这同六不上课。 (68)….too(也…) Ex : My brother likes swimming . I like swimming,too 我哥哥喜欢游泳.我也喜欢游泳。 (69)….either(也不…) Ex:My brother didn’ t want to go swimming.I didn’t want to,either. 我哥哥不想去游泳,我也不想去。 (70)so+be 动词/助动词/情态动词+主语(也…) Ex.My brother had a good time at the party.so did I.我哥昨晚玩得得很开心.我也是。 Neither,\Nor +be\have\助动词、情态动+主语 Ex . Xiaoming hasn’t finished the

homework.Neither\ Nor have I. 小明还没有完成作业.我也 没有。

:72)I think/find +it+形容词+for sb.to do sth (认 为某人做某事是怎样的) Ex: think it necessary for the students to know the I difference between the two cultures. 我认为让学生了解两种文化的差异是很重要的。 (73)Would you mind doing sth.?(是否介意某事?) Ex:Would you mind opening the window and let the fresh air in? 你是否介意打开窗户放进点新鲜空气? (74)On one’s way to+sp.(在去…的路上) Ex:On my way to the hospital yesterday, I met a little boy who could not find his home 昨天在我去医院的路上,我碰}U 一个小男孩, 他找不到家了。 (75)… in the 方向+of(在…范围内的…方向) To the+方向+of 在…方向不接壤) on the+方向+of 在…方向接壤) Ex:Shanghai is in the east of China. 上海在巾国的东部。 Japan is to the east of China. 日本在中国的东部(不接壤)。 Mongolia is on the north of China

蒙古在中国的北部(接壤)。 (76)give sb sth\ give sth to sb(接双宾语) buy sb sth\ buy sth for sh

hand sb.sth.\hand sth to sb tell sb sth\ tell sth to sb

Ex:My mother bought a cake for me on my birthday. My mother bought me a cake on my birthday 我妈妈在我生日的时候买了个蛋糕给我。 (77)How long……多长时间 How far……多远 How often…多久 How many/much……多少 (78) What about\How about~+动名词 l(其他) How about taking a rest’ 我太累了,休息一下怎么样? (79)Let’s+do……Let us+do…… Ex:Let’s go to visit the Summer Palace,shall we? 让我们去颐和园吧,好么? Let us go to the Summer Palace,will you? 和我一起去颐和园,好么?

(80)sth+be famous for+n/doing sb+is well known for+n/doing Ex:The city is famous for its long history and culture 邮个城市以其悠久的所史和文化而闻名于世。



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