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介 词

介词的分类 介词是虚词,不能单独作句子成分,必须与名词、代词(或 相当于名词的其他词类、短语或从句等)构成介词短语,在句 中充当一定成分。

介词分为:简单介词,如at, in, for等;合成介词,如within,
inside, onto, throughout等;短语介词,如according to, out o

f, because of, by means of, in spite of, instead of等;双重介词, 如from behind / above / under, until after等;分词介词,如 considering, including, judging (from / by) 等。

介 词
一、方位介词 1.above,over,on;below,under,beneath (1)above侧重于相对水平高度,不一定在正上方,其反义词

(2)over侧重于垂直高度,即位于正上方,其反义词是 under。 (3)on侧重于与物体表面接触,其反义词是beneath。 Be careful; there is a heavy box over your head. The position he pointed to was below the sea level.


across 意为“横穿 , 穿越”,表示运动发生在物体的表面。
over 意为“跨过,越过”,表示运动发生在物体的上方。 through意为“穿过,通过”,表示运动发生在某物的空间内。 past意为“从??旁经过”,表示运动发生在某物的旁边。 The Great Wall winds its way from west to east , across desert,over mountains,through valleys till at last it reaches the sea.

3.in,on,to在方位名词前的区别 in 表示在范围之内; to 表示在某范围之外的地方; on 表示 “毗邻”“接壤”。 Shandong Province is/lies in the east of China. Japan is/lies to the east of China.

二、时间介词 1.at,in,on,by,after

2.for,from,since for后接时段的名词词组,表示行为状态持续了多久。from接 时间点的名词词组,表示行为或状态的起始点,而不涉及其持 续时间的长短。since接时间点的名词词组,不仅表示行为或状

时此刻,因而与延续性动词的现在完成时连用。 Mr. Brown enjoyed the country life and lived there for almost fifteen years after his retirement. My younger sister began to learn dancing from the age of five.

He has been working in Tibet since he graduated from college.

三、工具、手段、方式介词 1.by,in,on三词都表示旅行的方式。

名词前有冠词、物主代词、指示代词等时用on/in。 travel to New York in this plane;go to school on my bike

on foot,on horseback, on a horse,on the camel

2.with,by,in三词均译为“用”,表示行为的工具、手段 或方式。 They are digging with a pick/spade. by hand;in ink

in English/Japanese

四、原因介词 She often hangs her head for shame. He went red with anger. The sports meet will be put off till next Saturday because of the heavy rain. His illness was due to smoking and drinking.

Thanks to the Party’s good policy,the farmers are now
living a happy and rich life.

介词与某些词类的搭配 1.名词与介词的固定搭配 (1)常与to搭配的名词:key,answer,visit,apology, introduction (2)常与in搭配的名词:interest,satisfaction,expert (3)常与on搭配的名词:mercy,congratulation (4)常与其他介词搭配的名词:prize for,respect for, victory over,struggle with

名词与介词搭配的常见短语有: attention to对??的注意;devotion to 对??的奉献; a visit to 对??的访问;interest in对??的兴趣; comments on对??的评论;application for 对??的申请;

an influence on对??的影响;confidence in对??的信心;
contact with 与??取得联系 He should be admired for his devotion to improving education. 他对改善教育作出的贡献应该得到赞扬。

2.形容词与介词的固定搭配 (1)与at搭配的形容词:afraid,angry,good,bad,clever, surprised,excited,puzzled,frightened等; (2)与of搭配的形容词:afraid,sure,certain,full,tired,


(4)与in搭配的形容词:weak,strict,rich,interested, successful等;

(5)与to搭配的形容词:next,good,polite,kind,cruel, rude,known,married,close,similar,due等; (6)与for搭配的形容词:sorry,famous,fit,unfit,eager, anxious,hungry等; (7)与from搭配的形容词:far,different,free,safe,absent, tired等; (8)与about搭配的形容词:sorry,worried,anxious, careful, sure,certain等;



of great value=very valuable
of no use=useless

a man of wealth=a wealthy man


Much to my joy,he was quite from danger. ④at与某些名词搭配表示“一??就??” at the sight of at the thought of

形容词与介词搭配的常见短语有: nervous about 因??不安;successful in 在??方面很成 功;dependent on依赖于??;responsible for 对??负责; absent from 缺席??;proud of 因??自豪;famous for 因??闻名;ashamed of 对??感到愧疚;loyal to 忠诚

于??;harmful to 对??有害;popular with 受??欢

3. 动词与介词的固定搭配 1) rob her of her wallet / clear the road of snow(“夺去, 除去” 意义的动词与of连用) 2) supply us with food / fill the glass with wine(“供给”意义

3) make a desk of wood / make bread from flour / make the material into a coat(“制作, 制造”意义与of,from,into 连用)

4) 介词 + the + 部位与动词的关系(=动词 + sb.’s + 部位) strike him on the head (“击,拍,碰,摸”意义与on连用) catch him by the arm (“抓,拉,拿,扯”意义与by连用) hit the boy in the face (“肚,胸,眼,脸”等人体前部与in连用)

动词与介词搭配的短语比较多,需要在平时的学习中逐一记 忆。如:dream of 梦想;insist on 坚持;depend on 依靠; belong to 属于;lead to导致;deal with 处理;argue about 争论;call on 拜访;refer to 提到 The man insisted on finding a taxi for me even though I told

him I lived nearby.

核心介词用法归纳与辨析 1. 表示时间的at, in, on at表示片刻的时间,常用词组有:at noon, at night, at midnight, at the end of, at that time, at the beginning of, at the

age of, at Christmas, at New Year等。
in表示一段时间,如:in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, in October, in 1998, in summer, in the past, in the future等。 on总是跟日子有关,如:on Monday, on Christmas morning,

on the following day, on May Day, on a warm morning等。

2. 表示时间的since和from:since表示从过去到现在的一段时 间的过程,常与现在完成时连用。from表示从时间的某一点 开始,不涉及与现在的关系,一般多与现在时、过去时、将 来时连用。

3. 表示时间的in和 after:两者都表示“在(某个时间)之后”,
区别在于 in表示“在 ( 一段时间 ) 之后”,而 after 则表示“在 (某一具体时间点之后 )”;in短语和将来时态连用,after短语 和过去时态或将来时态连用 。 【注意】after有时也可以表示在一段时间之后(常用在过去时

中 )。

4. 表示地理位置的in, on, to:in表示在某范围内,on指与什

5. 表示“在??上”的on和in:on只表示在某物的表面上, 而in表示占去某物一部分。 6. 表示“穿过??”的through和across:through表示从内部 通过,与in有关; across 则表示从一端至另一端 ,在表面上的 通过,与on有关。

7. besides, except, but, except for:besides指“除了??还有, 再加上”。 except 指“除了,减去”,不能放在句首。 but 与except意思近似,表示“除了??外”,经常用在no, all, nobody, anywhere, everything等和其他疑问词后面。except for表示“如无??就,只是”,表明理由细节。 8. 表示“用”的in和with:表示工具的“用”,用with;而



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