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高中英语语法练习题(含答案) 第1章 ( C a number of them A. were, was C. was, were part in daily communication. A. is playing C. are playing ( covered with trees and grass. A. Two fifth, C. Two fifths, ( B )

4. A. seem C. seemed license. A. has C. is having ( ( B ) 6. Joy and Sorrow _____ A. is unbelievable. A. are have been ( C )8. When ______ the United Nations founded?

主谓一致 ______ fifty, but

) 1. The number of people invited

_______ absent for different reasons. B. was, was D. were, were

( A ) 2. E-mail, as well as telephones, ________ an important B. have played D. play ______

C ) 3. ______ of the land in that district is is

B. Two fifth, are D. Two fifths, are a long time for one who waits. B. seems D. are seemed

Ten minutes ______

( A ) 5. Eric is the only one of the boys who _____ a driving B. have D. are having’ next-door neighbours. C. were D. be B. are

B )7. In my opinion, some of the news _____ B. is C. has been D.

A. is were ( B

B. are

C. was _____ .


)9. Every possible means A. has tried C. was tried

B. has been tried D. were tried _____ nothing to do with C. has D.

C ) 10. What she says and does me. A. was have B. were _____

D )11. There desk. A. are is

a dictionary and several books on the B. must C. have been D.

C )12. Nobody ______ seen the film. It’s a pity. A. but Tom and Jack have Jack have C. but my friends has D. but I have ______. B. is admitted D. is admitting ______ here just now. B. was C. has been yet. B. except Tom and

( B )13. No teacher and no student A. are admitted C. are admitting ( D )14. All but one A. is D. were

( A )15. When and where to build the new factory _____ A. is not decided decided C. has not decided decided

B. are not D. have not

A ) 16. The writer and singer ______ here. A. is B. are C. were D. do _____ all D. were _____

( C ) 17. As I have a meeting at four, ten minutes that I can spare to talk with you. A. are ( C ) 18. B. was C. is

In those days John with his classmates B. are D. were _____ hanging over there.

kept busy preparing for the exam. A. is C. was ( ——No, mine A. Is it, is C. Is it, are ( D ) 20. The Smith’ family, which s A. were, were C. were, was that either of the countries A. are, are C. are, is winner of scholarship for three years. A. is C. have been ( B ) 23. _____ events, meetings, or sports meetings A. Each, are

B ) 19. —— ____ your clothes? B. Are these, are D. Are these, is ____ rather a large one,

____ very fond of their old houses. B. was, was D. was, were _____ ____ beautiful. B. is, is D. is, are

(B ) 21. What the teacher and the students want to say

( D ) 22. He is the only one of the students who _____ a B. are D. has been of my brothers are reporters. ______ Covering their duty.

B. Both, is

C. Neither, are ( —— It’s rather high. that shop. A. value —— No, B. cost ______ correct.

D. None, is You can buy a cheaper one in C. price D. use

C ) 24. —— What do you think of the ______ of the coat?

( C) 25. —— Are the two answers correct? A. no one is C. neither is ( making sailing difficult. A. have been C. / 四.答案 1.C B 18. C 26. B 第2章 动词的时态 2. A 3. C 20. D 4. B 12. C 21. B 5. A 13. B 6. 14. D 22. D B 7. B 15. A 23. B 8. C 24. C 9. 25. C 10. C 11. D 19. B 16. A 17. C B. was D/ are B. both are not D. either is not _____

B ) 26. The wind, together with rain and fog,

巩固练习: 1、I’ ll give the book to him as soon as he ________ back. 2、Has the baby ________ crying yet? (stop) 3、I don’ t know whether Mother __________ me to Beijing next month.(take) 4、She _______ on her coat and went out. (put) 5、 “What are they doing?” sports meeting.” (get)

“They __________ ready for the

6、The boy asked his mother ________him go and play basketball.(let) 7、I’m sorry to keep you ____________ for a long time. (wait) 8、It ________ (take) him half an hour _______ (finish) his homework yesterday. 9、If it ________ an interesting film, we’ll see it tomorrow. (be) 10、They usually ________ (do) their homework after supper. 11、Listen! Who _____________(sing) in the next room now? 12、__________(be) your parents in Shanghai last year? 13、Mr. Yu _____________(teach) us maths since 1982. 14、They will have a trip to the Great Wall if it _________ (not rain) tomorrow. 15、Li Ming often _________ (listen) to the radio in the morning. 16、A: “Father, may I go out and play football?” B: “_____you ____(do) your homework?” 17、All the people in the town are glad ______(hear) that a famous musician ___ a concert this Saturday evening.( give) 18、Our teacher told us if it _____(not snow) we would visit the Science Museum the next day. 19、They often _______ (play) football in the afternoon. 20、A: What’re you doing Dad? B: I _______ (mend) the radio. 21、Let’s _______(carry) the boxes to the house. 22、Yesterday she ______ (want) very much to see the film, but she couldn’t __(get) a ticket. 23、I _________(write) to you as soon as I get to Shanghai. 24、Mike ___________(visit) several places since he came to Beijing.

25、He ___________ (write) four letters to his wife every month. 26、Don’ t make any noise, Grandma 28、When they already left. 29、There ___________ (be) a meeting next Monday. 30、We ___________ (know) each other since our boyhood.. 31、Sometimes my father ___________ (come) back home late. 32、They ___________ (have) an English evening next week. 33、I’m very glad___________ (hear) that. 34、 Fang isn’ here. She ___________ (go) to the reading-room. Wei t 35、The story ___________ (happen) long ago. 36、They ___________ (visit) the History Museum last week. 37、Zhang Hong ___________ (make) many friends since she came to Paris. 38、She ___________ (go) to the cinema with her classmates tomorrow evening. 39、Stay here, bag. Don’t go out. It ___________(rain) now. 40、Li Ping___________ (write) a composition every week. 41、The scientist ___________ (give) us a talk yesterday. 42、My parents ___________ (live) in Beijing since 1949. 43、Look! The young worker___________ (show) the students around the factory now. 44、They ___________ (build) a new bridge over the river next year. 45、The students___________ (clean) their classroom tomorrow. 46、The windows of our lab ___________ (clean) once a week. 47、Our teacher ___________ (join) the party twenty years ago.



27、His aunt ___________ (do) some cooking when he came in . ___________ (reach) the station, the train had

48、The boys___________ (have) a basketball match now. Let’s ___(go) and _____(watch). 49、She___________ (work) in this factory for ten years. 50、 “What makes you ___________ (think) I’m a farmer?” the Frenchman asked. 四.答案 1. comes 2. stopped 3. will take 4. put 5. are getting 6. to let 7. waiting 8. took … to finish 9. is 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. do is singing Was has taught doesn’t listens Have … to hear … didn’ snow t 19. 20. 21. 22. get 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. will write has visited writes is sleeping was doing reached will be have known comes will have to hear has gone happened visited has made will go is raining

play am mending carry wanted ,

40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. think

writes gave have lived is showing will build will clean is cleaned joined are having, has worked

go … watch


done will give


第三章 巩固练习


1. I___________ (teach) here for ten years since I finished school. 2. Would you mind me __________ (use) your bike? 3. The students of Class Two___________ (sweep) their classroom now. 4. The Whites____________ (not listen) to the radio at that time. 5. It's better to give than__________ (receive). 6. How long ______you_______ (live) in this town? 7. You _______ (come) here last year, ______ you? 8. ----When ______ you______ (see) him? ----I______ (see) him last Sunday. 9. She said that the car___________ (use) the next week. 10. I didn't know what __________ (happen) to China in a century. 11. When I got to the station, the train ____ already ______ (leave). 12. The stone bridge______________ (build) in our hometown for ten years. 13. The desk must ______ (clean) once a day. 14. The dog _________ (lie) on the floor when I came in.. 15. It _________(rain) heavily when I got home. 16. Her mother____________ (cook) at this time yesterday. 17. The students _____________ (do) their homework. __________ (not make) any noise!


18. ----______ you ever_______ (be) to Beijing? I________ (go) there last week.


19. He'll telephone us as soon as he _________ (arrive) there. 20. Jiefang trucks____________ (make) in Changchun. 21. A pen is used for__________ (write). 22. All that must ________ (do). 23 .My friend can't decide which pair of trousers____________ (choose). So she asked me to go shopping with her. 24. They find it useful__________ (learn) English. 25. The old man often_________ (tell) the children a story in the evening. This evening he ________ (tell) two stories. 26. The radio__________ (use) once in a week in our class. It____________ (not use) yesterday because there was something wrong with it. 27. Would please tell us how___________ (make) the watch ________ (work)? 28. She doesn't know what_________ (do) and where__________ (go). 四.答案 1. have taught 2. using 3. are sweepi ng 4. weren’ t listen ing 5. to receiv e 6. have … lived 7. came … didn’ t 8. did …


see, saw 9. would be used 10. ld happen 11. … left 12. hav e been built 13. d 14. 15. g 16. g 17. are doing, was cookin was was lying rainin be cleane had wou

Don’t make 18. hav e … beeen, went 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. ls, will tell arr are wri be to to tel ives made ting done choose learn


第四章 巩固练习


1. If there were no subjunctive mood, English _________ much easier. A. will be C. could have been A. am office. A. comes come 4. If it _______ next week , the crops would be saved. A. rains should rain 5. If I _______ it, I would do it in a different way. A. were to do to do 6. Supposing the weather ________ bad, where would you go ? A. is B. will be C. were B. had succeeded D. would have succeeded D. be 7. If he had worked harder, he _________. A. would succeed C. should succeed B. do C. had done D. was B. will rains C. would rain D. B. will come C. should come D. B. was B. would have been D. would be C. were D. would be

2. If I _____ you, I’d join the army. 3. If he _______ tomorrow, he would find Mr Wang in the

8. If he ________, he _________ that food. A. was warned; would not take B. had been warned; would not have taken


C. would be warned; had not taken D. would have been warned; had not taken 9. If my lawyer _________ here last Saturday, he _______ me from going. A. had been; would have prevented B. had been; would prevent C. were; would prevent D. were; would have prevented 10. If he ______ it, he _______ it. A. had seen; could have believed believe C. saw; couldn’t have believed believed 11. —Do you think the thief entered through the window? —No, if he had, I don’t believe, _______ broken the living-room’s window. A. he would have C. he had B. he must have D. should he have D. has seen; had B. saw; couldn’t

12. —Did you go swimming last Sunday? —No. We would have gone ______ nicer. A. if the weather was B. would the weather have been C. had the weather been D. should the weather be 13. ______ it ______ for your help, I couldn’t have made any progress. A. Had; not been B. Should; not been


C. Did; not been A. Would have left C. Were he to leave river. A. should be built C. will be built 四.答案 1.D 2.C 12.C 13.A 3.C 4.D 14.C 5.A 6.C 15.A

D. Not; been B. Was he leaving D. If he leaves

14. _______ today, he would get there by Friday.

15. It is ordered that a new bridge ______ over the wide B. would built D. built 7.D 8.B 9.A 10.A 11.D

第5章 巩固练习


1.If it is fine tomorrow, we ______ a football match. a. have b. will have c. has d. shall has 2.When he was at school, he ______ early and take a walk before breakfast. a. will rise rise 3.In the past 30 years China ______ great advances in the socialist revolution and socialist construction. a. has made a. don’ t/had t/have 5.______ you think he ______ back by dinner time? b. have made c. had made d. having made d. don’ 4.I ______ go to bed until I ______ finished my work. b. didn’ t/have c. didn’ t/had b. shall rise b. should rise would


a. Do/have come come bus. a. was runing running

b. Did/will have come

c. Does/will

d. Do/will have come

6.He said that he dropped his bag when he ______ for the b. was running c. were running d. is

7.No sooner ______ he arrived home than he ______ to start on another journey. a. has/was asked d. had/was asked 8.“______ you give me a room for the night?” I asked on arriving at the hotel. a. Should same time. a. they may not at all b. all they may not t all d. all they can’t 10.“We didn’t see him at the lecture yesterday.” “He ______ it.” a. mustn’t attend c. would have not attended t you?” “No, officer. I ______. This car can’t do more than 80.” a. didn’t need to be b. may not have been c. couldn’ t have been d. needn’t have been 12.he was a good runner so he ______ escape from the police. b. cannot have attended d. needn’t have attended c. they can’ b. Can c. Might d. May 9.There are nine of them, so ______ get into the car at the b. have/were asked c. had/is asked

11.“You realize that you were driving at 100 mph, don’


a. might

b. succeeded to

c. would

d. was able to

13.If they ______, our plan will fall flat. a. are co-operating b. had not co-operated c. won’t co-operate d. didn’t co-operate b. that she would answer c. that she 14.I hoped ______ my letter. a. her to answer answers d. her answering c. had better d. would rather d.

15.He ______ live in the country than in the city. a. prefers b. likes to a. Did you like Have you liked 17.I’m sorry, but I had no alternative. I simply ______ what I did. a. must do to do 18.“Time is running out,______?” a. hadn’t we better got start start c.hadn’t we better get started started 19.No one ______ that to his face. a. dares say to say 20.The students in the classroom ______ not to make so much noise. a. need b. ought c. must d. dare b. dares saying c. dare say d. dare d. hadn’t we better not b. hadn’t we better get b. had to do c. ought to have done d. have 16.______ to see a film with us today? b. Would you like c. Will you like


21.You ______ last week if you were really serious about your work. a. ought to come come b. ought to be coming c. ought have d. ought to have come b. to feed c. to being fed d. to have

22.The elephants ought ______ hours ago by the keepers. a. to be fed been fed 23.“I wonder why they’re late.” “They ______ the train.” a. can have missed d. might miss 24.“Tom graduated from college at a very young age.” “He ______ have been an outstanding student.” a. must b. could c. should d. might 25.You ______ the examination again since you had already passed it. a. needn’t have taken b. didn’t need to take t take d. mustn’t take b. must be finished typing c. should have been c. needn’ b. could miss c. may have missed

26.He is really incompetent! The letter ______ yesterday. a. should be finished typing c.must have finished typing finished typing 27.The boy told his father that he would rather ______ an astronaut. a. become b. to become c. becoming d. became 28.When we reached the station, the train had still not arrived; so we ______. a. needed not to hurry b. needn’t have hurried


c. need not to have hurried

d. didn’t need to hurry

29.Since your roommate is visiting her family this weekend,_____ you like to have dinner with us tonight? a. will b. won’t c. wouldn’t d. do 30.He was afraid what he had done ______ a disastrous effect on his career. a. might have 四.答案 1-10 BDACDBDBCB DDCABDABCA 第六章 一. (A) (A) he 3. 4. (A) seeing 5. (A) 6. Donald ___ sixteen tomorrow. is being (B) going to be (C) shall be (D) I ___ happy about the price of eggs. do not (D) won’t Since last year I____ him only once. have seen (B) have been seeing (C) see (D) was (A) am't (B) am not (C) 情态动词 11-20 CDCBDBBCCB 21-30 b. could be c. have been d. shall be

巩固练习: Are (B) Have (C) Will Will he (B) Was he (C) (D) Can Did he be (D) Were

1. _____ you ready? 2. ____ here early?

will be I ___ the story at all.


(A) don't like (D) would like 7.

(B) like


am fond of

I would rather ___ than play now. (B)am studying (C) study (D) studied

(A) to study 8.

I'd rather you ___ anything about it for the time being. (A) do (B) didn't do (C) don't (D) didn't isn't cost

9. The car___much money. (A) not cost (B) not have cost (C) (D) didn't cost 10. I ___ like to eat fish. (A) am (B) have (A) 12. (A) 13. (A) 14. (A) 15. 16. Shall I (C) do (D) be (B) Will I (C)Would you like that I (D) 11. ___ repeat the question? Do you want that I My teacher knows more than ___. my uncle knows (B) my uncle does (D)they don't know (C) goes (D) had

(C) they know did go

He___to meet us at the station, but didn't see us. (B) did went Not only ____us light. does the sun give (B) the sun gives (D) the sun does give (D) Could (D)

(C) gives the sun (A) May

____ you tell me what has happened? (B) Must (C) Can Anne___tomorrow.

(A) can sing (B) can to sing (C) is going sing


going to sing 17. (A) 18. 19. 20. (C) 1. You___hand it in at once, you may hand it in tomorrow. needn't (B) may not (B) swim (C) can't (D) must not (D) to swim (D) can to Tell the boy that he ___ in the river. (C) swimming Joan___play on Saturday. (C) is going Susan and I can go to the lecture ___. but Charles can't (A) (D) (9) 11. (A) (D) (B) 第七章 第八章 巩固练习 1. __________ with the best students, I still have a B. To compare D. Compare _________ by him sounds long way to go. A. Having compared C. Compared ( ) 2. The music of the film so ___________ . 2, 6, 10, 12. 16. 20, (B) (A) (C) (B) (A) (C) 13. 17. (A) (A) 14. 18. (A) (B) 15. 19. 3. 7. (D) (B) (C) and Charles also can 4. 8. (A) (B) 5, 9.

(A) swims

(A) going to (B) can

(A) but neither can Charles (B) and so Charies can 四.答案

动词不定式 分词


A. playing, exciting excited C. playing, excited exciting ( ) 3. __________

B. played, D. played,

against the coming hurricane, B. Having D. Warn countries, you can’t always B. D.

they dared not leave home. A. Warned warned C. To warn ( ) 4. In __________ make yourself _______ by speaking English. A. English-speaking, understand English-spoken, understand C. English-speaking, understood English-speaking, understood ( )5. After _____________ the old man, the doctor ___________ a bad cold. B. D. suggested that he

A. examining, should catch examined, had caught C. examining, had caught examined, catch ( )

6. _____________ , Tom jumped into the river and had a good time in it. A. Be a good swimmer a good swimmer C. Having been good swimmer a good swimmer D. To be B. Being


7. ________ how to read the new words, I often look them up in the dictionary. A. Having not known to know C. Don’t know knowing D. Not B. Not

8. As his parent, you shouldn’t have your child ___________ such a book. A. read read C. reading reading D. be ______________ B. D. that B. to

) 9. He returned from abroad A. heard having been heard C. having phoned

his mother had been badly ill.

having been phoned 四.答案: 1. C 8. C 第九章 巩固练习

2. D 9. D 动名词

3. A

4. C

5. C

6. B

7. D

I was ______ work last week, but I changed my mind. a. to start b. to have started c. to be starting

d. to have been starting



I intended ______ the matter with you, but I had some guests hen. a. discuss b. discussing c. having discussed d. to have discussed


Don’t let me catch you ______. a. do that again again b. to do that again c. doing that d. done that again b. one has its d. having its


There are many kinds of metals ______.

each has its special properties special properties

c.each having its special properties special properties

It’s pay-day, and they’re waiting ______. a. for paying d. to have paid b. to be paid c. to be paying


_______ trouble, I’m going to forget the whole affair. a. Then rather cause c. Rather than cause b. Rather causing d. Rather than caused


The brilliance of his satires was ______ make even his victims laugh. a. so as to that b. such as to c. so that d. such


Children with parents whose guidance is firm, consistent, and rational are inclined ______ high levels of self-confidence. a. possess possessing b. have possessed c. to possess d.



The worker is ______ in repairing the machine to notice my coming. a. too busy enough b. enough busy c. busy too d. busy


“What did you do in the garden?” “I watched my father ______ his motorbike.” a. to repair b. repaired c. repairing d.

repairs 四.答案 BDCCBCBCAC 第 10 章 巩固练习 1. The modern machine proved ______ in heart surgery. b. highly valuable c. valuable d. valuable highly a. high valuable high 形容词和副词

2. Mr. Johnson and his ______ daughter do not always understand each other. a. older discovered. a. little b. not c. small d. bit 4. They hardly believe that the apartment which costs them $ 4,000 is ______. a. so small small 5. If a claim is kept ______, it is more likely to be b. such little c. so little d. such b. the oldest c. eldest d. the eldest 3. They ______ thought that the truth would be finally


recognized. a. live hospital. a. very ill man d. very sick man 7. She was operated a month ago but now she was ______. a. very good conditioned 8. What I would do is to go ______. a. really quietly somewhere really c. really quiet somewhere d. somewhere really quiet 9. The chairman asked ______ to write their questions on a piece of paper and send them to the front. a. the present members c. the members present 10. paid ______ he asked. a. three times much as 11. bit. a. too a little small too little small 12. b. a little too small c. a d. a small too little b. three times as many as c. as three times much as d. three times as much as The trousers are ______, but Tom does not care a b. the members presently d. the presently members b. somewhere quietly b. very well c. healthy d. good b. much sick man c. serious ill man b. lived c. alive d. living 6. On his way to school he met ______, so he sent him to

The price was very reasonable; I would gladly have

She wore a dress to the party that was far more

attractive than ______.


a. other girls girls 13. other 14.

b. that of other girls

c. the other

d. those of other girls he can play tennis better than ______ in the class. b. any other boy c. any boy d. any

a. any boys

Kasia is taking her ______ tour of the shops in b. day c. day time d. night

search of bargains. a. daily 15. ______ the child expresses his interest in an b. The frequenter c. The more

activity, the stronger it will become. a. The more frequent frequently 16. very soon. a. a little longer longer 17. a. bad 18. although the medicine tastes ______, it seems to b. badly c. too much bad d. too badly help my condition. When she got her first month salary, Diana bought b. an expensive … d. a cotton, b. more longer c. long d. as d. the frequentlier

We’d better wait _______ , Peter and Tom will come

herself ______ dress. a. a cotton , blue …expensive blue, cotton c. a blue, expensive … cotton expensive… blue 19. The doctors have tried ______ to save the life of the wounded soldier.


a. everything possible humanly possible c. everything humanly possible everything 20.

b. humanly everything d. humanly possible

I was worried very much because I’ll miss my flight b. late c. latter d. more later

if the bus arrives ______. a. lately 四.答案 BCAACDBDCDBDBACAACCB 第 11 章 巩固练习 1. Tom, Please pass ________ the glasses. I want to read the newspapers. A. you B. me C. him D. her 2. The English novel is quite easy for you. There are ______ new words in it. A. a little B. little C. a few D. few 3. ---You want ________ sandwich? ---Yes, I usually eat a lot when I’m hungry. A. other B. another C. others D. the other 4. The doctors and nurses are doing their best to fight SARS. They think more of others than _______. A. they of milk? ---______________, thanks. I’d like a cup of tea. B. them C. themselves D. theirs 5. ---Which do you prefer, a bottle of orange or a bottle 代词


A. Either B. Neither C. Both

D. None

6. ---Oh! I came in a hurry and forgot to bring food. ---Never mind. You can have ________. A. us B. ours C. you D. yours 7. ---Can I come this evening or tomorrow morning? ---_______ is OK. I’m free today and tomorrow. A. Either B. Neither C. Both ---Work harder than last term. A. ourselves B. myself C. himself D. yourself 9. ---Could you tell me _______ she is looking for? ---Her cousin, Susan. A. that B. whose C. who D. which 10. ---Is _______ here? ---No. Li Lei and Han Mei have asked for leave. A. everybody B. somebody C. anybody D. nobody 11. Paul has _______ friends except me, and sometimes he feels lonely. A. many B. some to pay ______ $ 30. A. more B. other C. the other D. another 13. ---Do you live by yourself, Mr Wang? ---Yes. I have two sons. But ______ of them lives with me. They are now studying in America? A. neither B. both C. none D. either 14. ---Have you sent your parents an E-mail telling them C. few D. more 12. If you want to book a round-trip ticket, you’ll have D. None 8. ---How are you going to improve _______ this term?


you arrived safe? ---No. _______ of them can use a computer. A. None B. Both Smith? A. you; it B. you; he C. your; it D. your; that 16. ---That woman has a bag in her right hand. What’s in her _____ hand? A. another _______. A. us B. our C. ours D. ourselves 18. ---Is there a bus to the zoo? ---I’m afraid there’s _______ bus to the zoo. A. no B. any C. some D. none 19. You forgot your dictionary? You may have _______. A. me B. my C. mine D. myself 20. This is ______ classroom. Where is _______? A. our; them B. us; they theirs 四.答案 1.B 2.D 3.B 4.C 5.B 6.B 7.A 8.D 9.C 10.A 11.C 12.D 13.A 14.C 15.A 16.B 17.C 18.A 19.C 20.C 第 12 章 巩固练习 1.He was eager to make some extra money, since during these 名词 C. our; theirs D. ours; B. other C. one D. the other 17. We decided to go for a field trip with some friends of C. Neither D. All 15. Who taught _______ English last term? Was _____ Mr.


years he could hardly live on his_______. a. little wage b. few wage c. wage d. wages 2.Most of the houses in the village were burnt to ______ during the war. a. an ash b. the ash c. ash d. ashes 3.The students at colleges or universities are making ______ for the coming New Year. a. many preparations b. much preparation c. preparations a. oil here. a. many 6.The large houses are being painted, but ______. a. of great expense b. at a great expense c. in a lot of expenses d. by high expense 7.The room was small and contained far too ______. a.much new furniture b.many new furniture c. much new furnitures d. many new furnitures much b. lots of c. a great deal of d. oil d. preparation b. an oil c. oils d. the oil

4.Paiting in _____ is one of their spare-time activities. 5.In the view of the foreign experts, there wasn’t ____

8.Jim was late for two classes this morning. He said that he forgot both of the ______. a. rooms number d. room numbers 9.Computers can do ______ work in a short time, but a man can not do ______ by himself. b. room number c. room’s numbers


a great many…many b.great deal of…much a. how many information

c. much…a great deal d. many…a great many c. how many informations d. how much information c. comrades-in-arm d. comrade-in-arm c. woman doctors d. woman doctor c. growns-up d. grown-ups c. standers-by d. standers-bys c. prisoners-of-war d. prisoner-of-war

10.She didn’t know _____ he had been given. b. the number of information a. comrade-in-arms b. comrades-in-arms a. women doctors b. women doctor a. growns-ups b. grown-up a. b. stander-by stander-bys

11.He invited all of his ______ to join his wedding party.

12.All the ______ in the hospital got a rise last month.

13.After ten years, all these youngsters became_____.

14.The police investigated those _____ about the accident.

15.The Nazi kept those ______ in their concentration camp. a.prisoner-of-wars b.prisoners-of-wars Linda lately. a. new reel reels 17.Mary’s dress is similar in appearance to her ______. a. elder sister b. elder sister’ s c. elder sisters d. elder sisters dress b. news reel c. new-reels d. news

16.The manager was greatly appreciate that _____ made by


18.All the people at the conference are ______. a. mathematic teachers b.mathematics teachers c. mathematics teacher d. mathematic’s teachers

19.Professor Mackay told us that ______ of lead are its softness and its resistance. a. some property b. some properties a. deal 四.答案 DDCCACADCDCADBBBBCCB 第 13 章 巩固练习 1.______ martyrs have heroically laid down their lives for the people. a. Thousand upon thousand of thousands of c. Thousands upon thousands of of 2.They received ______ of letters about their TV programs. a. dozen a. one b. dozen and dozen b. the one c. first c score d. dozens 3.Who is that man,______ in the front row? d. the first 4.We have produced ______ this year as we did in 1993. a. as much cotton twice c. much as twice cotton b. as twice much cotton d. twice as much cotton d. Thousand and thousand b. Thousand and 数词 b. deals c. properties d. property c. dealing d. are

20.Physics _____ with matter and motion.


5.The earth is about ______ as the moon. a. as fifty time big fifty time b. fifty times as big c. as big d. fifty as times big

6.The population of many Alaskan cities has ______ in the past three years. a. more than doubled b. more doubled than c. much than doubled d. much doubled than 7.The moon is about _____ in diameter as diameter as the earth. a. one-three as large b. one three as large one-third as large a. is b. are d. one third as large d. has been c. Three-fourths d. c.

8.Five hundred yuan a month _____ enough to live on. c. is being b. Three four 9.______ of the buildings were ruined. a. Three fourth Three-four 10.Consult _____ for questions about earthquakes. a. the six index index numbering six 四.答案 CDDDBACACB 第 14 章 巩固练习 1.When Linda was a child, her mother always let her have ______ bed. a. the breakfast in b. the breakfast in the c. 冠词 b. index six c. sixth index d.


breakfast in a. tobacco tobaccos

d. breakfast in the b. tobacco c. the tobacco d.

2.He has promised to give up ______ hundreds of times.

3.______ usually go to church every Sunday. a. The Brown a. an hour is good ______. a.at the flute at that flute 6.The investigators found that more should be done for ______ in India. a.those poor holiday. a. wonderful time wonderful time b. a wonderful time c. the d. some wonderful time b. a poor c. poor d. the poor 7.You look in high spirit. You must have ______ during your b. at flute c. at a flute d. b. A Brown b. one hour c. Browns c. the hour d. The Browns d. a hour 4.The train is running fifty miles ______. 5.He can play almost every kind of music instrument but he

8.The city assigned a policeman to the school crossing because ______ traffic there was so heavy. a .a b. an c. the d. one 9.A new teacher was sent to the village in place of ______ one who had retired. a. a b. the c. an d. its 10.Virtue and vice are before you;______ leads you to happiness,______ to misery.


a. the former…latter c. the former…the latter 四.答案 CBDAADBCBC 第 15 章 巩固练习 介词

b. a former…a latter d. former…latter

1.That man was________enough not to tell the manager that he would not do the job. A.care C.careless B.careful D.carelessness

2.The soldier died for saving the child,so his________ is heavier than Mount Tai. A.die C.died wounded. A.sadly C.sadly ________. A.chemistry C.chemist child.He may fall off. A.legging B.legged C.legs 6.Stephenson became the________railway engineer in B.chemical D.physician B.sadness D.sad B.dead D.death

3.The child looked________at his brother who was badly

4.He is an expert at chemistry.We all call him a

5.The three- ________chair isn’t suitable for a young


the world. A.lead C.leading B.leader D.leadership

7.When the teacher praised him for working out the maths problem,Jack looked________about at his classmates. A.proud C.pride quite well. A.satisfied C.satisfying B.satisfactory D.satisfaction B.proudly D.pridely

8.To everyone’s ________,the girl finished the job

9.—What are you doing here? —Oh,my teacher asked me to write a passage about ________in English. —You can write________passage in English? A.600 words;a 600-words B.600-word;a 600-words C.600 words;a 600-word D.600 words;a 600-words 10.No one should enter the spot without the________of the police. A.permit C.permitting head is waiting for you. A.headquarters C.headmaster B.headline D.headache B.permission D.permittence

11.You must come with us to the police ________.Our


12.Letting that animal escape was no accident;you did it ________. A.intend C.intentionally a________smile. A.practice C.practical A.judger C.judge B.practise D.practiced B.judgment D.judgement B.intention D.intentional

13.The shop owner welcomed all the guests with

14.The________ordered him to pay a $100 fine.

15.My TV is out of order.Can you tell me what is the________news about Iraq War? A.lately C.later A.longer C.long A.joy C.joyless A.English-speaking C.spoken-English is really a ________. A.foolish;foolishly;fool B.latest D.latter B.length D.longing B.joyful D.joyness B.speak-English D.English-spoken

16.The Great Wall is more than 6000 li in ________.

17.To my ________,I passed the exam easily.

18.Canada is mainly an________country.

19.How________ he is! He is always acting________.He


B.fool;foolish;fool C.foolish;fool;fool D.foolishly;foolish;fool 20.The necklace that she lost is very expensive.It’ s of great ________. A.valuable C.valueless America. A.in danger C.dangerous A.sound C.silence A.stranger C.strange their________bravely. A.free C.freedom untrue. A.reasonable C.reasonless countries. B.reasonful D.unreason B.freely D.frees B.danger D.dangerless B.silent D.sounded B.strangely D.strangeless B.value D.unvaluable

21.There were________fish in the river in South

22.The letter “b” in the word “doubt” is________.

23.The child looked at me________.

24.The black people were against slavery and fought for

25.What you said sounded________ but in fact it was

26.We have to learn________technology from other


A.advance C.advantage here almost every day. A.nearby C.nearly B.near

B.advancing D.advanced

27.The children live in a village ________.They come

D.near by

28.Mr Black is an ________in the army,not an________in the government.You can not easily find him in his________. A.official;officer;office B.officer;office;official C.official;official;official D.officer;official;office 29.You’d better give up smoking if you want to keep ________. A.health C.healthily A.Honestly C.Honesty 四.答案 1-5 BDACB 巩固练习 1、I don’t like reading plays.” A.and, but B.and, and watching TV. What about you? I like watching TV “I don’t like reading all day, 6-10 CBDCB 11-15 ACDCB 16-20 BAAAB 21-25 CBBCA 26-30 DADBA B.healthy D.healthier B.Honest D.Dishonest

30.________ speaking,I didn’t do it on purpose.


C.or, and lose it. A.until D.because 3、We bought Granny a present, A.but 4、Study hard, A.so C.but 5、Put on more clothes, A.and C.or 6、My shoes are worn out, A.so C.because 7、He ran fast A.enough …to D.both…and

D.or, but you C. when she didn’t like it. B.and you will pass the exam. B.for D.and you’ll catch cold. B.for D.but I need new ones. B.if D.and he won the race. B.so …that C.too…to read write.

2、You won’t know the value(价值) of the health B.after


8、He is only ten months. He can A.either…or C.both…and 9、She said she might come A.neither…nor B.nither…or C.too…to D.so…that

B.neither…nor D.so…that Saturday Sunday .


10、If Tom tomorrow. A.or C.with

Mike asks for their car, tell him to come B.and D.but we got to the museum B.when D.for we met last. C.since difficult nobody can B.very…that D.very …but she comes back. D.as soon as B.before B.after

11、It was already ten o’clock this morning. A.that C.if 12、It’s a long time A.so D.before 13、That maths problem is do it. A.too…to C.so…that 14、I’ll give her the message A.since C.until 15、

the teacher came into the classroom, many A.While C.Since B.If D.When we are

students were talking to each other.

16、People often mistake us for each other twins. A.if C.because 17、Could you tell me B.when D.after

in your home town in winter?


A.if it often snowed often snow C.if it often snow snows 18、Are you sure party? A.if 19、 … C.Both…and 20、Read the sentences slowly you read. A.so that C.until 四.答案 1、D 6、A 10、A 11、B 第 17 章 巩固练习 构词法 2、A 7、B 12、C 3、A 8、B Lily A.Either…or

B.whether does it D.whether it often

Mr. Li will come to your birthday B.that Lucy like singing. B.Beither…nor D.So…that we can understand what B.before D.because 4、D 9、B 13、C 14、D 15、D 5、C C.for

1. Taiwan is ________ the southeast of China.(in, on, to) 2. Go _________ the bridge _________ the river, you’ll find the shop.(across, through; over, above) 3. I go to school __________7:30 every morning.(in, on, at)


4. He would like to meet her __________8:00 and 9:00 tomorrow morning.(between, among ) 5. The Greens have lived in China ________ three years. (in, for, after) 6. We go to school every day ________ Saturday and Sunday. (except, besides) 7. He wrote the letter _________ ink.(by, with ,in) 8. She returned to her country _________five years.(in, after, for) 9. There is a big tree _________ our classroom.(after, behind) 10. I usually go to work _________ bike.(by, on, with) 四.答案 1.in 2.across, over 3.at, 4.between 5.for 6.except 7.in 8.after 9.behind 10.by 第 16 章 连词




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