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2010 届高考英语总复习(五年高考) (三年联考)精 品题库:第四章 语法练习分类汇编 词和虚拟语气
第一部分 近年高考题荟萃

第八章 情态动

2009 年高考题
1. (09 安徽 29) Some people who don’t like to talk much are not necessarily sh

y;they people. A. must 答案 B 2. (09 北京 25) One of the few things you ____ say about English people with certainty is that they talk a lot about the weather. A. need B. must C. should D. can 答案 B 3. (09 福建 35) But for the help of my English teacher, I Competition. A. would not win 答案 B the first prize in the English Writing D. would have won B. may C. should just be quiet D. would

B. would not have won C. would win

解析 虚 拟语气 。此 处虚拟 语气 表示 与过去 事实 相反, 句子 谓语 动词用 would/should/could/might + have done 结构,故选 B。 4. (09 湖南 30) — It’s the office! So you know eating is not allowed here.

— Oh, sorry. A. must B. will C. may D. need 答案 A 解析 句意为:这是办公室!因此你必须知道吃的不允许带到这里。must 表示―绝不‖的意 思。 5. (09 海南 25) What do you mean, there are only ten tickets? There A. should 答案 A B. would C. will be twelve D. shall

解析 你这是什么意思,只有十张票吗?应该有十二人。should 表示―应该,应当‖。 6. (09 上海 27) It_____ have been Tom that parked the car here, as he is the only one with a car. A. may 答案 C 7. (09 四川 13) B. can C. must D. should

—I don’t care what people think.

—Well, you _______ A. could B. would C. should D. might 答案 C 解析 考查情态动词的用法。答话的人提了一个建议——你应该关注别人对你的评价的。 should 可以用来向别人提建议,所以答案为:C 8. (09 天津 15) This printer is of good quality. If it _______ break down within the first year, we would repair it at our expense. A. would 答案 B 9. (09 重庆 32) —Hi, Tom. Any idea where Jane is? —She_____in the classroom. I saw her there just now. A. shall be B. should have been C. must be 答案 C 10. (09 全国Ⅱ20) I can’t leave. She told me that I A. can B. must 答案 B 11. (09 江苏 28) He did not regret saying what he did but felt that he it differently. A. could express B. would express C. could have expressed 答案 C D. must have expressed D. might have been B. should C. could D. might

stay here until she comes back. C. will D. may

2008 年高考题
1.(08 全国Ⅱ17) Liza A.will well not want to go on the trip—she hates traveling.? B.can C.must

D.may 答案 D 解析 句意为:Liza 极有可能不想去旅行——她讨厌旅行。may well 很可能,极有可能, 表示猜测。 当表示猜测时,will 和 can 不能与 well 连用,must 只能用于肯定句中。 2.(08 北京 21) John promised his doctor he since.? A.might B.should D.would 答案 D 解析 句意为:约翰答应医生他不再吸烟,从那以后,他再也没有吸过烟。由句意可知空 格处表示允诺,故应选 not smoke, and he has never smoked ever C.could

择 D 项。 3.(08 天津 6) She A.can’t D.needn’t 答案 解析 have left school, for her bike is still here. B.wouldn’t C.shouldn’t

A 句意为:她不可能离开了学校,因为她的自行车仍然在这儿。can’t 表示不可能;

wouldn’t have done 表虚拟;shouldn’t have done 本不该做(却已做了) ;needn’t have done 本没必要做(但已 做了) 。 4.(08 江西 26) What a pity!Considering his ability and experience, he better.? A.need have done B.must have done ? C.can have done D.might have done 答案 解析 D 句意为:太遗憾了!鉴于他的能力和经验,他本可能做得更好。need have done 本

来有必要做(而没做) ;must have done 是对过去发生的事情的肯定的推测,表示“过去 一定做了” can have done 是对过去发生的事情的不肯定的推测; ; might have done 表示 “本 来可以” 。 5.(08 湖南 28) You don’t have to know the name of the author to find a book.You find the book by the title.? A.must D.would 答案 解析 C 句意为: 要找到一本书你不一定非要知道作者的名字。 你可以根据书的标题找到这 B.need C.can

本书。can 表示“可以,能够” 。 6.(08 陕西 9) —What sort of house do you want to have? Something big?? —Well, it be big—that’s not important.? A.mustn’t D.won’t 答案 B B.needn’t C.can’t

解析 句意为: “你想要什么样的房子?要大的吗?” “噢,它不需要很大,那不重要。 ” 由...that’s not important. 这一语境可知,空格处应表示“不需要” ,故须用 needn’t。 7.(08 四川 10) Although this sound like a simple task,great care is needed.? A.must B.may C.shall D.should 答案 B 解析 句意为:尽管这听起来可能像一项简单的任务,但是需要非常仔细。must 一定, 必须;may 可能,可以;

shall 将要;should 应该。各自表达的意义不同,选 may 最妥当。 8.(08 重庆 30) —I can’t find my purse anywhere.? —You have lost it while shopping.? A.may B.can D.would 答案 A 解析 may 表达推测之意,意为“可能??” 。 9.(08 浙江 11) You A.wouldn’t be hungry already— you had lunch only two hours ago!? B.can’t C.mustn’t


D.needn’t 答案 B 解析 句意为:你不可能饿了,你两个小时之前才吃的午饭!can’t 指不可能;mustn’t 表猜测时,不能用于否定句; Needn’t 指没有必要。 10.(08 福建 24) It is usually warm in my hometown in March,but it sometimes.? A.must D.would 答案 B 解析 must 必然,一定;can 可能;should 应该;would(过去)将,总会。本题提供的 语境是“有时可能会??” 。 11.(08 辽宁 22) Peter general.? A.shall D.must 答案 解析 be really difficult at times even though he’s a nice person in B.should C.can B.can C.should be rather cold

C 句意为:虽然彼得总体上来说是一个好人,但有时真的难以相处。can 在这里不表

示主观的推测,而表示 客观的可能性。 12.(08 江苏 35) —I’m sorry.I at you the other day.? —Forget it.I was a bit out of control myself.? A.shouldn’t shout ? B.shouldn’t have shouted ? C.mustn’t shout ? D.mustn’t have shouted 答案 B 解析 句意为: “对不起,几天前我本不应该朝你大喊大叫的。“不要放在心上。我自己 ” 有点情绪失控。 ” shouldn’t have done sth.本不应该做某事(但已经做了)。 13.(08 山东 24) Thank you for all your hard work last week.I don’t think we it

without you.? A.can manage

B.could have managed ? C.could manage

D.can have managed 答案 B 解析 could have done 本能够做某事(但没做) 。

2004-07 年高考题
1.(07 全国Ⅰ27) —How’s your tour around the North Lake? Is it beautiful?? —It A.will be, but it is now heavily polluted.? B.would C.should

D.must 答案 C 解析 考查情态动词的区别。will 可用来表示“意愿;客观必然性等” ;would 可表示“意 愿;过去常常(现 在也可能是那样的);should 表示“应该,理应” ” ;must 表示“必然;一定,准是” 。结 合语境可知,此处用 should 表示虚拟。句意为: “这本来应该是美丽的,但是现在它被 严重污染了。 ” 2.(07 北京 26) In crowded places like airports and railway stations, you care of your luggage.? A.can C.must D.will 答案 解析 B.may take

C 句意为:在像飞机场和车站这样拥挤的地方,你一定要照看好自己的行李。must

表示“必须,一定”符合句意。 3.(07 上海 29) —Guess what? I have got A for my term paper.? —Great!You read widely and put a lot of work into it.? A.must B.should ? C.must have D.should have 答案 C 解析 由 “have got A” 可知是对过去发生事情的推测, 故用 “情态动词+have done” 结构。 must have done 表示“必定做过某事” ,符合题意。 4.(07 安徽 23) The teacher have thought Johnson was worth it or she wouldn’t have wasted time on him, I suppose.? A.should D.must B.can C.would

答案 解析

D must have done 表示对过去所做事情的肯定判断,表示“一定??” 。

5.(07 江西 27) —Where is my dictionary? I remember I put it here yesterday.? —You it in the wrong place.? A.must put D.might have put 答案 解析 B.should have put ? C.might put

D 考查情态动词表推测的用法。由 yesterday 可知 A、C 两项错误;should 应该,理

应;might 或 许,可能,显然 D 项正确。 6.(06 全国Ⅰ24) There’s no light on—they be at home.? A.can’t B.mustn’t ? C.needn’t D.shouldn’t 答案 A 解析 考查情态动词的用法。句意为: (家中)没有亮灯,——他们肯定不在家。此处要 用情态动词表推测, 且用于否定句表示“肯定不??” ,故 can’t 符合要求。must 表推测时不用于否定句, mustn’t 表示“禁止, 不许” ;needn’t 表示“不需要” ;shouldn’t 表示“不应当” ,故 A 项符合要求。 7.(06 全国Ⅰ31) Eliza remembers everything exactly as if it A.was happening B.happens ? D.happened 答案 解析 D 考查虚拟语气的用法。as if 仿佛,好像,其后的从句可出现虚拟语气。句意为: yesterday.? C.has happened

Eliza 清楚地记得每一件事,仿佛它是昨天发生的!句中 remembers 为一般现在时,故 as if 从句中用一般过去时来表示虚拟语气。 8.(06 全国Ⅱ10) We hope that as many people as possible tomorrow.? A.need D.can 答案 解析 B.must join us for the picnic


D 句意为:我们希望尽可能多的人能参加我们明天的野餐。用 can.表示可能性。

9.(06 北京 25) — What’s the name?? — Khulaifi. I spell that for you?? A.Shall B.Would D.Might 答案 A


解析 shall 在问句中征求对方意见,主要用于第一人称。答语句意为: “我给你拼写一下 好吗?”

10.(06 天津 11) We have proved great adventurers,but we have done the greatest march ever made in the past ten years.? A.needn’t D.mustn’t 答案 B 解析 句意为: 我们或许还没有证明是伟大的探险者, 但我们已取得了在过去的 10 年里 的最伟大的进展。故应用 may not。 11.(06 浙江 19) — Could I have a word with you,mum?? — Oh dear,if you A.can D.should 答案 解析 .? B.must C.may

B.may not


B 考查情态动词的用法。句意为:妈妈,我可以和你说句话吗?” “噢,亲爱的,如

果你非要说的话。 ”must 表示必须要做的事。 12.(06 福建 27) If it were not for the fact that she party.? A.couldn’t D.might not 答案 解析 B.shouldn’t ?

sing,I would invite her to the C.can’t

C 考查情态动词的用法。题中 that 引导同位语从句。 “she can’t sing”是一个事实,

是指在能力、技能等方面不能、不会。 13.(06 湖南 32) Some aspects of a pilot’s job work at inconvenient hours.? A.can;have to D.ought to;must B.may;can ? C.have to;may be boring,and pilots often

答案 A 解析 考查情态动词的用法。句意为:飞行员工作的某些方面可能是令人厌倦的,并且 飞行员经常在不方便的时候工作。第一空表示的是客观的可能性,应用 can;而第二空 说在不方便的时候还要干,因此表示客观上的必须,用 have to,意为“不得不” 。 14.(05 全国Ⅰ26) Tom,you A.wouldn’t D.may not 答案 B 解析 leave all your clothes on the floor like this! B.mustn’t ? C.needn’t

考查情态动词。 wouldn’ 用以提示客气的请求; t mustn’ 表示禁止, t 不允许; needn’

t 表示没必要;may not 表示不可以。根据语境要求 Tom 不许把衣服放在地板上。 15.(05 全国Ⅲ19) John,look at the time. you play the piano at such a late hour??

A.Must D.Need



答案 A 解析 must 在此处显示出说话人的不快,有“难道非要”的意思。 16.(05 北京 26) He have completed his work; otherwise, wouldn’ be enjoying himself he t by the seaside. A.should D.can’t 答案 解析 B.must ? C.wouldn’t

B 考查情态动词表猜测的用法。由句意 “他一定是已经完成工作了;否则,他就不

会在海边玩得那么高兴。 ”可知是对过去发生事情的肯定推测。 17.(05 上海 27) There be any difficulty about passing the road test since you have practised a lot in the driving school.? A.mustn’t D.needn’t 答案 C 解析 B.shan’t C.shouldn’t


表达出劝慰对方的语气。mustn’t 表示“禁止,不允许” ,表示警告或命令; shan’t 表示 “将不会” ;shouldn’t 表示据情况推测“理应??” ;needn’t 表示“不必??” 。 18.(05 天津 14) I have been more than six years old when the accident happened. A. shouldn’t D.needn’t 答案 B 解析 考查对过去发生的情况的推测。couldn’t have done 是对过去发生情况的否定推 测, 其肯定形式同样是对过去发生情况的推测, 意为 “可能已??” shouldn’ have done 。 t 本来不应该??,但实际已经??;needn’t have done 本来不需要??,但实际上已 经??;must 表示推测时,只用在肯定句中。故选 B 项。 19.(05 辽宁 26) This cake is very sweet.You a lot of sugar in it.? A.should put B.could have put ? C.might put D.must have put 答案 D 解析 句意为:这蛋糕,非常甜。你一定放了许多糖在里面。 20.(05 浙江 9) The World Wide Web is sometimes jokingly called the World Wide Wait because it be very slow.? A.should D.can 答案 D B.must C.will B.couldn’t ? C.mustn’t

解析 此处表达一种可能性,要用 can, 其他三项都表示主观情态。 should 应该,义务, must 必须,一定,will 将会,都与句意不符。 21.(05 福建 31) —Catherine,I have cleaned the room for you.? —Thanks.You it.I could manage it myself.? A.needn’t do D.shouldn’t have done 答案 解析 B.needn’t have done ? C.mustn’t do

B 考查情态动词的完成式和一般式的区别。needn’t do 不需要做??;mustn’t 禁

止做??, 都用于现在的动作; needn’ have done 表示做了本来不必去做的事; t shouldn’ t have done 是本不该做却做某事。 22.(05 湖南 24) —Lucy doesn’t mind lending you her dictionary.? —She .I have already borrowed one.? A.can’t D.shouldn’t B.mustn’t ? C.needn’t

答案 C 解析 考查情态动词的辨析。根据后面的句子“I’ve already borrowed one”说明她没必 要借字典给我了,故选 C 项。 23.(05 湖北 32) —Do you know where David is? I couldn’t find him anywhere. —Well,he A.shouldn’t D.wouldn’t 答案 C have gone far—his coat’s still here.? B.mustn’t ? C.can’t

解析 由句意可知, “他肯定没走远” ,此处是对过去的否定推测,而且语气最强,故用 can’t have done。 24.(04 福建 32) —I’ll tell Mary about her new job tomorrow.? —You A.ought to tell her last week. B.would have told ? C.must tell

D.should have told 答案 D 解析 考查“情态动词+have done”构成的虚拟语气用法。答语句意为:你本该上周就 告诉她(其实没告诉她)。 25.(04 湖北 26) —Excuse me.Is this the right way to the Summer Palace? —Sorry,I am not sure.But it be.? A.might B.will C.must D.can 答案 解析 A “I am not sure”说明说话者对情况没有把握,推测语气较弱,使用 might。

1.(07 湖南 24) The biggest problem for most plants,which when threatened,is that animals like to eat them.? A.shan’t D.mustn’t 答案 B 解析 句意为: 对于绝大多数受到威胁时不能起来就逃跑的植物来说, 最大的问题是动物 喜欢吃它们。Sahan’t 表将来;needn’t 不必,mustn’t 禁止,都不正确。 2.(07 陕西 14) I told your friend how to get to the hotel,but perhaps I her there.? A.could D.should 答案 解析 B.must C.might have driven B.can’t just get up and run away C.needn’t

D 本题考查情态动词。could have done(过去)可能做过;本能够做??;must have

done(过去)肯 定做过;might have done(过去)可能做过;should have done 本应该做(而事实上没做) 。 由句意“我 告诉你朋友该怎么去旅馆,但或许我应该开车送她去那儿。 ”可知应选 D 项。 3.(07 四川 24) —What does the sign over there read?? —“No person area.”? smoke or carry a lighted cigarette,cigar or pipe in this

A.will D.must



答案 C 解析 shall 用于第二、三人称,表示命令、允许、警告等,此处表示警告。 4.(07 重庆 29) —What do you think we can do for our aged parents?? —You do anything except to be with them and be yourself.? A.don’t have to D.can’t 答案 解析 B.oughtn’t to ? C.mustn’t

A don’t have to 不必;oughtn’t to 不应当;mustn’t 禁止,不允许;can’t 不可能。

答语句意为: “除了 与父母呆在一起和做你自己以外,你不必做任何事情。因此 A 项符合题意。 5.(07 浙江 15) —My cat’s really fat.? —You have given her so much food.? A.wouldn’t D.mustn’t 答案 C 解析 s h o u l d n B.couldn’t ? C.shouldn’t

考查情态动词。句意为:——我的猫真胖。——你本不应该给她那么多食物。 ’ t h a v e d o n e s t h

本不应该做某事(暗含做了) 。 6.(07 福建 25) My MP4 player isn’t in my bag.Where A.can D.would 答案 A 解析 考查情态动词。由句意“我的 MP4 不在我包里。我可能把它放哪儿了?”可知应 选 A。can have done 过去可能做过而 must have done“过去肯定做过” ,只能用于肯定陈述句; should have done 本应该做过 (而事实上没做) ;would have done 只能用于虚拟语气。 7.(07 江苏 22) —She looks very happy.She have passed the exam.? —I guess so.It’s not difficult after all.? A.should B.could ? C.must B.must I have put it?? C.should

D.might 答案 C 解析 must have passed the exam 肯定是通过考试了, 由前句中的 “happy” 和下句中的 “not difficult after all” 可以推知。 8.(07 山东 32) They two free tickets to Canada,otherwise they’d never have been able to afford to go.? A.had got B.got ? C.have

got 答案

D.get B

解析 “otherwise they’ never have been able...” d 这一句用了与过去事实相反的虚拟语气; 而“他们弄到了两张去加拿大的免费票”却是事实,故用一般过去时。 9.(06 湖北 31) fired,your health care and other benefits will not be immediately cut off.? A.Would you be D.Might you be 答案 解析 B.Should you be ? C.Could you be

B 句意为:如果你被炒了,你的医疗保险和其他利益并不会立即取消。与将来事实相

反的假设,从 句用答案 B 项。 10.(06 山东 30) — May I smoke here?? — If you ,choose a seat in the smoking section.? A.should D.must 答案 D 解析 11.(06 江西 24) The weather turned out to be fine yesterday.I my umbrella with me.? A.should have taken ? B.could have taken ? C.needn’t have taken ? 答案 解析 D.mustn’t have taken C 句意为:昨天天气不错,我本没有必要不怕费事带把伞。could have done 表示“本 the trouble to carry B.could ? C.may

由本题语境可知,空白处应表示“非得??”之意,故须用 must。

能够做而未做” should have done 表示 ; “本应该做而未做” mustn’ 表示 ; t “禁止, 不许” ; needn’t have done 表示“本不必做而做了” 。take the trouble to do sth.表示“不怕费事或 困难尽力做某事” 。 12.(06 江苏 21) — I think I’ll give Bob a ring.? — You .You haven’t been in touch with him for ages.? A.will B.may C.have to D.should 答案 D 解析 本题考查情态动词的基本用法。will 用于第二人称常用来表示命令、指示,意为 “务必, 必须” may 表示 ; “可能, 也许” 常用于请求许可; , have to 表示 “不得不” should ; 可用于表示主观看法、建议、劝说,意为“应当,应该” 。在此句中,答话者表示同意对 方的想法。答语句意为:你应该(打个电话) ,你好长时间没与他联系了。故 D 项符合 情景要求。 13.(06 广东 22) — Must he come to sign this paper himself?? — Yes,he .?

A.need D.will

B.must ?


答案 B 解析 表示要求时,肯定回答用 must, 否定用 needn’t。 14.(06 四川 32) —Is Jack on duty today?? —It be him.It’s his turn tomorrow.? A.mustn’t D.needn’t 答案 解析 B.won’t C.can’t

C can’t 表示否定推测,must 表示肯定推测。 have come this morning.? C.mustn’t

15.(06 陕西 19) As you worked late yesterday,you A.mayn’t B.can’t D.needn’t 答案 D

解析 句意为:既然你昨天工作得那么晚,今早上你就没必要来了。从意思上显示选择 项表示“没必要??” 。 16.(05 湖北 33) If I through as much of it as possible. A.would D.ought to 答案 B B.could C.had to plan to do anything I wanted to,I’d like to go to Tibet and travel

解析 句意为:如果我能计划做任何想做的事,我想去西藏尽可能地游览一番。观察一 下句中的时态,因为都是过去时,句意表示与现在事实相反的虚拟语气,因此此处应用 情态动词的过去时,表示的意思是“假如我们现在能够??” ,could 表示不存在的可能 性。 17.(05 重庆 33) I was on the highway when this car went past followed by a police car.They at least 150 kilometers an hour. A.should have been doing ? ? C.could have done ? D.would have done 答案 B 解析 must have done 用于肯定句中,表示对过去事情的推测,意为“想必是,一定是” 。 否定句、疑问句中对过去情况的推测,要用 can/could have done 的形式。 18.(05 山东 34) He paid for a seat,however,he A.could D.need 答案 A B.would have entered free. C.must

B.must have been doing

解析 paid 暗示时间上指的是过去,could have done 用于肯定句中表示本可以做而未做 的事情;肯定句中不用 need have done; must have done 与语境不吻合。 19.(05 江西 22) —Tom is never late for work.Why is he absent today? —Something to him.? A.must happen ? C.could have happened 答案 D D.must have happened B.should have happened

解析 本题考查情态动词的用法。must have done 的意思是“一定发生了某事” 。由对话 所提供的情景可知:汤姆从不迟到,所以他“一定有事” 。因此 D 项正确。 20.(05 安徽 26) Helen A.shall D.can 答案 C 解析 此题考查情态动词的用法。may 表示一种可能性。如果没有具体的语境的话,B、 D 两项也可以选,但是意思就不同了。 21.(05 江苏 31) —The woman biologist stayed in Africa studying wild animals for 13 years before she returned. —Oh,dear!She a lot of difficulties! B.might go through ? D.must have gone through A.may go through ? C.ought to have gone through ? 答案 D go on the trip with us,but she isn’t quite sure yet.? B.must C.may

解析 考查“情态动词+have done” 。从语境分析,表示某人一定干过某事,而且是对过 去情况肯定的推测,故应用 must have done。C 项相当于 should have done 表示对对方的 责备,意思是“应该做而未做” ,在此不符合题意。 22.(05 江苏 33) —Don’t you think it necessary that he —I agree,but the problem is A.will not be sent;that ? C.should not be sent;what ? 答案 B to Miami but to New York? he has refused to. B.not be sent;that ? D.should not send;what

解析 not be sent 是虚拟语气,相当于 should not be sent。 23.(04 重庆 24) “The interest made by both sides, ” declared the judge. A.may D.shall 答案 D 解析 考查 shall 的习惯用法。shall 与第二、三人称名词连用,表示义务,责任,决心, 许诺,它可以用于条文中;should/must 用于口语中。 be divided into five parts,according to the agreement



24.(04 重庆 29) There are eight tips in Dr.Roger’s lecture on sleep,and one of them is: to bed early unless you think it is necessary.? A.doesn’t go B.not to go ? D.don’t go 答案 D 解析 祈使句的否定形式是在句首加 don’t。 25.(04 全国Ⅰ29) —Isn’t that Ann’s husband over there?? —No,it be him.I am sure he doesn’t wear glasses. A.can’t D.may not 答案 A B.mustn’t ? C.won’t

C.to going

解析 考查否定的推断。 can’t 不可能;must not 不许; won’t 将不会;may not 可能不。 根据“I’m sure he doesn’t wear glasses(我确信他不戴眼镜) ”可知,说话者的态度是: 不可能是他。 26.(04 上海 28) Children under 12 years of age in that country supervision when in a public library.? A. must D.need 答案 A 解析 句意为:未满 12 岁的儿童必须在成人的监督下呆在图书馆。表示“必须”时用 must 侧重主观,have to 侧重客观。 27.(04 天津 31) —Who is the girl standing over there?? —Well,if you know,her name is Mabel.? A.may D.shall B.can C.must B.may C.can




答案 C 解析 此题中的 must 表示“一定要, 坚持要” 。 28.(04 湖南 28) —Excuse me,but I want to use your computer to type a report. —You have my computer if you don’t take care of it. A.shan’t B.might not ? C.needn’t D.shouldn’t 答案 A 解析 本题考查 shall 的用法。shall 用于第二、三人称,可表示命令、威胁。shall not=shan’t。 29.(04 上海春 29) You might just as well tell the manufacturer that male customers like the design of not

the furniture.? A.must



D.need 答案 C 解析 根据情景确定情态动词表示“猜测” ,may not 表示“可能不” 。

第二部分 各地联考题汇编
2009 年联考题
1. (09 北京市东城区高三二模试题) —Did you say that there were only ten tickets? There —I said it was twelve. A.can B.may 答案 C 2. (09 北京市海淀区高三二模) 2 C.should be twelve. D.will

0 0 They live on a busy road.There ______ be a lot of noise from the traffic. 9 A.must B.may 0 C.would D.could 答案 A 5 0 9 get it cleaned in two hours, or Mum will be C.must D.may Your room is terribly dirty; you angry. A.can B.might 答案 C

3. (09 北京市西城区高三二模)

4. (09 北京市宣武区高三二模) You the parcel home. The shop would have delivered it if you had asked. A.needn’t have carried B.couldn’t have carried C.mustn’t have carried 答案 A 5. (09 山东省莱芜二中高三二模检测) I ________ be slow, but at least I don't make stupid mistakes. A.must B.need C.should 答案 D 6. (09 山东省聊城市高三二模) —_____ he have been chosen as captain of the football team? —Yes, he______. A. Can; must have B. Must; must have 答案 A 7. (09 山东省聊城市高三二模) A. In spite of 答案 B B. But for C. Can; must D. Must; must D.may D.shouldn’t have carried

______ your timely warning, we would have been unaware of the danger. C. Instead of D. As for

8. (09 山东省临沂市高三二模) When the ship sailed out from Thailand, the 16 sailors on board __ that only half of them

would return again. A. will never think

高 ..源 考 . 资 . 网

B. can never think

高考 . . 网 . . 源 资

C. needn't have thought 答案 D 9.(09 山东省枣庄市高三二模)

D. couldn't have thought

高 ..源 考 . 资 . 网

You may cancel the disk check but it is strongly recommended that you ________. A.continue B.will continue C.continued D.must continue 答案 A 10.(09 山东省诸城市高三二模) My mother is a great cook and we _____ never get enough of her cookies. A.may B.need C.should D.can 答案 D 11.(09 山东省诸城市高三二模) After inspecting the building, specialists discovered some faults that otherwise______. A.had been overlooked B.would have been overlooked C.were overlooked D.would be overlooked 答案 B 12.(09 山东省淄博市高三二模) —Margaret ______ stay at home all day long in front of the TV . —That' s right.She ought to go to the fitness center with us. A.couldn't 答案 D B.mustn't C.needn't D.shouldn't

13.(09 年天津市河北区高三年级总复习质量检测(二)) Never in my wildest dreams these people are living in such poor condition. A.I could imagine C.I couldn't imagine 答案 B B.could I imagine D.couldn't I imagine

14.(09 年天津市河北区高三年级总复习质量检测(二)) In order to make our city green, . A.it is necessary to have planted more trees B.many more tress need to plant C.we must plant more trees D.our city needs more trees 答案 C 15.(错误!未找到引用源。09 天津市河西区第二学期高三年级总复习质量调查) He back to work without the doctor’ permission. S Now, he has to stay in bed for a couple of days. A.wouldn’t have gone C.needn’t have gone 答案 D 16.(09 天津市红桥区高三英语二模) According to the newly-made traffic regulation, whoever drives through red light fined at least 200 dollars. A.shall B.may C.would D.should be B.couldn’t have gone D.shouldn’t have gone



17.(09 天津市南开区高三年级质量调查(二)) For Senior 3 students, choosing which college to attend ____________be the most exciting time in their entire school lives. A. must 答案 D B. should C. would D. can

18.(09 浙江省杭州市第二次高考科目教学质量检测) The young man has made so much noise that he the concert. A.could B.must C.should 答案 C not have been allowed to attend D.need

19. (09 河北省邯郸市高三第二次模拟) —Jenny took the 8:00 bus to Shanghai this morning. —Really? She_______ the 9:00 train. It’s much more comfortable and safer to travel by train. A. could have take B. should take C. must have taken D. can take
答案 A 20. (09 江西省临川一中高三下学期期中考试(二模)) President Hu Jintao urged that every effort _____to rescue and treat the injured when the earthquake happened in Sichuan this year. A. is made B. must be made C. should make 答案 D 21. (09 江西省临川一中高三下学期期中考试(二模)) the heavy rain. A. mustn't have run C. shouldn’t have run 答案 D 22.(09 辽宁省沈阳二中高三二模) According to the newly-made traffic regulations, whoever drives through the red light fined at least 200 dollars. A.may B.shall C.would D.need 答案 B 23.(09 辽宁省沈阳二中高三二模) —Want to ride on the roller coaster(过山车)? —No way! I A.wouldn't ride C.would ride 答案 A on the roller coaster even if you paid me a million dollars! B.would have ridden D.wouldn't have ridden be D. be made

You should have informed me that the lecture was canceled. I _____ all the way here through B. can't have run D. needn't have run

24. (09 临沂市高三教学质量一模) He_____ be lazy,but he can work very hard when he feels like it. A.may 答案 A B.must C.should D.will

25. (09 福建省厦门市高三一模) You late for yesterday’S class meeting,as it was so important. A.couldn’t be C.mustn’t have been 答案 D B.shouldn’t be D.oughtn’t to have been

26. (09 福建省厦门市高三一模) -Why didn’t Tom give you one of his paintings? -I didn’t want one,but he would have given me one if I A.did B.would C.will 答案 D 27. (09 江苏省南通市高三一模) Madonna _______ a straight–A student, but it was dancing that she was really crazy about. A. must be 答案 D B. could be C. must have been D. could have been D.had

28. (09 山东省滨州市高三一模) 一 Amazing!You ______ wear slippers at work! 一 Don't,you know it's a fashion? A.must B.should 答案 B C.can D.may

29. (09 北京市东城区高三一模) —I feel bored with nothing interesting to do. —You _______ watch TV There will be a very good Hollywood film on this evening. . A. need 答案 B B. could C. would D. shall

30. (09 北京市高三 4 月抽样) It's nearly eight o'clock.I must hang up and get down to work.My boss at any moment. A. should 答案 A B.must C.could D.would

be here

31. (09 北京市高三 4 月抽样) —Did you go somewhere on holiday? 一I to goto Hawaii,but I didn’t sign up for the tour in time. A.would hope B.was hoped C.had hoped D.have hoped 答案 C 32. (09 北京市海淀区高三 4 月期中练习) 一 Where ale you goingfor your holidays? —I haven't decided yet goto England. A.carl B.may C.must 答案 B 33. (09 山东省潍坊市高三一模) It________ sound like aperfect destination,but it is realy adventurous to go there. A.will B.must C.shall D.may 答案 D 34. (09 山东省潍坊市高三一模) D.ought to

How I wish I_______my mouth before I shouted at my mum! A.shut B.have shut C.had shut 答案 C 35. (09 天津市河西区高三总复习质量调查) -Steve come back because the window is opened. -Yes , but he A must have; might have C can have ; should have 答案 A left it open last night

D.would shut

B might have ; can’t have D might ; must have

36. (09 天津市河西区高三总复习质量调查) There is a real possibility that these animals could be frightened. A.being there C.there was 答案 B B.should there be D.there having been

a sudden loud noise.

37. (09 安徽省示范高中皖北协作区高三联考) It is usually warm in spring in Anhui,but it A.shoutd 答案 D B.would C.must

be rather cold sometimes. D.can

38. (09 山东省青岛市高三教学统一质量检测) —Has Mr. Tom White arrived? —Yes, already. A.Shall 答案 A he wait outside or just come in? B.May C.Could D.Must

39. (09 山东省青岛市高三教学统一质量检测) —My uncle suggests I abroad. —I would rather you at home. A.go; stay B.went; stayed 答案 C 40. (09 日照市高三模拟考试) 一 I still cannot figure out why he missed his flight. 一 He an accident on the way to the airport. A.could have had C.would haye had 答案 A B.should have had D.must have had C.go; stayed D.went; stay

41. (09 江西省十所重点中学联考盟校第一次模拟考试) The girl is seriously ill,otherwise she working instead of staying in bed all day long. A.is still 答案 C B.will still be C.would still be D.was still

42. (09 南京市高三第一次调研测试) I can’t thank you ______ much because without your help I ______ have won the first prize. A. too; wouldn’t 答案 A B. very; shouldn’t C. that; might not D. so; couldn’t

43. (09 福建省泉州市高中毕业班质量检查) -Jim,it is time you went to bed.You need to get up early tomorrow.

-It’s not fair,Mary_____ stay up till ten hut I have to go to bed at eight. A.should B.need C.can D.must 答案 C 44. (09 福建省泉州市高中毕业班质量检查) 一 Mike,it's a pity you didn’t come to last night’s Concert.it was really great! 一 Really?If I _____ so busy,1 would have gone with you. A.hadn't been B.weren’t C.shouldn’t be 答案 A 45. (09 山东省高三教学质量检测) The meeting is important and he A.can B.might 答案 C D.wouldn’t be

be here in time—he started early enough. C.should D.will

46. (09 安徽省黄山市高中毕业班第一次质量检测) 一 Mary looks sad and disappointed —So A.do 答案 D you if you had failed the NMET. B did C will D would

47.(09 石家庄市高中毕业班第一次模拟考试) You did turn in your report on time, but it ______ better, you know. A. could be done B. must be done C. could have been clone 答案 C D. must have been done

2008 年联考题
1.(08 江苏省启东中学高三阶段考试) —What did mother say to you just now? —She told me that I go to grandma’s birthday party tomorrow if I finish my homework today. A.must B.need C.will

D.shall 答案 D 2.(08 南通市高三第一次调研测试) I such a foolish mistake if I had been a little more careful. A.wouldn’t make B.wouldn’t have made C.hadn’t made D.didn’t make 答案 B 3.(08 济南市高三模拟 1 月) When we worked in the same office,we A.might D.would 答案 D 4.(08 南京市高三年级质量调研) B.should

often have coffee together. C.could

—I drove my car at a speed of 150 kms an hour this afternoon.It was great fun! —Did you go crazy? You yourself. A.might kill D.must have killed 答案 B B.could have killed C.could kill

5.(08 北京市海淀区第一学期期末练习) —Please carry a cellphone to make it easier for me to get hold of you. —OK,Dad.But I am eighteen.You A.can’t B.mustn’t D.wouldn’t 答案 C 6.(08 北京市东城区高三教学目标检测) —These grapes look really beautiful. —They !See the price,$3.99 a pound. Too expensive,aren’t they? A.would D.should B.could C.might worry so much. C.shouldn’t

答案 D 7.(08 福建质检 I1 月) “You smoke in the bedroom,”Rose said to her husband and pushed him out of the room. A.needn’t D.won’t 答案 B 8.(08 郑州市高中毕业班第一次质量预测) —When shall we hold the meeting? —It A.must D.will 答案 B 9.(08 成都市高中毕业班第一次诊断性检测) If you think the price of beef is too high,you depends on you! A.should D.may B.will as well buy some pork.It C.would be better to put it off until next week. B.could C.can B.mustn’t C.dare not

答案 D 10.(08 安徽省皖南八校高三第二次联考) —Guess what? I have passed the driving test. —Great!You a lot of time practicing. A.should spend B.must spend D.must have spent 答案 D 11.(08 西安地区八校联考) When you phoned me,I was having a meeting,otherwise I your call. A.answered B.would answer C.had answered

C.should have spent

D.would have answered 答案 D 12.(08 浙江省金华十校高三年级联考) The school rules state that no child day,unless accompanied by parents. A.can D.should 答案 B 13.(08 石家庄市高中毕业班复习教学质量检测) It is required that the students mobile phones in their school,so seldom them using one. A.not use;will you see C.don’t use;will you see 答案 A 14.(08 安徽合肥质检Ⅱ2 月) Being physically examined for free twice a year is what every clerk ensured in any company of the state. A.must B.shall C.ought to D.need 答案 B 15.(08 合肥市高三第一次教学质量检测) —Are you coming to the musical of the 42nd Avenue from Broadway(百老汇)? —I’m not sure.I go to see a movie instead. A.must D.should 答案 C 16.(08 江西省重点中学协作体高三第一次联考) I lived with my brother this winter and didn’t have to pay rent.So I save most of my salary. A.could B.would D.was able to 答案 D 17.(08 重庆市高三第一次联合诊断性考试) —Is there anything else I can get for you except the scarf? —No.That be it.Thanks a lot. A.could B.must D.might 答案 C 18.(08 福建顺昌高三模拟 2 月) —What are you doing,dear? —I’m watching the football game. —What? You your homework first. A.would have done B.must have done C.should have done C.should C.might B.would C.might be B.should not use;you will see D.not use;you will see B.shall be allowed out of school durign the


D.may have done 答案 C 19.(08 湖南省高三十二校联考) The international agreement, to encourage children not to smoke and help people kick the habit,was signed on February 27. A.intended D.to intend 答案 A 20.(08 天津十二区一联 3 月) —Why didn’t you buy the gold ring? —I ,but I didn’t have the money. A.would have D.had bought 答案 A B.bought C.would like to B.being intended C.intending

21.(08 安徽省“江南十校”高三素质测试) I have been writing a book on UFOs.It A.can D.need 答案 C B.must

be ready early next month. C.should

22.(08 东北三校高三第一次联合模拟考试) —Can I pay the bill by check? —Sorry,sir.But it is the management rule of our hotel that payment made in cash. A.shall D.can 答案 A 23.(08 河南省示范性高中高三 3 月联考) —I can hear the water running in the bathroom. —Yes,Bira be taking another shower. A.should D.can B.need C.must B.need C.will be

答案 C 24.(08 南昌市高三第一次调研测试) —I hear your journey was not very pleasant. —But for the sudden rain we a wonderful time. A.will have B.should have had C.should have D.had 答案 B 25.(08 沈阳二中高三模拟) “You can’t imagine that a well-behaved gentleman A.might D.would 答案 C 26.(08 山东潍坊高三质检 3 月) B.need C.should

be so rude to a lady.

I believe Shackleton waste time on regrets. A.must have mourned D.could mourn 答案 A

this unexpected end to his expedition,but he did not B.must mourn C.can have mourned

27.(08 石家庄高中毕业班复习教学质量检测二) —Have you found your book yet? —No.I’m not sure where I it. A.leave B.had left D.was to leave 答案 C 28.(08 济南市高三第一次统一考试) Anne,if your leg become more painful,do not hesitate to call me. A.may B.would C.could D.should 答案 D 29.(08 青岛市高三教学第一次统一质量检测) The leader, the rule unfair for women,suggested it A.finding;banned B.to find;banned C.found;to D.finding;be banned 答案 D 30.(08 潍坊市高三第二次教学质量检测) this afternoon,you would have to come again next week. A.The boss didn’t return B.The boss were not to return C.Were the boss not to return 答案 C 31.(08 杭州学军中学高三模拟 4 月) —When can I come for the computer? I need it next Tuesday. —It be repaired by next Monday afternoon. A.have to D.need B.should C.might D.Didn’t the boss return . be banned C.could have left

答案 B 32.(08 日照市高三第一次模拟考试) They are still discussing whether I think was not necessary at all.

to the meeting yesterday , which I

A.could come B.should have come D.must have come 答案 B 33.(08 苏、锡、常、镇四市高三教学情况调查一) times he be very cold. A.can B.must

C.should come

It’s hard to say what kind of person he is.Sometimes he is very friendly;at other


D.shall 答案 A 34.(08 杭州一次质检 4 月) There was a lot of fun at yesterday’s party.You ,but why didn’t you? A.should come B.must have come C.may have come D.ought to have come 答案 D

2006-07 年联考题
1.(07 广东汕头调研) — the bike be repaired by him? —No,I’d rather he it repaired. A.Will;has B.Shall;had D.Can;has 答案 B 2.(07 黄冈中学、襄樊五中高三联考) perfectly but at least understand. A.may;can B.would;might C.will;must C.Should;have

English is a language that many young people around the world



D.could;might 答案 A 3.(07 湖北部分重点中学高三第一次联考) I want to go to the dentist’s,but you A.need not to go B.do not need go D.need go not 答案 C 4.(07 北京海淀区高三第一学期期末考试) —Don’t you want to go to a karaoke bar with us? —I wish I A.may ,but I have an appointment. B.could C.can with me. C.need not go

D.should 答案 B 5.(07 北京东城区高三教学目标检测) It’s important for you to be there on time.You A.may B.will D.should 答案 D 6.(07 山东烟台二模) Their basketball team has lots of excellent players,so if there is no unexpected thing to happen, their yeam win the championship. B.may C.should A.would D.need 答案 C be there before 8:00. C.can

7.(07 成都高中毕业班第一次诊断性检测) It be difficult to discover the truth about Iraq War if people refused to consider anything that might be true. A.would D.should B.can C.need

答案 A 8.(07 江苏南通九校联考) —Where will you start your work after graduation? —Mmm,it’s not been decided yet.I A.need B.must continue my study for a higher degree. C.would

D.might 答案 D 9.(07 安徽皖南八校高三第二次联考) When winter comes, spring be far behind? A.must D.can 答案 D 10.(07 黄冈高三 2 月质量检测) B.should C.will

— you make so much noise? —Sorry.I’ll take care not to. A.Can D.Would 答案 B B.Must C.May

11.(07 江西师大附中、临川一中高三第二次联考) The importance of saving gas be stressed too much.Automobiles use up some 70 billion gallons of gas a year. A.shouldn’t D.may not B.mustn’t C.cannot

答案 C 12.(07 江苏南通质检) Had the visiting delegation set out earlier this morning,they airport so far. A.might reach B.may have reached C.might have

the reached

D.may reach 答案 C 13.(07 湖北部分重点中学高三第二次联考) Even if you are an experienced teacher,you sometimes mistakes. A.can D.will 答案 A 14.(07 湖南十所示范性高中高三 3 月联考) Since you have made such good preparations,there passing the coming exam. A.mustn’t D.needn’t B.shan’t be any problem about C.shouldn’t B.must C.should make some

答案 C 15.(07 东北三校高三第一次联合模拟) No student permission. A.will D.shall 答案 D 16.(07 西安地区八校联考) —What’s that terrible smell? —Oh,I forgot about the chicken!Go and look,it ! A.may be burnt B.ought to be boiling C.can be cooking D.must be burning 答案 D 17.(07 江西九所重点中学高三第一次模拟考试) —I didn’t go to work today. go out of school after eleven o’clock at night without B.must C.may

—You ;it is Sunday. A.didn’t need to B.mustn’t have D.needn’t have 答案 A 18.(07 石家庄高中毕业班复习教学质量检测二) —I’m afraid I’ll be too busy to go with you. —Well,I’ll keep a seat for you in case you A.can D.may B.will

C.can’t have

change your mind. C.should

答案 C 19.(06 北京海淀区第一学期期中考试) —I have taken someone else’s T-shirt by mistake.Is it Jane’s? —It be hers.She seldom wears red. A.won’t B.can’t C.needn’t D.mustn’t 答案 B 20.(06 湖北黄冈部分学校模考) I had explored space in Shenzhou VI spaceship! A.If only B.Now that C.With the help D.In spite of that 答案 A 21.(06 山东青岛) —The research on the new bird flu virus vaccine is challenging and demanding.Who do you think can do the job? — A.Shall D.May 答案 A 22.(06 湖北部分重点中学秋季联考) Bus No.66 comes every ten minutes,there A.should have D.may be 答案 C B.must have one coming. C.should be my students have a try? B.Must C.Will

23.(06 杭州部分重点中学综合练习) All visitors are waiting outside,Doctor White. separately? A.Will D.Would 答案 C 24.(06 广东汕头) Our holidays were ruined by the weather; A.it may be as well C.we might just as well B.Can

they come in together or C.Shall

have stayed at home! B.it was just as well we D.we might do as well as we

答案 C 25.(06 湖北八校第一次联考) The careless man received a ticket for speeding.He so fast. A.mustn’t have driven B.wouldn’t have driven C.can’t have driven D.shouldn’t have driven 答案 D

1.(07 山东烟台一中月考) for the free tickets,I would not have gone to the films so often. A.If it is not D.If they were not B.Were it not C.Had it not been

答案 C 2.(07 北京海淀区联考) Jane’s pale face suggested that she she medical a examination. B.was;have

ill ,and her parents suggested that

A.be;should have D.was;has 答案 B 3.(07 江苏重点中学联考)

C.should be;had

In such dry weather the flowers will have to be watered if they A.have survived B.would survive C.are to survive D.should survive 答案 C 4.(07 宁夏银川质检) —A man is asking to see you. —Let him in. A.Must D.Dare B.Shall he come in? C.Will


答案 B 5.(07 成都高中毕业班第一次诊断性检测) every student aware of the importance of study, they would study efficiently. A.Were B.Should C.May D.Had 答案 A 6.(07 武汉高三年级 2 月调研) If you us. A.should require any further information,please do not hesitate to contact B.would C.could

D.might 答案 A 7.(07 重庆高三联合诊断性考试) —Shall we invite Mr. White to our wedding? —That’ll be nice if you . A.do D.should B.shall C.want

答案 A 8.(07 杭州市第一次教学质量检测) his teacher,Li Ming wouldn’t have passed the English exam so easily. A.If it hadn’t been B.Hadn’t it been C.Had it not been for D.Were it not for 答案 C 9.(06 潍坊高三统一考试) Had the boy worked harder,he A.must have got through C.ought to get through 答案 D 10.(06 江苏南通调研) —How did you do in the test? —Not so well.I A.will have done D.may have done 答案 B 11.(06 郑州第二次质量检测) —I don’t think you should use your dictionary all the time while reading. — ,but I can’t do without it. A.No,I should D.Yes,I should 答案 C 12.(06 山东潍坊) —Can I borrow your car? —Well..., . A.if you must B.if you need D.if you should 答案 A 13.(06 江苏部分重点中学统一考试) —Make sure that the windows are shut before you leave. —OK,I . A.will B.do C.must D.can 答案 A explain what had happened. 14.(06 广东汕头质检) Although he was badly hurt,he B.Yes,I shouldn’t C.No,I shouldn’t much better but I misread the directions for writing. B.could have done C.must have done the exams. B.could get through D.would have got through

C.if you can

A.could D.could not


C.was able to

答案 C 15.(06 北京东城区教学目标检测) —Robin told me that he would leave tonight. —What a pity! My brother wishes that he A.can stay B.will stay D.would stay 答案 D 16.(06 广东广州调研) — he have been chosen as captain of the football team? —Yes,he A.Can;must have D.Must;must . B.Must;must have C.Can;must with him for a chat. C.had stayed

答案 A 17.(06 山东潍坊质量检测) the present unemployment continue, the society would face a more troublesome situation. A.Would B.Should C.Might D.Could 答案 B 18.(06 宁夏银川二模) —Jim! Did you have a good time at the party? —Yes,but I really have,because I had lots of work to do. A.needn’t D.couldn’t 答案 C 19.(06 杭州高三期末考试) —John looks sad.Did you tell him about his grandpa’s passing away? —Yes,but I him just before the College Entrance Examinations. A.ought to have told B.needn’t have told C.can’t have told 答案 D 20.(06 海南海口) —Mom’s gift? She D.shouldn’t have told B.mustn’t C.shouldn’t

have chosen a better one for me. C.couldn’t;must

—She ` be very happy to know it. A.should;must B.might;wouldn’t D.mustn’t;can’t 答案 C 21.(06 青岛部分学校调研)

—It is said that China has been a member of WTO since December 11,2001. —Well,it’s wonderful that the Chinese people progress these years. have made so much

A.must D.may



答案 C 22.(06 武汉高三调研) —Jackie says she can’t help because she’s got a lot of work on. —Well,she A.should D.would 答案 D 23.(06 西安地区八校联考) You pay too much attention to your reading skill,for it is very important. A.won’t D.mustn’t 答案 C B.needn’t C.cannot say that—she always uses that excuse. B.may C.can

24.(06 东北三校第一次联考) All my family are looking forward to meeting you.You have dinner with us this weekend. A.will D.shall 答案 B 25.(06 湖南示范性高中 3 月联考) — he come to see you as he promised? —Of course,please.And I’d rather he A.Will;tells D.Can;is telling 答案 B 26.(06 重庆联合诊断考试) —Shall we have a smoke here? —No,we A.won’t D.needn’t 答案 B 27.(06 江苏南京) Something A.being;could wrong with the car,and it B.going;should not start. C.was;might .Because the worker is carrying some petrol. B.mustn’t C.can’t B.Shall;told me the truth.






C.Should;will tell

D.went;would 答案 D 28.(06 湖北八校第一次联考) We are sorry that you A.will D.should 答案 D 29.(06 南京高三第一次模考)

feel uncomfortable. B.could C.must

—Have you heard of Wang Meng? —Yeah.She have done better.She won China’s first gold medal at Turin. A.should D.couldn’t 答案 D B.might C.needn’t

30.(06 潍坊高三统一考试) If you keep quiet and read your book,child,you will buy you a box of chocolates. A.are going to;that D.are to;which 答案 B B.shall;that

have my promise



第三部分 创新预测题精选
1.We have class in the last week of February,but I’ll let you know for sure as the time approaches. A.shouldn’t D.needn’t B.mustn’t C.may not

答案 C 2.It is written clearly in the requirements that all passengers board thirty minutes before the plane takes off. A.may B.can C.will



D.shall 答案 D 3.The manager’s health was getting worse and worse because of heavy burden,so the doctor strongly recommended that he A.took D.take 答案 D a holiday. B.would take C.must take

4.There’s plenty of time for you to think about it carefully,so you rush now. you change your mind,I wouldn’t mind. A.can’t;Would D.won’t;Might 答案 C B.shouldn’t;Could C.needn’t;Should

5.—I’m thinking of losing weight to participate in “Super Girl”these days. —Oh,you be out of your mind.You’re 40 kilograms at the most! A.will D.must B.should C.may

答案 D 6.—It’s so cold! Why not close the door? —Sorry.It A.won’t shut D.isn’t shut 答案 7. — A Tom start at once or wait for a while,manager? C.Does .I’ll have it repaired soon. B.won’t be shut C.hasn’t shut

—Let him start at once. A.Will B.Would D.Shall 答案 —You D the wrong way.You left.

8. —We weren’t sure which way to go.In the end we turned right. A.went;should have turned C.went;would have turned 答案 A visit you B.have gone;must turn D.had gone;must have turned

9.There is a chance that I will be in Shanghai in October,so I for a few days. A.might D.have to B.must C.would rather

答案 A 10.It has been announced recently that all the schools attend school at weekends. A.need B.shall D.ought to 答案 B 11.—May I smoke here? —If you A.should D.must 答案 D ,choose a seat in the smoking section. B.could C.may C.could




12.I tried to call on you last week but your fierce dog simply come through the gate. A.could D.might B.would C.should

not let me

答案 B 13.—This is for you. —You have!I don’t know how to thank you. A.mustn’t B.couldn’t C.needn’t D.shouldn’t 答案 D 14.But everyone you? A.must;May D.can;Will 答案 C 15.Our monitor you more help,even though he was very busy. A.may give B.may have given C.might give D.might have given 答案 D 16.Naturally,after I have told her what to do,my daughter opposite! A.may D.should 答案 about. A.should know D.will know 答案 D B.must know C.have known C what life is B.can C.must go and do the observe the rules of the road,Madam. B.will;Can I read them to


17.Whatever may happen,go on until you succeed,and you

18.—You repay this debt this week according to the agreement. —Don’t worry.I pay it off before the deadline. A.must;will D.shall;am bound to B.shall;must C.should;am due to

答案 D 19.Facts prove that the world’s economic development is not a winlose game but one in which all be winners. A.can D.would 答案 A 20.I wouldn’t marry Pat even if she A.is B.was D.were 答案 D 21.It was C.until;began 答案 B the old worker came that we A.until;didn’t begin the last woman on earth. C.had been



the experiment. B.not until;began D.not until;didn’t begin

22.When winter comes, A.must D.can 答案 D 23.He denied once. A.having;be D.to have;was 答案 A

spring be far behind? B.should


stolen these watches and insisted that he B.to have;be C.having;was

set free st

24.—The contest is so easy,but you fail to pass it. —I’m sorry it be this way. A.could D.would 答案 B B.should C.shall

25.—Werer you told to attend the meeting?Ididn’t see you anyway. — ,but I had an accident on the way. A.I was going D.I’d like to 答案 C — B.I would C.I should have

26.—Listen!Someone is knocking at the door. be Mary.She has just been to Beijing. B.It can’t C.It must A.She mustn’t D.She may 答案 C 27.As a keen netizen,she thinks there be better ways for the local government to deal with the Internet cafes rather than to shut them down. A.would D.might 答案 B 28.I would love my sick mother. A.going D.to have gone B.should C.could

to the cinems yesterday,but I had to stay home,looking after B.having gone C.to go

答案 D 29.During their stay in Britain,they

get on a bus at the weekend and let it

take them anywhere it went,exploring the beautiful countryside. A.would B.should C.might D.must 答案 A



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