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Reading for critical thinkinga


Question forms:
1. What is the author’s purpose in writing the passage? 2. What’s the author’s attitude toward______? 3. The story / The author suggests(暗示)that _______

. 4. We can infer(推断)from the passage that ___ . 5. We can conclude from the passage that ____ . 6. Which of the following might / probably happened later ?

Case 1 预测推断题 (2009安徽) Ten years ago, ….The result is that their building is now heated in winter and cooled in summer by a system that relies on the surface of the road outside. In winter…Water is pumped through the heat exchangers to pick up the heat stored during summer. This water goes into the building and is used to warm the place up. … its remaining heat keeps the road free of snow and ice. 67. What is most likely to be discussed in the paragraph that follows? A. What we shall do if the system goes wrong. Tip: 把握作者的写作思路,注 B. What we shall do if there are no asphalt(柏油) roads. 重文章结构(总分关系,对因 C. How the system cools the building in summer. 果关系,对比关系) and autumn. D. How the system collects heat in spring

Case 2 细节推断题 Just as crying can be healthy, not crying can be had for physical health. Studies have shown that too much control of emotions can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems and some other illnesses. If you have a health problem, doctors will certainly not ask you to cry. But when you feel like crying, don’t fight it. It’s a natural-and healthy-emotional response. physical 61. It can be inferred from the text that ______. A.There are two ways to keep healthy. illness Tip: 以事实、论点为基础 B. crying does more good to health than laughing C. crying and laughing play the same roles 进行逻辑推断;杜绝主观 臆断。 D. Emotional health has a close relationship to physical health.

Case 3 写作意图推断题 (2011 北京) In the essay, I wrote about my desire to skydive, stating George Brush Sr. did it at age 80. Why not me? I was just 84 and in pretty good health. A year went by and I heard nothing. But then at a community party in late April 2009, they announced that I was one of the winners. I just couldn’t believe it. fact 2. The author mentioned George Brush Sr. in her What’s the purpose essay to ______. purpose Tip:通过提供事实,客观地 A. build up her own reputationof mentioning…? B. show her admiration for him 使读者信服某种想法或意见。 C. compare their health condition D. make her argument persuasive

态度、观点判断题 Some people are never right. They never have good luck. They usually do the wrong thing and say the wrong thing. And even if what they say or do is OK,they as a rule say it or do it at the wrong time. So these people always have problems. They often break dishes. They sometimes miss buses and airplanes. Mr. Neff is different. He is always right. He is never wrong. He usually has good luck. He seldom has problems. He never breaks dishes. He never misses buses or airplanes. Even if he does miss them,it is always the fault of the buses or air planes. Mr. Neff knows almost everything. He doesn’t ask questions;he answers questions. He never says,“I don’t know.”? Q: Which of the following best describes the writer’s attitude to Mr. Neff?? Tip:注意作者的措辞,推 A. He finds Mr. Neff hard to understand.? 断作者的态度,特别留意 B. He thinks Mr. Neff wonderful.? C. He feels 带感情色彩的形容词。 pity for Mr. Neff.? D. He does not like Mr. Neff.? return
Case 4

推理判断题: 技巧: 1.把握文章结构:按照文章的一般行文特点,首, 尾段落或是每一段的首,尾句往往会提供一些 重要信息,不但可以帮助考生抓住文章的主旨, 还可以揣测出写作意图。 2.学会研读作者带有感情色彩或有偏向的评价词。 按照作者的意图进行思考和判断,不要以自己 的观点代替作者的观点,不要主观臆断或用脱 离文章的生活常识来代替文章中的事实。

? 记叙文和新闻报道,第一段通常先交代 人物,时间,地点,事件,然后再细节 展开。

? 议论文中,作者一般先提论点,然后再 加以分析或举例或通过实验论证,最后 得出结论

? 说明文往往先提出说明对象,然后从时 间,用途,方法,步骤等不同侧面加以 说明

? 解题时首先读懂读透题目要求,领会命 题人的意图,学会研读作者有感情色彩 或有偏向的评价词,预测下文,从而提 高答题的正确率。

错误项特点: 1)原文的简单复述; 2)看似从原文推断出来的结论,然而实际上与原文不符,如因果倒 置,手段变目的等; 3)根据考生的常识是正确的,但是却不是基于文章,一切以文章为 准; 4)推理过头,引申过渡;


客观判断是标准 直接陈述不可选 排除方法可帮忙 细细追查情感词

1. Finish 5 reading comprehension. 2. Prepare for the words dictation.

Thank You!

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Case5 细节推断题
(2003安徽春季) Positive and play, the body …After a busy day of work needs to rest. Sleep is necessary for good health. During this time, the body recovers from the activities of the day. The rest that you get while sleeping makes it possible for your body to prepare Negative itself for the next day. 69. The text suggests that not getting enough sleep Tip: 抓关键词或 might make you _____. 句,巧用逆向思 A. suffer from poor health B. feel tired and nervous 维或正面推理推 C. dream more often D. breathe quickly 敲深层含义。

69.It can be concluded from the last paragraph that _____________ . A.the first settlers in the Arctic survived by taking advantage of sea fish B.it’s hard to farm in the Arctic due to the climate change C.the ancestors of Inuit people stood out among the settlers D.the Thule people from Alaska invented iron tools


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