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1.It is morning _____ we have four classes, not afternoon. A. when B. which C. that A.those the height of

the tall building. A. that A. whose America’s global partnership. A. which 6. A. where A. that A. that A.what B. when B. what B. when B.which C. which C. one C. while C.that D. which D. as D.though 7. Ms. Claire is a strict but kind teacher, _____ I respect and appreciate most. 8. It was not until graduation _______ I realized what high school life means to me. 9.The fact has worried many scientists the earth is becoming warmer and warmer these years. B. where C. that D. as B. one C. which B. what D. it C. that D. which 4.He saw her coming, and advised me to hide behind the door, _________ advice I took at once. 5.Barrack Obama’s recent visit to the Asian nations clearly sent a message to the world ______ Asia is important in B.them

D. why even cried with joy. D.who C.whom

2.Thousands of Haitians cheered as the Chinese medical team arrived,many of

3.The appearance of a super skyscraper in the desert is far beyond our imagination, ______ throws great doubt on

10.The national Education Department says school safety has set off alarm bells with frequent serious accidents _____ students got injured or even killed. A. that B. in which C. by which D.when human beings can benefit. D.where 11.---The authors of computer viruses are geniuses. ---I agree. They can apply their wisdom to other net technology from A.that B.which C.what 12.During World War II, he took many photo s, civilians in war-torn Europe. A.from them B.of which C.by which we can use everywhere. D.among them 13.A computer is so useful a machine

some captured the emotions of both the soldiers and the

A. that B. which C. as D. what 14.That is the small house less than 20 square meters, under ______ roof lives a large family of three generations.

A. which B. whose C. its 15.Tom took the police to the spot ____ the accident happened. A.which A. that A. which interesting. A.which B.in which C.in that D.whom 19.It was after careful consideration we decided to take action. D.when is well worth reading, B.that B. in that B. when C.where C. which C. in which

D. that D.when

16.The lazy boy is expecting a way ______ he can get through the exams without hard work. D. where D. by which time we might find 17.Since 1995, ______ people call the Year of the Internet, the world has turned flat thanks to the net work. 18.Our chemistry teacher announced that he would do the experiment in a different way

A.which B.that C.why 20.I think it is a very interesting book A.that; the one B.which; one A. that A.where A. what A. where; that A. what portable computer. A. whether that A. if A. if A. That A. whether A. when B. that whether B. that B. whether B. Whoever B. that B. where B. which B.that B. that B. which; which B. that

I have never read before.

C.which; the one C. where C.when C. which C. that; that C. which

D.what; one D. what D.in which D. where D. which; where D. where

21.Is there a gas station around______ I can get some petrol from? 22.The good situation came at last _______we had been expecting in the past two years. 23.On the top of the mountain stands an old temple, inside ________ is an old tower. 24.Was it in the beautiful park _________was located by the sea ______you first met your new English teacher? 25.His composition won first prize, ______ made him too happy to sleep for nights. 26. His father once made a promise to him ______he passed the final examination, he would get a C. that if D. if that D. where D. when D. Who D. how D. that

27. My suggestion is ______ we should send a few workers to help them. C. when C. that C. Whether C. if C. why 28. It doesn’t matter ______ or not he’ll come back. 29. ______ fails to see this will make a big mistake. 30. It is no longer a question ______ man is learning more and more about space. 31. They suggested ______ the library open during the vacation. 32. ______ leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights.

A. Whom A. how old are you A. when

B. Those who B. you are how old B. that C. why

C. Whoever

D. Whomever D. how old you are

33. It is not important _____________; but how you feel, how you think, and what you do that are important. C. how you are old D. where 34. It’s a great pity ______ we won’t be able to finish the task on time. 35. ---- Do you know what made Mary so worried? ---- ______ she could pass the final exam. A. When A. when A. What A. What; that; what C. That; that; what 39. ---- Mary looks down today. What is up? ---- Well, ______ happened between Mary and me is none of your business. A. wherever B. whoever C. whatever D. whenever 40. The question is __________ A. whether is it worth doing C. whether it is worth doing life. A. what 60th birthday. A. if A. that A. why B. when B. whom B. if C. that C. he C. that D. which D. who D. whether B. that are the planes to take off D. when the planes are to take off C. when D. where 43. It has been decided ______ will be sent there. 44. The fact ______ he hadn’t said anything surprised us all.\ 45. Has it announced ___________? A. when are the planes to take off C. where are the planes to take off A. that B. which B. that C. which D. where 42. A warm thought suddenly came to me ______ I might substitute the hero to buy some flowers for his mother’s B. if is it worth doing D. if it is worth doing B. Where B. that B. Whether C. That C. if C. That B. What; what; what D. Why; that; which D. How D. what D. Whatever 36. I know nothing about the match except ______ I read in the newspaper. 37. ______ we need more money is quite obvious. 38. ______ is troubling me is ______ I don’t understand ______ he said.

41. Many parents feel that their children’s IQ is ______ determines how well they are going to do in their future

46. The idea has widely been accepted ______ man should live in harmony with nature. 47. He didn’t tell me ______ the exhibition was held.

A. where was it that A. why A. which A. which A. unless A. when

B. that it was where C. that C. that C. that

C. where it was that D. because D. it D. where D. when D. until C. As long as

D. that was it where

48. He said he had eaten nothing but ______ he wasn’t hungry. B. 不填 B. what B. what B. since B. unless 49. With the nuclear crisis worsening in Iran, the world’s attention is fixed again on ____ is called the Middle East. 50. There is a saying ______ swimming is a good way to keep fit. 51. Don’t be afraid of asking for help _______ it is needed. C. although C. after B. Unless B. as though C. as long as 52. A good storyteller must be able to hold his listeners’ curiosity ________ he reaches the end of the story. 53. _______ I know the money is safe, I shall not worry about it. A. Even though A. even if D. while 54 You will succeed in the end ____ you give up halfway. D. unless 55. “Was his father very strict with him when he was at school?” “Yes. He had never praised him _______ he became one of the top students in his grade.” A. after B. unless A. However A. where C. until B. Whatever B. in which C. at C. Whichever C. suddenly D. then D. Whenever D. As soon as D. by the first time D. when C. Whichever D. Whoever 56. _____ I suggest, he always disagrees. 57. You should put on the notices ______ all the people may see them. D. for them D. Whoever 58. _____ she goes, there are crowds of people waiting to see her. A. Wherever B. However A. while B. as soon as A. Whatever B. What A. Now that A. first time A. in case A. that B. After 59. Mary clapped her hand over her mouth _______ she realized what she had said. 60. ________ her faults, she’s Arnold’s mother. Don’t be so rude to her. C. Whichever C. Although 61. ____ you’re got a chance, you might as well make full use of it. 62. I thought she was the very girl that I should marry _______ I met her. B. for the first time B. so that B. where C. the first time D. when 63. Don’t play by the river _______ you fall in and drown! C. in order that C. which 64. Why do you want a new job ____ you’ve got such a good one already? D. when 65. He is better than _______ I last visited him.

A. when B. that A. So long as A. While A. As long as

C. how B. Even though

D. which C. Since D. Because D. Even if D. Wherever D. as if D. even when D. While

66. _______ the punishment was unjust, he accepted it without complaint. 67. ________ the grandparents love the children, they are strict with them. B. As C. Since C. Just as C. However C. so that C. though C. after D. since C. as B. waited B. tied B. smiled B. Caught B. were sewing B. seeing B. gone B. to supply B. covered; fallen B. being invited D. what C. waits C. to tie C. smile C. To catch C. to sew C. being seen C. going C. supplying D. to wait D .ties D. to smile D. Catch D. sewing D. to be seen D. go D. having supplied D. covering, fallen D. having invited 68. _______ I can see, there is only one possible way to keep away from the danger. B. As far as 69. _______ rich one may be there is always something one wants. A. Whatever B. Whenever A. which A. if B. when B. even 70. John shut everybody out of the kitchen _______ he could prepare his grand surprise for the party. 71. Mr Zhang is mild in character. He never shouts ____ he is very angry. 72. “How long do you suppose it is _______ he left for Japan?” “No more than half a month.” A. when B. before A. that B. which 73. In some countries, _______ are called “public schools” are not owned by the state. 74.Tell Mary that there's someone _______for her at the door. A. waiting A. tying A. smiling A. Catching A. sew A. seen A. to be gone A. supplied A. covered; falling A. inviting 75.There is a big dog _______to a fence outside the house. 76.The_______waiter came up to us and said, "You are welcome." 77. _______the early train, you'll have to get up early and rush in a taxi. 78.There, in the corner, sat three girls, _______. 79.Whether it will do us harm remains_______. 80.Whom would you rather have _______with you, him or me? 81.The power station keeps the villages ______ with electricity. 82.The path in the park looked beautiful, _______ with _______ leaves. C. covering; falling C. invited

83.I won't go to the party even if_______.

84.All work is pleasant_ ______when the habit of working is formed. A. done A. put on A. to be put on A. seated; seated A.I was talking A. eating at A. got A. hurry A. had been done A. stopping A. finding; closed A. considering A. being locked A. made to work A. exciting A. Been A. Failed B. doing B. dressed B. to put on B. sitting; sitting B. talking B. for eating B. to be got B. hurrying B. done B. to stop C. to do C. had on C. being put on C. seating; seat C. to talk C. to eat at C. to get C. to hurry C. having done C. to have stopped C. to find; close C. considered C. locking D. to be done D. wore D. put on D. seated; be seated D. to be talking D. we eat D. get D. hurried D. to be done D. having stopped D. to find; closed D. being considered D. having locked D. to make work 85.The man _______in a blue jacket at the party was a doctor. 86.People are talking about the new play _______in two weeks. 87.The man _______in the chair asked me to _______. 88.I happened _______with him when he was hit by a stone. 89.We are not sure which restaurant _______tonight. 90.The way Della thought of _______enough money was to sell her beautiful hair. 91.A phone call sent him _______to the hospital. 92.My work _______, I went home . 93.You can close your umbrella. The rain seems _______. 94.I rushed there in a taxi only _______the library_______. B. finding; shut B. to consider B. to lock B. to make working B. tired B. Being B. Failing 95.Many things _______impossible in the past are common today. 96.He must have gone out. I heard the noise of the door _______when I was still in bed. 97.As a boy, he was_______ hard all day long. C. made working D. excited D. Be D. To fail 98.The_______look on his face suggested that he had passed the exam. C. tiring C. To be C. Having failed 99._______a nurse, she knew how to take care of a patient. 100._______twice,he didn't want to try again.






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