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高中倒装句和强调句 1.倒装句 倒装句分为全倒装和半倒装两种。 1)全倒装的构成形式是:谓语十主语,构成条件是:(1)由 there 引导的存在句,用于这个句 型中的动词有:be , come , lie , happen , appear , seen , stand , exist ,1iv e 等。 (2)下列副词放在句首时,谓语动词一般是不及物动词的现在时和过去时,并且主语是 名词要全倒装,但如果主语是代词就用自然语序。这些副词有:there,here,now,up,down, on,in,out,off,away,back 等。 (3)地点状语放在句首,谓语是不及物动词的现在时和过去时,主谓要全倒装。如: North of the city lies a railway. (4)such 作表语时要全倒装 如:Such were the facts. (5)为平衡句子结构,当主语带有很长的同位语或定语从句时,谓语又是不及物动词,要全 倒装。 2)半倒装的构成形式是助动词+主语+谓语。半倒装构成的条件是: (1)否定意义的副词状语放在句首时,这些动词有:never, little, hardly, scarcely, rarely, seldom,not,nowhere, by no means,in no time,in no way,neither...nor...放在分句句首时。 (2)only+状语放在句首时。only 可以强调介词短语状语,也可以强调从句状语,主句中谓语 要半倒装。 (3)下列句型中,not only 如果主句中否定意义的词放在句首,主句中要用半倒装,从句中不 倒装,这些句式有:a.not only... but also...b.no sooner...than...c.hardly...when...d.scarecely...when...e.not until...f.so 或 such...that... so 或 such 修饰的成分放在句首,主句要半倒装 that 从句中不倒装。 如:So good was the book that I couldn't tear from it. (4)“so +助动词+主语”表示也相同。 (5)在虚拟语气的条件从句中,如果有 were, had, should 时,可以移到主语前面.省略 if 构成半倒装的条件从句。如果从句中没有这些同不能用倒装。 2.强调句: 1)如果强调谓语动词,用助动词 do(does) did 加动间原形。 2)如果强调主语、宾语、表语或状语,要用强调句型。 ①强调句型的构成: "It is( was)+被强调的句子成分+that(who)+其他成分”。 如果被强调部分是人可以用 that 也可以用 who,如果是其他情况只能用 that, ②强调句型的一般疑问句。 Is it/was it+被强调部分+that( who) ? ③强调句型的特殊疑问句。 如果被强调的部分是特殊疑问词,特殊疑问词要放在句首构成特殊疑问句。 who,(why, when, where, How 等)is( was) it that......? ④强调 not until...…状语。 It is( was) not until...... that...... ⑤强调主语时.that 或 who 后而的谓语形式要和主语保持一致。 倒装句与强调句专练: l. Only in this way____the foreign language well. A.can we learn B. can learn we C. should we learn D. we can learn

2. On the ground_____which had gone into the cave to die. A. an old sick goat lay B.lay an old sick goat C. lying an old sick goat D. an old sick goat lying 3. It is so hard for people to understand his behaviour. Never_____his thoughts. A.you can learn B. can you master C. you can study D.can you read 4.______with his slippers on when he heard the terrible noise. A.Rushed he out B. Out rushed he C. Out he rushed D. Out did he rush 5.______for the doctor, the old man would have died a long time ago. A. If it had been B. If it were not C. Were it not D.Had it not been 6. Not until______to the top of the palace_____caught. A. he got, was he B. did he get,he was C. he got,he was D. did he got,he was 7. It is not_____number of books you read but the way in which you read them ______decides how successfully you gain knowledge. A.the,that B. a,that C. a, which D. the, which 8. Was it for the reason______he left school at the age of eleven. A. because B. why C. what B. that 9.______that he found it difficult to stop at the red light. A. So fast he was driving B. So fast he drove, C. So fast was he driving D. So fast drove he 10. It is because she is too inexperienced_____she does not know how to deal with the situation. A.an that B. that is why C. that D.so 11. No sooner_____arrived _______ he set out to write his report. A.he had,than B.had he,than C. he had, when D. had he. when 12. Could it have been yesterday _____ you found the old man _____ and _____ on the bed? A.when, seated, dressed himself B.that, seated,dressing himself C. that, seating, dressing himself D. when, sitting,dressing in clothes 13.He_____like to listen to music in_____. A. do,silence B. does,the silence C. does,silence D. /,silent 14.was it because he was ill_____he asked for leave? A.and B. that C. it D. which 15.It was in the rice fields_____the farmer held a meeting. A.where B.that C. in which D. on which 16.______ no fish can live in it. A.So shallow is the water that B.So the water is shallow as C. So shallow the water is that D. So is the water shallow. 17. Where was_____that he found his lost hike? A.place B.it C.there D. a place

18. It is the protection for the tree______really matters, rather than how many trees are planted. A. what B.that C. / D. which 19. On the grass ______ two sheep. A. lies B. lie C. lying D. laid 20.______can you expect to get a pay rise. A.With hard B. Although work hard C. Now that he works hard D.Only with hard work 21. Is it Shakespeare Theatre _____ you are going to watch the play The Merchant of Venice? 22.If you don't go camping at the weekend,______. A.neither do I B.neither shall I C. nor am I D. nor can I 23.Not only ______ the car he ______ been sold by his son for gambling debts but also his new hones. A./,has, B.has, had C.has, has D. was,has 24. Nowhere else in this city_____. A. you can find such cheap things B. can find so cheap a thing C. such cheap things can be found D.can such cheap things be found 25._____and caught the mouse. A. Up the cat jumped B. The cat up jumped C.Up jumped the cat D. Jumped up the at 26. ---Were all the three people in the injured in the accident? ---No,_____only the two passenger who got hurt. A. it was B. there was C they were D. there were 27. She suggested not only______to the English evening but also give a performance in English. A. should I go B. did I C. I should go D. my going 28. Why is it______everyone thinks he is a thief? A. because B. as C. when D.that 29. Hardly______we_______to work when the engine broke down. A. had, started B. did ,start C. have,started D.were,starting 30. There _______the bus! Hurry up! A. is coming B. come C. comes D.has come 3l. ...Is Frank going with us? ……______he want to go, he will have to pay for his expense. A.Whether B.Should C. If D. Had 32. Such_____the results of the experiments. A. is B. was C. are D. as be 33.______she was very brave. A.Girl as she was B. As she was a girl C. A girl as she was D. Girl as was she 34. Such a strange appearance______that no one could recognize him. A. did he has B.did he have C. he has D. he had 35. So difficult_____it to live in an English-speaking country that I was determined

to learn English well. A. I have felt B. have I felt C. I did feel D.did I feel 36. ...David has made great progress recently. ...______,and_____. A, So he has, so have you B.So he has,so you have C. So has he, so have you D.So has he,so you have 37. ...I didn't go to see our former teacher while in Beijing. ...But I think you______. A.should B.should have C. ought to D. must have 38.Now______my turn. A. has come B.comes C. came D. is coming 39. Seldom______TV during the day. A.they watch B. are they watching C. have they watched D.do they watch 40. Only when he recovered from his heart trouble_____Mr Smith come back to his teaching. A. has B. had C.does D. did 41._____the clouds,you would find the airplane in the sky easily. A.Were it not for B. If it had not been for C. If it were not D. Had it not been for 42. Alice trusts you;______her to give up the foolish idea. A.only you can persuade B. only can you attract C. only you can suggest D. only can you tempt 43. What would have happened_____,as far as the river hank? A. Bob had walked father B. if Bob should walk farther C.had Bob walked farther D. if Bob walked farther 44. Not until all the fish died in the river______how serious the pollution was. A.did the villagers realize B. the villagers realized C. the villagers did realize D. didn't the villagers realize 45.______succeed in doing anything A. Only by working hard we can B. By only working hard we can C. Only we can by working hard D.Only by working hard can w 46.______rich and strong. A. Our country may go B.May your country go C.Your country goes D.Does your country go 47. Then_____the Civil War. A.did follow B.followed C. does follow D. following 48. He is a good student,and works very hard,______. A.so it is with her B. so does she C. so is she D. neither does she 49. This is one of the oldest trees in the world. ______ such an old tree A. Never I have seen B.Never have I seen C. Never before I have seen D.Before have I seen 50.______a nice man______that we all believe him. A. So,did he seem B. So,he seemed

C. Such, he seemed D. Such, did he seem 51. ...You seem to be an actor. …_______.I have played many roles in a lot of films. A. So do I B. So am I C. So I do D. So I am 52.______,he never seems able to do the work beautifully. A. Try as he does B. As he tries C. Try as does he D. As try he does 53. ...I can't see the picture well from here. ...______. A. I can't neither B. Nor I can C. Neither can I D. Either can't 54. ...You ought to have given then some advice. ..._______,but who cared what I said? A. So ought you B. So I ought C. So it was D. So I did 55. So carelessly_______ that he almost killed himself. A.he drives B. does he drive C.did he drive D. he drove 56. Little______about his own health though he was badly ill. A. he cared B. did he care C. he cares D. does lie care 57._____about the difficulties in his work. A.Scarcely did he speak B. He did scarcely spoke C. Did he scarcely spoke D. Scarcely he did speak 58. Not once_______his lovely daughter. A.did Mr Li mention B. Mr Li mentioned that C. was he injured D. were he injured 60. Not until he arrived home_______he find that his wallet had been stolen. A.did B. would C. when D. that 61.Away_______with his friends. A.he went B. did he go C. Wang Fang went D. did Wang Fang go 62. Nowhere else_______as in the garden of our school. A. the flowers are so beautiful B. so beautiful are the flowers C. so beautiful the flowers are D.are the Bowers so beautiful 63. Not only_____the play but also_______it. A. he wrote,he directed B. he wrote,did he direct C.did he write,he directed D. did he write,did he directed 64. Many a time______that test. A. he had tried B.has he tried C. he did try D. he tried 65. In front of the old house_______a little boy half asleep. A.sat B. sit C. seated D. seating 66.______tell Mike from his brother. A. Hardly I can B.Hardly can I C. Hard I can D. Hard can I 67.______entered the classroom_______the teacher began his lecture. A.Scarcely had he,when B. Scarcely did he,when C. Scarcely he had,before D. He had scarcely, than 68.______the first to use nuclear weapons.

A. At no time China will he B. At no time be China C. At no time will China he D. China will no time be 69._______allowed to see the film. A. Only are grown-ups B.Only the grown 一 ups are C. Only are the girls D. Children only 70. Only after New China_______to go to school. A. was founded, he was able B. was found, was he able C. was founded,was he able D. was found,he was able 71. It was the way he asked______really upset me. A.that B. so C. therefore D. so that 72. I can't quite remember________you started doing the work. A. that it was when B.when it was that C. when was it that D. that was it when 73. She wants to know if it is 600 miles an hour_______the newest plane can go. A. which B. that C. when D. in which 74. Was it during the Second World War_______he died? A.that B. while C. in which D. then 75. It was between 1830 and 1835________the modern newspaper was born. A. when B. that C. in which D. during 76. It was______who you met in the shop yesterday. A. I B. her C. he D. his 77. Who was it______took my book away just now? A.who B.that C. whom D. which 78. It was only,when I read his poems recently______I began to appreciate their beauty. A. until H. that C. then D. so 79. It was only______the car was so small______he sold it. A. that, that B. as,that C.because,that D. when,that 80.______he made up his mind to take a trip to Europe? A.When was it that B. Who it was that C. Whom was it that D. Where was it that 81. It was not_____she took off her dark glass_____I realized she was a famous film star. A. until ,when B. when,that C. until, that D. when, when 82. Only when you have obtained sufficient data ________ come to a sound conclusion. A. can you B. you can C. would you D. you would 83._____that this region was so rich in natural resources. A.Little he knew B. Little did he know C. little he did know D. little he had know 84. Never again ______ political office after his 1928 defeat for the presidency. A.Alfred E. Smith seriously sought. B.seriously Alfred E. Smith sought C. when did Alfred E. Smith seriously seek. D.did Alfred E. Smith seriously seek 85. Only in recent years_____begun to realize that wild animals,kept within bounds,

often do more good than harm. A.people have B.since people have C.have people D. people who have 86.______received law degrees s today. A.Never so women have B. The woman aren't ever C. Women who have never D.Never have so mm women 87. ______do we for picnics. A.Certainly B. Sometimes C.Seldom D. Once 88.Beneath our feet_____that our life depends on for food and clothing. A. the earth lay B. the earth lies C. lie the earth D.lies the earth 89._______the beginning of the 19th century did scientists know that all matter is made up of atoms. A. At B.By C.Up to D.Not until 90.______no air or water,there would be no life in the world. A.Were there B. There are C. There was D. Is there 91.Not only_____the data fed into it ,but it can also analyze them. A. the computer can memorize B.can the computer memorize C. do the computer memorize D.can memorize the computer 92._____I must have been to this young man! A.What challenge B. How challenge C.What a challenge D. A challenge 93."Do you think they will win the game?”“_______”. A.I hope not B.I don't hope so C.I don't hope that D. I don't hope it 94.Nobody called me while I was out,_____? A. didn't he B. didn't anybody C. did they D. did it 95.If you want help-money or anything, Let me know,_____you? A.will B. do C. don't D. won't 96. "Both of the students can not work out this problem. "means"______". A. The two students can not work out this problem B. Not all the students can work out this problem C. One student can work out this problem, but the other can't D. Neither of the two students can work out this problem 97. He must have lost the key the day before yesterday,______? A. must he B. haven't he C. needn't he D. didn't he 98. I suppose that Mother is serious,______? A. do I B. don't I C. is she D.isn't she 99. You must have told Mr Johnson the secret,______? A.haven't you B. have you C. mustn't you D. must you 100. Would you read my composition and correct the mistakes______. A. if never B. if ever C. if not D. if any 101. 1 am the only person who is to blame,_____? A. are 1 B. aren't I C. isn't he D. am I 102. ......Alice,you feed the bird today,______? ......But I fed it yesterday.

A. do you B.will you C. didn't you D. don't you 103. At no time_______was happening A. the President was aware of what B. was the President aware of what C. the President was aware that D. was aware. the President what 104. Now______your turn to keep guard. A. there is B. is going C.comes D. has come 105. My brother had a cold last week,so_____I. A. had B.did C. was D. have 106.All animals need air_____. A. So plants to B. So need plants C. So do plants D.Plants are so 107. If Bob's wife won't agree to sign the papers,______. A. neither he will B. neither won't he C. neither will he D. he won't neither 108.I don't think John will come,______. A. or Mary does B. Mary dews either C. and Mary dews D. nor will Mary 109. She is a beautiful girl and she likes dancing very much,_____. A.So it is with Mary B.So is Mary C.So does Mary D. So Mary does 110. Such a noise_____that I couldn't go on with my work. A. does he make B. made he C. he made D. did he make 111.Only when you have been familiar with the plan_____. A. then you'll be able to carry it out. B. can you be able to carry it out. C. and you will be able to carry out it. D. will you be able to carry it out. 112. He was told under no circumstances______the computer. A. he may use B. may he use C. did he may use D. he did use 113. "I found it easier to learn Russian than to learn English.“______”. A.I notice so B.So I notice C. So notice I D. Did I notice so 114. We never dared to ask him a question,_______? A. did we B. didn't we C. dared we D. daredn't we 115. What do you think______we should do to improve our English? A.that B. who C. which 116.______from Beijing to London! A. How long way it is B. What a long way it is C. How long way is it D. What a long way is it 117.Little remains to said,_____? A.doesn't it B.doesn't they C.does it D. doesn't they 118. This is unlikely to be his book,______? A. is this B. isn't this C.is it D. isn't it

119. “They didn't give good service there”“_______” A.No,they did B.Yes,they did C. No,they didn't give D. Yes,they didn't 120. Smoking does great harm to health._____is smoking allowed in public places. A.At no time B. At a time C. In no time D. At any time 倒装句与强调句专练参考答案 1一5 A B D C D 41 一 45 A A C A D 81 一 85 C A B 6 一 10 A A D C C 46 一 50 B B A B D 86 一 90 D C D 11 一 15 B B C B B 51 一 55 D A C D C 91 一 95 B C A 16 一 20 A B B B D 56 一 60 B A A C A 96 一 100 C D D 21 一 25 A B C D C 61 一 65 A D C B A 101 一 105 B B B 26 一 30 A A D A C 66 一 70 B A C B C 106 一 110 C C D 31 一 35 B C A B D 71 一 75 A B B A B 11l 一 115 D B D 36 一 40A B B D D 76 一 80 B B B C A 116 一 120 B C D




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