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1. He paid the boy $10 for washing which ten windows, most of _______ hadn't been cleaned for at least a year. 2. Here are players from Japan, some whom of ________ are our old friends. 3

. Here are some players from Japan them and some of _______ are our old friends. when 4. I'll never forget the day _____I first came to Beijing.

5.I'll never forget the days which/that we spent together. ________ 6.Hangzhou is a city ________ where there is a beautiful lake. which/that 7.Hangzhou is a city ________ has a beautiful lake. why 8.The reason _______ he didn't come to school yesterday is that ______ he was ill.

9.____ anybody can see, this As elephant is like a snake. 10.They said they were French, whichwasn't true. ____ As 11._________Engels pointed out, labor created man himself. whose 12.The doctor ,________ name was Johnson, lived in Thorby. 13.Please pass me the dictionary whose _______ cover is black.

14.This is not such a book as ______ I expected. 15.They talked about the things and persons ______ they that remembered in the school. 16.This is the best film _____ that I've ever seen. that 17.This is the first place _____ I visited last time.

Best choice: 1. He must be from Africa, __ can be seen from his skin. A. as B. which C. that D. where 2. I remember that __ took part in the ball party had a wonderful time. A. all who B. all what C.all D.all which

3.Can you think out a situation ___ this idiom can be used? ? A. which B. that ? C. where D. with which 4. Have you ever visited the factory __ set up by some housewives two years ago? ? A. where was B. which ? C. that was D. that

5.This dictionary, the few pages __ are missing, is of no use. ? A. among which B. of which ? C. in which D. to which 6. Last night we watched the play “LeiFeng ”, __ was very moving. A. who B. it C. that D. which

? 7. Last night I came across the man __ you think is pleasant to ___. ? A. who, talk B. who, work with ? C. whom, get along with ? D. whom, be talked with ? 8. ---Is this the factory __ we visited last year? ? ----Of course not. ? A. / B. the one C. why D. where

9. ---Is the factory __ we visited last year? ---Yes, it is. A./ B. the one C. why D. where 10.The great trouble he __ show us how to run the machine __ him completely tired. A. took to, made C. took, make B. takes to, make D. take to, to make

11. Little has been done ____ is helpful to our work. A. what B. which C. that D. all that 12. The theory he’s stuck __ us that earthquakes can be forecast. A. to prove to B. to proves to C. proves to D. which proved

13. All ___ is a continuous supply of fuel oil. A. what is needed B. that is needed C. what needs D. that needs 14. In the street, there wasn’t a single person ___ she could turn for help. A. to whom B. who C. from whom D. that

15. The Chicago Bulls was made up of the best basketball players in the States, __ were black Americans. A. most of them B. most of that C. most of which D. most of whom 16. The retiring teacher made a speech __ she thanked the class for the gift. A. which B. of which C. in which D. that

17. She had two daughters, and ____ are nurses. A. all of them B. both of them C. both of whom D. all of whom 18. In the library there are tables, ____ you can sit there to read. A. at which B. in which C. where D. and 19. I, ___ your friend, tell you so. A. am B. who am C. that is D. who

20. ___ we know, more than seventy percent of the earth is covered with water. A. Which B. As C. Because D. That 21. His parents wouldn't let him marry anyone ___ family was poor. A. of whom B. whom C. of whose D. whose

22. There are different ways ___ people try to deal with the problem of energy. A. how B. where C. with which D. in which 23. Is this museum ____ some German friends visited yesterday? A. which B. that C. where D. the one

24. He didn't tell the reason ___ might explain his absence. A. that B. \ C. why D. how 25. My hometown is so nice a place ___ we can get many kinds of fruit in autumn. A . where B. that C. on which D. as

26.I don't like such a person ___ often lies before your face. A. what B. that C. as D. which 27. He called on another girl, ___ was more suitable for the job. A. that he believed B. who he believed C. he believed she D. whom he believed

28. Last term our math teacher set so difficult an examination problem ___ none of us worked out. A. that B. as C. so that D. which 29. The back garden of our house contains a lawn ___ very pleasant to sit on in summer. A. where it is B. it is C. which is D. where

30. I'll take you to the newly opened museum ___ you may see ___ you want. A. which, that B. where, that C. in which, which D. where, what 31. The days are fast coming ___ watching films by using the web is common. A. that B. and C. when D. if 32. We had a tiring meeting ___ I kept falling asleep. A. where B. which C. that D. during which

34. Have you seen the film "Hero", ___ leading actor is world famous? A. its B. it's C. whose D .which 35. Tom told me that Mr. Smith was the only man ___ he believed could be trusted. A. which B. that C. whom D. whoever

36.---Have you got advice on my choosing a new house? ---Yes, you’d better buy one ____ the air is fresher. A. in where B. in which C. where D. the place where 37.Two years later he returned ___ he was born and grew up. A. what B. where C. which D. to which

38.The time he devoted ___ football should have been spent on his studies. A. to play B. to playing C. play D. playing 39. John does swim well, but I don’t like the way ____ he always show off in public. A. which B. how C. when D. ×

40.Hangzhou ,____ we spent last spring, is one of the most beautiful cities in China. A. which B. where C. wherever D. when 41.Mr. Smith, _____ shop all kinds of goods are sold, is a very kind man. A. in which B. in that C. in whose D. at the

42)Was it at a theater _ they met just now? A. where B. that C. which D. in which 43)On the third floor there are two rooms, ______ is used as a meeting room. A. one of them B. the larger of which C. the larger one of that D. the largest of which 44)Mr. Green drove his car slowly until it came to the freeway ______ the speed limit was 60 miles an hour. A. Which B. where C. that D. who

45)The most favorite room is the tidy study with a fireplace, ___ we can watch TV and enjoy the nice scenery outside. A. where B. when C. that D. which 46)We will be shown around the city, schools, museums, and some other places, ____ other visitors seldom go. A. what B. which C. where D. when 47)The film brought the hours back to me ______ I was taken good care of in that faraway village. A. until B. that C. when D. where

49)The old lady, ______ had been killed in the war, was given help by the local government. A. all her children B. all of her children C. all of whose children D. whose all children 50)Mary's going to study abroad next year, ____ , for sure, delights everyone. A. which B. who C. this D. it



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