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高考基础写作 ---------如何写好图表作文 英语组 李斯妍 Teaching goal: enable the students to learn how to write chart composition. Teaching important points: the words, expressions and sentence patterns used in ch

art compositions. Teaching methods: explaining, imitation, exercising Teaching aid: computer Teaching procedure:
一,写作技巧: 1. 读取信息:写作前我们必须仔细读图,掌握图标上提供的信息,由此弄清楚设计者想通过图表反 映出的信息,问题或现象。 2. 文章结构:图标类信息可能包括的几部分。 part1: general idea (conclusion or tendency) part2: facts (to support the idea)具体数据事实 part3: reasons 原因分析 part4: solutions or personal opinion/ suggestions 解决问题的办法或建议 3. 叙述数据时要避免过多重复使用百分比,可以用约数,倍数等来表达。强调“少”可用 only, as little as(少到)等,强调“多”可用 as many/much as (多达) 二,常用词语: 1. 表上升的动词:go up/ rise,climb, roar 2. 表示下降的动词 go down, fall, drop, decline 3. 表示升降的名词 rise, fall, drop, decline 4. 表示增减的名词或动词 increase, decrease, double 5. 表示增减或升降前后的数额:from…to…, to 6. 表示增减或升降的具体程度: by… 7. 表示增减或升降急缓的副词: slowly, slightly, quickly, steadily,稳步地 sharply, 急剧地 dramatically, 显著地 remarkably 显著地 8. 表示保持数量不变的动词:remain, stay 9. 其他相关表达式:account for 30% of the total, at the same rate, average, annual, the figure, number, amount, percentage 三,常用句式: 开头常用套语:从图表(数据)上看 1. From the graph, table, diagram, chart above 2. As can be seen from the table 3. As is shown by the graph 4. From the statistics given in the table 5. According to the figures given by the graph

6. It can be concluded from the graph that 7. The graph shows /indicates that 数据说明常用套语: 1. Sales increased by 8.3% compared with the same period last year… 2. In 1995 their income doubled, amounting to 540 yuan. 3. The real price of cigarettes increased by 159% and teenager smoking fell from 42% to 16%. 4. The minority people in this city account for 30% of the total population. 5. The grain production in our area now is three times as great as that of 1990. 6. The number of students has reached 500, indicating a rise of 20%, compared to last semester. 7. Women make up about 46% of Britain’s 376,000 millionaires. 原因说明常用套语: 1. There are two reasons that account for this phenomenon. 2. A number of factors could account for (contribute to/ lead to/ result in) the change. 3. First/ first of all/ to begin with,… Secondly /besides/ in addition/ furthermore/ moreover, finally, las t but not least… 4. The reason for the phenomenon is that … 结尾常用套语: 1. We can draw the conclusion that … 2. From the changes in the charts, we can predict that… 3. Personally/ in my opinion/ as far as I’m concerned/ as for me/ from my point of view 范文:大学生度暑假方式的变化 下列两个图表显示了在过去的 10 年间大学生过暑假的方式变化。
旅游 16% 社会调查 9% 其他 20%

旅游 30%

社会调查 28%

其他 10%
在家 55%

在家 32%

写作内容: 请根据这两个图表,用英语写一篇短文,内容包括: 1. 描述图表中变化明显的项目;2.简要分析变化的原因;3.由表格内容得出的结论 As can be seen from the two charts, in the past ten years, the college students who go travelling and make social investigation during summer vacation have increased greatly while those who stay at home have decreased a lot. There are two main reasons accounting for the changes. For one thing, with the development of economy, many people have become rich, which makes it possible for students to get financial support from their parents for travelling. And for another, the government has been encouraging college students to make social investigation on the rapid development in both cities and villages. From the changes in the charts, we can predict that more and more colleges students will make summer vocation colorful and meaningful by going to the outside world instead of staying at home.

练习:简介某市教育发展情况 以下是你所在市的历年在校学生数目表:
教育发展(单位:千人) 100 80 60 40 20 0 1 1949年 10 1978年 2007年 80

教育告诉发展影响要素: 第一:经济快速发展,奠定了基础 第二:政府鼓励教育发展 第三:家长重视

写作内容: 假设你在政府部门学习,你要向几位到访的外国客人介绍你所在的城市的教育发展情况。在介绍前,你先 写一篇短文做准备,内容包括: 1. 描述你市历年在校学生人数 2. 分析教育高速发展的原因。



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