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2014 普通高中学生学业水平考试 英语(一)
(满分 100 分,答题时间 90 分钟) 第一部分:单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 1. After graduating from _____ college, Tina began her career as _____ fashion designer. A. the, the B. /

, the C. the, a D. /, a 2. ---Morning! We're going to visit the Old Town of Lijiang today. Are we leaving right now? --- Ok. ______. A. We’re through B. Let’s get going C. It’s my cup of tea D. I’m with you on that 3. Gone with the wind is _____ a novel. It helps us to understand the history of that time. A. less than B. more than C. no more than D. not more than 4. ____, both sides politely exchanged the telephone numbers and cards rather than quarrelling with each other. A. Similarly B. Willingly C. Unexpectedly D. Disappointedly 5. He claimed _____ it to the manager, unless the washing machine was replaced. A. to have reported B. reporting C. having reported D. to report 6. Knowing how to _____ our bad mood benefits us, both physically and mentally. A. treat B. adjust C. adapt D. adopt 7. The weight of a male lion can reach 240 kg, _____ an adult man. A. three times the weight of B. the three times weight of C. as heavy as three times D. as three times heavy as 8. ---Hello, can I speak to Mr. Black? ---Sorry, madam. He _____ a lecture in the hall. A. will give B. gives C. is giving D. has given 9. _____, and I believe you will realize your dream. A. Make a little bit more effort B. Making a little bit more effort C. To make a little bit more effort D. If you make a little bit more effort 10. Success and achievement are different. Success is how you are viewed by others, _____ achievement is something you do yourself. A. for B. so C. while D. and 11. ----I don’t mind telling you the truth. ---You _____.I’m not asking you for it. A. needn’t B. mustn’t C. can’t D. should’t 12. The Jeremy Lin story, _____ is popular on the Internet, has attracted worldwide attention. A. whom B. which C. where D. that 13. Tim couldn’t _____ how to do the experiment until the teacher showed it to him. A. carry out B. take out C. figure out D. turn out 14. Look! How busy the building workers are! The houses ________ by them will be completed next week. A. built B. being built C. to build D. to be built
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15. In his hurry he didn’t make _____ clear when and where the meeting would be held. A. that B. this C. these D. it 第二部分:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) Some years ago, an American policeman found a woman lying near a lonely road. She did not appear to have 16 , but she was trembling and clearly in a state of shock, so he rushed her to the 17 hospital. She began to tell the doctor on duty a story which was 18 in all respects. She had been 19 along a country road 20 she had been stopped by a flying saucer 21 in front of her. She had been forced to leave the car and 22 the flying saucer by creatures which looked like human beings and which could easily make themselves 23 although they could not 24 . They could read her thoughts and she could read 25 . They tested her politely and allowed her to 26 after carrying out a number of tests on her. As she otherwise seemed to be 27 , the doctor decided that she was probably suffering from the side effects of some medicines. The woman insisted on being 28 to go home, but when she gave her address, it was in a town over a thousand miles from the 29 . The police then started to make inquiries and soon 30 that there was already a 31 going on for the woman, 32 husband reported that she had 33 . Her car had been found with the driver’s door open and the engine running. 34 the car the surface of the road had been completely destroyed --- not by an explosion or anything of that kind, but 35 a large, round, white-hot object had burnt through it. 16. A. a rest B. an accident C. a test D. an idea 17. A. most famous B. most expensive C. best D. nearest 18. A. funny B. sad C. moving D. astonishing 19. A. driving B. walking C. running D. wandering 20. A. as B. since C. when D. if 21. A. rising B. flying C. running D. landing 22 A. enter B. visit C. watch D. clean 23. A. noticed B. seen C. understood D. heard 24. A. move B. think C. read D. speak 25. A. their B. theirs C. her D. hers 26. A. leave B. stay C. drive D. watch 27. A. happy B. thankful C. nervous D. normal 28. A. told B. allowed C. advised D. ordered 29. A. earth B. car C. road D. hospital 30. A. decided B. believed C. supposed D. discovered 31. A. discussion B. search C. movement D. meeting 32. A. which B. when C. whose D. where 33. A. disappeared B. escaped C. returned D. left 34. A. Behind B. In front of C. Below D. At the foot of 35. A. as B. if C. as if D. only if 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) (A) When I was a boy, I belonged to the Boy Scouts, so I used to go camping every summer, and once something happened which I have never been able to explain. We were camping in a place above the river. After arriving, we all rushed down to the river and had a swim. Standing by the
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river, we noticed that it was surrounded by cliffs. If someone wanted to reach the river at the point, he had to walk past our camp. Several days later, the scoutmaster had to be away for a day. That afternoon, we had supper early. We were sitting round the fire, eating and talking, when a man walked past and went down towards the river, we all felt that this man looked very strange, but, because each of us was afraid of looking very stupid, no one said anything. We ate rather slowly, talking as long as possible. After finishing, we collected our plates together so that we could take them to the river where we always washed them. But no one moved towards the river…we stood looking at each other ashamed. Then all shouting at once, we began talking about the man who had walked past us. We agreed how strange he looked and we wondered what he could be doing by the river. We knew that he could only return by passing through our camp. An hour passed. Then one of the boys suggested we should creep down by the river so that we could see what the man was doing. Moving very slowly and keeping in the shadow, we crept down towards the bank. One boy climbed a tree so that he could see everything clearly. He called to us that there was no one there, so we ran down to the bank, looking everywhere carefully. We could not understand where the man had gone. When it got dark, we went back to our camp feeling bewildered. We told the scoutmaster what had happened in the evening. Smiling, he doubted that we had seen the man, but finally suggested we go and look again. We did, but there was no one there. Many years have passed, but I still remember it as if it were yesterday. What did we see? I do not know. 36. The writer in the text mainly tells us _________. A. the story of his childhood B. a strange camping experience C. about a stranger by the river D. about a good place for camping 37. Why did the boys eat their supper slowly? A. They wanted to delay going to the river bank. B. They were waiting for their scoutmaster. C. They had a supper earlier than usual. D. They were talking while eating. 38. The word ― bewildered‖ in the text probably means __________. A. ashamed B. nervous C. unable to understand D. eager to know something 39. When he heard what had happened, the scoutmaster __________. A. realized who the man was B. started to worry about the man C. went back to look for the man D. felt it hard to believe the boys 40. The writer still remembers the event because __________. A. the boys acted foolishly B. the camping place is beautiful C. there has been no explanation for the event. D. He particularly enjoyed his camping that summer (B) GET YOUR DEGREE AT HOME! Have you ever wondered what a degree might be worth to you in your job or career? It means a lot. Americans with an Associate Degree average nearly $ 10,000 more in yearly earning than those with just a High School Diploma. Harcourt Learning Direct offers you a way to get a Specialized Associate Degree in 11 of today’s growing fields ---- without having to go to collage full time. With Harcourt, you study at home, in your spare time ---- so you don’t have to give up your present job while you train for a better one. Choose from exciting majors like Business Management, Accounting, Dressmaking & Design, Book-keeping, Photography, Computer Science, Engineering, and More!
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with. In addition, the way employees are paid will change. Workers’ salaries will be automatically paid into their bank accounts, making paper checks unnecessary. No workers will deal with machines to put in or take out money from their accounts. Another area that technology is changing is entertainment. Music, for instance, was once a group experience. People listened to music at concert halls or in small social gatherings. For many people now, however, music is an individual experience. Walking along the street or sitting in their living rooms, they wear headphones to build a wall of music around them. Movie entertainment is changing, too. Movies used to be social events. Now fewer people are going out to see a movie. Many more are choosing to wait for a film to appear on television or are borrowing videotapes to watch at home. Instead of laughing with others, viewers watch movies in their own living rooms. 46 After work, Michael likes to ____________. A. listen to music at the concert hall B. watch a movie in his living room C. run a program on his computer in his office D. play baseball with his workmates 47.Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage? A. Clerks will be able to work at home. B. One can play baseball on the computer. C. One can listen to music without disturbing others. D. One can borrow books from libraries at home. recorder, or plays baseball on the computer.及第二段可知答案。 48.The sentence ― Michael is imaginary, but his lifestyle is very possible‖ means _________. A. Michael is a person full of imagination and he can make his dreams come true B. Michael is not a real person but the lifestyle does exist C. Michael has ambitions but he can’t make his dreams come true D. Michael is a person full of imagination and his lifestyle is common nowadays 49.What will the author most probably discuss after the last paragraph? A. Games and sports. B. Personal banking. C. Music and films. D.International business. 50.What is the main idea of the passage? A.We may no longer need to communicate with other human beings. B. Modern technology seems to be separating human being. C. We may no longer need to work in the office. D. Modern technology makes it possible for us to work and entertain ourselves at home. (D) Moods, say the experts, are feelings that are likely to become fixed, having effects on one’s outlook(way of looking at things) for hours, days or even weeks. That’s great if your mood is a pleasant one, but a problem if you are sad, anxious, angry, or simply lonely. Perhaps the best way to deal with such moods is to talk them out; sometimes, though, there is no one to listen. Modern pharmacology(药理学) offers a lot of tranquilizers(镇静剂) and anti-anxiety drugs. What many people don’t realize, however, is that scientists have discovered the effectiveness of several non-drug methods to make you free from an unwanted mood. These can be just as useful as drugs, and have the added benefit of being nonpoisonous. So next time you feel out of sorts, don’t head for the drug store―try the following method. Of all the mood-changing self-help techniques, aerobic exercises (有氧运动) seem to be the best cure for a bad mood. ―If you could keep the exercise, you’d be in high spirits,‖ says Kathryn Lance, author of Running for Health and Beauty. Researchers have explained biochemical and various other changes that make exercises compare
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favorably to drugs as a mood-raiser. Physical work such as housework, however, does little. The key is aerobic exercises – running, cycling, walking, swimming, or other repetitive and sustained activities that increase the heart rate and circulation(循环), and improve the body’s use of oxygen. Do them for at least 20 minutes a time, three to five times a week. 51. What is the main subject of the passage? A. How to beat a bad mood. B. How to talk bad moods out. C. How to do physical exercises. D. How to do aerobic exercise. 52. It can be inferred from the passage that __________. A. when one is in a bad mood, he or she may not work very well. B. the best way to overcome a bad mood is to talk to oneself C. some drugs are more effective than physical exercises D. taking drugs is at risk of being poisonous 53. The phrase ―feel out of sorts‖ , as is used in the second paragraph, could be best replaced by ___. A. put things in order B. are in a bad mood C. search for tranquilizers D. want a mood-raiser 54. Which of the following best describes the organization of this passage? A. An exercise and its importance are explained B. A problem is examined and solutions are given C. Two different views of a problem are presented D. Recent developments in medicine are described 55. According to the passage, all of the following are true except ________. A. moods can have an effect on people’s feelings B. aerobic exercise can help people better use oxygen C. scientists have provided people with many tranquilizers D. swimming, walking, or running is an effective cure for a bad mood 第四部分:书面表达(共 1 小题;满分 25 分) 时下很多同学利用周末参加辅导班或请家教补课。假如你是一名优秀学生,你的班主 任请你根据自己的体会写一篇发言稿, 谈一谈你对这一做法的看法。 发言稿应包括下列要点: 优点 1. 补习薄弱功课; 2. 提前预习新课; 3. 帮助解决学习中遇到的难题。 1. 2. 3. 4. 缺点 占用作业和休息时间; 对课堂学习逐渐失去兴趣; 不会独立学习; 增加家庭的经济负担。

你的建议 1. 补习的确有一定的帮助,但不能取代独立学习的能力; 2. 如果影响日常的学习生活,那么弊就大于利了。 注意:1.词数 100 左右; 2.可适当加入细节,以使内容充实、行文连贯; 3.开头和结尾已给出,不计入词数。 Dear teacher and classmates, It’s a great honor for me to be here and talk about whether or not we should learn from tutors or take weekend classes. ______________________________________________________________________________. Thanks for listening.
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单选: 1-5. DBBCD 6-10. BACAC 11-15. ABCBD 完型: 16 解析 B 根据下文,可见看出是 have an accident "出了事故"; 17 解析 D 根据文中描述的情况及使用 rush 一词,用 nearest "最近的",比较合适。 18 解析 D 根据后文,用 astonishing "令人惊讶的"。 19 解析 A had been driving "开着车",根据上下文可以推断出。 20 解析 C when 表"此时,这时"。 21 解析 D 前句有 flying, 所以这时用 landing"落在"。 22 解析 A enter "进入",根据下文的意思可以排除其他选项。 23 解析 C 根据前半句"look like human beings"可以推断出用 understand 一词, 又因为是 make sb. done, 所以用过去分词形式。 24 解析 D 根据前半句意,可以推断出用 speak 一词。 25 解析 B 根据 her thoughts, 判断用 theirs=their thoughts. 26 解析 A leave "离开"。 27 解析 D normal "正常的","没什么异样" 28 解析 B allow"允许",根据上下句,其它词意不合适。 29 解析 D 上文提到过 "hospital"。 30 解析 D discover 此处意为"了解到",suppose"建议"。 31 解析 B search 是名词,"寻找"。movement "运动",是抽象名词。 32 解析 C whose 引导的定语从句,修饰前词 the woman. 33 解析 A disappear"消失",escape"逃跑",意思不合适,根据上下句用 C,不合适。 34 解析 B behind "在……后面";below"在……下面"; at the foot of "在……脚下",根据上 下文意均不合适,故选 B。 35 解析 C as if "好像",引导让步状语从句。 阅读 36 解析:B 通读全文可知这是作者在一次野营过程中的经历。 37 解析:A 见文章第 4 段前 3 句话。 38 解析:C 见文章第一段。 39 解析:D 见文章倒数第二段第 3 句话。 40 解析:C 见文章最后一段。 41 解析:C 见文章第 2 段及第 3 段的第 2 句话。 42 解析:B 见文章第 3 段最后一句话。 43 解析:C 见文章第 3 段第一句话。 44 解析:B 见文章第 1 段。 45 解析:A 见文章最后 1 行。 46 解析:B 见文章第 3 行。 47 解析:D 通过第一段 After work, he puts on his headphones, watches a movie on his home video 48 解析:B 文章是通过以 Michael 为例来折射―The inventions of modern technology seem to be cutting us off from contact with our fellow human

beings. ‖这个现象
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49 解析:A B,C,D 在文章每一段都提及过,根据问题所问,故选 A。 50 解析:B 见文章第一段最后一句话。 51 解析:A 通读全文可知整篇文章是讲遇到心情不好时怎么办。 52 解析:D 见文章第 2 段倒数第 2 句话。 53 解析:B 根据第一段最后一句话及第二段的内容,可知是说当你遇到心情不好时该怎么 做。 54 解析:B 文章主要说的是问题及其解决办法。 55 解析:A 见文章第 1 段。 书面表达(One possible version) Dear teacher and classmates, It’s a great honor for me to be here and talk about whether or not we should learn from tutors or take weekend classes. Honestly speaking, tutoring helps you make up for the weak subjects, preview the new lessons and offer help when you have difficulties in learning. However, this takes up a lot of time, which means you have less time for school work or for relaxation. Little by little, the tutoring will make you lose interest in class learning and unable to learn by yourself. Meanwhile, your family will pay a lot of money for the tutoring. In my opinion, tutoring helps a lot. But it can’t replace your own study. If it affects your study and places a heavy burden on you, it has more disadvantages than advantages. Thanks for listening.

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