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Book1 Unit2 Reading

1. English Book

2. Learning Paper No.2

Learning Goals: 1. To know some differences between American English and British English; 2. To be familiar with the development of the English language. Key Points: base, command, request, because of…, come up, at present, make use of…, such as…, play a part in…

English around the world
American English British English Chinese bathroom toilet 厕所 秋天 fall autumn 圣诞 Santa Claus Father Christmas 老人 soccer football 足球 high school secondary school 中学

American English British English Chinese center centre 中心

color traveler

traveller realise

颜色 游客 意识到; 实现

Para 1

By the 19th century, two big changes in English spelling had happened. How English spread (传播) in the past. English is spoken in many countries in Africa and Asia.

Para 2

Para 3

Para 4

English speakers can understand each other but they may not be able to understand everything. All languages change and develop when cultures meet and communicate with each other.

Para 5

1.What is the main idea of the text?
A. How to learn English well

B. The brief history of the English language
C. The differences between old English and modern English

D. English is widely used all over the world

2. What was the English spoken between AD 450 and 800 close to? A. French B. Danish C. German D. Spanish 3. Which country may have the largest number of English learners in the world? A. Australia B. China C. India D. Britain

4. At the end of the 16th century, about ____ people spoke English. A. 5 to 6 million B. 5 to 7 million C. 6 to 7 million D. 7 to 8 million 5. Even if they speak different kinds of English, native English speakers _____. A. can’t communicate with each other B. Can only be understood by those who speak the same kind of English C. Can’t be understood by foreigners D. Can understand each other

6. From the text we know _________. A. only English changed over time B. all languages will change when cultures meet C. all English words were from French D. fewer and fewer Chinese people are learning English

1. At first the English spoken in England between about AD 450 and 1150 was very different from the English spoken today. (1)句中两个English后面都跟了过去分词短语 “spoken. . . ”充当后置定语,相当于定语从句which was/is spoken. . . 。且English与动词speak之间为被动关 系。 (2)分词作定语,其形式可根据动词与被修饰词的关系判 断,主动关系用现在分词,被动关系用过去分词。 E.g. The trees covered with snow because of the cold wave looked more beautiful. 由于寒流而被雪覆盖的树木看起来更漂亮了。 The book written by Mark Twain is very interesting.

2. Then gradually between about AD 800 and 1150, English became less like German because those who ruled England spoke first Danish and later French. 句中有because引导的原因状语从句;who ruled England 是定语从句,修饰先行词 those, 译为—英国的统治者; less like German译为不那么像德语了.

3.Do you know that there is more than one kind of English?你知道英语是多于一种的吗? 【归纳拓展】 (1)more than+数词,意为“超过,多于”,相当于over (2)more than+名词,意为“不仅仅”,相当于not only (3)more than+形容词,意为“非常,极其”, 相当于 very (4)more A than 意为“与其说B不如说A” ①Miss Xu is more than an actress now; she is a successful director. 现在徐女士不仅仅是一位女演员; 她还是一位成功的导 演。 ②She is a kind girl and more than willing to help others. 她是一个善良的女孩,很乐意帮助他人。 ③The writer is more in name than in reality. 这个作家名 不副实。

知识补充: Para1. Line4. more…than ever before Para3. Line7. wider…than ever before

Para2. Line1. even if = even though

Para5. Line2. a number of… Para5. Line5. the number of… eg. A very large number of fluent English speakers are in India now. Today the number of people learning English in China is increasing rapidly. Para5. Line6. Will Chinese English develop its own identity? Only time will tell.

Kungfu tofu chow mein kowtow

Chinese 功夫 豆腐 炒面

①昨天她买的裙子不同于去年买的裙子。 The dress bought by her yesterday is quite bought last year different from the dress ____________________. ②今年培育(develop)的这些花不同于在那个花园 里种的花。 developed this year are different The flowers _________________ from those planted in that garden. ③ 因为他被信任的朋友出卖过,他渐渐地已不再 像以前的那个样子了。 less like what he used to be He was gradually _________ because his friend who he trusted gave him away.

④ God help those _______ help themselves. who 天助自助者。 ⑤ 沿着这条800米的街,有300多家商店。 Along this 800-meter street, there are more than 300 _________________ shops. ⑥ 与其说他是我们的老师,倒不如说他是 我们的朋友。 He is _________________________________ more a friend than a teacher / a friend more than a teacher ______________________. ⑦ I’m _______________ to see you. more than glad 见到你我非常高兴。

⑧ a number of English teachers are sharing _______________ (share) our class now. ⑨ The number of printing mistakes in some recent books often ___________ surprises (surprise) people even to death. ⑩ The number of college graduates ________________ has increased (increase) over the years.



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