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一.数词 1.基数词在表示确切的数字时,不能使用 dozen, hundred, thousand, million, billion 的复数形 式;但是,当基数词表示不确切数字,如成百、成千上万,许多时,基数词则以复数形式出 现。 six thousand, three dozen, hundreds of , thousands of, millions of… tens o

f thousands of, scores of,dozens of 2.基数词一般是单数形式,但下列情况,常用复数: a. 表示"几十岁";in one’s thirties b. 表示“年代”,用 in +the +数词复数; in the 1980s 3.序数词在使用时,通常前面要加定冠词 the;但是如果序数词前出现不定冠词 a 或 an 时, 则表示"再--","又--"。 We'll go over it a second time. 4.百分数用基数+percent 表示 分数和百分数后面不能直接接名词或代词,后面的谓语动词根据 of 后面的名词来定。 Two-thirds of the money was spent on food. 5.倍数的表达方式 once, twice, three times, four times… (1)倍数用在 as + 形容词 / 副词(原级)+ as 结构之前。 They have three times as many cows as we do. (2)倍数放在形容词或副词的比较级之前 This rope is four times longer than that one. (3)倍数 + the +size / length / weight … + of + This room is three times the size of that one.


形容词和副词的原形常用 very, quite, pretty 等 来修饰; 而它们的比较级常用 a lot, much, even, still, by far,a great deal 等来修饰。

1.in, on, to 表示位于。In 表示在某范围之内的位置,on 表示两个地方相邻或接壤,在河/江畔,to 表示接 近,在境外某方向,只强调方向。 Beijing is in the north of China. Korea lies on the east of China Japan lies to the east of China. 2. between 和 among 表示在…之间。between 主要用于两者之间,among 用于三者或三者以上的中间。 You are to sit between your father and me The girl quickly disappeared among the crowd. They don’t know the difference between wheat, oats and barley. d)above, over, on 表示在…之上,而 below, under 表示在…之下。above 表示高于…,相对高度,反义词是 below,over 表示在…正上方,反义词是 under,on 表示在…之上,与表面接触。 The plane is flying above the clouds.飞机穿行在云层上空。 There is a village below the mountain.山下有一个村庄。 The book lies on the table.桌上有两本书。 f)across, through, over 表示穿过,通过。Across 表示从表面横穿过、通过,而 through 强调空间概念,表示 从内部穿过、通过,over 指在上方过去,跨越。 The Great Wall winds its way from west to east, across deserts, over mountains, through valleys, till at last it reaches the sea. 长城横贯东西,穿越沙漠,越过高山,横穿峡谷,直到大海。 2. 表示时间的介词及其基本用法 a)at, in, on 用来表示年月日、时刻等。 at 表示用于表示钟点或在某一时刻,有时用在节日前。 at 8 a.m. ,at dawn, at noon, at night, at midnight, at the end of, at that time, at Christmas in 用在月份和季节面前或用于某一段时间。 in the morning/afternoon/evening, in October,in 1998, in the 21st century, in summer on 用在表示具体某日,某一天的上午、下午、晚上。 on Monday, on Christmas Eve, on May Day, on a warm morning, on September 12 b)before 表示在…前 It was+时间段+before+主语+动词过去时“过了多久,才…”,如: It was three hours before he got there. It + be (not) + long before It was long before she came back. 没过多久她就回来了。 3.其他介词的基本用法 a) about, on 表示关于。About 是常用词,只是涉及,并不详细或深入探讨;on 用于由准备的正式语言交流, 如演讲、讲学、写作等。 Can you tell me something about the accident? 你能告诉我有关于车祸的事吗? He will give us a talk on the history of the Party? 他将给我们做一场有关于党史的报告。b) as,like: as 指身份、资格,意为“作为”。 As a student, you should obey the school rules. 作为一个学生你应该遵守学校规章制度。 like 作“象……一样”解。 Let me speak to you like a father.让我像父亲一样跟你说话。 c) by, in, with 表示用工具和手段 by 表用工具(by train / land / hand / email…)或手段(by reading…),其后的名词前不带冠词; with 表用工具(with a pencil / our eyes),其后的名词多被冠词、物主代词修饰; in 表示用材料、方式、方法、度量、单位、语言、声音等(in pencil/English/a low voice…) d) as, with 都有“随着…”之意。

as 为连词,后接从句。 As the day went on, the weather got worse with 为介词,后接名词或代词。 With spring coming on, the weather gets warmer. f) in 表示穿着,带着 she is often in red.她经常穿红衣服。

)1. –How long is the new bridge? Do you know ? --Yes. It’s about _____. (05 济南市课改区) A. one thousand one hundred and eighty meters B. one thousand and one hundred fifty meters C. two thousands one hundred forty meters D. two thousands seventy and three meters ( )2. There are ____ days in a year. (05 贵州毕节地区) A. three hundred and sixty-five B. three hundred and sixty five C. three hundred sixty-five D. three hundreds and sixty- five (

( ) 8.During World WarⅡ, a Jewish(犹太的)lady was protected by a local family in Shanghai in her ___. (05 上海市) A. fifties B. fifty C. fiftieth D. the fiftieth ( )9. Bill said they would have ____ holiday. (05 天津市)

A. a two-month B. two months C. two-months D. two month’s ( )10. Tim is _____ boy. He can say a few words. (04 广西玉林市) A. an one-year-old B. a one-year-old C. an one-year old D. a one-year old ( )11. I spent ______ in doing my homework yesterday. A. a half and two hour B. two and a half hour C. two hour and a half half hours

D. two and a

( )12. Nanjing is a city with many places of interest. _____ tourists come here every year. A. Thousand of B. Thousand C. Thousands D. Thousands of (05 南京市)



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