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高一英语模块1 Unit1 课文阅读语言点学案

高一英语模块 1 Unit1 课文阅读语言点学案 1. Going to a British high school for one year was a very enjoyable and exciting experience for me.
“Going to a British high school for one year” 是动名词作主语。 动名词作主语往往表示抽象的或习惯性的行 为。 (翻译)照看孩子是她的工作。 ____________________________________________________________ 眼见为实___________________________________________________ 2. This means I could get up an hour later than usual as schools in China begin before 8 am. mean to do _______________________________ mean doing _______________________________ Missing the train means ____________ an hour. A. to wait for B. wait for C. waiting for D. waited for 3. We also had different students in some classes , so it was difficult to remember all the faces and names. 本句中 it 作形式主语,指代从句或不定式,doing 等形式. ⑴. it 作形式主语,指代 that 从句的句型常见的有: ①. It +be +过去分词+that 从句 It is said that they have invented a new type of computer. ____________________________________________________ 众所周知,中国很美丽 _____________________________________________________ ②. It +be +形容词+ that 从句 It is really surprising that she married a man like that. ______________________________________________________ ③. It +be +名词 + that 从句 很遗憾,昨天你没去看电影. _______________________________________________________ ④. It + seems / happens /appears 等不及物动词 + that 从句 It seems that he enjoys pop music very much. _______________________________________________________ ⑵. it 代替不定式或 doing 的用法 It’s no use crying over spilt milk. ______________________________________________________ 4. I found the homework was not as heavy as what I used to get in my old school, but it was a bit challenging for me at first because all the homework was in English.

⑴. ①.as……as ; ____________________not as (so) ……as…..____________________ 我与他一样大. ___________________________________________________ 他不如他姐姐好. _________________________________________________ ②.如果涉及数量,我们可以用 as much……as…或 as many …….as…..,中间加名词. 我们需要尽量多弄到一些书. ________________________________________________________________ ③.as…as 还可以和 twice, three times, half, a quarter 等连用。 We got three times as many people as expected._____________________________ ⑵. used to do sth ___________________________ be used to do sth _________________________ get / be used to do sth ______________________ ---------- ________________the life here? ---------- Yes. But you know, I _________ get up at 7am, an hour later than now. A. Do you used to; used to B. Are you used to; used to C. Are you used to; was used to D. Did you used to; was used to 5. My English improved a lot as I used English every day and spent an hour each day reading books in the library. ⑴. spend +时间+on sth / (in) doing sth 这项工程我们花了五年多的时间. _______________________________________________________ 我每天花两个小时读书. ________________________________________________________ ⑵. spend+钱+on sth 表示花费时间 Every person spent about 300 yuan a month on food. _________________________________________________________ ⑶. 比较: take, cost, pay I _____________ 1000 yuan for this bike. A. take B. cost C. spend D. pay 6. I usually went to the Computer Club at lunchtime, so I could e-mail my family and friends back home for free. ⑴. adj. __________________________________________________________________ 你想怎么做都可以______________________________________________ 你今天晚上有空吗? _____________________________________________ 这是一个自由的国家. ____________________________________________ ⑵. v. _______________________________________________________________

free the slaves ______________________ free the imagination __________________ ⑶. adv. ___________________________________________________ Don’t let the dog run free. _______________________________ travel free on buses ________________________ 7. We look at the titles and headings, the first and last sentences of paragraphs and the first and last paragraphs as well as pictures and charts to guess what the text is about. ⑴.as well as _________________________ 她既漂亮又聪明__________________________________ 他不但摔伤了腿, 还伤了胳膊. _______________________________________________ (比较) She sings as well as playing the piano._________________________________ She sings as well as she plays the piano. _______________________________ ⑵. 辨析: as well, too, also She not only sings. She plays the piano __________ ----------I’ve got an idea. ----------Me, ________ 二、单项选择: ⒈Some of the heat near the earth’s surface can ________ electricity. A use to make B be used to making C use to making D be used to make ⒉I _________ in Shanghai, but now I ________ in Beijing. A was used live; am used to live B used to living; used to live C used to live; am used to living; D was used to living; used to living ⒊The milu deer is _______ deer that ________ common in China long ago. A kinds of; used to be B a kind of ; used to be C a kind of; to be used D all kinds of; to used be ⒋As students you should ________ of each other and never _______ of others while they’re in trouble. A think good; laugh B bring well; make a fun C get on well; play a joke D think well; make fun ⒌It was ________ fun to play on the beach that it attracted countless children. A such great B so great C such a great D so great a ⒍I like drinks, ________ tea and coffee. A as B that is C such as D for example ⒎A lot of people here, _______, John, would rather have coffee.

A for example B for instance C namely D such as ⒏--I hear you have written a book. --Yes, the book ________ be out in month or so. A can B dare C should D need ⒐The house is too old; it requires ________ . A to repair B repaired C repairing D repair ⒑All his teeth have ________, so my grandfather can’t any hard food. A dropped out B made out C let out D given out ⒒________ the airport, he was arrested by the police. A As soon as arriving B Upon he arrived C On arriving D Upon arrival at ⒓I wouldn’t regret ________ him the truth even if it had hurt him. A to tell B to be telling C telling D to tell ⒔I ________ a company last season and now it _________ along well. A ran; got B runs; is getting C has run over; got D ran; is getting ⒕The little baby was ________ looked after by her. A close B closely C closely to D close to ⒖“It is no need ________ there now”means the same as “There is no need ________ there now.” A going; to go B to go; going C going; going D to go; to go ⒗_______ the meeting himself gave them a great deal of encouragement. A The president will attend B The president to attend C The president attended D The president’s attending 参考答案: ⒈D be used to do sth.“被用来做某事” ,used to do sth.“过去常常做某事” ,be used to doing sth.“习惯于做某 事” 。 ⒉C 本题考查 used to do 和 be used to doing 的用法。used to do 意为“过去常常” ,be used to doing 意为“习 惯于” 。 ⒊B 本局考查词语搭配及含义。a kind of 意为“一种” ,used to 意为“过去常常……” ,合乎题意。 ⒋D think well of sb.意为“对某人友好” ,make fun of 意为“取笑” ,play a joke on 意为“取笑某人” 。句意为: 作为学生,你要对他人友好,不要在别人犯错时取笑他们。 ⒌A fun 为不可数名词,且 fun 是名词,应用 such 修饰。 “such…that”是固定用法。 ⒍C such as 用来列举事物或人,所列举的事物是前面复数名词所包含的部分内容;for example 前后都应加逗 号;that is 是用来列举全部事例,显然饮料不应只有 tea 和 coffee。 ⒎A for example 作插入语放在句中,一般只列举同类之中的一个。 ⒏C need 只用于疑问句或否定句,没有事态变化。should 表示“理应;应当” 。

⒐C 当 repair 作“需要”讲时,常用主动表被动,或直接跟 to be done。类似的词还有 want, need。 ⒑A drop out 此处表示“牙齿脱落,掉落” 。 ⒒D on/upon + n./doing 一就, 相当于一个由 as soon as 引导的时间状语从句, C 项后应加 at, A 项 as soon as 应接从句。 ⒓C even if it had hurt him 说明事情发生在过去,因此用 regret telling。句意是“即使伤害到他的感情,我也 不后悔告诉他实情” 。 ⒔D 前一空后又具体的过去时间状语,后一空指现在的状况。get along with 为固定搭配。 ⒕B closely 在此作“仔细地”解。 ⒖A 句型 it is no need 后接动名词;there is no need 后用不定式作主语,故选 A。 ⒗D 本题考查非谓语动词作主语的用法。根据题意“总统亲自出席会议给他们很大的鼓舞。 ”可知,该题前 一部分在句中作主语,而 A、B、C 三项皆不可作主语。D 项为动名词的复合结构.


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