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1 College students have a little ways to pay their college fees. Many students have their few parents to pay the fees. Some students may apply to a bank loan and others will try to find for part-time jobs in and out of the campus. Apart from this, many good student can win a students scholarship. By this way they can pay at least part of the fees. As to me, I will let my parents pay In half of their fees because they are ∧ rich enough. Beside my study, I will take up a part-time my not Besides job by teach some high school students math, physics, chemistry and English, as I’m very good teaching at these important subjects. Of course I will also work very hard at my lessons in order to I can that easily win a scholarship. 2 I am angry about the act of dishonesty in the exams. I’m not saying that I’m a good student acts and that I’ve never cheated. I once write the answer on my hand for a history test but, unluckily, or wrote ∧ caught by my teacher. Because she was one of my most favorites, there were no words to was describe how sorry I felt at once. I thought cheat would help me keep my straight A’s. Little∧I cheating did know that I was hurting not only herself but also my teachers. From this lesson I know teachers myself want students to succeed by learning with their own and do the best they can, not by cheating. on doing 3 Friendship is very importance. Everyone needs friendship. In all our lives we can’t live important without friendship just as we can’t live without air and water. Friendship makes us getting on get well with one another to go ahead under different kind of difficulties in the front of us. But real kinds friendship is no easy to come by. True friendship must be sincerely and be based on understand not sincere understanding each other but not on benefits of each other. A good friend can always be a good teacher to us. By his advices we are persuading to go the right way. Therefore ∧ more friends we have, advice persuaded the the better we can improve ourselves. 4 My secret of staying young is simple: keeping your mind awake and you will stay young all keep over. Take an interest in ∧ world around you, and learn at least one old thing every day. Don’t the new

think that you are ever very old to go back to school. I know a man who entered medical too college in 70. He got his degree with honors and became a famous doctor. Other man went to at Another law school at 71 and is now a active lawyer. You may say that staying young is easy only for an those live in the future. In fact, you can do it whether you care enough to try to keep your mind living 或在 live 前加 who if awake and active, and which is the only way to be always young. 5 My swimming experience is extreme interesting. There was a time when I swim like a rock. extremely swam This went on till one day when I was fishing with a friend of mine at ∧ nearby pond. I slipped a into one. Had my friend not come to my rescue, I would have been drowned. Ever since then, I it had come to know the importance of learning to swim. I didn’t attend at any training class but have learned it all by myself. Strange to say, I have no difficult swimming at all now. Though the difficulty way I swim look awkward (笨拙的), at least it can keep me from floating. Thinking of this, I looks feel quiet satisfied. quite 6 In a summer night in Taiwan, Xiao Hong was going on her way to school happily then On when suddenly she felt the street was strong shaking. The trees were torn up and many buildings were strongly leaned down to the ground. Even a car was destroyed by the fallen buildings. She was knocked leaning falling down by a tree before she knew ∧. Two doctors carried him to safety and she was settled down it her in a tent for treatment. After some time, she had got over. Seeing such many goods from the so mainland of China and other countries, she believed all the destroyed houses would be built. rebuilt 7 I’m glad to write to you. It is near a month since you had left our hospital. I’m still worried nearly about you. How are you get along these days? I think you may be much better now, but I’d better getting you ’d have a good rest and take good care of yourselves since you are ∧ sixty-year-old man. I still yourself a remember those days which you helped me to my English. With your help, I make good when with made progress. But to my regret, my English remains very poor through I have made good use of my

though time. Can you give me some advice on it? 8 One day I was dining with my friend Zhou in ∧ McDonald when two young girls came in a hand in hand. While enjoyed a hamburger, I found Zhou looking around at something strangely. enjoying strange I raised my eyes to see what was happening. The two girls are making gestures skillfully. were Obviously they were deaf-mutes. I had learned some sign languages ago, so I showed various before gestures with Zhou following me in low spirits. We played and laughed cheerfully as if there had high ∧ no one else present. Suddenly we saw both the two girls glaring at us. Before we could been 或去掉 two explain to them, they had walked out angrily, left the food unfinished. They thought we were leaving making joke of them. How I regretted! fun 9 We often think insects to be harmless. This is partly true. Many an insect are harmful. Flies harmful is carry diseases. Others insects carry diseases, too. Farmers are at war with insects most ∧ the Other of time. Hunger insects kill crops in the fields Farmers spray the field as to get rid of these insects. Hungry Does this means that all insects are harmful? No. Many are of great helpful to man. Bees make mean help honey. With bees and other insects, many trees would have not fruit. Silkworms make silk. Some Without no insects eat other insects that kill fruit trees. 10 Today we were organized for a short trip to the West Hill. We set out by the school bus at in 7:30 a.m. The weather was pleasure and every one of us was excited. After two hour’s ride, we pleasant/pleasing hours ’ arrived there at nine thirty. We began our programs the moment as we got off from the bus. We played games on the hillside and swimming in the river. After that we had our picnic lunch. In swam the afternoon we walked along the river, that winds around the hills. We took a lot of photo and which photos enjoyed ourselves very much. Time past quickly and we had to come back. It was over five passed o’clock that we returned ∧ school. What a good trip we had today! I’ll never forget it. when to

11 It was 7:15 in the morning of February 8, 2007. I was walking along Park Road towards the on east while an old man came out of the park on the other sides of the street. Then I saw a when side yellow car drive up Third Street and made a right turn into Park Road. The next moment make the car hit the man while she was crossing the road. He fell with a cry. The car didn’t stop he and drive off at full speed heading west. I noticed the driver was∧young woman ∧wore a pair drove a who/改为 wearing of glasses and the plate number was AC864. After two minutes later, I stopped a passed car passing and took the old man to the nearest hospital. 12 I often quarrel about my mother over whether I can watch TV after with school. She holds∧ view that senior three students have to make fully use of the full every minute to work hard at their lessons. It seems to me that once I am her allowed to do that, I’ll∧ unable to control myself and forget all about my be study. She also thinks it is bad for my eye. But I really can’t accept her ideas. eyes In my opinion, watch TV can set my mind at rest after a day’s hard works. watching work Besides, it is important for us to know what had happened at home and at\ has 删除 at abroad. Thus, we shouldn’t be forbidden to watch TV.



Last year I buy a refrigerator in your store on Chang An road. We all like∧ shape of the bought the refrigerator. And recently I find something is wrong with it. It begins to make noise when it But ∧turned on. At first it is low but gradually it become louder and louder. To make the matter is(或去 it) becomes worse, it even stops working sometimes. We all feel disappointing. I am writing you to ask disappointed for help. Would you please send a people to repair it? I will ∧ at home this weekend.Please man/ person be/stay call me before you come to here. My telephone number is 6606.5531. Thanks you very much. Thank 14 I first met Li Ming at a friend birthday party five years ago. Then I invited Li Ming over in my friend’s to place. We listen to my CDs together and soon became best friends. Three years ago, Li Ming’s listened parents invited I to spend two wonderful week in Qingdao with them during the summer me a weeks holiday. Li Ming and I loved walking along the beautifully beaches there. Last year I was ill but beautiful and had to stay in hospital for a week. Li Ming came ∧ see me every day. Then his father has to changed jobs and they moved to another city. Since then we haven’t see each other much. but seen we’ve kept writing to each other. 15 I feel quite sure∧the chemistry test that we’re going to have tomorrow. The teacher about/of has already told us exact what to study and I think my grades on homework has been exactly have good.In a fact, I think chemistry has always been one of the subjects that I enjoy it most. Susan and I had already spent two hours review pages 115-140 tonight. We have reviewing are going to devote another hour to practise with some of the sample(实例) problem. practicing problems Then I will ∧ready for the test. be 16 I'm very gladly to hear you are coming to visit me the next Friday. Unfortunately, I won't be able glad to meet you at the airport although I have classes in the afternoon. You won't find∧difficult to get because/as it to the city center. The airport bus leaves every 30 minute and will take you rightly to the minutes right Friendship Hotel. My classes will be over by then or I will pick you up there. I will take you and together to a hot pot restaurant for dinner and we'll talk with our plan for the weekend over dinner. about Having a pleasant trip and see you Friday. Have



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