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Moudle5 知识点 一.重点单词讲解 1.equal v.等于,与……相等; adj.相等的;胜任的;n.同等的人或物

equal+n.(in+n.)(在……方面) 比得上,与……匹敌;与……相等 be equal to sth./doing sth.等于……;能胜任…… be equal with与……平等 equal pay for equal wo

rk同工同酬 without (an) equal无人可比的 All human beings are equal. 所有的人都是平等的。 A pound is roughly equal to 500 grams. 一磅约等于500克。

None of us can equal her as a dancer.我们的舞艺没有一个能比得上她。 Give the task to Jack. He is equal to it.把这项任务交给杰克去做,他能胜 任。 He equals me in qualifications but not in experience. 他和我具有同等的资格,但在经验方面比不上我。 活学活用 In my opinion,no search engine can __________ Baidu in search scopes and speed. A.compete 2.order 归纳拓展 in order状况良好





out of order 坏了,有毛病;不整齐 in good order井然有序;情况良好 in order to do...为了做…… in order that...为了…… place an order for sth.定购某物 take orders 接受命令 give orders 下达命令 order sb.to do sth. order+ that + ---(should)+动词原形 误区警示: in/out of order, order that.../to do短语中order前用零冠词。 in He stressed the importance of kindness, duty and order in society.他强 调仁爱、责任和秩序在社会中的重要性。 Some teachers find it difficult to keep their classes in order.有些老师觉 得难以维持课堂秩序。 He listed the events in order of importance.他按重要性的顺序将这些 事件列表。 The boss ordered that the work should be done on time. 作必须按时完成。 易混辨异:order/command/instruct/direct (1)order为常用词, 虽然有时指“权威人士武断地命令”, 但多用于非正 式或个人之间下达的命令。 (2)command 指“权威方面正式下令”。


(3)instruct 的含义是“指示,命令,指导”,属正式用语,强调“有系统 地指导”。 (4)direct 的含义是“指导,指挥,指示”,多指“权威性地指导”。 活学活用 The phone might have been A.out of order D.the matter (1) He listed the events _____________(按……顺序) importance. (2) That young teacher can't keep ________ (秩序) in her classroom. (3The father ________ (命令) the son out of the house. (4)They're going to London ___________ (以便) they may see the queen. (5)It's time we ________ (叫) dinner. 3.resign vt.放弃,辞去;vi.辞职 ②resign...to...把……托付给…… ③resign oneself to 听任(某种影响);只好(做某事) ④resignation n.辞职;辞职信;放弃;顺从 词语辨析:resign与retire ①resign表示因对工作不满意或因工作上的失职而自愿或被“辞 退”“辞去”了职务。(常与from连用) He resigned from his job as a guard for he wasn't interested in it.他因对 警卫工作不感兴趣而辞职了。 ②retire表示因年龄大或是身体不行,按国家有关规定“退休”,并享受

for I couldn’t get through to him. B.in order C.wrong

规定补助。 He retired from the business when he was 60.他60岁时退休了。 He __________ his post because he had been offered a better job. A.resigned B.retired 4. contribution C.dismissed D.fired


①contribute vt.& vi.捐赠,贡献,有助于 ②make contributions to (doing) sth.对(做)某事做出贡献 ③contribute (sth.)to/towards sth.向……捐赠……,向……投稿 ④contribute to sth. 促成某事物,导致 误区警示:contribute sth. to sth.指“向……捐赠/投稿”,而contribute to sth.指“促成……,导致”,且to均为介词。 Alcohol __________ 100,000 deaths a year in the US,according to a report. A.relates to B.attends to 5.stress C.contributes to D.devotes to


stressful adj.压力重的;紧张的 lay/place/put stress on... 把重点放在……上;强调 under stress 在压力之下 cause stress 造成压力 reduce stress 减少压力 stress the importance of...强调……的重要性 He stressed the importance of kindness, duty and order in society.

He stole some bread under the stress of hunger and was beaten black and blue. My parents lay great stress on honesty, which I appreciate. 活学活用 People under a lot of sleeping difficulties. A.force D.strength 6.condition n.条件;情形;社会地位 B.stress C.power may experience headaches, minor pains and

living/working conditions 居住/工作环境 on condition (that) 在……条件下;倘若 on no condition 一点也不,绝不 make it a condition that...以……为条件 be in good condition 身体很好;完好无误 be out of condition 身体不适 be in (a) condition to do sth.能做……;有做……的条件 be in no condition to do sth.(身体状况)不适宜做某事 注意 condition 指具体的某种“条件”或“状态”时,可用单数或复数; 泛指“环境,情况,天气状态”时多用复数。 Often, factory workers lived in poor and crowded conditions. What sort of condition is your new house in? He agreed to help us, but made it a condition that we should work for him

without any pay for a year.他同意帮助我们,但以我们免费为他工作一 年为条件。 You are in no condition to go anywhere. 任何地方。 7.be at war with... 与……交战;与……不和;同……竞争 a civil/cold war 内/冷战 make/declare war on...对……宣战 be at peace 处于和平状态 in peace 安宁地;不被打断地 live in peace with 和……和平相处 make peace with 与……和解 注意 at war是固定短语,意为“处于交战状态”。 与 at peace 相对;二者名词前皆为零冠词,其中的at表示处于一种什 么样的状态。 Ancient China was a place where states were often at war with each other. The government has declared war on drug dealers. 其他的“at+n.”的短语有: at rest在休息 at sea在海上;茫然,不知所措 at risk在冒险 at work在工作 at table在吃饭


8.bring up 抚养;提出;呕吐 bring about 引起 bring along 随身携带 bring back 归还 bring down 使倒下;弄倒;降低 bring in 吸引;引进;赚得 bring on 使前进;使发展 bring out 使罢工;使显现;阐明;出版 His father died when he was young, and he was brought up by his mother. Why did you have to bring up the subject of money? He was drunk and brought up what he had eaten at midnight. 活学活用 I’m all for families, and for children being environment. A.picked up B.ended up C.brought up D.taken up in secure, loving

9.in conclusion总之;最后;作为结束 conclude v.结束;下结论;推断 conclusive adj.决定性的;不容置疑的 arrive at/come to/reach/draw a conclusion 得出结论;下结论 jump to a conclusion 草率地下结论 to conclude总而言之(作插入语) In conclusion, I think that cars are very useful because travel is so easy

with a car. From these facts we can draw some conclusions about how the pyramids were built. The debate did not come to a conclusion until midnight. The investigation failed to provide any conclusive evidence. 调查未能提供任何令人信服的证据。 活学活用 (1)在你确信之前,绝不要草率地下结论。 _______________________before you are sure about it. (2) ___ , I would like to thank the director and the sponsor. A. In all B. For all C. In conclusion D. To conclude



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