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高考英语一轮复习课时跟踪检测7 试题解析


Unit 1)


1.________ at Taiwan magician Liu Qian's magic show, many students have fallen in love with the art. A.Amazing C.Being amazed B.Amazed D.To amaze

答案与解析:B 句意:惊异于台湾魔术师刘谦的魔术表演,许多学生喜欢上了这门艺 术。此处是过去分词短语作状语,amaze 与主语之间是动宾关系。 2.—The physics exam is not difficult, is it? —________. Even Tom ________ to the top students failed. A.Yes; belongs C.Yes; belonging B.No; belonged D.No; belonging

答案与解析:C 句意:——物理科考试不难,对吧?——不是的。甚至属于尖子生的 Tom 也没及格。上文是 not difficult,下文的 yes 是“不”之意,而 no 就是“是的”;belong 不用于被动语态,belonging to 在此作定语。 3.—What do you think of Andrew? —There are some things ________ are not easy to ________, and his rudeness is one. A.that; put up with C.what; think of B.which; get along with D.that; put aside

答案与解析:A 句意:——你认为 Andrew 怎么样?——有些东西不好忍受,粗鲁就 是一点。第一空是定语从句的关系词,先行词是 things,引导词作定语从句的主语,再依据 下文的 rudeness 可知,这里说的是难以忍受,所以选 A。 4. My sister met him at the Grand Theatre yesterdays afternoon, so he ________ your lecture. A.couldn't have attended B.needn't have attended C.mustn't have attended D.shouldn't have attended 答案与解析:A 句意:我妹妹昨天下午在大剧院碰见他了,因此他不可能出席你的讲 座。 依据语境可知, 该处表达的是“不可能出席了你的讲座”, 所以用 couldn't have attended。 couldn't have done sth.表示“不可能做过某事”,语气非常肯定。 5.Would you consider ________ your homework first before you go to the cinema? A.finishing B.to finish


C.being finished D.finish


答案与解析:A 句意:你考虑在去看电影前先完成你的家庭作业吗?consider 后接名 词或动名词。 6.In order to catch the movie, Mary finished her supper in ________ ten minutes. A.less than C.less B.more than D.more

答案与解析: A 句意: 为了赶上那场电影, 玛丽不到 10 分钟就吃完了晚饭。 less than“少 于,小于”;more than“多于,超过”。根据语境此处应该为不到十分钟就用完了餐。 7.—How was the car crash? —Terrible. There were no survivors ________. A.survived C.left B.escaped D.lived

答案与解析:C 句意:——那场车祸怎么样?——很糟糕。没有留下幸存者。过去分 词作后臵定语,表示“(被)留下”。 8.—Have you got any particular plans for the coming holiday? —Yes. ________, I'm going to visit some homes for the old in the city. A.If ever C.If anything B.If busy D.If possible

答案与解析:D if possible“如果可能的话”,其完整形式为 if it is possible。省略主语 和系动词,是常见的一种状语从句省略句型。 9. President Hu Jintao said economic growth is the basis for strengthening defense capability, which is ________ an important indicator of overall national strength. A.in turn C.on a large scale B.in return D.in a row

答案与解析:A 句意:胡锦涛主席说,经济增长是国防力量的基础,而国防力量又是 综合国力的重要指标。in turn“反过来”。in return“作为回报”,强调两者之间相互作用, 但本句显然提到三者, 即 economic growth, defense capability, overall national strength。 C和D 两项显然不合题意。 10.Whether by accident or by ________ he arrived too late to help us is unknown. A.purpose C.design 答案与解析:C B.aim D.chance by accident“偶然地”;by design“故意地”;by chance“碰巧”。

句意:不知道他是不是故意来晚了没能帮上我们。 11.The pilot asked all the passengers on board to remain ________ as the plane was making


a landing. A.seat C.seated 答案与解析:C B.seating


D.to be seating remain 在句中意为“保持”,其后可跟形容词或过去分词意为“保持

某种状态”;seated 在句中作表语,强调“坐好的状态”。 12 . There is no doubt ________ international cooperation is key to ________ with cybercrime. A.whether; doing C.whether; dealing B.that; dealing D.that; doing

答案与解析: B There is no doubt 表达的是肯定含义, 故其后用 that 来引导从句; the key to 结构中的 to 为介词,后接名词或动名词作宾语。 13.—I'm worn out, ________, the bike doesn't work well, so I can't go farther. —Then, we'd better have a rest here. A.apart from C.beside 答案与解析:D B.except for D.besides besides 可用作副词,意为“另外;此处还有”,用于引出下面的话题

信息。apart from“除了”,后面不用逗号和句子隔开;beside“在??旁边”。句意:—— 我累了,而且自行车也不好骑,所以我不想再往前走了。——那么,我们最好在这里休息。 14.You'd better not ________ the radio, or you'll not be able to put it back together again. A.take apart C.take out B.take away D.take in

答案与解析:A 本题考查短语辨析。由后半句中的“put it back together”可知用 take apart“分开;拆开”。 15. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners, without ________ we would not be able to organise the music festival. A.whom C.whose B.that D.who

答案与解析:A 介词 without 后不能用 that 和 who, whose 虽然可以,但需要在从句中 作定语。故选 A 项。 Ⅱ.完形填空 Loving kindness is twice blessed I felt gloomy (沮丧的) the other day.It had been dark and rainy, and I just didn't feel so __16__. As I was sitting at my desk, I __17__ it was the birthday of a dear longtime friend—a single, middleaged woman who has devoted the past 30 years to nursing and loves her __18__.



Knowing that she doesn't have a family in town, I __19__ to give her a call. Sure enough, she was __20__ to work late into the evening, and wouldn't have __21__ of a birthday this year. As always, __22__, she sounded cheerful and was happy that I __23__. After I hung up, I couldn't __24__ the feeling that she would really appreciate a little attention on her special day. __25__ feeling a little gloomy myself, I tried to put it out of my mind, but as the day passed I couldn't shake the thought. I __26__ gave in, and that evening set off for the hospital with a card, a cheese cake and some balloons. My friend's grateful smile and joyful surprise __27__ me I'd done the right thing and were a generous __28__ for the little effort it had taken. When I got home, I realized that not only had I cheered up a __29__ friend on her birthday, but my own gloomy feelings had also disappeared. Making her day had __30__ my own! Isn't that the way it is __31__ we take the time and make the __32__ to do something for someone else? It's like the little saying:“Loving kindness is twice blessed; it blesses him who gives, and him who __33__.” Life constantly presents us with __34__ to take an extra step or do a kind deed that will make a difference to __35__. And the wonderful thing is that as we do, it changes things for the better for us too. 16.A.special C.positive 17.A.explained C.complained 18.A.family C.school 19.A.decided C.agreed 20.A.surprised C.prepared 21.A.many C.few 22.A.though C.therefore 23.A.admitted C.succeeded 24.A.experience C.shake 25.A.Almost B.nervous D.proud B.remembered D.informed B.training D.work B.continued D.refused B.disappointed D.bored B.much D.little B.besides D.otherwise B.called D.apologized B.imagine D.understand B.Even

C.Never 26.A.finally C.unhappily 27.A.advised C.reminded 28.A.response C.reward 29.A.lonely C.weak 30.A.troubled C.taken 31.A.where C.when 32.A.suggestion C.call 33.A.tries C.expects 34.A.opportunities C.choices 35.A.someone C.everyone 答案与解析: D.Still B.luckily D.hardly


B.promised D.convinced B.contribution D.share B.careless D.curious B.made D.wasted B.how D.why B.friend D.effort B.receives D.cares B.dreams D.regrets B.something D.everything

本文是一篇夹叙夹议类的文章。 作者在闷闷不乐之际, 突然想起当天是一个朋友的生日, 于是打过去电话,这使朋友非常高兴。作者又于当晚带着礼物前去看望朋友。朋友的感激和 惊喜让作者感慨颇深。作者在帮助别人、给别人送去快乐的同时,自己也得到了快乐。正所 谓“赠人玫瑰,手留余香”。 16.C 上一句提到作者闷闷不乐,再结合本句前半部分提到的天气情况可知,作者无 法保持“乐观的”精神状态。其余三项都不符合语境。 17.B 下文提到作者给这个朋友打电话,后来又带礼物去看望她,由此可知作者“记 起”了那一天是她的生日。因此 B 项符合语境。 18.D 本句中提到她至今仍然是单身,并且 30 年来一直致力于护理工作,由此可推 断她非常热爱自己的“工作”。因此只有 D 项符合语境。 19.A 上文中提到作者记起当天是朋友的生日,本句前半部分又提到她至今还没有成 家,由此可知作者“决定”给她打一个电话。其他三项均不符合语境。



20.C 上文中提到她非常热爱自己的工作,再结合本句可知她果然当时就“准备”工 作到深夜,并没有过多地把今年的生日放在心上。注意理解 sure enough“果真,果然”, 表示不出所料之意。 21.B 既然她全心全意地投入到了工作中,自然不会过“多”地看重自己的生日。此 处的 much 是不定代词,作 have 的宾语。 22.A 虽然她把精力都用到了工作中,“不过”和往常一样,她接到作者的电话非常 高兴。此处的 though 是副词,表示“不过,然而,可是”。B、C、D 三项都与语境不符。 23.B 本段第一句的后半部分提到作者决定给她打一个电话,此处与之相呼应。文章 中没有提到作者此前曾经做过错事,所以 A、D 两项不正确;给别人打一个电话谈不上是成 功,因此 C 项也不恰当。 24.C 上文提到她接到作者的电话非常开心,由此可推断作者把电话挂断后,仍然无 法摆脱自己的朋友因在这个特别的日子有人关注她而十分感激的感觉。 此外, 本段中间部分 的“I couldn't shake the thought”也是提示。上文已经提到作者在朋友的生日当天给她打了 一个电话,从而让朋友无比开心,由此可排除其余选项。 25.D 文章开头已经提到作者感到非常沮丧,而此处叙述的是感觉有一点儿沮丧,由 此可知此处表示“仍然感觉??”。A、B、C 三项都与文章第一段第一句中的内容在逻辑 上不匹配。 26.A 上一句中提到作者想尽力摆脱这种想法,可是无法做到。此句是指作者带着礼 物前往医院看望自己的朋友,由此可推断作者“最终”向这种想法妥协。所以 A 项符合语 境。 27.D 上文提到作者经过反复的思想斗争后才决定去看望在医院工作的朋友,朋友充 满感激的微笑和惊喜让作者相信自己的做法是妥当的。所以 convince“使确信,使相信”符 合语境。 28.C 作者当时经过反复考虑,最终决定带着礼物去看望朋友,朋友的微笑和惊喜是 对作者所付出的努力的最慷慨的 “ 回报 ” 。 response“ 反应 ” ; contribution“ 贡献 ” ; share“分享”,均不符合语境。 29. A 根据上文“a single, middleaged woman”及“she doesn't have a family in town” 可知 lonely“孤独的”最符合题意。所以选 A 项。 30. B make one's day 表示“使某人一天都很愉快”。 文章的第四段提到作者的朋友因

作者前去看望她而无比感激和惊喜, 上一句又提到作者沮丧的感觉也随之消失, 由此可知作 者也度过了愉快的一天。此外,本句前半部分中的“Making”也是提示。 31.C 根据本句中的“take the time”可知此处表示的是时间概念,所以用 when。另 外,上文中提到作者选择在朋友生日当天与她取得联系,后来又在当晚去看望她,这也是暗 示。由本句前面的“the way it is”可知,此处不再需要表方式的 how。



32.D 此处所要表达的意思是大家都可以花点儿时间并通过自己的“努力”为别人做 一些事情。此外,第四段后半部分中的“the little effort it had taken”也是提示。故选 D 项。 33.B 根据引号中的“Loving kindness is twice blessed”及此空前的“gives”一词可 知,此处用 receives“收到”与 gives“送给”形成对比。另外,上文中提到作者为朋友送去 生日祝福,不但让朋友感到非常快乐,而且自己的沮丧也随之烟消云散,这说明送去快乐的 人和得到快乐的人都可以从中受益。 34.A 上文中提到作者利用朋友生日的“机会”让两个人都度过了高兴的一天,此处 是对上文的感悟。B、C、D 三项在文章中都没有信息支持,故可被排除。 35.A 上文中提到作者通过自己的行动让朋友感到非常快乐,由此可知此处强调的是 人,所以用 someone“某人”。另外,上一段第一句后半部分中的“for someone else”也是 提示。干扰项 C 项表示“每个人”,不符合语境。 Ⅲ.阅读理解 No matter what hairstyles youngsters wear, they will be looking good as they turn pages, thanks to a new literacy (读写能力) project that inspires boys to read and rewards them with free haircuts. George Cook Ⅲ, a sixth grader at Middle Township Middle School in Cape May Court House, is just one of the 2010 Youth Leaders for Literacy Grant winners for his creative communitybased project that offers reading inspiration. America's youngsters created some big ideas to get kids reading. This year, Youth Leaders for Literacy is awarding 30 cash grants of $ 500 each to winners, totaling $ 15,000. The National Education Association (NEA) joined forces with Youth Service America (YSA) to develop Youth Leaders for Literacy to encourage community service through innovative (创新 的) youthdesigned programs that benefit others in their communities. The national competition

received more than 200 entries (参赛作品)—an amount that continues to grow each year with the program's popularity. “Educators and parents face a daily challenge of how to develop children's interest in reading,” said NEA President Reg Weaver. “When youngsters are encouraged to brainstorm and design literacy programs for their generation, it's another solution for the__reading__blues that really works.” Developed in 2001, the youthled activities are started on NEA's Read Across America Day, celebrated this year on Monday, March 3, and end during YSA's Global Youth Service Day, scheduled for April 25—27, 2010. Attached is a list of the 30 grant winners being honored from across the country. “The Youth Leaders for Literacy Grant winners demonstrate global caring and decisions, showing the world that young people can be leaders today, not in some distant tomorrow,” said Steve Culbertson, president and CEO of YSA. “By combining the dynamics of leadership, service and learning, the Youth Leaders for Literacy recipients build one of the most

important skills—the ability to read.”


36. Why did George Cook Ⅲ become the 2010 Youth Leaders for Literacy Grant winner? A. Because he put forward an innovative project. B. Because he looked good when turning pages. C. Because he offered the youngsters free haircuts. D. Because he helped Youth Leaders for Literacy before. 37. What can be inferred from the passage? A. Winners will have their hair cut free. B. It is not easy to develop children's interest in reading. C. Youth Leaders for Literacy will choose over 30 winners this year. D. 200 people enter Youth Leaders for Literacy competition each year. 38. The underlined phrase “the reading blues” in Paragraph 4 refers to ________. A. youngsters' reading ability B. people's feeling on reading C. youngsters' unwillingness to read D. the colour of the readers' face 39. What would be the best title for the passage? A. Youngsters Can Have Free Haircuts B. The Ability to Read Is Very Important C. How to Design New Reading Program for Youngsters D. Youth Leaders for Literacy Pays Off 答案与解析: 什么方法可以激励青少年通过阅读来提高读写能力呢?同龄人更了解同龄人的兴趣和 爱好,所以由青少年设计的阅读项目有助于提高青少年的阅读兴趣。 36.A 细节理解题。根据第一段中的“one of the 2010 Youth Leaders for Literacy Grant winners for his creative communitybased project that offers reading inspiration”可知,George Cook Ⅲ获胜是因为他设计的创造性的阅读的项目,选项中的 innovative 与 creative 同义。 37. B 推理判断题。 依据第四段中的“Educators and parents face a daily challenge of how to develop children's interest in reading”可知, 教育家和父母都面临如何培养孩子阅读兴趣的 挑战,由此推知 B 项正确。 38.C 词义猜测题。第四段中 Reg Weaver 指出,培养孩子们的阅读兴趣是一种挑战, 而鼓励年轻人为同龄人设计阅读项目不失为一种解决问题的办法,由句中的 solution 可知是 解决某个问题,即青少年不愿意阅读的问题。 39.D 主旨大意题。文中讲述了 Youth Leaders for Literacy 活动成功的情况,该活动旨 在激励青少年设计有助于提高青少年阅读兴趣的项目,因此 D 项概括全面。pay off 在此处 是指“取得成功,得到好结果”。


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