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Unit3 Back to the past

Do you know some buildings that could represent ancient civilizations in China or throughout the world ?

The Great Wall

>Let’s enjoy some pictures!

The Terracotta Warriors

Potala Palace

The Old Town of Lijiang

The Taj Mahal

The Hanging Gardens

Roman Coliseum (古罗马角斗场)


What are the similarities and differences among these places? Can you use some words to describe them?







Some of them are still existing now, but the others are nowhere to be seen.

So we call the ancient buildings, cultures and countries that no longer existed “Lost civilizations”.

Have a quick look at the text and answer:

What is the text made up of?
5 diary entries

Skimming: Choose the correct main idea for each part.
Diary 1 A . a lecture about Pompeii and the volcano

Diary 2
B. a visit to the ancient Roman city of Pompeii city Diary3 Diary 4 C. general information about Loulan D. the purpose and destination of the trip E. the discovery of the Loulan kingdom

Diary 5

Reading strategy:
What should we pay attention to when we are reading diaries? When you are reading diary entries recording someone’s travels, you should look for: ⑴ ⑵ ⑶ dates and place names facts and historical information personal feelings and opinions



1. Where’s Pompeii?

Listen to this part and answer:

2. What happened to Pompeii in August AD 79?

3. How was the buried city discovered?
4.What were the stepping stones along the road in Pompeii used for?

Task1(Day1-Day3): Task 1
1. Where’s Pompeii?

2. What happened to Pompeii in August AD 79?
The Volcano near the city erupted and lava, ash and rocks poured out of it onto the surrounding countryside. All the people in Pompeii were buried alive, and so was the city.

3. How was the buried city discovered? It was discovered in the 18th century when a farmer found some stone with writing on it. People started to dig in the area for treasure, which caused much damage. So in 1860, the area was put under government protection so it could be preserved and studied. 4.What were the stepping stones along the road in Pompeii used for? With these stones, people did not have to step in the mud on rainy days.

Find the historical information about Pompeii. place


evevt It was founded. It was taken over by the Romans. The volcano erupted. It was put under government protection.

in the 8th century

in 89 BC
on 24th Aug. AD 79 in 1860

How does the writer feel about the trip?
Dates 15th July 16th July 17th July Actions We are in Italy We attended a lecture about Pompeii. I saw the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. Emotions feel lucky How unfortunate How amazing

Loulan (楼兰)

Task2(Day10-Day11): Task 2
1. Why was Loulan an important city about 2,000 years ago?
Because it was a stopping point on the famous Silk Road between the East and the West It was gradually covered over by sandstorms from AD 200 to AD 400.

2. How do many people think Loulan disappeared?

3. According to the last sentence, how did the author feel about the loss of Loulan?
She felt that it was a pity.

Find the historical information about Loulan and fill in the blanks:
place Loulan from AD 200 to AD 400 Around the years 1900 time 2000 years ago evevt It existed as a commercial city. It was covered over gradually by sandstorms. It was discovered by a European explorer.

How does the writer feel about the trip?


Actions We arrived in Loulan.
The discovery of Loulan and its present situation.

Emotions so exited to be here What a pity

24th July
25th July

Compare Pompeii with Loulan
City Where was it located?
When was it founded?



Italy ⑴
in the 8th century B.C

about 2000 ⑵ years ago
It gradually disappeared because of sandstorms.

(3)_____________ Because of _______________ volcano _______________ Disappearance the eruption. _______________ _______________

Compare Pompeii with Loulan City Pompeii Loulan A farmer found some (5)_________________ A European stones with writing on it. ___________________ explorer discovered In 1860, the area was put ___________________ Discovery under government the ruins of the ___________________ Loulan Kingdom protection. ___________________ round the year 1900. 1. streets with stepping stones. What we 2. houses decorated with can see in wall paintings. 3. bodies that have been the city turned to stones 1. treasures ( 6 some )________________ 2. some buildings ___________________ such as the city ___________________ walls, palaces, ___________________ temples, workshops, ___________________ and towers. ___________________ 3. water system that ran through the middle of the city.

Fill in the blanks with proper words. Italy Both Pompeii in 1________and Loulan in China lost civilizations became 2____ ________ long ago. Pompeii was taken 3________ founded in the 8th century BC and was4_____ _______ over by the Romans in 89BC. On 24th Aug.AD79, erupted and the city were the volcano 5_________ buried ________. alive Loulan was a7______ stopping point 6_______ _______ on the Silk Road. It is believed to have been covered over by8 sandstorms __________. There are just a few ruins 9_________ left. The remains of buildings were beneath buried10_________the sand , together with a lot of 11_________, treasures such as coins and painted pots. The desert was a green land, but trees were cut down and resultedin the city being buried by sand. that 12_______


A pair work
Suppose one of you is a reporter and the other is the author of the diary. The reporter is interviewing the author about general information about Pompeii and Loulan. Please make up dialogue between them like this: Reporter: I am a reporter from China Daily and many readers are interested in Pompeii and Loulan ,so can I ask you some questions about them. Guide: Sure! It’s my honor to answer your questions …………

Is it useful for people to study things from the past? Why or why not? We can learn the lessons(教训, 经验) from the past so that we can’t make the same mistakes as before, and then we can do better in our later life.

1. From the passage, we can learn that ______. D A. Ann traveled many places in eleven days. B. Pompeii had been a rich city before the Romans took over it. C. Pompeii and Loulan were both discovered in the 18th century. D. some houses in Pompeii were decorated with wall paintings. B 2. Which of the following is True ? ______ A. Sven Hedin was an English archaeologist. B. Loulan was once a small, wealthy commercial city. C. Now a volcano called Vesuvius has disappeared. D. All the people fled from Pompeii before Vesuvius erupted.

3. Why was Loulan an important city about 2,000 years ago? A. Because it was a stopping point on the famous Silk Road between the East and the West. B. Because it once a big, rich commercial city with lots of treasures. C. Because there was an ancient water system that ran through the middle of the city. D. Because people have discovered many palaces, temples, workshops and towers in the city. 4. The purpose of the passage is to ______. A. tell us a travel experience in Pompeii and Loulan. B. offer us some information about ancient civilizations. C. introduce a cultural expedition to two sites of lost civilizations. D. All of above

Summary and Homework:
1.Retell the main idea of these five diary entries. 2.Supposing you were the official of the Loulan kingdom, whether would you advise the king to stop cutting trees? Work in groups of four and list as many proper opinions as you can . (Each group choose a member to write down your opinions)



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