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湖南省岳阳市 2014 高考英语一轮单项选择训练题(3)及答案

1. We had ___________ wonderful time _________ the party_______ other day. A. a, on, the B. /, at, on C. a, at, the D. /, on,/

2. It's said that __________ is going to give us a lecture. A. an American famous young C. a famous young American B. a famous American young D. a young famous American

3. Nearly________ of the surface of our planet is covered by water. A. seven-ten B. seven-tenth C. seven-tenths D. seventh-ten

4. You must have waited here for a long time, ___________you? A. mustn't B. didn't C. haven't D. hadn't

5. China has hundreds of islands, ___________ is Taiwan Island. A. among them the largest C. an d the largest of them

B. and the largest of which D. but in which the largest

6. --You don't look so well, Mary. What's the matter with you?--Why? ___________. A. I'm quite myself B. Fine, think you C. I felt bad D. I'm not myself

7. This new-type machine __________ little room. A. takes up B. is taken up C. has been taken up D. is taking up

8. It is impossible for____________ little room. A. so, such B. so, so C. such a, so D. such, such

9. --You forgot your keys when you left home in the morning. --Good heavens, ___________. A. so did I. B. so I did. C. so you did. D. so did you.

10. __________ it rain, the crops_____________. A. Shall, would be saved C. Would, should be safe B. Should, would be saved D. Were, might be safe

1.C 本题是冠词的考查。have a wonderful time 就相当于 have a good time;the other

day 表示“前几天”。 2.C 本题是形容词知识的考查。famous 是描绘性形容词,应放在前面,American 指的 是国籍,放在 young 之后。 3.C 本题是数词用法的考查。分数词的分子是基数词,分母是序数词。分子除了 1 以外, 分母的序数词要用复数。 4.C 本题是反意疑问句的考查。must 的反意疑问句不是对 must 进行反问,因为陈述句 部分中有 for a long time,所以对 have waited 进行反问。 5.C 本题是复合句的考查,and 连接两个并列句。 6. 本题是交际用语的考查。 A 对话中 why?是语气词, 表示不同意的语气。 quite myself I'm 意为“自我感觉良好”。
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7.A 本题是动词语态的考查。take up 表示“占据”,此处指新式机器的优点。 8.C 本题 是副词惯用法的考查。so+adj.+a/an+n.和 such+a/an+adj. +n. 但是一旦 句中出现 little(少),much,many,few 必须用 s。 。此题中 little 是形容词“小的”。 9. 本题是省略的用法考查。 B 注意两人对话中的 you 和 I 是同一个人, 所以用 so +I+did。 10.B 本题是虚拟语气和它的省略的考查。主从句谓语都是对将来情况的虚拟形式。if 从句中如果出现 should,had,were,可以省略 if,将 should,had,were 倒装。 *****************************************************结束

第***套 1. —Can I pay by credit card? —Yes, _________. A. with pleasure B. take care C. no problem D. don’t mention it

2. You can be ______ success, but you don’t need to be ______ Bill Gates to be successful. A. a; a B. the; / C. the; the D. /; the

3. The school rules state that no child _______ be allowed out of the school during the day unless they are with an adult. A. shall B. will C. need D. might

4. The bad weather is reported _______ the passenger plane crash in Iran on January 9. A. to contribute to B. contributing to

C. contributed to

D. to have contributed to

5. _______ winning Video of the Year, Lady Gaga also took home another seven prizes. A. Owing to B. Instead of C. In addition to D. According to

6. The pain is gone after weeks of the operation, but the scar _____. A. stops B. remains C. pauses

D. leaves

7. Mum disliked ______ when I behaved badly in front of the guests. A. this B. that C. one D. it

8. We need to _____ how we are going to get there. A. w ork on B. work up C. work out D. work at

9. I tried every means to reach my goal but failed. So desperate ______ that I almost lost heart. A. I did feel B. did I feel C. felt I D. I felt

10. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of the site Facebook, ______ you can have a look at each other’s pictures. A. where B. which C. when D. as

11. We tried our best and won the football match ____ one goal in the end. A. for B. to C. by D. of

12. —I’d like to have a chance, someday, to return your favor of paying for my lunch yesterday. —_______. You are my best friend. A. Thanks anyway C. Take care B. Go ahead D. Forget it

13. As the idea of low-carbon life is now _____ accepted, more and more people travel by public transport. A. mainly B. slightly C. widely D. deeply

14. It surprised us all ______ Kate made such big progress in this final exam. A. when B. that C. how D. whether

15. The experts along with the head teacher _____ discusssing JK Rowling’s works ______ that _______ popular among students. A. are; are B. are; is C. is; are D. is; is

参考答案 1-5CAADC 6-1 0 BDCBA 11-15 CDCBA

21. The train was__________ to arrive at 11:30,but was an hour late. A. about B. likely C. certain D. supposed

22. Collecting stamps as a hobby___________ increasingly popular during the past fifty years. A. becomes B. became C. has become D. had become

23. To everybody's surprise, the fashionable young lady ___________ to be a thief. A. found out B. proved out C, put out D. turned out

24. America was____________ was first called" India" by Columbus A. that B. where C. what D. the place

25. In Switzerland, six miles west of Geneva,___________ a collection of laboratory buildings. A. lie B. are lying C. lies D. lays

26. With summer coming on, the weather gets hot _________. A. day after day C. day in and day out B. day and night D. day by day

27. I would have come to see you earlier, but I ________ too busy. A. had been B. were C. was D. would be

28. --Thank you very much. --Not at all, I was____________ glad to help. A. too B. only too C. not so D. much

29. The British are not so familiar with different cultures and other ways of doing things, ___________ is often the case in other countries A. as 答案详解: 21.D 本题关键是抓住“but was now later'’,说明火车应该在 11:30 到,但事实上 没有,句中 be supposed t0 相当于 should。 . B. that C. so D. it

22.C 主语 collecting stamps as a hobby 被看成是整体,谓语动词用第三人称单数 形式。而时间状语 during the part fifty years 限制了句子用完成时态。 23.D 本题为动词词组辨析的考查,整句话的意思是“令人吃惊的是,时尚的年轻妇女被 证明是个小偷。”find out 意思是“发现”,prove out 应删去 out。put out 意为“扑灭”, turn out 意思是“证明”,后常接“to be'’的形式,“to be”可以省略。 24.C 主句 America was 后面的表语从句里缺少一个连词,并且这个连词还要在从旬中 作主语, 只有 what 才具备这两个特点。 what 在从句中代表“事情, 东西”等。 Do you know 如: what happened to him? 25.C 本句的倒装知识的考查其实很简单,考生只要辨出“six miles west of Geneva” 为插入语,就知道空格后的句子部分为主语,看成是一个整体。 26. 本题是词语的辨析。 D day by day 意为“天天”, 强调事物的不断更新, day after day 也为“一天天”,但强调事物的重复或反复。 27.C 整个句子前半部分为虚拟语气,与过去的动作相反,而后半部分 but 提醒我们动 作是事实,所以用 was。
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28.B only too?to,just too?to,simply too?to 等,后面的动词不定式不表否定 意义。A、C 两项不合题意,可排除;D 项 much 不修饰一 ad 这样的普通形容词原级。 29.A 本题较难,可以用排除法。as 在此题中既作连词,又充当后半分句中的成分。that 不能用于“,”之后,so 在题中不正确,it 在句中两分句缺少连词,故选 A **************************************************************结束

16.--- Good evening, Mr. Green. I’m sorry to bother you. But it’s --- Oh, Mrs Baxter, A.the, the 17. rent! I’m sorry it’s late. I’ll write you B.the, the, a C.the, a, a

fourth of December. check right now. D.a, the, a

the problem of land erosion getting more serious, the local government is searching

for a way to deal with it. A.As B.With C.When we were used to. C.from what my idea. D.from which D.If

18.The way he did it was different A.in which 19.Mum B .in what

my suggestion while Dad spoke

A.turned off, in favor of C.turned down, in need of 20.

B.turned down, in favor of D.turned on, in hope of land.

the green valley, we thought we had reached the

A.Seeing, promised B.Seeing, promising C.Seen, promising 21.He kept a little notebo ok, in which A.wrote 22.--- Flight 321 --- Bye, Happy landing! A.was announced C.had announced 23.Sometimes we just believe what we see, A.even though B.as if B.is being announced D.is announced the reality may be different. C.since D.unless . D.well off B.writing D.Seen, promised the names and addresses of his friends. C.was written D.were written

. I’d better be on my way. Bye.

24.They were pretty poor but most of their friends were even A.richer B.badly off C.worse off

25.--- What do you think of teaching, Bob? --- I find it but interesting. A.funny, that B.fun, that C.fun, wh ere D.funny, which and challenging. It is a job you are doing something serious

26.--- The floor is dirty. Can anyone clean it? --. I do it all the time.

A.Don’t mention it. B.Why you? C.Not sure. 27.His reactions are A.so that D.Not me again. no one can match him. B.such C.such that Mary was born 35 years ago, D.so she will build her first

28. is in the very village, It school,

inspires everyone to help her. B.that; that; that D.where; when; that

A.where; that; which C.that; when; which

29.--- The research is difficult. Who do you think can do the job?


my students have a try? B.Shall C.Must D.May

30.--- The weather has been very hot and dry. --- Yes. If it had rain ed even a drop, things would be much better now! And my v egetables then. A.wouldn’t die C.hadn’t died B.didn’t die D.wouldn’t have died


16—20 BBCBA

21—25 DBACC

26—30 DCABD

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