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Date Salutation, _________________Body______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ______________


Complementary close, Signature Appropriate Form Date April 23rd, 2006; 23 April, 2006; April 23rd; Apr. 23, 2006; 23/4/2006; 4/23/2006 Salutation (Dear) Michael, (Dear) Michael: Complementary closing Truly yours, Yours truly, Yours sincerely, Sincerely yours, Sincerely, Yours, Best wishes, Respectfully yours, Body

Thank-you note: —I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for all that you did for me in my GRE preparation. *Express my heartfelt appreciation for… —It is very kind of you to have spared me your precious time answering my question patiently. *It is very kind of you to do sth —I am happy to inform you that I received an offer from New York University Graduate School of

Arts and Science, which, I understand clearly, should be attributed to your generous help. *I am happy to inform you that… *received an offer from… Graduate School of Arts and Science *Attribute sth to sb —Heartfelt thanks again. Invitation note: The Russian National Ballet Troupe Theater Perform Swan Lake At Boston Opera House *At some-place at some-time on some-day —I am wondering whether you will be happy to watch it. *I am wondering whether you will be happy to do sth —Please let me know whether you can make it at your earliest convenience. At one’s earliest convenience Appointment note: —I am so glad that you can go to the ballet with me tomorrow evening. *I am so glad that you can … Go to the ballet 去看芭蕾舞 At seven o’clock sharp *Have supper In Victoria Seafood Restaurant opposite Boston Opera House I will meet you there at 5:30 if that’s OK with you. —Please let me know whether you would prefer another place. Apology note: Show how to make up for the loss *Make up for sth *I am terribly sorry to tell you that … *Have dinner Go to Logan International Airport at 4:00 p.m. to meet sb

The Senior Vice President of our Australia branch 澳大利亚分公司的高级副经理 *Keep sth in mind 记住 *Phone sb *Pick up sb 接某人 —It’s so sudden and urgent that I’m the only one available for this task. —Please forgive me. Meet you at the entrance to the Opera House *At the entrance to sp *Many thanks Telephone message: —A Mr. called you this morning when you were out. Meet you in your office at 9 a.m. this coming Saturday —If that is not convenient for you, you are requested to ring him up. At any time this evening from 7 p.m. to 11p.m. at 745-6000, Ext. 3026 *Be requested to do sth *Ring up sb Request note: —I am very happy to have the chance to listen to your lecture on “Japanese and American Literature”. *Listen to one’s lecture on sth *It is a great pity that… Miss the first half of the lecture *The first half of sth Fail to get the handout Due to a minor traffic accident on my way to the lecture *Due to sth *On my way to sp Be interested in the field Plan to do some research in it *Plan to do sth

*Do some research in sth *I’m wondering if it is possible for me to do sth. *I’m wondering if/whether *If it is not too much trouble for you, would you please… *Email sth to 邮箱地址 *Call sb at 电话号码 *Go and fetch sth 去拿… Note of receipt: —Received from Ms. Lucy Li the sum of $1200 in full of all demands for rent to Apr. 15, 2012 for premises located at 21 Washington Ave., Sunnyvale, CA. Congratulation note: —You cannot imagine how excited I was when Dad told me that… —You were just appointed General Manager of your company. *Be appointed 职位 *General Manager 总经理 —Your efforts during the last five years have paid off. *Pay off —Dad and I are proud of you. *Be proud of sb —You are sure to make the best General Manager *Sb be sure to do sth Consolation note: —I just can’t tell you how shocked I was to learn of your accident. —It is to my great relief that you were not seriously injured and will be out of hospital next week. —All of us are missing you. Make all the arrangements With every good wish for your quick recovery PPT: Note of Booking a Room I would like to book a single room with bath from the 21st of Oct. to the 2nd of Nov. It’s for Black

Smith, our sales manager. We would like you to provide a room with a telephone extension and overlooking the park, if possible. Mr. Smith will arrive on the morning of the 21st of Oct., and leave in the afternoon on the 2nd of November. Could you please confirm this booking with a return note? We look forward to hearing from you. Note of Inquiring Specific Information I’d like to buy a jet printer that your HP company produced. Could you send me some information, such as the price and after sales services about it? We are looking forward to your early reply. Note of Asking for Leave I’d like to apply for three days’ leave of absence, starting from Nov. 13th and finishing on Nov. 15th, in order to return home to see my father, who is now seriously ill. I should be much obliged if you would grant me leave. As regards the lessons to be missed during my absence, I will do my best to make up for them as soon as I get back from home. Note of Borrowing I wonder if I could borrow your electronic dictionary for a few days. Now I am translating some important articles. There are many new words which I have to look up the dictionary usually. I just have a paper dictionary but of course it’s not as convenient as the electronic one. So I think your electronic dictionary is more suitable for me to complete my work. I promise that I must be very careful of your dictionary and make no damage done on it. Thank you very much!

Nov. 23 Babara, Please reserve a double room with bath at Holiday Inn for Mrs. Robert Anselmi of Eagle Sports from December 3rd to December 6th. They will arrive the evening of the 3rd, before 6 p.m. and depart on the 6th before 11 a.m. If a room is not available for that weekend, please make other plans. Otherwise please advise her of the reservation. Thanks a lot. Jasper 1.希望早日收到您的回复。 I am looking forward to your early reply.

2.请在希尔顿大酒店为 Gass 先生订一间双人间。 Please reserve/ book a double room at Sheraton for Mr. Gass. 3.如果您能同意我请假,我感激不尽。 I should be much obliged if you grant me leave. 4.我想借你的手提电脑,不知是否可以? I wonder if I could borrow your laptop.. 5.我保证会小心使用电子词典,不会弄坏的。 I promise that I must be very careful with your dictionary. —When I called on you, you happened to be out. I have something urgent to consult you. I shall be obliged if you find time to call me as soon as possible. —My laptop broke down last night. I wonder if you can lend me your laptop for a couple of days as I need it to prepare my thesis, which is due next Monday. You will find it in perfect condition when I return it to you. Thank you. Nov. 16, 2014 Dear Sir, I would be grateful if you would send me details of post-graduate study in English literature which Oxford University may be offering to students from overseas. I major in English and will graduate from Shanghai University in July 2015. And I have passed the Test for English Majors (Band 8) this march. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Li Lin 21st March Dear Prof. Brown, I’m sorry I can’t make our 10 o’clock appointment tomorrow. I was told that Prof. White’s lecture in tomorrow morning would not end until 10:30. I could meet you in your office tomorrow at 11, if that is convenient for you. If not, please leave a note in my mailbox #208, this afternoon. Thanks a lot. Yours sincerely, Elizabeth

1. 非常感谢您盛情邀请我们周六共进晚餐,迈克和我非常乐意前往。 Many thanks for/ I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation (gratitude) for your kind invitation to dinner this Saturday. Mike and I accept with pleasure. 2. 诚邀您共进晚餐,时间:5 月 20 日(周六)晚 6 时许, 地点:华盛顿大街 11 号。 We would be very glad if you could come to dinner with us

at 11 Washington Ave. // at about 6 p.m. // on Saturday, May 20. 3. 我无法赴约,非常抱歉。 I would like to express my apologies for not being able to keep our appointment. 4. 请尽早告诉我是否能同行? Please let me know whether you can make it at your earliest convenience. 5. 您这五年的努力没有白费。 Your efforts during the five years have paid off.

Meeting: All senior students are requested to be present at the graduation ceremony held in the auditorium(礼堂) this Monday at 1 p.m. Please be punctual! President’s Office Show: Show Date + time Venue/ place Persons Organizer Symphonic Concert by Auburn Symphonic Orchestra Time: March 18, 2012 at 19:00 p.m. Venue: Weichang Building(伟长楼), Shanghai University Please come to A201 to obtain the ticket. Tickets are limited. Hurry up! The Art Center(艺术中心), Shanghai University

Lecture: Topic Speaker Date + time Venue/ place Persons Organizer

Lecture Topic: Modem Electronics and Its Uses Speaker: Prof. John Milford (visiting scholar from Harvard University) Place: In the Lecture Hall of the Library(图书馆报告厅) Date: On Saturday, May 26, 2012 Time: at 7:30 p.m. All Are Warmly Welcome Computer Science School(计算机学院) May 20, 2012

Lecture(没有冒号) Topic: The Religion and Society in Taiwan Speaker: Mr. Wang, Director of the Institute of History, Taiwan Central University Time: 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., 22nd March Venue: A602, Songjiang Campus(校区) All teachers and students are warmly welcome School of Liberal Arts(文学院)

Sports: Basketball Match Shenyang Team vs. Shanghai Team Time: 3:00p.m., Nov. 6 Place: The City Stadium Please contact the PE Culture Group. Tickets are limited. Fans should be quick. The PE Culture Group

Friendly Badminton Match(羽毛球友谊赛) School of Science(理学院) vs. School of Automation(自动化学院) Time: 9:00 a.m., Saturday, April 8 Place: The Gymnasium(体操馆) Come to cheer for your team! Lost: Lost A schoolbag on the sports ground on the afternoon of this Thursday Inside a cell phone, an ID card A bunch of keys, and a bank card Please kindly call at 1333999666 Many thanks Jane 1. 原定于本周二的会议推迟至下周二举行。 The meeting scheduled to take place this Tuesday is postponed to next Tuesday. 2. 文学院将举办学生书法大赛,欢迎参加。The students’ calligraphy show will be held by the School of Liberal Arts. Your presence is greatly appreciated. 3. 英语角每周五晚 5 点在艺术中心一楼开放,请不要错过练习英语口语的好机会。 The English corner is open every Friday/ at 5 p.m./ on the first floor of the Art Center. Don’t hesitate to come to improve your oral English. 4. 欢迎广大师生踊跃参加。All teachers and students are warmly welcome. 5. 第五届英语风采大赛将于 2014 年 4 月 7 日(周五)晚 6 时举行, 地点: A 楼 AJ103。 The Fifth English Talent Competition will be held in classroom AJ103 of Building A/ at 6 p.m., / Friday, April 7, 2014. 3. Twenty volunteers are recruited by Shanghai Film Festival. Those who are interested, please contact the Youth League Committee of our university. 4. It’s announced that the swimming pool of our school will be opened to the public from May 1.

Fundamental of Business Letter Writing
1.寄件人地址 寄件日期

收件人姓名尊称 收件人地址

称呼 正文

问候 签名 2. 寄件人地址 寄件日期

收件人姓名尊称 收件人地址

称呼 正文

问候 签名 3.信封 Stamp 寄件人 收件人

07430 美国新泽西马瓦 拉玛坡山谷路 505 号 约翰· 史密斯先生 收


中华人民共和国上海南京路 10 弄 6 号 205 室罗佳寄 200051 Luo Jia Room 205 No. 6 Lane 10 Nanjing Road Shanghai 200051 P.R.C. Mr. John Smith 505 Ramapo Valley Road Mahawah, New Jersey 07430 U.S.A. 02139 美国麻萨诸塞州坎布里奇市 麻萨诸塞大街 77 号 Kathy Dieruf 女士 收 中华人民共和国上海市闵行区 古美西路 631 弄 202 号 502 室×××寄 201102 Zhu Yin’er (1 point) Room 502 No. 202 Lane 631 West Gumei Road (3 points) Shanghai 201102 (0.5 point) P.R.C. (0.5 point) 邮票

Ms. Kathy Dieruf (0.5 point) 77 Massachusetts Avenue (2points) Cambridge, MA 02139 (1 point) U.S.A. (0.5 point)

When the name is unknown Dear Sir / Dear Madam, Dear Sir/ Madam, When the name is known Dear Mr. …, Dear Mrs. …, Dear Ms. …, Dear Miss …, Dear …, To unfamiliar people Truly yours, Faithfully yours, To acquaintances Sincerely yours, To friends Best regards, Best wishes, Love, Yours, To bosses or the old Respectfully yours,

Letters of Application for Jobs
Dear Mr. Smith, I saw your advertisement for a part-time shop assistant and I am very interested in it, and therefore I’d like to apply for this position. You’ve mentioned in your advertisement that the shop assistant should introduce books to customers. I am a college student and I think I am fully qualified for this part-time job. I am a careful, honest and patient person with a mild temper and can quickly establish rapport with people of all ages and works efficiently. Besides, abundant knowledge makes mework perfect. I have relative work experience in Kate Book Store and my job performance was highly valued by my boss and colleagues. I would like to meet with you at your earliest convenience, to discuss the possibility of working at your bookstore. You can reach me at (010) 6666666. Additionally if I can get the job, what kind of payment will I get? Thank you for your consideration of my application. I look forward to meeting you soon in the near future. Yours Sincerely, Kate Lu

Invitation Cards
? ? ? ? ? ? Host(s) Guests Event Date and time Place and address Other necessary information Invitation Host(s) Event Date Time Place Address Tel Invitation 邀请人 邀请人职位 request(s) the pleasure of the company of/ request(s) the honor of the presence of 被邀请人 介词加一个活动或场合 日期 具体时间 地点 具体地点 Dress Code: Formal R.S.V.P. By 25th May Tel:



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