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八年级 上 第三单元 1.可数名词
plan计划 postcard明信片 bike自行车 lake湖泊 countryside乡村 tourist旅行者

sightseeing观光 flashing捕鱼 nature大自然

Hong Kong香港 Tibet西藏 San fra

ncisco旧金山 Hawaii夏威 夷 Italy意大利 Greece希腊 Spain西班牙 Europe欧洲 The Great Lakes五大湖 Thailand泰国

babysit (ing形式) babysitting临时照顾 camp宿营 plan计划 (双写n.+ing ) hike远足(去e加ing) send过去式sent寄 ride(过去式)rode骑 rent租 leave(过去式)left离开 forget(过去式)forgot忘记 finish结束




1) spend time with friends和朋友一起度过时光 2) go camping去宿营 3) 3) go hiking去远足 4) go bike riding去骑自行车 5) go sightseeing去观光 6) go away离开

go to Beijing for a vacation=go to Beijing on vacation 去 北京度假 8)send sb. sth.=send sth. to sb.寄给某人某东西 9)show sb. sth.=show sth. to sb.给某人看某东西 10)get bake to school=come bake to school 回到学校 11)get bake home=come bake home回到家 12)rent sth.from从……租 13)rent sth. to给……租 14)ask sb. about sth.询问某人关于某事 15)take a vacation度假 16)think about doing sth.考虑做某事 17)last/this/nest time上次/这次/下次 18)sth. different一些不同的事 19)be famous for因为……而出名 20)be famous as作为……而出名 21)leave Beijing离开北京 22)leave for Beijing去北京 23)leave Beijing for Shanghai离开北京去上海 24)leave sth.+sw.把某东西忘在某地 25)forget to do/doing忘记去做某事/做过某事 26)plan to do计划做某事 27)take a walk=take works散步 28)sleep a lot睡足 29)decide to do决定做某事 30)decide on sth.决定某事 31)fihish doing sth.做完某事 32)enjoy/have fun/practice/mind/keep/finish/所有介词 +doing 33)a good place to go sightseeing 一个去观光的好地方 34)my vacation to我的假期去…… 35)take sth. with sb.(宾格)某人随身携带某物

1) be+doing 1.表正在进行的动作/2.表将来要发生=be going to do将要做什么 2) What are you doing for vacation?假期你要做什么? 3) Who are you going with? 4) How long are you staying? 5) I heard that+从句构成宾语从句
二. 单项选择 1.Last year I visited my friend in Hong Kong and we both had___ . A. a time B. a good time C. happy D. time happily 2. Would you please_____ us your pictures taken in Europe? A. take B. bring C. show D. find 3. What are we going to do on Sunday?” “ How about _ ? A. to go bike riding B. going bike to ride C. going to bike riding D. going bike riding 4. “My father has bought a new car.” “ __?” “It’s blue and beautiful.” A. What do you like? B. What’s it like? C. How is it like? D. How do you think of it? 5. I had wanted to go to England for vacation, but at last I decided____ Canada. A. on B. over C. in D. about 6. The doctors said that there was wrong with Jane’s legs. They could not do__ to help her. A. something; something B. something; nothing C. nothing; anything D. everything; something 7. ____ a great party! delicious the food is! A.What; How B. How, How C. What, What D. How, What 8. “I’m sorry I forgot____ the letter for you!” “It doesn’t matter, I’ll post it myself.” A. to post B. posting C. post D. posted 9. We all found ____ to play the game. A. that interested B. this interesting C. it interesting D. it’s interesting 10.The hospital is ____ far from the station.A. quiet B. quite C. much D. more 11. Please tell us ___ the Science Museum. A. how can we reach B. how we can get toC. how can we get D. how we can get 12. They decided ______ in the mountains . A. hiking B. on hike C. to hike D. not hiking 13. She looks____ because she has a ____ vacation. A. relaxed, relaxed B. relaxing, relaxing C. relaxed, relaxing D. relaxing, relaxed 14. I can’t wait___ the nice picture.A. buy B. to buy C. buying D. bought 15.Don’t forget___ the pen ____ him. A. to return, to B. to return, for C. returning, to D. returning, for 三. 补全对话,选择适当的句子完成对话 A: Hey, Lucy! What are you doing for vacation?

B:____ . I’m leaving on Friday. How about you? A: I’m going to sports camp. B: Oh , cool! . A: On the eleventh. B: . A: What about you, Tom? C: I’m going to the beach with my family. . a. b. c. d. e. f. When are you going? Sounds great! Who are you going with? We are leaving this weekend. I am going to the beach. I’m visiting my cousins in Canada.

四. 用所给的词的正确形式填空。 1. A: What are you doing for vacation? B: I’m going fishing and swimming for vacation. A: That __________ (sound) nice. 2. A: What are you doing there? B: I’m___ (take) walks after supper in the evening. 3. I don’t like ______________ (eat) junk food. I eat it only three ______ (time) a month. 4. A: What did you do last night? B: I _____________ (watch) TV. A: How long ________ you ___________ (watch) it? B: I ___________ (watch) it just for half an hour. 5. A: What _______ your father do on Sundays?B: He often _________ (read) newspapers. 五. 完型填空 A It must have been after two o’clock in the morning when the last guest left. Though we had enjoyed their stay, my wife and I were very thankful to close the door on them. We 1 all the dirty dishes and glasses as they were ,and after opening several windows to let some 2 air in and the smell of food out, we climb in bed and 3 asleep. I couldn’t have been asleep for more than half an hour when I awoke with a strong smell of smoke. 4 half asleep, I stepped into the living-room , and there, though heavy clouds of smoke, I saw one of my curtains was on fire. I should have 5 the windows first, _ 6 __ instead I tried to beat about the fire with a folded newspaper. When this failed ,I hurried into the kitchen to 7 a bucket of the water. At the same time I shout to Barbara, who 8 called the fire brigade(消防员)before coming to helped me . We have to work at top speed carrying buckets of the water. From the kitchen to 9 the fire, fanned by the wind from the windows, spreading. We were unable to 10 out the fire .Luckily, the fireman arrived in no time, and they had little difficulty in putting out the fire. 1. A. laid B. left C. washed D. put 2. A. hot B .warm C. fresh D. cold 3. A. fell B. felt C. fresh D. went 4. A. Not B. Still C. No D. Only 5. A. broken B. opened C. closed D. removed 6. A. and B. but C. so D .or

7. A. bring B. find C .take D. carry 8. A. eagerly B .nervously C. hurriedly D. certainly 9. A. beat B. fight C. stop D. make 10. A. get B. put C. keep D. take B Almost everyone__1__the meanings of Mr, Mrs and Miss. Mr is used before the family names of men. Mrs is for married(结婚的) women and Miss is for unmarried women. But__2__is Ms? Some businessmen(商人) in the United States__3__Ms before a woman's name when they do not know whether(是否) the woman is married. Today, however, many women like Ms better__4__Mrs or Miss. The word "__5__" does not tell us whether or not a man is married. Some women want to be equal to(和......平等)__6__in this way. These women feel that it is not important for people to know whether they are married or not. There are some problems with "Ms", however. __7__women like it. Some like the older ways of doing things. Some find__8__difficult to read. Ms__9__[miz]. Young women like it better than older women do. It is difficult to know whether Ms will be used by more American women in the future. What do you think__10__it? 1. A. knows B. know C. knew D. is knowing 2. A. how B. what C. who D. which 3. A. use to B. using C. uses D. use 4. A. to B. for C. than D. as 5. A. Ms B. Mrs C. Miss D. Mr 6. A. men B. girls C. ladies D. boys 7. A. None of B. Not all C. All D. Neither of 8. A. this B. that C. them D. it 9. A. sounds like B. read like C. is sounded like D. is sound like 10. A. at B. of C. on D. to



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