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11-12版高中英语课时配套课件:Unit1《Friendship》Period 2(新人教版必修1)

1. Add up your score and see how many points you get. (P1) 合计一下你的得分, 看看是多少。 用add的适当形式或构成的词组填空 ①Will you add some more students to this project? ②Tom, what do ten, twenty and five add up to?

③What he did has added to difficulties. ④The bad weatherin Taiwan ___ the Chinese mainland

tourists’ rescue difficulties. A. added up to C. add up B. added to D. add

【解析】选B。add to增添,增加; add up to总计,加起来 是??;add up加起来; add 加。句意为:台湾当地的糟糕 天气给中国大陆游客的搜救增添了困难。

⑤Please ___ the numbers and I’m sure they will ____ more than 1, 000. [2011唐山高一检测] A. add up; add C. add up; add up to B. add up; add up D. add; add up

【解析】选C。第一个空考查add up“加起来”;第二个空考 查“总计”。句意为:请把所有的数字加起来,我确信它们 将总计1 000多。

add up
add to add. . . to . . . add up to add that. . .

增添;增加 把??加到?? 总计;加起来是 补充说

add up to 虽为及物动词短语,但不能用于被动语态!

2. Your friend comes to school very upset . (P1)


①He was upset at not being invited. ( 心烦意乱的 ) ②The rain upset our plans for a picnic. ( 打乱 ) ③Don’t upset yourself—no harm has been done. ( 使不安/心烦 ) ④A large wave upset the boat. ( 打翻 ) ⑤She suffered a big emotional upset. ( 打击 )

All my plans were upset by the sudden change in weather.

The bad news upset me.

⑧She was ___ about what you said yesterday. A. upset B. concerned C. dusty D. ignored

【解析】选A。句意为:你昨天所说的话令她非常不安 。 upset心烦意乱的,不安的;concerned 担心的,关心的; dusty 落满灰尘的;ignored被忽略的。

⑨—What’s the matter with Rod? —I think he’s still___that we forgot his birthday. [2011赣州高一检测] A. unfair B. stubborn C. reliable D. upset

【 解 析 】 选 D 。 考 查 形 容 词 辨 析 。 句 意 : —— 罗 德 怎 么 啦?——我想他仍旧因我们忘记了他的生日而心烦。upset心

烦 意 乱 的 ; 不 安 的 ; unfair 不 公 平 的 ; stubborn 顽 固 的 ;



3. You will ignore the bell and go somewhere quiet to calm your friend down. (P1) 你会不顾上课铃,去一个安静的地方,


a. It is a pity that her ignorance leads to her sad life.
b. We can not believe that some teenagers are ignorant of

(=don’t know) some basic living skills.
c. Your suggestion isn’t ignored . It is still under discussion.

②The driver ______ the traffic lights and nearly caused a

traffic accident.
[2011福州高一检测] A. ignored B. checked C. disliked D. obeyed

【解析】选A。考查动词辨析。句意:这个司机忽视交通灯, 几乎造成一场交通事故。ignore忽视,不理睬;check检查; dislike不喜欢;obey服从。

③I told myself to calm down (冷静下来) . ④选词填空calm/silent/quiet/still a. Everyone should keep calm in time of danger. b. The old man stood quite still , except that his lips moved slightly. c. One man shouted at the boy, “Quiet , boy! What’s the

matter with you? ”
d. He is a shy boy and always keeps silent in class.

1)ignore vt.
ignore sb. /sth. ignorance n. ignorant adj. be ignorant of sth.

忽视某人/某物 无知;愚昧 无知的;不知情的 不了解;不明真相

2)calm v.


calm(. . . )down


4. You will tell your friend that you are concerned about

him/her and you will meet after class and talk then. (P1)
你会告诉你的朋友你很关心他(或她),下课后你们会见面 交谈。 ①用concern的正确形式填空

a. As the youth, we should concern anything around us, not only the things that we are concerned in. b. The teacher showed great concern for the wounded boy.

c. Please tell me something concerning this matter.

②The meeting was concerned ___ reforms and everyone present was concerned ___ their own interests.

A. with; for
C. for; about

B. with; with
D. about; with

一个空应填介词with; 后半句句意为“到会的每一个人都关

心自己的利益”,因此第二个空要用介词 about/for,故选A。

③Our English teacher is ill and we are all ___her health.
[2011嘉兴高一检测] A. concerned about C. interested in B. careful of D. look after

【解析】选A。句意:我们英语老师病了,我们都担心她的 健康。be concerned about sth. 担心/挂念某事;be careful of 小心,注意,当心??;be interested in 对??感兴趣;look after照顾, 照看。

concern vt. n. (1)concern oneself with/in

涉及;关系到;(使)担忧 关心;关注;(利害)关系

忙于;从事,干涉 show concern for/about as far as. . . be concerned 担心/关心…… 就……而言

be concerned about/for sth. 担心/挂念某事 be concerned in sth. be concerned with sth. (2)concerning prep. 和某事有牵连 与某事有关 关于(=about)

5. While walking the dog , you were careless and it got loose and was hit by a car. (P1)当遛狗的时候,你一不小心松了手, 狗被汽车撞了。 ①While (he was)reading the text (在他读课

文时), he wrote something on it from time to time.

②While watching television, ____.

A. the doorbell rang B. the doorbell was rung

C. we heard the doorbell ring

D. we heard the doorbell rings

【 解 析 】 选 C 。 由 状 语 从 句 的 省 略 形 式 while (we

were)watching television可判断后面主句主语一定是we。根
据hear sb. do sth. 排除D项,故选C。

③When asked about why he made the same mistake again, he
kept silent. →When he was asked about the reason why he made the same mistake again, he kept silent.

④While ___the dog, you should take care not to__ .
Otherwise, it may be dangerous to strangers. [2011临沂高一检测] A. walking; get loose C. walking for; get it loose B. walk; be loose D. walked; get loosing

【解析】选A。由“while doing. . . ”作状语,可知A、C 项 的walking是正确的,但walk for搭配不对。get loose(结等)松 掉。

状语从句的类似省略除了连词while之外, 还会有

when, if, until, unless, after, though等

1)时间状语从句的省略所具备的条件: (1)主从句主语一致或从句的主语是it;

If possible(If it is possible), I’ll call on you tomorrow.




(使)走 遛马 推着自行车走 扶着病人走 松的;松散的,松开的 解开;放松;变松 释放;放出;发出

walk a horse walk a bicycle walk a patient 3) loose adj. loosen vt. /vi. let/set loose

6. . . . or would not understand what you are going through ? (P2) ??或者会不理解你目前所处的困境吧?

①He had left his wallet on the table, so I went after him.

②What he did went against his parents’ wishes.

③As months went by , the work seemed endless. ④After finishing the letter, he went on to read a book.

⑤Go through your work carefully before you hand it in.

go through


go after go back go by

追求 回来;追溯 走过;流逝

go on go out go over

继续 外出;熄灭 检查;复习

7. I don’t want to set down a series of facts in a diary as most

people do. . . (P2)我不愿意像大多数人那样在日记中记流水
账…… ①我记录下了那时发生的每一件事。 I set down everything that happened then. ②我已将详细内容记到了我的笔记本上。 I have the details set down here in my notes.

用适当的介、副词填空 ③The citizens in London are setting about making preparations for the 2012 Olympic Games. ④You had better set aside one hour each day to review what you have learned. ⑤It is necessary for you to set up a good example for your son.

⑥It is a custom that in many places people like to set off fireworks. ⑦已经为语言实验室准备好了一系列预先录制好的磁带。 (series, prepare)

A series of pre-recorded tapes has been prepared for language
laboratory use.

1)set down set aside set up set off set about(doing)sth.

写下;记下 留出;把??放在一边;存储 竖立;创设;开办 出发;动手;引爆 着手干某事

set out to do sth.
set out for


同义短语为:write down, put down,take down,
note down。

2) a series of一连串的; 一系列; 一套 (1)series单复数形式相同,类似的单词还有means, deer, species(种类),sheep等。 (2)“a series of + 名词(单数或复数)”作主语时,谓语 动词用单数形式。

8. I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crazy about everything to do

with nature. (P2)
我不知道这是否是因为我已经很久没能去户外, 我变得对一 切与大自然界有关的事物都无比狂热。


①It was I who came across them in the library two days ago.
②It was them that I came across in the library two days ago. ③It was in the library that I came across them two days ago.

④It was two days ago that I came across them in the library.

⑤你在房间找到了什么? What is it that you have found in the room? ⑥我给你的100美元花到哪上面去了? What did you do with that $ 100 I gave you?

⑦It was not ___ the lady took off her dark glasses ___ I realized she was a famous actress. A. when; that C. until; when B. until; that D. when; then

【解析】选B。not until结构的强调句型为:It is/was +not until. . . + that+句子的其他部分。原句为:I didn’t realize

she was a famous actress until the lady took off her dark
glasses. 。

强调句型:It is/was + 被强调部分 + who/that + 其他部分。 (1)被强调部分通常是主语、宾语、状语等,一般不能用来强 调谓语。 (2)如果被强调部分是表示人的词,用who/that 都可以。其他 情况一律用that。 (3)此句式去掉“It is/was”和“who/that”后,句子意思和成


(4)强调句的一般疑问句结构Is/Was it+被强调部分+that+其他。 (5)强调句的特殊疑问结构:疑问词 + is/was it that +其他。 强调“not until短语或从句”的强调句型为:It is/was + not until. . . + that + 句子的其他部分。

9. . . . , I stayed awake on purpose until half past eleven in order to have a good look at the moon by myself. (P2)

……, 我熬到十一点半故意不睡觉,为的是独自好好看看月亮。
①用 purpose的相关词汇填空 a. I am sure that he didn’t do it on purpose then. b. Did you come to London for the purpose of studying?

②—Did Tom take your schoolbag _____?

—No. He took it by mistake.

A. on purpose

B. of purpose

C. of design

D. face to face


“汤姆是故意拿走包的吗”。 on purpose“故意”正合题意。

③She arrived early in order to get a good seat(为了占个好座 位). ④我同意妈妈的建议是为了不让她伤心。 I agreed to my mother’s suggestion in order not to upset her .

⑤In order to make our city green, __ . A. it is necessary to plant more trees B. many trees need to plant C. our city needs more trees D. we must plant more trees 【解析】选D。本题考查in order to 引导目的状语时,不定式 的逻辑主语同句子主语一致的原则。目的状语的意思是“为

了使我们的城市变绿”, make的逻辑主语是人(we)。

1)on purpose do sth. on purpose

故意,有目的地 故意做某事

for the purpose of
with the purpose of doing



(1)in order to的否定形式:in order not to

(2)in order to 引导目的状语时,不定式的逻辑主语同句子主

10. . . . ; it was the first time in a year and a half that I’d seen the night face to face. . . (P2)……; 这是我一年半以来第一次 目睹夜晚……

It is the second time that I have visited the Hong Kong

Pavilion in Shanghai Expo.
②这是我第三次参观颐和园了。 It was the third time that I had visited the Summer Palace.

③When I met him last weekend, it was the first time that we ____each other since we were at school. A. saw B. have seen C. were seeing D. had seen

【解析】选D。It was the first time. . . 意为:“某人第一次做 某事”。was 与 had done对应。故选D。


The first time I visited China, I was struck by her beauty.
=When I visited China for the first time , I was struck by her


(1)It/This/That +is(was) +the first /second/. . . time that sb. has( had) done sth. . . . 某人第一次/二次/??次做某事。 从句的谓语动词常用现在完成时或过去完成时。is与 has/have done 对应;was 与 had done对应。

(2)It is (about/high) time that-clause. 到了干某事的时间了。 该从句的时态要用一般过去时或(should+)动词原形。 (3)the first time第一次,用作连词,后接时间状语从句。 (4)for the first time 第一次,介词短语用作状语,可以单独使 用。

1. . . . to get it repaired . (P1) ……让别人修理 用所给动词的适当形式填空 ①Let me try now. I’ll get the car going (go). ②My radio was broken, and I must get it repaired (repair). ③I’ll get him to do (do) the work.

④It is said that the workers get ___ by the hour. A. paid B. pay C. paying D. to pay

【解析】选A。get paid by the hour 按小时付给工资。

2. I can well remember that there was a time when a deep blue

sky, the song of the birds, moonlight and flowers could never
have kept me spellbound. (P2)我记得非常清楚,曾有一段时 间,湛蓝的天空,鸟儿的歌唱,月光和鲜花,从未令我心迷 神往过。 ①句子仿写:

I can well remember it was a hard time for him when he was

badly ill .

②I met him at the Grand Theater yesterday afternoon, so he

___your lecture.
A. couldn’t have attended C. mustn’t have attended B. needn’t have attended D. shouldn’t have attended

【解析】选A。后半句句意为: 他那时不可能去听你的讲座。 此句是对过去的否定推测,用 couldn’t have done。其他三项 意义不妥。

③He ___ the new job, but he missed the chance because he was late for the interview.

A. might get
C. could have got

B. could get
D. might have got

于面试迟到而错过机会。could have done 过去本可能做却未


(1)could never have done 结构表示“对过去情况的否定推 测”,意为“不可能??”。 (2)其否定副词never也可根据情况用not, hardly等词替换。

Ⅰ. 用适当的介、副词填空 1. At dusk we can enjoy the beauty of the sun setting. 2. The scientist went through a hard life in her childhood. 3. You can fold the paper like this. 4. He attended a series of important committee meetings this week.

5. Lily, calm down and go on with your work. 6. He joined an English club in order to improve his English. 7. To my anxiety, the police set down my car number. 8. One thing I am concerned about/for is my mother’s health.

Ⅱ. 完成句子 1. In order not to miss the first train(为了不错过第一班火车), my mother got up very early this morning. (order)

2. As far as I’m concerned(就我个人而言), I disagree with
what you did. (concern) 3. While crossing the street(当过街的时候), you must be careful. (while)

4. My watch doesn’t work. I’ll get it repaired (找人修理它).

5. It/This was the second time that she had visited (她参

观)Shanghai Expo site. (visit)
6. It was by sea/ ship that (是乘船)John came to China for sightseeing. (it)

Ⅲ. 单项填空 1. The money he spent during the trip ___ more than 50 dollars. [2011杭州高一检测] A. added C. was added to B. added to D. added up to

【解析】选D。考查动词短语辨析。句意为:这次旅行他总 计花了50多美元。add up to总计;add to 增添,增加(一般 不用于被动语态)。

2. When ___ to recite the text, he still kept ___. A. asked; silent B. asking; still

C. being asked; quiet

D. asked; calm

【解析】选A。第一个空考查状语从句省略(he was); 第二个

空考查keep silent 不作声,不说话。still不动的,强调“静止
状态”; quiet安静的,宁静的,多指不吵闹,不焦虑;calm 指人“沉着,镇定”,指自然“无风无浪”。

【规律方法】 快速掌握状语从句中的省略 在英语学习过程中,我们经常遇到状语从句中的省略用法, 现将主要用法总结如下: 一、如果从句的主语和主句的主语一致且从句的谓语含有 be 动词的某种形式(am/ is / are / was /were ),可同时省略从句的

主语和 be 动词的某种形式。

1. when, while 引导的时间状语从句。例如: Do be careful when ( you are )crossing the street. 过马路时一定要小心。 2. if, unless, once 引导的条件状语从句。例如: I’ll not go to the party unless (I am) invited. 如果不被邀请,我就不参加那个派对。

3.though,although,whether, no matter whether/what/how/who 等引导的让步状语从句。例如: He was happy, though/although (he was) poor. 他虽穷,却很幸福。 4. as if, as though 引导的方式状语从句。 He stood up as if/though (he wanted) to leave. 他站起来好像要离开。(注意: as if/though + to do 表示一 个将来的动作)

二、以 if 从句为代表的状语从句中的特殊省略用法:通常省 略 it is, that is, there is/are 。例如: If (it is) possible/necessary, this old temple will be rebuilt. 如 果可能/必要的话,这座古庙将会被重建。

三、as 引导的方式状语从句,其省略用法较复杂,因具体情 况而定。例如:

You should do the experiments as (you are ) told to (do the
experiments). 你应该按你被告知的那样做实验。

3. To my disappointment, he always ___ my opinions. A. ignored B. accepted C. concerned D. understood

【解析】选A。考查动词辨析。句意为:令我失望的是, 他
总 是 忽 视 我 的 意 见 。 ignore 忽 视 , 不 理 ; accept 接 受 ; concern担心,挂念; understand理解。

4. It was the first time that he ___ this driving test. A. take B. have taken C. had taken D. has taken

【解析】选C。It was the first time. . . 意为:“某人第一次做 某事”。was 与 had done对应。故选C。

5. ___ I am concerned, we can walk or take the bus rather
than call a taxi. [2011黄冈高一检测] A. Now that C. So long as B. As soon as D. As far as

【解析】选D。考查连词短语辨析。as far as. . . be concerned 就??而言。句意为:就我个人来看,我们宁可步行或乘公 共汽车也不愿意坐出租车。now that既然,由于;as soon as 一??就; so long as只要。

6. It was on June 11th, 2010___ the 2010 FIFA World Cup

took place.
A. when B. since C. before D. that

【解析】选D。考查强调句型。强调句型的基本结构为“It is/was . . . that/who . . . ”。

【规律方法】 强调结构应该把握的几个核心要点 强调句型的结构为:It is/was + 被强调的部分 + who/that + 其 他部分。


(2)如果被强调部分是表示人的词,用who/that 都可以。其他

(3)此句式去掉It is/was. . . who/that . . . 后,句子意思和成分 依然完整。

(5)对特殊疑问句强调的句式是:疑问词 + is/was it that + 句


7. Will you fetch me a ___ of today’s evening paper in a minute? [2011杭州高一检测] A. series B. set C. couple D. copy

【解析】选D。考查名词辨析。a copy of一份,一本;a series of一连串的,一系列,一套; a set of一套,一组,一 副;a couple of一对,一双。句意:你一会儿去给我拿一份今 天的晚报好吗?

8. Whenever they went out together, she would feel___, because she thought he was not to be trusted. A. reliable B. upset C. calm D. spellbound

【解析】选B。考查形容词辨析。upset“心烦意乱的,不安 的”;reliable“可靠的,可信赖的”;calm“平静的,镇定 的,沉着的”;spellbound“着迷的,入神的”。

9. I think you’d better __ what the teacher said on paper. A. settle down C. set down B. turn down D. bring down

【解析】选C。动词短语辨析。set down 记下; settle down 安定下来; turn down 调小,拒绝; bring down (使)减少,


10. Those who have ___floods and sandstorms know the importance of environmental protection. A. gone through B. gone over

C. gone across

D. gone down

【解析】选A。考查有关go的短语。 go through 经历,经受;

go over复习,检查; go across 穿过,横过,走过; go down
下降,平静下来。句意为:那些经受过洪水和沙尘暴灾害的 人懂得环境保护的重要性。

A Everyone needs friends. As the old saying goes, “No man is an island. ” In other words, no one can survive without the help and friendship of others.One can hardly live without a friend. Society is made up of people, and making friends is a very important part in our life.

Friends can give you a lot. Firstly, if you have trouble

with some problems, you can talk to your good friends and
exchange opinions. Thus you will feel comfortable and encouraged. Secondly, if you wish to do some physical

exercises, such as playing table tennis, you can play with friends and have a good time. In short, we need friends.

But what is true friendship? Some people think friends are people whom you can play with, others believe true

friendship lies in similar interests. However, in my opinion, “A friend in need is a friend indeed. ” True friends can

encourage you when you are in difficulties. True friends can
give you warnings against danger. True friends not only share with you your joy and happiness but also your trouble and anxiety. When you need him, he will give you a hand and spare no effort. Of course, these rules are the same to you when you treat your friends.

1. What does the author want to tell us by saying “No man is

an island”?
A. To form an island, we need more than one man.

B. Without friendship, people can live on an island.
C. Friends can make you feel comfortable and encouraged.

D. Everyone needs friends’ help and friendship.


2. What kind of friends are true friends? A. People whom you can play with. B. Friends in need. C. Friends who can encourage you when you are in difficulties. D. Friends who treat you the same as you treat them. 【解析】选B。细节理解题。根据文章第三段第三句However, in my opinion, “A friend in need is a friend indeed. ” 可知正 确答案为B。

3. What does the underlined phrase “spare no effort” mean?
A. Try one’s best. C. Ask for payback. B. Make no efforts. D. Go away.

【解析】选A。词义猜测题。根据前半句When you need him, he will give you a hand. . . 可推测出真正的朋友会“给予帮助” 且“不遗余力”。故A选项与原文意义相近。

4. What is the purpose of the author to write this passage? A. To explain why it is important to make friends.

B. To explain how to tell who are true friends.
C. To explain how to keep friendship.

D. Both A and B.


Beijing—Xuriyanggang, a migrant
worker(农民工) singing pair, has

attracted nationwide attention. After
performing at 2011 CCTV Spring Festival Gala(春节联欢晚

会), they were seen as the country’s hottest grass-roots(草
根)singers. Yet the song “In the Spring” that made them wellknown,has locked them in a dispute(纠纷).

“In the Spring”, the only song they performed either online or on the CCTV stage, can be dated to its owner,

Chinese rocker Wang Feng. On February 11th, Wang wrote on his blog that he wanted them to stop performing this song,

but they continued to use it at different shows. Wang has now
banned them from singing the song again.

This has caused public discussion. The actor Liu Ying
said, “I understood that Wang let them sing the song in the beginning to give them an early start with their singing career. In this sense, they should thank their teacher. ”

The appearance fee charged by Xuriyanggang has now

climbed to 50, 000 yuan per show, a number that would be
unthinkable if not for their performance at the Spring Festival Gala. Some say they make much money from a song they were not legally(合法地) allowed to sing. Li Yong, who hosted this year’s gala, said that the legal rights must be protected. Li


“We should learn to respect copyrights( 版 权 ).

Everything else is not important in the face of law. ”

Famous Chinese composer(作曲家)Xu Peidong said he’s glad to see more and more people realizing copyright


but he suggests that people produce good and
“The quarrel should not stop us on

lasting works, rather than the amount of money they might bring. Xu also said, further artistic creation(艺术创作). Let’s look forward, and try to develop a better environment. ”

Xuriyanggang’s apology came later,

saying that they

were sorry, and were thankful for Wang Feng’s help and encouragement. Wang Xu believed they would pass through this difficulty.

5. Which of the following is NOT true according to the first paragraph? A. Xuriyanggang is a migrant worker. B. Xuriyanggang is very popular now. C. Xuriyanggang is in a dispute. D. Xuriyanggang performed in 2011 Spring Festival Gala.

【解析】选A。推理判断题。从第一段可知旭日阳刚是一个 音乐组合(由两个农民工组成),他们在2011年春节联欢晚会

人们欢迎。但最近,他们陷入了版权纠纷。可见A项“旭日 阳刚是一个农民工”不正确。

6. What’s the meaning of the underlined word “banned”

in Paragraph 2?
A. 允许 B. 禁止 C. 请求 D. 承认

【解析】选B。词义猜测题。从第二段可知, 旭日阳刚因不听
劝阻在各种场合下有偿演唱其合法版权本属于汪峰的歌曲 《春天里》而被汪峰禁唱。所以选B。

7. According to Li Yong and Xu Peidong, which one of the following statements is RIGHT? A. Xuriyanggang’s making money from the song they were not allowed to sing is legal. B. Everything is not important in the face of law. C. People should respect and protect legal copyrights. D.The appearance fee unthinkable now. charged by Xuriyanggang are

【解析】选C。推理判断题。A项与第四段第二句一些人的想 法相反,也不是李咏的观点,故不选 A。根据第四段最后两

不重要,这与B项“一切在法律面前都不重要”不相符。D项 “旭日阳刚的出场费现在是无法想像的”不是他们两人的想 法。结合第四、五两段可得知李咏和徐沛东都认为我们应尊 敬和保护合法版权。故C项正确。

8. What’s the passage mainly about? A. How Xuriyanggang became famous.

B. Xuriyanggang made an apology to Wang Feng.
C. How to protect legal copyrights.

D. Xuriyanggang was troubled by copyright dispute.



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