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--------Healthy Eating+解决 问题的议论文

Healthy enough? Safe enough?

It is nutritious and won’t make you obese or overweight

It wo

n’t contain poisonous chemicals.

Are the following foods healthy and safe?
Try to remember them and their effect on health.

1.油炸类食品 fried foods
Contain cancercausing chemical 含致癌物质 Destroy vitamin 破坏维生素

2.腌制类食品 Pickled foods
Cause hypertension 造成高血压等 Do harm to kidney and stomach 伤肾和胃

3.加工类肉食品 Processing of meat products
Contain nitrite (亚硝酸盐) and a lot of preservative (防腐剂) which is harmful to liver (肝脏)

4.饼干类食品Biscuit categories of food
Add too much food flavour (食用香精) and pigment (色素) Destroy vitamin

5. 汽水可乐类食品 Soft drinks Coke products
Lead to calcium loss (钙流失) The amount of sugar is high

6. 方便类食品(主要指方便面和膨化食品) Convenience foods (mainly referring to instant noodles and expanded food)

Contain too much salt, preservative and food flavor (盐分过高,含防腐 剂、香精 )

7.罐头类食品(包括鱼肉类和水果类) Canned foods (including meat and fish and fruit)

Destroy vitamin and contain little nutrition

8. 话梅蜜饯类食品(果脯) Hua Mei preserves the categories of food (Preserves)

Contain nitrite (亚 硝酸盐) Contain too much salt, preservative and food flavor (盐分过高,含防腐 剂、香精 )

9.冷冻甜品类食品Frozen dessert products
Contain too much cream which will easily result in obesity (肥 胖) The amount of sugar is high

10.烧烤类食品 Barbecue food
Contain cancercausing chemicals (含致癌物质) Cause protein denaturation (蛋白 质变性)

They are top 10 junk foods (垃圾食品)

illegal cooking oil

lean meat powder melamine-contaminated baby milk

Exercise for understanding the words. 5 8 10 6 ) )哪个单词不能形容肥胖 ) )对 food pickled …flavour 有害”如何表达 foods 47 ) preservative 9 )哪个词组不能表示“导致,造成”含义 )“致癌物质”如何表达 1) 2 3 nutrition nitrite pigment ________________________________ A. A A. .油炸食品 香精 fat B. B B. . 色素 overweight B .腌制食品 A. ——————————————— cause B. lead to A. 香精 色素 A. A. 调养 香精 B. B. 营养 色素 A. 香精 B.D 色素 C. C C . .罐头食品 防腐剂 obese . D. D slim .话梅类食品 亚硝酸盐 C. become D. result in C. 防腐剂 D. 亚硝酸盐 C. C. 养分 防腐剂 D. 培养 D. 亚硝酸盐 C. 防腐剂 D. 亚硝酸盐

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)


A. 调养
C. 养分 2)nitrite A. 香精 C. 防腐剂

B. 营养
D.培养 B. 色素 D. 亚硝酸盐

3)pigment A. 香精 B. 色素 C. 防腐剂 D. 亚硝酸盐 4)perservative A. 香精 B. 色素 C. 防腐剂 D. 亚硝酸盐

5)food flavour A. 香精 B. 色素 C. 防腐剂 D. 亚硝酸盐 6)pickled foods A.油炸食品 B.腌制食品 C.罐头食品 D.话梅类食品 7)哪个词组不能表示“导致,造成”含义 A. cause B. lead to C.become D. result in 8)哪个单词不能形容肥胖 A.fat B.overweight C.obese D.slim 9)“致癌物质”如何表达 cancer-causing chemical 10)“对…有害”如何表达 be harmful to/ do harm to

读写任务:food safety
写作要求: 1.以约30词概括上面短文的要点; 2.以约120词结合你自己的经历谈谈你对食品 安全的看法。内容包括: (1)伪劣食品的危害; (2)从政府、商家和消费者的角度谈谈如 何保证食品安全

针对某种社会现象或就某个问题如 何解决,要求作者分析该问题所产生 的原因或造成的后果,作者提出解决 问题的看法。
一、开门见山地引出需要讨论的问题 二、解释其产生的原因或分析造成的后果 三、解决问题的办法。提出号召、措施、建 议等内容。

Step 1 引出需要讨论的话题 nowadays/ today/ recently/ over the past few years/ as we know… Something has become a serious problem/ a hot topic. 练习: 1. 当今,人们垃圾食品吃得越来越多,我们正 慢慢地进入了饮食危机(crisis)。 2. 在过去的几年里,食品安全已经成为我们面 临的一个严重的问题.

1. 当今,人们垃圾食品吃得越来越多,我们 正慢慢地进入了饮食危机(crisis)。 Nowadays, people are eating more and more junk food and we are slowly getting into a diet crisis. 2. 在过去的几年里,食品安全已经成为我们 面临的一个严重的问题. Over the past few years, the food safety has become a serious problem we face.

Step 2 分析原因或结果 解释原因的表达法: The reasons why … can be listed as follows. Many reasons can account for this. 阐述结果表达法: Cause/ lead to/ result in/ be beneficial to /be harmful to 练习: 1. 人们喜欢垃圾食品的原因有以下几点。 2. 伪劣食品含有大量的防腐剂、香精,色素等, 对我们的健康有害。

1. 人们喜欢垃圾食品的原因有以下几点。 The reasons why people are fond of junk food can be listed as follows. 2. 伪劣食品含有大量的防腐剂、香精,色素 等,对我们的健康有害。 Poor-quality foods contain too much preservative, food flavour,pigment and so on, which are harmful to our health.

Step 3 解决问题的方法 (号召,措施,建议) To solve this problem, there are some possible ways. Several effective measures must be taken to make sure/ guarantee确保 .... Many ways can be applied to cope with the situation. 练习: 1. 解决肥胖的问题,有几个可行的方法。 2. 必须采取有效的措施去确保食品质量。

1. 解决肥胖的问题,有几个可行的方法。 To solve the problem of obesity, there are several possible ways. 2. 必须采取有效的措施去解决食品安全 问题 Several effective measures must be taken to make sure of the quality of food.

Ways to express your ideas 1. Firstly/ to begin with…secondly, thirdly… 2. … besides/ moreover/ in addition/ apart from/ furthermore… 3. For one thing,…for another…/ on one hand… on the other hand. Ways to give an example: For example/ for instance/ such as 练习:1.一方面, 我们应该多吃蔬菜和水果,少吃垃圾 食品,例如油炸食品。另外一方面,定期做运动也 会使我们健康和苗条。 2. 例如,地沟油含致癌物质, 长期食用会提高患癌症 的几率。

1. 一方面, 我们应该多吃蔬菜和水果,少吃垃圾 食品,例如油炸食品等。另外一方面,定期做 运动也会使我们健康和苗条。 For one thing, we ought to eat more vegetables and fruit and less junk food, such as fried foods. For another, doing exercise regularly will also keep us fit and slim. 2. 例如,地沟油含致癌物质。 长期食用会提高患 癌症的几率。 For example, illegal cooking oil contains cancer-causing chemicals. Long term consumption will increase the risk of cancer.

(1)伪劣食品的危害; (2)从政府、商家和消费者的角度谈 谈如何保证食品安全

Today I learn……. ? top 10 junk food ? 3 cases of food scandal ?Vocabulary about healthy eating ?How to write an article in which problems need to be solved.



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