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[词汇热身] 【答案】 [句式温习] 【答案】 hours A terrible fire A big fire happened in one office building in our city at about nine o'clock last night. In the beginning,we saw flames with thick black smok

e coming out from the sixth floor; and we also heard the explosion of the gas tank .It was said that the fire started at the first floor,spreading one by one to the floors above,and finally reached the top floor. Some windows and brick walls were burnt down because of the heat of the fire. Many people stood outside on the streets watching the fire in horror. Many firemen and fire engines came quickly. Luckily,there was no person in the office building when the fire broke out. It took the firemen about two hours to put out the big fire 1.It was said that 2.because of the heat of the fire 3.Luckily 4.It took the firemen about two 1.happen/break out 2.in the beginning 3.explode 4.burn down 5.because of 6.put out

where(地点)和 who(人物), 而在下文则要补充事件的过程和细节, 往往包括 why(目的或原因)

1. 新闻通讯的第一句往往为全文的中心句(topic sentence), 因此这个句子中常包含四大元素 what(事件), when(时间),

和 how(具体过程)等。 2. 注意新闻类型题材的一些常用语, 如 It is reported that..., As is reported..., According to the report...等。 3. 新闻通讯报道在于平实客观的语言, 考生不必追求过分花哨的词汇和过于复杂的句型。

假设为了让青少年更了解诗歌, 上个周末临沂市教育局在实验中学举办了一场诗歌大赛。假设你是学校 报社的通讯员, 为这个活动写一篇报道。 [写作内容] 举办目的 让青少年更了解和学会欣赏诗歌 举办时间 2014 年 11 月 23 日, 上周日。 举办地 点 ,实验中学。 参与人员,全校三个年级选拔出的 30 名学生学生。举办详情 ,参赛者背诵自己的作品, 交 流经验 参赛者感受 1. 通过比赛与诗歌更靠近了 2. 诗歌可以帮助释放压力, 帮助我们快乐成长。 校长感 言, 鼓励大家像诗人那样思考, 对世界更敏感和真诚 。[写作要求] 120 字左右。内容要全面。

写作范文: In order to help teenagers learn more and appreciate poetry, a poetry contest was held in the Shiyan High School last Sunday, November 23, 2014. 30 senior students from different classes all over the school gathered together, reciting their works and exchanging thoughts. said that they were getting close to poems through Many competitors poetry

this competition. They also said that

could help them release pressure and grow up happily. The headmaster encouraged us to think like a poet, that is, be sensitive and sincere towards the world. 活动报道的第一句是开门见山地介绍活动的情况:活动的时间、地点、目的和内容都包含在


里面。第二句包含了参与人数与比赛详情 , 范文用了伴随状语 reciting their works and exchanging thoughts 连接了这两个内容。第三句和第四句都是陈述比赛者的感受, 因此范文为了显示句子多样性, 用了 两个不同的句型: Many competitors said that...(陈述句, 主动语态),最后一句用了一个插入语 that is. 时间 上周 地点 华文中学 事件 一批英国学生到访 行程 了解中国学生的校园生活、参观佛山的著名景 点,体验当地文化 佛山印象 洁净的市容、友善的学生、美味的食品 回访计划 华文中学 38 名学生应邀明年 三月访问英国 (2013 年佛山一模) 上周, 一批英国学生到达佛山华文中学进行访问交流。假设你是该校通讯 员, 请根据以下内容给当地一家报社写一篇英文报道。 [写作内容] [例题导写] [参考范文] Huawen

Middle School in Foshan City received a group of students from Britain last week. During their one-week stay in Foshan, the students experienced the campus life of Chinese students. They also and learned about the local culture. The British

visited some places of interest in Foshan

students were impressed by the kindness of Chinese students, cleanness of the city and niceness of food. At the invitation of a British school, 38 students in for Britain for an exchange visit next March. 名言采撷 There is no such thing as a great talent without great will power 一个没有意志力的人是不会成为天才


Middle School are to set



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