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阅读表达(补充句子)(2010-04-19 14.54.07)



1.概括标题/主旨大意 2.补全句子 3.英译汉 4.替换句子 5.开放性回答问题 6.封闭性回答问题 7.X=(必要时可根据文章的题材和体裁 设置其他题目)

Teaching aims

/>1.To complete the sentences according to the context. 2.To improve the skills of analysing the passage.


(2012· 山东) 阅读下面的短文,并根据短文后的要求答题(请 注意问题后的词数要求)。 [1]Hello.It’s one of the first words we learn as babies,yet it’s one of the last ones we think to use as adults.That’s unfortunate,because saying hello is more than just saying hello—it is recognition of another’s worth.How might the world change—how might we change—if we mastered this word?To find out,I spent one


An American friend of mine who was How to deal with emails. high up in a big corporation had worked Emails can be handled in the following out a way of handling a flood of emails. ways. (√)the case, it’s only because we If this is Here are the ways to deal with emails.(√) haven’t developed an appropriate way in dealing with it. _______. Firstly,you junk nothing with ... Secondly, e-mails don’t all have to be answered… Thirdly, a reply e-mail doesn’t have to be

2007 年山东卷

?读篇章 定主题 巧提炼

Part I 跟踪练习:
1.Most cancers don’t develop overnight or out of nowhere, Cancer is largely predictable, and the end result of a decades-long process.Just a few simple changes in your daily life can significantly reduce your risk. Here are some great tips… Take up a tea habit The healing powers of green tea have been valued in Asia for thousands of years, In the West, new research shows that it can reduce the risk of cancer _________________________ as well as heart disease, Some scientists believe that a chemical in green tea called EGCG could be one of the most powerful anticancer chemicals ever discovered.

Part I 跟踪练习:

…… Scans showed that grey matter(中枢 神经系统的灰白质) density in the brain was greater in bilinguals than in people without ________________________. But (learning) a second language the longer a person waited before mastering a new language, the smaller the difference is.


2008 年山东卷

cause/lead to /bring about many problems
Shopaholism seems to be a harmless addiction, but it can ___________. Some of them can be psychological. If this is the case, people addicted to shopping should go to a support group to help them break this habit. However, the process, like for most addictions, is long, and they suffer a lot. It can also cause financial problems. They just think about satisfying their feelings, so they spend money they don’t have. They get deep in debt, and they can even go bankrupt and get sent to prison.


读段落 析结构 抓主干

Part II 跟踪练习: what Save the Children has been The report confirms
saying for more than 70 years. The lives of children around the world will not improve unless the lives of their mothers improve. There is a direct link between the health of children and the quality of health care, family planning services and education. The ten countries rated worst in the study have problems with childbirth. Less than onethird of the births in those countries are attended by trained health care professionals. Also, only three percent of the women use a system to prevent pregnancies. In these countries, one in twelve women die during childbirth. But ___________________, the death rate for women during childbirth is only one in six thousand.

in the countries rated best/the highest

Part II 跟踪练习:

There are steps to take to make sure you ______________________,such as : Putting the computer in a common area like a living room where you can’t spend hour after uninterrupted hour on-line ;using a timer to limit on-line time ; joining a club or taking up a hobby .Anyone with balance and face-toface contact with addicted (to the Internet) don’t get others isn’t likely to get hooked.

don’t get hooked (on the Internet) don’t become internet addicts


1. You need to increase your energy level and stimulate your mind. And before you reach for that piece of cake or coffee, think about how ______________ are food and mood linked. Sugar and caffeine contribute to depressed moods while carbohydrates, such as potatoes and pasta(意大利面食), produce a calming effect on people who have a desire for them.


抓例子 精提炼 辨明理与例

PartIII 跟踪练习:

It seems that great scientists often _______________________________. suffer from mental illness Both Albert Einstein and Charles Dickens had mental illness. The artist Van Gogh cut off his ear after years of depression. .


something to receive

If it appears you have nothing to be grateful for, it is because you are not allowing yourself to receive. Just because you do not receive does not mean there is nothing to receive. On the contrary, there is always ______________,and so there is always a reason to be grateful. Pray:“Dear God, teach me I am worthy to receive, teach me how to receive, teach me gratitude”. Gratitude is good medicine.

表并列关系的连接词:and, also, similarly, too, not only…but also…, in the same way, 表递进关系的连接词:then; besides; in addition; additionally; what is more; moreover, 表转折关系的连接词:but, however, nevertheless, while, on the contrary, on the other hand, … 表因果关系的连接词:because, since, as, for; now that, so, therefore, thus, consequently, as a result, … 表条件关系的连接词:if, unless, in case, so/as long as…

? 逻 辑 抓连词 定___ ____ 莫大意

Part IV跟踪练习:

1.Don’t be so negative. Most things in life are not the way we would like them to be. However, everything in life is not that bad. You do have fun every now and then. You can’t change the world but you can __________________________towards your change your attitude life. Being negative only makes you feel terrible. Concentrate on the positive things and ignore the unpleasant things.

Part IV 跟踪练习:

But thanks to the efforts of the government, China has caught up with world-class competition in short track speed skating(短道速 滑).This is also true for women’s figure skating. However, in alpine skiing event, China_____________________. falls behind


2. 假设你是高考命题人,你会如何就此段设置补 全句子?说出你的理由和评分标准。 Cohen had found in a previous study that happier people seemed less easy to catch a cold. However, some questions remained as to whether the feeling itself had the effect. For the new study, the researchers ask 193 healthy adults to complete some standard measures of personalities and feeling style. Those who tended to be happy, energetic and easy – going were judged as having a positive feeling style, while those who were often unhappy, tense and depressed had a negative style.


选项自己填词,培养依据上下文去推断所缺句子或词语 的能力。 2.把“阅读表达”放到“阅读理解”中一起提高 3.上下文尤其是前后句对空缺的提示。 4.填上的部分确保语法准确、拼写无误。




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