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高考英语非谓语动词 非谓语动词的语法作用对比 主 表 是 是 是 是 宾 是 是 是 是 宾补 是 介宾 But 后 是 定语 是 是 是 是 是 是 状语 是 是 是

不定式 动名词 现在分词 过去分词

二. 功用和考查的目的 1、非谓语动词作主语 动名词和不定式都可作主语。表示习惯性的、经常性的动作时用动

名词;表示抽象的、将来性的、特 殊性的动作不定式(主语过长时用形式主语 It)。例:It felt funny watching myself on TV. 2.考查非谓语动词作宾语 1. v+ to do …如:hope/decide/plan/agree/pretend/refuse/offer 2.v + sb. + to do …如:wish/order/promise/want/expect/ask/tell... 3.…如:finish/enjoy/miss/mind/avoid/delay/practice/ suggest... 4.V + to do/ doing ...如:forget/remember/like/mean/try/stop/hate 5.介词+ doing...,如:pay attention to/look forward to/ adapt to /get down to 3 考查菲谓语动词作宾语补足语和主语补足语 1 ask/tell/wish/expect/order sb. to do sth. 2 make/let/have sb. do sth. 3 see / hear / watch / observe / notice / feel/look at/ listen to sb +doing sth /do sth/done sth 4.leave/keep sb. doing sth. 5with +n+ doing/done to do... 4、考查非谓语动词作定语 1.不定式作定语表示将来的动作,分词作定语表示 现在的或过去的动作。 The house being built now will be an office. The house to be built next month will be an office. 2.现在分词表示主动,过去分词表示被动,不定式 主动:to do,被动 to be done。 Things lost never come again. Peter received a letter just now saying his grandma would come to see him. 3.现在分词作定语。相当于定语从句:动名词作定 语表示用途,可改成 for +动名词。 a sleeping car = a car for sleeping(动名词) a sleeping boy = a boy who is sleeping (分词) 5、考查非谓语动词作状语 1.不定式作状语多表示目的,相当于 in order to... 2.分词作状语相当于原因、条件、时间、让步状语从句。 3.分词在句末多作方式、伴随、结果状语。 4.非谓语动词作状语,其逻辑主语为句子的主语, 可根据两者间的关系来判断是主动还是被动。 例:To be a winner,you need to give all you have and try your best. 例:When we visited my old family home,memory came flooding back. 6 考查非谓语动词作表语 1 动名词作表语可与主语互换 My job is teaching. = Teaching is my job. 2 情感动词作表语时, 若说明人或物自己的状态、 情感用过去分词若表示人或物令别人产生的情感用过去 分词: The moving film made me moved deeply. 7、考查“连词+分词”的省略 分词短语常常可以直接用在某些连词 when, while, if, unless, once, until, than, though 等之后,是状语从 句

中的省略现象。 The flowers his friend gave him will die unless watered every day. 8、考查根据分词选择其逻辑主语 同学们对于如何根据逻辑主语去选择相应的分, 都巳经很熟悉了,但高考题有时反其道而行之,先给 分词,再让考生去选择含有其逻辑主语的句子。 Faced with a bill for $10, 000, _____________ . A.an extra job has been given to John B.the boss has given John an extra job C.an extra job has been taken D.John has taken an extra job 句意:由于有一万美元的账要付,他只得额外打一份工。解析:过去分词短语作原因状语,句子的主语必是 入,选项 A、C,分别是 job 作主语,应排除,B 项主语 老板,那意思就是老板差钱,所以答案是 D 项。 三 分析非谓语动词怎么写“只能用 5 个句子表达合部内容”的小作文 A 以下是有关 2011 年 8 月份中国南方持续高温的一些信息。 高温地区:包括广东省在内的中国南方 9 省 高温时间:8 月 8 日到 21 日 高温情况:9 省的平均气温达 1951 年来历史第三高,有些地方日气温高达 40 多度 高温影响:造成田地干旱,影响农作物生长 ,造成部分地区人畜饮用水困难 【写作内容】根据上面的提纲,介绍 2011 年 8 月中国南方的高温情况。 One possible version : This year in August, extreme weather hit nine provinces in the southern part of China, Guangdong Province included.(过去分词作后置定语) Starting on the 8th and easing on the 21st,(现在分词作时间状语相当于 when 引起的时间状语从语) the extremely hot weather is rare seen in history. During these days, the average temperature of the nine provinces ranked the third in history recorded since 1951 and some places even recorded history-making temperatures which were over 40T; The hot weather resulted in dry fields,seriously affecting the growth of crops.(现在分词作结果状语) Besides,in some areas humans and animals suffered from a shortage of drinking water.(动名词) B 第一节基础写作(共 1 小题;满分 15 分)为强调校园安全的重要性以及提高学生自身的安全意 识,学校开办了 “校园安全周”。作为 学生会的一员,你需要用英文给学校外教写一篇校园安全指南。 其中文提纲如下:1.通行安全:上下楼梯靠右走,勿拥挤;2.运动安全:运动时遵守规则; 3.食品和网络安全:不叫外卖;不上有害网站;4.乘车安全:车未停稳,切勿上下; 5.消防安全:熟悉安全出口,学会消除火灾隐患,火灾时能有序高效逃生。 One possible version : To stay safe on campus,(不定式作目的状语)it is of great importance to obey the following rules.(不 定式作真正的主语) Firstly, remember to keep to the right without pushing others when going on the stairs. (不 定式作宾语,并且宾语中含有一个 without +动名语, 另还有一个 when 引导的时间状语从句,省略了主语 而变成现在分词结构)Secondly, obey all the rules when going in for sports.(when 引导的时间状语从句,省 略了主语而变成现在分词结构)Thirdly, don't order food from outside restaurants or visit harmful websites. Fourthly, when taking a bus, (同上) never get on or off it until it stops. Last but not least, keep in your mind where the fire exit is,how to remove the hidden threat of causing fire(动名词)and how to escape successfully when a fire breaks out. 四非谓语动语练习 1. We are invited to a party _____ in our club next Friday. A. to be held B. held C. being held D. holding 2. Distinguished guests and friends, welcome to our school,________ the ceremony of the 50th Anniversary this morning are our alumni (校友)from home and abroad. A. Attend B. To attend C. Attending D. Having attended 3. __________________ the project in time, the staff were working at weekends. A. Completing B. Having completed C. To have completed D. To complete

4._______________ by the advances in technology, many farmers have set up wind farms on their land. A. Being encouraged B. Encouraging C Encouraged D. Having encouraged 5.______not to miss the flight at 15:20, the manager set out for the airport in a hurry. A Reminding B. Reminded C. To remind D. Having reminded 6.In April,2009,President Hu inspected the warships in Qingdao,________the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PLA Navy. A. marking B. marked C. having marked D. being marked 6.When we visited my old family home,memory came ________ back. A. flooding B. to flood C. flood D. flooded 7._______, you need to give all you have and try your best. A. Being a winner B. To be a winner C. Be winner D. Having been a winner 8.The play _______next month aims mainly to reflect the local culture. A. produced B. being produced C. to be produced D. having been produced 9.________ and short of breath, Andy and Ruby were the first to reach the top of Mount Tai. A. To be tired B. Tired C. Tiring D. Being tired 10.There is a great deal of evidence _________ that music activities engage different parts of the brain. A. indicate B. indicating C. to indicate D. to be indicating 11.I like getting up very early in summer. The morning air is so good______. A. to be breathed B. to breathe C. breathing D. being breathed 12._______that she was going off to sleep,I asked if she'd like that little doll on her bed. A. Seeing B. To see C. See D. Seen 13.________to reach them on the phone, we sent an email instead. A. Fail B. Failed C. To fail D. Having failed 14.We had an anxious couple of weeks _______ for the results of the experiment. A. wait B. to be waiting C. waited D. waiting 15.The message is very important, so it is supposed _______ as soon as possible. A. to be sent B. to send C. being sent D. sending 16.________around the Water Cube, we were then taken to see the Bird's Nest for the 2008 Olympic Games. A. Having shown B. To be shown C. Having been shown D. To show 17. The trees______ in the storm have been moved off the road. A. being blown down B. blown down C. blowing down D. to blow down 18._________the project as planned,we'll have to work two more hours a day. A. Completing B. Complete C. Completed D. To complete 19. I hear they've promoted Tom, but he didn't mention_____ when we talked on the phone. A. to promote B. having been promoted C. having promoted D. to be promoted 20._______their hats into the air, the fans of the winning team let out loud shouts of victory. A. To throw B. Thrown C. Throwing D. Being thrown 21.________lots of times, the song doesn't sound as nice as before. A. Hearing B. To hear C. Having heard D. Heard 22.The education program ________combining brain work with manual labor is being widely spread throughout the country. A. to aim at B. aims at C. having aimed at D. aimed at 23.—Good morning. How much should I pay for these books ______to Alabama? — Hm, about ten dollars. A. to be sent B. being sent C. having sent D. to have been sent 24.Henry has come in his raincoat and boots ______ for rain. A. prepared B. preparing C. to prepare D. prepares

25._________the distance was too far and the time was short, we decided to fly there instead of going there by train. A. Discovering B. To discover C. To have discovered D. Discovered 26.The shop owner will get all these goods ordered_______ to the customers today. A. to deliver B. delivering C. delivered D. deliver 27_______ by the beauty of nature ,the girl from London decided to spend another two days on the farm. A. Attracting B. Attracted C. To be attracted D. Having attracted 28.________in the queue for half an hour, the old man suddenly realized he had left the cheque in the car. A. Waiting B. To wait C. Having waited D. To have waited 29.Early this year, cruel snowstorms hit southern China, __________great transportation problems in some areas. A. causing B. caused C. to cause D. having caused 30.Jack went to college last year, and left his parents, ________to return home until he achieves his goal. A. determing not B. not determined C not determining D determined not Key: ACDCB







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