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江苏省新沂市第二中学高中英语《Unit 3 Revision》教案 新人教版必修5

江苏省新沂市第二中学高中英语《Unit 3 Revision》教案 新人教版必修 5
教 学 目标 Students will learn and master the important language points in the two passages to understand them better. How to help the students to

learn and master the important language points well.


Learn and master the im portant language points in the two passages


教法及教具 教 学 内 容

A recorder, a projector and some slides. 个案调整 学生主体 活动


Practice S ection A 1.Banks was the first ________ crops from one continent to another on a large scale,________ to develop local economies with new imports. 教 A.to have moved; to help B.to move; to helpC.to move; helping D.moving; helping 2. Despite all the benefits of building a factory here, only a few people argued ________ the project. 学 A.in terms of C.in praise of B.in need of D.in favour of

3 . ________ there was no conclusive evidence, most people thought he was guilty. 过 A.When C.As long as B. As far as D.While

4.He ________ his plan for dropping out of the university regardless of his parents' opposition. 程 A.pushed along B.pushed ahead with C.pushed for D.pushed forward 5.The poor mother, who had been ill in bed, had to have her little son ________ at his uncle's. A.adapted B.adopted C.adjusted D.applied 6.—Was the suspect pronounced guilty? —Yes, the new evidence ________ t he first witness' story. A.confirmed B.claimed C.declared D.observed 7.(2013· 益阳高二检测)He stood there without daring to lift his head as a ________ of his wrong action. A.summary C. conclusion B.consequence D.effect

8.Every country has the responsibility to ensure a safe, ________ and healthy development of the nuclear energy. A.flexible C.available B.reliable D.acceptable

9.I would like a job which pays more, but ________ I enjoy the work I'm doing at the moment. A.in other words C.for one thing B.on the other hand D.as a matter of fact

10.(2013· 邵阳高二调研)My son prefers us to email each other once a week ________ spend half an hour on the phone every night. A.other than C.more than B.rather than D.instead of

11. —Could you d o me a ________ and take the box up to the sixth floor? —With pleasure.No problem at all. A.favour C.pleasure B.good D.kindness

12.—How can you borrow my computer without my ________? —Oh, I forgot to tell you.I hope you don't mind. A.permit C.belief B.permission D.instructions

13.Exam?takers' “virtue” will be taken into ________ in the next nationwide public servants' exam. A.focus C.consideration B.target D.contribution

14.—How about your school? —Oh, very good.You can't find ________ one in this city. A.the better C.a better B.the best D.better

15.Not until he left his home ________ to know how important the family was for him. A.did he begin B.had he begun C.he began D.he had begun Section B(18 marks) One day I was mailing a package in the office when I saw a woman approach the postal clerk.“I found this lying on the

floor by my box,” she said, “and I'd like to hand it in.” The postal clerk laughed and said, “I've __16__ had anyone hand in money before, but I'll put it in an envelope.Please write your name and telephone number on the front.If no one __17__ the money, we'll call you.” The lady explained, “I've lost money before and it was never turned in.I remember how I __18__.I don't want to make someone else feel that way.” The postal clerk responded with her own__19__ of having dropped some money while shopping and not knowing it __20__ she was preparing to pay for her purchases. I admit that I'd slowed down on my preparations as I was busy listening to their __21__.The lady who handed in the money left the post office.At almost the same time a very young woman __22__.She approached the postal clerk and asked, “Has anyone turned in any money recently?” She told the clerk the __23__, and the clerk laughed again.“As a matter of fact, yes!” she responded.“It was turned in just several __24__ ago.” Then a young man ran in and said, “It's not on the ground!” She turned to him and said, “Someone turned the money in!” The look of __25__ on both of these young people's faces is a memory I'll have for a long time.The young lady told how she thought the money was __26__ in her coat pocket when she walked in to check her mailbox.Only when she arrived home did she __27__ that it was no longer there. Yes, I finally finished preparing the package to be mailed, but I was the one who had a very special surprise in the post office. 16.A.often B.always C.never D.occasionally 17. A.claims B.requires C.accepts D.seeks 18.A.behaved B.felt C.reacted D.imagined 19.A.way B.intention C.memory D.risk 20.A.until B.when C.after D.though 21 . A.debate B . quarrel C . lecture D.conversation 22.A.drove in B.rushed in C.cut in D.broke in 23.A.event B.time C.story D.amount 24.A.minute B.hours C.days D.weeks 25.A.surprise B.relief C.depression D.excitement 26.A.generally B.merely C.badly D.securely

27.A.believe B.dou bt C.realize Section C


(2013· 衡阳八中高二上期中)Laurie and Jake Rohrer live near the small town of Ha'iku on the Ha waiian island of Maui.They have a recording studio in their home.They are helping to support the music of artists who they say are extremely talented yet largely unknown. Jake built a recording studio in their garage.The couple produced a CD with a singer named Ata. The Rohrers wanted to continue producing music, so they es tablished their own record label.They chose the name that one of their artists had given to their home—Ululoa. The Rohrers decided to invite only native singers they liked to record with them.They say they give their artists freedom of expression and cultural respect.They also give them half the profits once sales have paid back the cost of producing a CD. There are no contracts ( 合 同 ) . Jake Rohrer says everyt hing is settled with a handshake based on the Hawaiian tradition of pono. 51.________ Hawaii 52.________ Purpose Place Record label name 55.________ How to 56.________ 58.________ in The Rohrers To support the music of artists extremely talented yet largely 53.________ 54.________ Ululoa Only native singers A handsh ake based on the 57 . ________ Hawaiian pono Helping to 59.________ Producing good music 60.________ new Hawaiian singers to record on the Ululoa label

Future plan


板 书 设 计

教 学 札 记



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