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Unit 3

A taste of English humor
(No.2 middle school of Wu Chuan)


A taste of English humor
partⅠ Warming up part Ⅱ Reading Part Ⅲ Learning about language PartⅣ Listening and Speaking PartⅤ Grammar part Ⅵ Writing and summary

PartⅠ Leading in and warming up

Do you know who they are?

Mr. Bean

Mark Twain

Charlie Chaplin





How many kinds of humor do you know? Look at the chart .Do you know these kinds of humor?

Types of humor

Examples of English humor

Nonverbal Mime and farce Funny stories
Verbal jokes

Charlie Chaplin Mr. Bean Mark twain
Play on words, usually

Funny poems

Edward Lear

Examples of humor
A Poem

There was a young boy of Harbin Whose face was incredibly clean He washed it each day With soap mixed with clay And scrubbed it until it would gleam.

Read the Tow Jokes :
Joke1: Patient: Doctor, I’ve lost my memory. Doctor: When did this happen? Patient: When did what happen?

Joke 2: Garcia: Thank you doctor. My fever is gone. Doctor: Don’t thank me. Thank God. Garcia: Then I will pay the fees to God.

A funny story

A man and a woman found a penguin. neither of them knew what to do with it .so they decided to ask a policeman for help. they looked around and found a policeman and asked his advice. “ well, said the policeman, I think you should take it to the zoo. “what a good idea." said the man and the woman together. The next day the policeman saw the man and the woman again ,they were still with the penguin and he was rather surprised." Why did you not take the penguin to the zoo as I suggested yesterday?" He asked them .”“we did ,”They said . “And today we are going to the cinema. Tomorrow we will go to the swimming pool.”

After the several kinds of humors. ? Please discuss these questions. ? Q1:What do you like to laugh at? ? Q2:What does humour mean? Is humor always kind?

Part Ⅱ Reading

Step Ⅰ:Skimming the text and answer the questions: ? What?s Charlie Chaplin?s career? ? Why he is well known throughout the world?

StepⅡ Scanning the passage.
Divide the text into several parts according to the meaning.
Part One: the first and the second paragraph ? Part Two: the third and the fourth paragraph ? Part Three: the last paragraph

Give the main idea of each part
The main idea of part one: It tells us that there are two kinds of humor. One is bad, while the other can inspire people. The main idea of part two: It tells us something about Charlie Chaplin?s acting style and how Charlie Chaplin made a sad situation entertaining. The main idea of part three: it gives us a short biography about Charlie Chaplin.

? Questions:

have a discussion about the text, then answer some questions.

(1) What is behind fun? (2 ) Why did people like Little Tramp? (3 ) Do you think Charlie Chaplin?s eating boiled shoes funny? Why?

? ⒈If you do ,you are not 那么你就和大家一样. ?alone” :(adj).单独的,只有,仅.

Language points:

eg: She watched TV when shi is alone. ( adv).单独地.独自地. eg: I can do it alone. alone and lonely 作为形容词, lonely 既可作表语,也可以作定语, alone只作表语.在意思上, lonely 指一种感觉,具有 感情色彩, Alone只是陈述一个事实,独自一个人, 没有别的同伴.

⒉Perhaps it makes us feel more content with our life because we feel there is someone worse off than ourselves.
(1).content (adj.): satisfied, happy, not wanting
any more phrases: content with sth; content to do sth e.g. (1) She is quite content to stay at home looking after her children. (2 ) Are you content with your present salary? Content (n.): that which is contained in sth e.g. I like the style of her writing but I don?t like the content.

(2)make us fell…是一个复合宾语结构.表示“致使” 意义的动词称为使役动词,如 make ,let,have,keep,leave,set,send等.使役动词的 的作用是后接非谓语动词的不同形式作宾语补足语, 表达不同的含义.主要有三种情况:
①后接不带to 的不定式,表示 “使某人某物做某事”. eg: The boss made them work the whole night. ②后接V-ing形式,表示持续性动作. eg: I am sorry to keep you waiting for so long. ③ 后接V-ed形式 ,表示被动意义. eg: I will keep you informed as soon as I have the news. 注意:在有些使役动词如get ,force等的复合结构中,不定式要带to . Eg: I will get someone to help you . someone forced him to leave the place at once.

3.Instesd they are caught on the edge of a mountain in a snowstorm in a small wooden house.
①Be caught在这里是“陷入困境”,“进退两难”
的意思,后面常跟介词in. eg :He was caught in a heavy rain. She had been caught in a traffic jam. The car was caught between two trucks.

②On the edge of …“在…的边上”

4.First he pick out the laces and eats them as if they were spaghetti.
⑴Pick out ,“选出,认出”. eg: You can pick out your new bicycle. 你可以为自己挑一辆新自行车. Can you pick your friend in that group? 你能从那群人中认出你的朋友吗?

知识扩展------ “pick up”

①获得 eg: I pick up a very interesting book the other day. ②拾起,爬起. She picked up the telephone on her desk. After he fell off his horse, he picked up and said he wasn't hur ③收听到,看到,测到. Our radio picked up your SOS.

Where did you pick up your technical skill?

I will pick you up at your office.

⑵as if : “看起来好像…”引导从句.
①引导的方式状语从句所表示的情况是 事实或者具有很大可能性时,通常用 陈述语气,常与look ,seem ,smell等词 连用.eg: *It looks as if it is going to rain. * It seems as if the boy has lost his way.

②如从句表示的时间不是事实,而是主观的想 象或夸大性的比喻时,通常用虚拟语气.对 现在的情况虚拟,从句用过去时,对过去情 况的虚拟时,从句用过去完成时.eg: *The young man with long hair looks as if he were a girl. * He walks as if he were drunk. * Everything in my childhood crowed upon my mind as if they had just happened.

? 5.inspire

sb. ( with sth.) \ inspire sth. (in sb.): To fill sb. with thoughts, feelings or aims. e.g. His speech inspired us with hope. ? 6. badly off: in a poor position, esp. financially The opposite is “ well off”
e.g. (1) They are too badly off to have a holiday. (2 ) In fact most people are better off than they were five years ago.

Listen to the tape about the text. Then do some exercises and practice.

Do you find it funny to see someone ____ on a banana___,______into someone elsesliding a____, round skin bumping corner or ____down a hole in the road? If you do,you are falling not____.Some humour can be____. Perhaps it alone cruel makes us feel more_____with our life because we content feel there is someone else_____ ____than worse off ourselves.Charlie Chaplin was born in_____in1889 poverty and at that time films were_____. He became silent famous for using a _______form of acting, particular including_____and____.
mime farce

Fill in the blanks

Home work :
1.Read the passage aloud again and again and retell the passage . 2.Do the exercises on page 19-21. 3.Preview the passage of Using language .

Part Ⅲ Learning about language
? There

are thousands of jokes in English ,which used a “play on words" to be funny.

Step1 英语中有趣的双关语“pun”

所谓pun,通常是指利用一个单词 的两个含义,或者利用两个特定的 单词,达到“一语双关”的目的。 比如下面一句话:

ExampleⅠ ? ①He is not a grave man until he is a grave man.
其中的grave有两个含义,一个是“严肃 的”(形容词),一个是“坟墓”(名词), 因此这句话的意思是: 他不是一个严肃的人,除非他躺到坟墓里 才能严肃起来。

ExampleⅡ ?②They pray for you today and prey on you tomorrow.
? 其中的pray(祈祷)和prey(捕食),发音相同,

外形相似,因此这句话的意思是: 他们今天为你祈祷,明天就会加害于你。

English jokes

Ted What’s he doing for weekend? Jokes 1.
playing basketball A teacheris __________________. He asked a student to write 55. Student asked: How? Teacher: Write 5 and beside it another 5! The student wrote 5 and stopped. teacher: What are you waiting for? student: I don't know which side to write the other 5!

Joke 2

man goes to the doctor and says, "Doctor, wherever I touch, it hurts." The doctor asks, "What do you mean?" The man says, "When I touch my shoulder, it really hurts. If I touch my knee - OUCH! When I touch my forehead, it really, really hurts." The doctor says, "I know what's wrong with you - you've broken your finger!"

Step 2 Reading of the using language

the jokes in the book on page 22 .

? Which

kind of jokes do you like better? Give your reason.

Role -play
? Change

the joke about Sherlock Homes into a short play. ? Act it out in groups of three-Holmes, Watson and a narrator.

PartⅣ Listening and Speaking

Step 1 Listenning ? Listening to the materials on page 23. ? Then choose the right answers.

⒈Which is the best title for this story?
A. John and jam B. How to make jam C. The chickens and the jam D. The chickens were drunk

? ⒉Why

was Mary Smith frustrated? A. her chickens were ill B .John threw away her jam. C. John stayed away five days. D. the pan was broken.

? 3.

What turned the jam into wine? A . The cold weather B . The hot water C .the chickens D .John

Listen to the story again and discuss the question.
? Do

you find this story funny? give a reason. ? What do you think of John?s behaviour?

Step 2 Speaking
Think of a funny story in pairs. It can be an English story or a Chinese story .

Some useful expressions

enjoy this very much because… ? I laugh at that kind of things because… ? It surprises me that…. ? It is very amusing that… ? This is fun because… ? How wonderful/surprising! ? ……..


tell your story to the whole class.

PartⅤ Grammar

? learn

how to use the V-ing form as the attribute, the object complement and the predicative.

Look at the sentences below.pay attention to the Ving words.
? (1)

Her hobby is painting. ? (2) Her favorite sport is skiing. ? (3) This was very disappointing.


The man sitting on the sofa is a friend of my brother’s.

Here the V–ing form are used as attribute. 在这个句子中动词ing形式用作定语,修 饰the man.

动名词表示所修饰的词的用途,材料,场合等; ? 现在分词表示所修饰的词正在进行的动作, 可以换作定语从句.如下例: A walking stick= a stick for walking A sleeping car= a car for sleeping A waiting man = a man who is waiting A sleeping child =a child who is sleeping


saw the man sliding on a banner skin yesterday.

Here the V–ing form are used as object complement 这个句子中,动词ING形式用作宾语 补足语.

动词ING形式作宾补,主要是用在某些动词如 see,hear ,notice,watch ,find ,keep ,get , have, feel 等后一个名词或代词构成的复合宾 语.这时动词ING形式和句子的宾语之间存在 着逻辑上的主谓关系,并且动词ING形式表示 宾语正在进行的动作. He saw a girl getting on the tractor.=(he saw a girl and she was getting on the tractor.)

The structure of the sentence with an object complement is: 带宾语补语的句子结构是这样 的:
Subject(主语) + Predicate谓语 )+ Object (宾语)+ Object complement (宾补)

? Her

job is looking after babies. ? What he likes is playing chess after supper.
Here theV –ing form are used as predictive.

? 动名词作表语,主语可以和表语互换.

? 现在分词作表语,表明主语的性质和特征,

主语和表语不可换. Our job is playing all kinds of music. (动 名词作表语可以和主语互换) =Playing all kinds of music is our job. Watching football is exciting.(现在分词作表 语)


the exercises on page 56—57.

Part Ⅵ Writing and summary

Learn how to write funny stories using the target language and according to the writing steps.

Some instructions on writing a funny story.

? 1)

Writing down your story in a logical order. ? 2) For each of your story try to find the most interesting words you can to describe how you felt or what was happing. ? 3) Then write out your story using these interesting words.

? 4)

Read through your story. ? 5) Then show it to your partner. Let him/ her suggest some new and exciting words. ? 6) Write out the story and put it into a class collection of stories.


summary about what they have learned in the unit

1. ? 2. ? 3. ? 4. ? 5. ? 6. ? 7. ? 8.

I enjoy this very much because…. I laugh at that kind of thing because… This is fun because…. How wonderful / surprising! It surprises me that… I?m pleased we were both amused at… I felt happy because… It?s amusing that…

Grammar 语法
? 1.

Word formation ? 2. The V–ing form of the verb used as predicative, attribute and object complement.

? 1.

Do you find it funny to see someone sliding on a banana skin, bumping into someone else round a Conner, or filling down a hole in the end. ? 2. Perhaps it makes us feel more content with our life…

? 3.

He became famous for using a particular form of acting, including mime and farce. ? 4. But he was lived by all who watched the film for his determination in overcoming difficulties and being kind even when people were unkind to him.

? 5.

Imagine you are hungry and all there is to eat is boiled shoe. ? 6. He solved it by using nonverbal humor. ? 7. Their job is “panning for gold”. ? 8. This was the problem facing Charlie Chaplin in one of his most famous films.

? Translate

the following sentences into Chinese and pay attention to the use of the V–ing form.

? 1.

The two comedians performing on the stage are from Liaoning Province. ? 2. Who is the girl walking by the river. ? 3. The children playing the violin will give a performance next week.

? 4.

The man with sunglass standing near the car is a cross talk artist. ? 5. The old lady talking to the children is a famous musician. ? 6. I saw a group of policemen coming out of a green jeep and running to the building.


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