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语法突破 目标: 现在进行时态的被动语态 高一英语组 2013-12-17 一、现在进行时态的被动语态 的基本结构的构成: 1.现在进行时态的被动语态的肯定式为: am/is/are + being + done。 如: w. The question is being discussed at the meeting no 这个问题现在正在会上被讨论。 目前长江上

Another bridge is being built over the Changjiang River at present. 正在建造另一座大桥。

2.现在进行时态的被动语态的否定式为:am/is/are + not + being + done。如: The baby isn’t being taken good care of. 这婴儿没在得到很好的照顾。 The animals are not being set free at present. 目前这些动物还不能被放出。 3.现在进行时态的被动语态的一般疑问句需将 am/is/are 提到主语的前面。 -Is a new library being put up in their school now? ---Yes, it is. 在正在建一座新图书馆吗。乙:是,正在建一座新图书馆 --Are a number of Dongfeng trucks being shipped abroad? ---No, they aren’t. 甲:一批东风卡车正被运往国外吗?乙:不,没有。 4.现在进行时态的被动语态的特殊疑问句为:疑问词 + am/is/are + (主 语) + being + done。 如:What is being done to the machine? 现在对这台机器要采取什么措施? How many houses are being built in the village? 村里正在建造多少房屋? When is the sports meeting being held in our school. --


我校将在什么时候举行运动会? 二、现在进行时态的被动语态的用法: 1.现在进行时态的被动语态的同它的主动语态一样,表示现在正在进行的被 动动作。 He is being interviewed by our headmaster now. 他正在接受我们校长的采访。 This film is being shown now. 这部电影正在被放映。 2.现在进行时态的被动语态的同它的主动语态一样,表示现阶段正在进行的被 动动作。 The disease is being studied by scientists. 科学家们正在研究这种疾病。 These animals are being hunted at such a speed that they will disappear soon. 可遗漏 being 现在进行时的被动语态表示说话时主语正在承受谓语动词的动作,谓语动词的 形式为“is/are/am+being+过去分词”。如果我们把 being 漏掉,就成为一般现在 时被动语态或系表结构。试比较下列句子: Look! The children are being taken care of by their aunt. 瞧!孩子们现在正由姑母照看 着。 Children are taken good care of at school.? 孩子们在校被照看得很好。(指 通常情况) The report is being written by one of the best students.? 报告正在由一个最好的学 生写着呢。 The report is well written. 报告写得很好。(系表结构) 二. 表示现阶段 现在进行时被动语态也可以表示目前这一阶段主语正在承受谓语动词的动 作。 Many interesting experiments are being carried out these days. 最近正在进行 许多有趣的实验。(说话时,并不一定在进行) 以

如此速度捕杀动物,他们很快就会消失。 在进行时被动语态五个提醒 一. 不

三. 表示计划或安排 现在进行时被动语态还可表示按计划、安排主语将要承受谓语动词的动作(仅 限于 bring,take,send,hold,sing,show,play 等表示移动的或能用来表示某 项活动的少数及物动词)。 A folk song is being sung next.? 下面将演唱一首民 间歌曲。 A party is being held tonight.? 今晚将要举行一场晚会。 四. 没有进行时被动语态 contain,include,impress,feel,want,like,love,satisfy,surprise,own 等一 些表示状态、 心理活动、拥有等意义的动词(和主动语态一样)一般不用进行 时被动语态,常用一般现在时被动语态表示此时此刻或目前主语承受谓语动词 的动作。 Xiao Wang, come here. You are wanted on the phone. ? 小王,过来,有人打电话找你呢。 Football is becoming more and more popular. In other words, it is loved by more and more people.? 足球现在越来越流行了,换句话说,它被越来越多的人喜爱。 五. 其它形式表 示被动结构 “be+under/in 等介词+名词”结构可代替进行时被动语 态。 The city is under attack(=is being attacked)at the moment.? 目前这个城市正受到进攻。 The telephone is in use(=is being used)now.? 电话正在使用中。 练习题 单选: 1. ---Have you moved into the new house? --Not yet, the room ______. A. are being painted C. are painted B. are painting

D. are being painting 2. Look! The ship ______.

A. is unloading loaded

B. is being unloaded

C. had unloaded

D. is been un

3. The children ______ many times not to swim in the river. A. told _ now. B. have told C. have been told B. is discussing D. are being told 4. The new plan _____ C. is being discussed D. is going to di

A. is discussed scuss

5. The whole city looks like a big construction site. Many new factories ______. A. have been built B. are being built C. are going to be built uilding 6. A science lab ______ in our school at present. A. is being built B. has built ____. You may use mine. A. is being repaired repairing D. are b

C. is building D. will be built 7. Since your car __ C. is repairing D. is being

B. has been repaired

8. A new cinema ______ here. They hope to finish it next month. A. will be built B. is built C. has been built D. is being built 9. Look! The roads ___ ___ now. A. are widening B. are widened e widened 10. --- The window is dirty. --- I know. It _____ for weeks. A. hasn’t cleaned been cleaned 现在进行时态的被动语态 一、 自主预习 1. 回顾复习 1) 现在进行时的构成:be+V.-ing I am doing my homework. 译 2) 被动语态的构成:be + V-ed(过去分词)(由 by 引出动作的发出 者 ) The school is built by the government. 2. 回归课本,找出下列句子中的动词部分。 1)We’re being killed for the wool beneath our stomach. B. didn’t clean C. wasn’t cleaned D. hasn’t C. are being widened D. is to b

2) Our fur is being used to make sweaters for people like you. 3) She was being watc hed by an elephant. 4) So good things are being done here to save local wildlife. 3. 总结归纳,得出结 论。 现在进行时被动语态的构成: 表达的意义: 二、 用法讲解 1. 表示此时此刻正在进行的被动动作。 The new plan is being discussed now. 这 个计划正在被讨论。 2. 表示现阶段正在进行的被动动作,但该动作不一定此时此刻发 生。 Several new roads are being built in Heze. 菏泽有几条新的公路正在建设 中。 3. 表示一种经常的被动行为,常常与 always, constantly 等副词连用,往往带有 夸奖、羡慕、埋怨、讨厌等感情色 彩。 Tom is always being praised by his teacher. 汤姆总受到老师的表扬。 4. 可与情态动词连用,表示说话者对正在发生的被动行为的推测。 --Do you know what mary is doing? ---She may be being interviewed in the office. ---你知道李华在干什么吗? ---他可能正在办公室接受面试。 三、 拓展提升 1. The parents are taking good care of their baby. The baby by their parents. (注:短语动词中的介词不能遗漏) 现在进行时被动语态

2. An English party is being held tonight. 译: (注:现在进行时的被动语态有时可表示按计

划或安排将要进行的一个被动动作) 3. 用现在进行时的被动语态改写下列句子: The problem is under discussion at the meeting. (注:be +under/in +n.可表示现在 进行时的被动意义)

四、 课堂检测 1. (2010 陕西高 考)It is reported that many a new house A. are being built built 2. (2010 上海高 考) The church tower which nished. A. has restored 3. Since your car A. is being repaired paired 4 A new cinema __ A. will be built C. has been built will be open to tourists soon. The work is almost fi D. is being restored D. was being re at present in the disaster area. D. is being

B. were being built C. was being built

B. has been restored C. is restoring , your may use mine. B. has been repaired C. is repairing

___ here. They hope to finish it next month. B. is built D. is being built

4. 用下列词的现在进行时的被动语态形式填空 make wash enjoy decorate

A huge Chritstmas tree with stars and gifts. Look outside, a snowman by a croud of children. My car by two workers of the 4S store. Icecream of different flavors(口味) by several students of Class 5.

4. 用下列词的现在进行时的被动语态形式填空 make wash enjoy decorate

A huge Chritstmas tree with stars and gifts. Look outside, a snowman by a croud of children. My car by two workers of the 4S store. Icecream of different flavors(口味) by several students of Class 5

4. 用下列词的现在进行时的被动语态形式填空 make wash enjoy decorate

A huge Chritstmas tree with stars and gifts. Look outside, a snowman by a croud of children. My car by two workers of the 4S store. Icecream of different flavors(口味) by several students of Class 5

新课标必修 2 Unit 4 Wildlife protection 现在进行时被 动语态
教学目标: 1、学习现在进行时被动语态的构成。 2、掌握现在进行时被动语态的用法(重点) 3、使用现在进行时被动语态需要注意的几个问题.(难点) 4、练习现在进行时的被动语态。 (1)In fact, there are now so many deer that some to places which would like to return this kind of wild. (2)More milu deer are being moved to a new large nature shishou in Hubei Province . (3)The life of the milu is being studied there. 现在进行时被动语态的构成: 现在进行时的被动语态有肯定式、否定式、一般疑问式及特殊疑问式四种结构,现分述如 下: 1、肯定式:由“主语+am/is/are+ being+过去分词”构成,其中的 am/is/are 及 being 均是助动词,无任何词汇意义。 e.g. A new house is being built over there. park in are being sent

deer to the

They are being trained at the center. 2、否定式:由"主语+am/is/are+ not+ being+过去分词"构成。 e.g. The question is not being discussed at the meeting.

I am not being helped at present . 3、一般疑问式及其回答 由"Am/Is/Are+主语+being+过分?"构成,答语一般采用简略式,使用助动词 am ,is 或 are.


1) ---Is the car being repaired?

---Yes, it is./No, it isn't. 2) Are they being treated by the doctors ? Yes, they are./No, they aren't. 三、特殊疑问式及其回答主要有如下三种句式: a:疑问词(作主语)+is/are+ being+过分? b:疑问词(作定语)+主语+is/are+ being+过分? c:疑问词+is/are+主语+being+过分? 回答时,不能使用 yes 或 no,而应根据实际情况回答。 e.g. (1)---What is being done over there?

---A new lake is being built. (2)---How many apples are being shipped? ---One hundred tons. (3)---Where are the machines being repaired ? ---In the factory. 现在进行时被动语态的用法 1、表现正在进行或发生的被动动作,常与 now, look 等词连用。 e.g. Helicopters are being sent (by us )to rescue them now.

He is being operated on in the hospital. 2、表示现阶段或目前这段时间正在进行的被动动作,但这一被动动作在此时此刻不一定 正在发生。 e.g. A new factory is being built.

They are being taught English at present . 3、表示一种经常性或习惯性的被动行为,常与 always, forever, continually, constantly 等词连用,往往带有夸张、羡慕、赞扬、责备、厌烦及埋怨等感情色彩。 e.g. The naughty boy is always being scolded

by his father. Tom is always being praised by the teacher . 4.与情态动词连用,表示对现在正在发生的被动行为的推测。 e.g. (1) John is not here .He must be being interviewed (2) ---Do you know what smith is doing ?

---He is ill. He may be being examined by the doctor. 使用现在进行时的被动语态需要注意的几个问题: 1、注意助动词的运用。 现在进行时的被动语态有两个助动词,一是助动词 be 的相应形式,为现在进行时的助动 词;二是助动词 being,为被动语态的助动词,这两个助动词缺一不可,并且不可颠倒顺 序。 e.g. 这些动物目前正被放了出来。

The animals are being set free at present. 2、注意短语动语后面的介词不可漏掉。有些动词短语如 take care of , look after , talk about 等,用于被动结构时,后面的介词不可漏掉。 e.g. you are being talked about. 译:这婴儿正受到很好的照顾 The baby is being taken good care of. 3、注意动词的性质。 有些动词,通常是不及物动词即表示某种情况或状态动词,如 appear, rise, die, happen, occur, lie, belong to ,break out ,take place ,fit mean ,become, fail, consist of ,look like 及 cost 等不可用于被动语态。 (1) The sun is rising.( (2) What is happening?( )/ The sun is being risen.( )/ What is being happened?( ) )TFTFTF ) )

(3) The dish tastes delicious.(

The dish is being tasted delicious.( 4、注意时间状语及上下文的含义。

现在进行时的被动语态一般不与表示一段时间的状语或表示次数的状语连用。 e.g.(1) The watch has been repaired twice . ( ) ) ( )

The watch is being repaired twice .

(2) The house over there has been built for two years.( The house over there is being built for two years.( 练习 1、 选择最佳答案。 (1)Look! The ship__________ A is unloading B is being unloaded )FTTF






been unloaded

(2) A C

The children_____ B D

many times not to swim in the river . have told

told have been told

are being told now. B D is discussing

(3)The new plan ______ A C is discussed is being discussed

is going to

discussBCC(4)Meat_________ too long in the oven (烤箱) A C is is not left leave B D must is not not be left left

not to



whole city looks like a big construction site ,Many new-

factories___________ A have been built B are being built D are buildingBB

C are going to be built

(6) You can see the house______ for years A C isn't being painted D B hasn't painted

hasn't been painted

hadn't been painted

(7) A C

Since your car ______.You may use mine B D has been repaired is been repairing

is being repaired is repairing

(8)______many times , but he still couldn't under stand it . A C Having been told He was told B D Though had been told He is being toldCAC(9) Now these

boys ______our football team A C are belong to belong to B D are belonged to are being belonged to

(10This is a photo of the power station that _____ in my hometown A C has set up is setting up B D has been set up has being set upCB

2.改错.(1) Many tall buildings are being built in my hometown in the past few years. (2) A new railway has built between the two

cities at present. (1) Many tall buildings have been built in my hometown in the past few years. (2) A new railway is being built between the present. (3) The old man is being died now. (3) The old man is dead now. (4) Have you moved into the new house? Not yet, the rooms are being painting. (4) Have you moved into the new house? Not yet, the rooms are being painted. (5) Things are looking up! (5) Things are being looked up! two cities at



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Unit 4 Wildlife Protection现在进行时被动语态学生版

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注意) 现在进行时被动语态与 always , constantly, all the time 等词连用时, 表示 的被动动作,此时往往带有赞赏或厌恶等 。四.1. 完成下面的句子。 1. The...

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现在进行时被动语态的“四注意” 1.注意不可遗漏“being” , 如果把 being 漏掉,就成为一般现在时的被动语态或系表结构。 Look. The children are being taken...


2 被动语态编辑 现在进行时现在进行时由主动语态变被动语态时应注意以下一些问题: 1.也像其它时态由主动语态变被动语态一样,首先弄清楚用现在进行时的句子中哪些 ...

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