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M1 U1重点词汇讲解

牛津高中英语模块一 Unit1 重点单词讲解
1. experience

(1) [C] 经历 Failing an exam was a new experience for me. (2) [U] 经验 Experience is the best teacher. v. 经历, 体验, 遭受 Everyone experiences thes

e problems at some time in their lives adj. experienced 有经验的 an experienced teacher be experienced at/in +名词/doing something Jenny is experienced at teaching beginners. 2. earn v. (1) 挣钱 earn much money earn a living = make a living, earn one’s living = make one’s living He earns his living as a teacher. 他靠当教师谋生。 (2) 赢得 1) He earned respect from his students. 他赢得了学生的尊敬。 2) She earned a reputation as the best teacher of the school. 3. devote vt. (1) 致力于,献身 devote sb. to sth./doing sth.=be devoted to sth./doing sth. She devoted herself to teaching. 她全力倾注于自己的教育事业。 (2) 把……用于 I could only devote two hours a day to work on the project. devoted adj. 挚爱的,忠诚的,全心全意的 devotion n. 4. average adj.(1) 平均的 the average rainfall 平均降雨量 average 的词组: * on (the) average 平均而言 On (the) average, I receive 15 e-mails every day. * above (the) average / below (the) average 高于/低于平均水平 5. struggle n. [只用单数]难事 ( to do sth.) It was a real struggle to be ready on time. vi. 奋斗;努力;挣扎 struggle for freedom 为争取自由而努力 struggle to do sth. struggle against/with sb./sth. 斗争,抗争 He struggled agaisnt cancer for two years. 他同癌症抗争了两年。 6.exchange n. (1) 交换,互换 (giving and receiving) the exchange of prisoners 交换俘虏 (2)(不同国家人或团体之间的)交流,互访 trade and cultural exchanges with China 与中国 的贸易和文化交流 v. (1) 交换 exchange sth. with sb. *exchange ideas/news/information 交流思想,互通信息 changeable adj. 可交换的,可交易的,易变化的 7. graduate n. (1)大学毕业生, 学士学位获得者 a graduate in history 历史学学士 (2) 毕业生 a high-school graduate 高中毕业生 v. (1) 毕业,获得学士学位 graduate in sth./from sth. She graduated from York with a degree in Psychology.她毕业于约克大学,获心理学学士学位。 graduation n. 1) [U] 毕业 after graduation 毕业后 2)[C, U] 毕业典礼 graduation ceremony 毕业典礼 n.

8. donate v. (1) 捐献,捐款 donate something to sb./sth. She donated one million yuan to the Hope Project. 她向希望工程捐款一百万。 (2) donate blood 献血 * donation n. (1)捐献(尤指钱),捐赠物 make a donation (to) 捐款 9. inform v. 通知 (1) inform sb. about/of sth.(正式)告知某人某事 Please inform us of any change of address as soon as possible. (2) inform sb. + that-从句 告知某人…… We regret to inform you that your application has been rejected. (3)keep sb informed of/ about sth 使某人随时了解某事 10. approve (1) vt. 批准,通过”(to officially accept a plan, proposal, etc.) The President approved the building plan. (2) vi .赞成,认可,同意”(to think that something /somebody is good, right, or suitable) * approve of Her parents don’t approve of their marriage. (3) approve → approval 名词 approve → disapprove 反义词 11. charge n. (1) 负责,掌管 sb. be in charge of … 某人负责……; leave sb in charge of sth take charge of … 负责……; in/under the charge of sb. 由某人负责 The company is now in the charge of Mr. White. =Mr. White is now in charge of the company. 公司现在由怀特先生负责。 (2) 费用 free of charge 免费; (3) 电量 be on charge 在充电 v. 收费 charge sb. $50 for a meal 指控,控告 He was charged with murder. 他被控犯有谋杀罪。 12.look back on look for 寻找 look through 浏览 look at sb.doing sth.看到某人正在做某事 look like 看起来像 look after 照顾 look down on 看不起 look up to 尊敬 look forward to 期待 look into 调查 look up sth.in the dictionary 查字典 13.satisfaction- be satisfied with to one’s satisfaction 使某人满意 in with satisfaction 满意的 sth.be a satisfaction to sb. 某事令人满意 14. regret (1) 动词过去式、过去分词:regretted, 现在分词:regretting * 懊悔、悔恨、惋惜 to feel sorry about sth regret (not) doing something * 对……感到抱歉、遗憾 * regret to do (regret to say / inform / tell …) We regret to tell you that you failed in your driving test. (2) 名词 懊悔、悔恨、惋惜 * to sb’s regret Much to our regret, he was not accepted by Harvard. 15. make preparations for 为…做准备 I now regret leaving school so young.. I regretted not helping you.

模块一 unit1 基础练习
一.单项选择。 1. ---- Are you free tomorrow afternoon? ---- I’m afraid not. I’ll have to __________ an important lecture given by a famous professor. A. join B. take part in C. attend D. enter

2. The Chief Manager made a donation of one million _________ the City Museum. A. to B. at C. on D. for

3. They failed to finish the project in time. I regretted _________ them. A. to be not able to help C. not being able to help B. being not able to help D. not be able to help

4. Still, some women do not have any full-time jobs because their husbands do not__. A. adapt B. approve C. adopt D. admit

5. History is my favorite subject. So I think I’ll ________ physics and chemistry when I reach Senior II. A. stop B. drop C. desert D. leave

6. We’ll be having a picnic this afternoon by the lake. Why don’t you come and ________ us? A. take part in B. attend C. join D. enter

7. We will inform you __________ writing ________ the changes as soon as possible. A. for … in B. at … on C. in … of D. of … about

8. He is a great success as a scientist, but he hasn’t ________in teaching. A. many experiences C. an experience B. much experience D. a lot of experiences

9. In the past five years China ________ great _________. A. made, progress C. made, progresses B. has made, progresses D. has made, progress

10. In our town, wood can ___________ a fire. A. be used to make B. be used to making C. use to make D. used to making

11. Joe Jones, the eldest of the eight children, had to ____ out of high school at the

age of 16 to help his father on the farm. A.leave B. drop C. fall D. go

12. The students at colleges or universities are making ______ for the coming new year. A. a lot preparations B. much preparation C. preparation D. preparations

13. Although it was really a difficult task, he decided to try his best to_______ success. A. challenge B. host C. approve D. achieve

14. He was asked to practise _______ English every day. A . speak B. speaking C spoke ------_____________. D. to speak

15. -----How do you find the book? A. Great.

B. With the help of my brother. C. By looking around. D. By chance.

16 .All passengers could get ________ as soon as they got onto the ship. A. food for free B. for free food C. for food free D. food freely

17. For the young, ______ should be showed to their parents, teachers and old people. A. respect B. seriousness C. laugh D.laziness

18.This kind of exercise is most _______, and therefore is a good test of your students’ ability. A. surprising B. encouraging C. exciting D. challenging

19. In order to earn more money for his new car, the young man has to work for three ______ hours in the evening. A. extra B. many C. else D. another

20. Although the boy came back to life, _______ he remained weak. A. but B. yet C. however D. so

21. We will wait for further information, you should keep us ________. A. heard B. informed C. realized D. recognized

22______ for some time after a tiring day is very enjoyable and exciting for me in summer. A. Swim B. Swimming C. Go swimming D. To swim

23.Last month I came to Britain. My English has improved a lot _______ I use it all the time. A. since B. while C. when D. as

24. 21st century school edition is ____a newspaper .It helps us to improve our English a lot . A. no less than B. no more than C. less than D. more than


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