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第一部分 基础知识(共两节,满分 30 分)
第一节:选词填空(共 10 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 20 分) A.in trouble B.without delay C. stay up D.rather than F. focus on G.. result in H. in ruins I. feel like E. for free J. discourage…from

1. This ticket is ________. 2. His parents tried to ______him_______being an actor. 3. With so much homework to do, I guess I have to _______. 4. We should help those who are ________. 5. Report it to the police ________. 6. After a terrible earthquake the city was almost _______. 7. As a student, you should __________studying , not playing. 8. I decided to write to her ___________ telephone her. 9. I am tired, so I don’t ________going out for a walk. 10. Smoking too much will_______ sickness 第二节:翻译(共 4 小题;每空一词 1 分,满分 10 分) 11. 我决心要让自己开心些,但汉娜还是觉出了有些不对劲。 I was ___________ ___________ be cheerfui, but Hannah sensed something was wrong. 12. 这些结果与我们早期的研究相吻合。 These results _________entirely _________ __________our early research. 13. 下周他很有可能去国外度假。 _________ __________ ___________ that they will go abroad to go on vacation. 14. 昨天我打了一天电话,但是都没有办法联络到你。 I called all day yesterday, but I couldn’t __________ ___________.

第二部分 英语知识运用 (共两节,满分 45 分)
第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 15. This is not a match . we are playing chess just for ___. A. habit B. hobby C.fun D. game 16. I couldn’t ___ . The line was busy. A. go by B. go around C. get in D. get through 17.The strong earthquake lasted over ten minutes. ________, most of the buildings in the city fell down. A. As a result B. On the other hand C. As a matter of fact D. On the contrary 18. It is difficult to imagine his ____ the decision without any consideration. A. accept B. accepting C. to accept D. accepted 19. I am sure David will be able to find the library---he has a pretty good ____ of direction. A. idea B. feeling C. experience D. sense 20. Some researchers believe that there is no doubt ____ a cure for AIDS will be found . A. which B. what C. that D. whether 21.Your door needs ___________ . Would you like me to do it for you? A. to paint B. painting C. paint D. painted 22.Modern plastics can ______ very high and very low temperature.

A . stand B. hold C. carry 23.– Will he come to our dinner ? -- He says that he will not come unless ______.

D. support

A. invited B. inviting C. invites D. invite 24. Whatever he does, once he set up a goal, he would start pursuing( 追求 ) it without _____________. A. decision B. suggestion C. discussion D. hesitation 25. Eugene's never willing to alter any of his opinion. It's no use_____ with him. A.to argue B. arguing C. argued D.having argued 26. The girl was determined to marry the young man she fell in love with, __________ her parents’ disagreement. A.except for B. regardless of C. due to D. in favour of 27. The children were ______ for the accident. After all they were so young. A. not to blame B. to not blame C. not blamed D. to not be blamed 28. —I didn’t mean ______ my mother. —But talking to her like that meant ______ her. A. hurting ; hurting B. to hurt; hurting C. hurting; to hurt D. to hurt; to hurt 29. --How about putting some pictures into the report? --_____A picture is worth a thousand words. A.No way. B.Why not? C.All right?

D.No matter.


完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分)

阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36~55 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中, 选出最佳选项。 Charlie and Jackie joined a large company together just after graduation. They both worked very hard. After several years, the boss made Jackie sales manager but Charlie___30___a salesman. One day Charlie could not ___31___it any more. He handed in his resignation(辞职) letter to the boss and complained that the boss did not ___32___hard working employees, but only value those who tried to please (取悦)him. He thought that it was really ___33____. The boss knew that Charlie had made his great ___34___for the company all these years, but in order to help Charlie to realize the ___35___between him and Jackie, the boss asked Charlie to do the __36___: ―Go and find out if there is anyone selling watermelons(西瓜) in the market.‖ Charlie went, returned and ___37___said, ―Yes.‖ The boss asked, ―How much per kg?‖ Charlie went back to the market to ask and returned to ___38___, ―$12 per kg.‖ The boss told Charlie that he would ask Jackie the ___39___question. Jackie went, returned and said, ―Boss, only one person selling watermelons. $12 per kg. $100 for 10 kg. He has a ___40___ of 340 melons. On the table are 58 melons, and every melon weighs about 15 kg, ___41___ from the South two days ago. They are fresh, red and of good ___42___.‖ Charlie was ___43___ and he realized the difference between himself and Jackie. He decided not to ___44___ but to learn from Jackie. My dear friends, you know, a more ___45___ person is more observant(观察力敏锐的), thinks more and understands in ___46___. For the same matter, he sees several years ahead, ___47___you see only tomorrow. The difference between a year and a day is 365 times(倍), so how could you ___48___ ? Think: how far have you seen ahead in your life? How ___49___ are you? 30. A. made B. became C. remained D. kept

31. 32. 33 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49.

A. stand A. enjoy A. unusual A. rest A. competition A. following A. still A. offer A. difficult A. total A. taken A. value A. struck A. stay A. important A. time A. while A.watch A. hopeful

B. do B. meet B. unfair B. trouble B. relationship B. finding B. again B. answer B. familiar B. lot B. come B. quality B. moved B. moved B. intelligent B. depth B. though B. think B. observant

C. get C. repay C. careless C. effect C. difference C. shopping C. even C. remind C. same C. pile C. bought C. condition C. puzzled C. work C. successful C. need C. need C. know C. helpful

D. put D. value D. selfless D. effort D. distance D. searing D. only D. repeat D. simple D. number D. heard D. shape D. encouraged D. leave D. hardworking D. common D. since D. win D. meaningful


阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分)

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题上 将该项涂黑。 A There are some special traditions in Hawaii. People are very friendly and always welcome visitors. They give visitors a lei along necklace of beautiful fresh flowers. Men wear bright flowered shirts, and women often wear long flowered dresses. There are traditional Chinese, Japanese and Filipino holidays and all the holidays from the United States. They call Hawaii the Aloha State. Aloha means both hello and goodbye. It also means ―I love you‖. Usually when people from different countries, races, and traditions live together, there are serious problems. There are a few problems in Hawaii, but in general, people have learned to live together in peace. Hawaiians earn most of their money from travelers and most of the travelers come from the mainland and from Japan. There are many people living in Hawaii now so there are residential(居住的) areas where there used to be farms. Some of the big sugar and pineapple(菠 萝)companies have moved to the Philippines, where they do not have to pay workers as much money. The families of the first people who came from the U.S. mainland own the important banks and companies. Japanese are also buying or starting businesses here. 50. The special tradition in Hawaii includes______. A.giving visitors a lei of beautiful fresh flowers. B.Men wear bright flowered shirts C.Women often wear long flowered dresses D.All of the above. 51. The most important problem in Hawaii is ________.

A.to learn to live together in peace. B.To earn money from travelers C.To find a comfortable place to live D.To unite different holidays. 52. The main travellers are from ________. A.Europe B.America C.Japan D.B and C 53. Which is not the transformation (转变)in Hawaii? ________. A.Farms have become residential areas B.Some big sugar and pineapple companies have moved to Philippines C.Japanese are buying or starting in Hawaii now D.The families of the first people who came from Europe own the important banks and companies B The computer is fast, and never makes a mistake, while people are too slow, and full of mistakes sometimes. That’s what people often say when they talk about computers. For over a quarter of a century engineers have been making better computer. Now a computer can do a lot of everyday jobs wonderfully. It is widely used in factories, hospitals and banks. A computer can report, decided and control in almost every field. Many computer scientists are now thinking of making the computer ―think‖ like a man. With the help of a person, a computer can draw pictures, write music, talk with people, play chess, recognize voices, translate languages and so on. Perhaps computers will one day really think and feel. Do you think that people will be afraid when they find that the computer is too clever to listen to and serve the people? 54. Engineers have worked on the computer for ______. A. about a hundred years B. more than twenty-five years C. over three months D. about ten years 55. Some people think that a computer is _______ people. A. cleverer than B. as clever as C. not cleverer than D. slower than 56. With the help of a person, a computer can _______. A. draw pictures B. write music C. talk with people or play chess D. do all above 57. People will _______ the computers in the future. A. really be afraid of B. make better use of C. no longer use D. help C My husband had just bought a new washing machine for me. I decided to use it and I washed a lot of things. Everything worked well, but I found one of my husband’s socks missing. I looked everywhere for it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. The next morning, I got ready for school as usual. When the bell rang, the students came in. I greeted them first and then told them what we were going to do that day. When I turned around to write on the blackboard, the class broke out a roar(大笑)! They laughed and laughed. They laughed so much, in fact, that I was afraid the headmaster would be into seeing all this. I asked the class to stop, but the more I talked, the more they laughed. I decided to pay no attention to them and I continued to write on the blackboard. When I did this, they roared even more. Finally, the teacher who had the room next to mine came in to see what all the laughter was about. When he came in, he started laughing, too! ―Good heavens,‖ I said. ―Will someone please tell me what is so funny?’ ―Oh, God,‖ said the teacher. ―You have a brown sock to the back of your skirt!‖

So that’s how I found my husband’s missing sock. ―Oh, well,‖ I said to the class. ―Let’s just say you have had an unforgettable lesson on static electricity.‖(静电) 58. What happened when the writer turned around to write on the blackboard? A. The class roared with anger. B. The class began to laugh loudly. C. Another teacher came in. D. There was a loud noise outside the room. 59. Why couldn’t she find one of her husband’s socks? A. Because some students had hidden it. B. Because her husband had taken it away. C. Because she had left it in the classroom. D. Because she never expected that it would stick to(粘住) her skirt. 60. Why did the teacher from the next room laugh? A. Because the whole class laughed. B. Because he saw the writer fooled by the class. C. Because he saw some of the students making faces. D. Because he found a sock on the back of the writer’s skirt. 61. Which of the following statements is WRONG? A. The writer had just bought a new washing machine. B. The writer found one of her husband’s socks missing. C. The students told her about the laughing. D. She was afraid of being seen by the headmaster when students began to laugh loudly. D Nearly everyone is shy in some ways. If shyness is making you uncomfortable, it may be time for a few lessons in self-confidence. You can build your confidence by following some suggestions from doctors and psychologists(心理学家). Make a decision not to hold back(退缩) in conversations. What you have to say is just as important as what other people say. And don’t refuse party invitations just because of your shyness. Prepare to stay with others in groups. Make a list of the good qualities you have. Then make a list of ideas, experiences, and skills you would like to share with other people. Think about what you would like to say in advance. Then say it. If you start feeling shy in a group, take a deep breath and focus your attention on other people. Remember, you are not alone. Other people are concerned about the impression they are making, too. No one ever overcomes shyness completely, but most people do learn to live with their shyness. Even entertainers admit that they often feel shy. They work at fighting their shy feelings so that they can face the cameras and the public. Just making the effort to control shyness can have many rewards. But perhaps the best reason to fight shyness is to give other people a chance to know more about you. 62.Where would this article probably appear? A.In a popular magazine. B.On the front page of a newspaper. C.In a science textbook. D.In a sports magazine. 63.The main purpose of the article is to . A.explain how shyness developed B.recommend ways of dealing with shyness C.persuade readers that shyness is natural D.prove that shyness can overcome

64.Which of these can you conclude from reading the article? A. Shy people never have any fun. B. Entertainers choose their work to fight shyness. C.The attempt to overcome shyness is always successful. D.The attempt to overcome shyness is always worthwhile(值得的). 65.Who gives the useful suggestions for fighting shyness? A.The author of the article. B.Shy men and women. C.doctors and psychologists D.Popular entertainers. E China's former volleyball star Lang Ping has been invited to coach(执教) the US women's national team for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. But China's sports media said the offer would be difficult to accept. Lang, who is now coaching a club team in Italy's professional volleyball league, told sina.com that she was considering the offer by the US Volleyball Association. "Right now I'm still considering their offer but I will answer them soon,‖Lang said. "If I don't take the job, I have to give them enough time to find someone else." Lang, 45,won Olympic gold in 1984. She later coached the Chinese women to silver at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and the 1998 World Championships. She has also coached at New Mexico University in the United States where her daughter was born and lives. The reaction in the Chinese media to Lang's job offer was swift and strong. Many say that if she takes the job it would be a direct challenge to China's goal of winning the women's volleyball medal at the Beijing Games. "As an unusual player and a spiritual leader of Chinese volleyball, Lang Ping's influence over China far exceeds(超越)that of an ordinary player,‖says the China Olympic Committee website. "If Lang stands with the opponents(对手)during women's volleyball matches, you can rest assured that this will be difficult to accept for the new Chinese players, difficult for coach Chen Zhonghe, who was once her assistant, and difficult for all Chinese watching on television,‖the site continued.(AGENCIES Feb 9,2005) 66. According to this passage, Lang Ping is ______ at present. A. a volleyball player B. a club coach C. an unusual player D. an assistant 67. Form the text, we can learn ______. A. Lang Ping has accepted the offer B. Chen Zhonghe has got into trouble C. all of the Chinese media support Lang Ping D. Lang Ping is considering the US offer over 68. According to the text, if Lang Ping stands with the opponents during women's volleyball matches, who will most probably have trouble? A. The Chinese audience. B. Our Chinese women's volleyball team. C. Beijing 2008 Olympics. D. Chinese former players. 69. When reporting the news, the author seemed to be a little ______. A. angry B. surprised C. shocked D. worried

第四部分 写作 (共两节,满分 35 分)
第一节 任务型读写(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下面短文,根据所读内容在表格中的空白处填入恰当的单词。

注意:每个空格只填一个单词。 Maybe you are an average student,you probably think you will never be a top student,this is not necessary so,however.Anyone can become a better student of he or he want to.Here's how: 1)Plan your time carefully.When planning your week,you should make a list of things that you have to do .After making this list,you should make a schedule of your time. Don't forget to set side enough time for entertainment(娱乐).A weekly schedule may not solve all your problems,but it will push you to realize what is happening to your time. 2) Find a good place to study.Look around the house for a good study place,keep this space,which may be a desk or simply a corner of your room,free of everything but study materials. No game,radio,or television!When you it down to study,concentrate on your subject. 3)Make good use of your time.Listen to everything the teacher says.Really listening in class means less work later,taking notes will help you remember what the teacher says. 4)Study regularly.When you get home from school,go over your notes.Review the important point that teacher has mentioned in class.If you know what your teacher is going to discuss the next day,read that material.This will help you understand the next class.If you do these things regularly,the material will become more meaningful,and you will remember it longer. 5) Develop a good attitude to tests.The purpose of a test is to show what you have learned about a subject.They help you remember your new knowledge,the world won't end if you don't pass a test,o don't be overly worried.There are other methods that might help you with your studying.You will probably find many others after you have tried these. How to become a better student General method Plan your time carefully Find a good place to study Make good use of your time in class Study regularly Develop a good attitude about tests. How to (1)Make a list; (2)Make a 70. _______ Free of everything but study 71._______ (1) Listen to everything the teachers say (2) Take 72.________ (1) Go over your notes (2) 73.______new material Don’t be 74.______worried. Help you78._______ it better,remember it longer. Remember your new 79. _________. Advantage Force you to realize75.______ is happening to your time. You can 76. _________ on the subject. Really listening class means 77._________ work later.

第二节 书面表达(满分 25 分)
刘翔, 作为前奥运会 110 米栏冠军,世界纪录保持者,因伤退赛留下遗憾,尽管如此,刘 翔克服重重压力,重新复出,夺得 2010 年全运会冠军。请根据下面的介绍写一篇短文。词 数:100-120 明星档案 姓名:Liu Xiang 生日:1983.7.13 出生地:上海 项目:the men’s 110 meters hurdles 辉煌战绩: 2004 年以 12 秒 91(12.91 seconds)的成绩 110 米栏奥运夺得冠军,成为中国第一人。 2006 年,在洛桑田径超级大奖赛(the super grand prix meeting in Lausanne)中以 12 秒 88

(12.88seconds)打破世界纪录。 精神:拼搏; 坚定的信念(a firm faith);

丹阳中学高二第一次月考英语试卷答题卡 总分________
一、选词填空(每小题 2 分,共 20 分) 题号 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 答案 二、翻译(每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 11.___________ ____________ 12.___________ ___________ ____________ 13.___________ ____________ ____________ 14.__________ ____________ 三、单项填空(每小题 1 分,共 15 分) 题 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 号 答 案 四、完形填空(每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分) 题 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 号 答 案 五、阅读理解(每小题 2 分,共 40 分) 题 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 号 答 案 六、任务型读写(每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 70. __________ 71._________ 72.___________ 73.__________74.__________ 75.__________ 76.__________ 77.__________ 78.__________79.__________ 七、书面表达(共 25 分)

座 位 号

姓 名

班 级

一 1-10 EJCAB HFDIG 二 11、determined, to 12. are/were, consistent, with 13. It , is , likely 14. get , through 三 15-19 CDABD 20-24 CBAAD 25-29 BBABB 四 30-39 CADBD CADBC 40-49 ACBBD CBADB 五 50-59 DADDB ADBBD 六 70.schedule 75.what 七 Liu Xiang, born on July 13, 1983 in Shanghai, is a well-known athlete in track and field in China. Liu Xiang won the men’s 110 meters hurdle final and got gold medal in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games in August, 2004. Therefore, he became the first Chinese man to win an Olympic track and field title. He set a world record of 12.88 seconds in the men’s 110 meters hurdles at a super grand prix meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2006. Liu Xiang has returned as a king and got the champion of national spots meeting in 2009, October. He overcame the pressure and the pain of be hurt. His determined spirit helps him stand again. It is not easy to have it. To do this, we must establish a firm faith in our actions and be ready to devote ourselves to them. Around us, there are quite a few people with this intense determination and spirit and Liu Xiang sets a good example for us to follow. 71.materials 76.concentrate 60-69 DCABD CBDBD 72.notes 77.less 73.read 78.understand 74.overly 79.knowledge


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