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名词性从句 1. 他在这场事故中幸免于难,真是奇迹 2. 她来不来都没有关系 3. 他是否来不得而知 4. 我不知道他是否去参加音乐会 5. 问题是我们不能很早到达那里 6. 我还没有决定是否把钱借给他 7. 他不知道是现在结婚还是等等再说 8. 不管她来不来我们都将去那儿 答案: 1. That he survived the accident is a miracle 2.

Whether she comes or not makes no difference 3. It is doubtful whether / if he is coming 4. I don’t know whether/ if he will attend the concert 5. The problem is that we can’t get there early enough 6. I haven’t settled the question of whether I’ll lend him the money 7. He didn’t know whether to get married or to wait 8. The question whether he should join the team has to been decided upon 1. 由谁主持会议还没有决定 2. 他问我向谁借的钱 3. 还不知道哪个队赢了这场比赛 1. Who will preside at the meeting has not been decided yet 2. He asked whom I borrowed the money from 3. Which team has won the game is not known yet 1. 这就是他对我说的。This is what he said to me. 2. 值得做的事就应该做了。Whatever is worth doing should be done well 3. 谁得第一名谁得金牌。The gold medal will be presented to whoever comes out first 4. 这幅画使我想起了我曾经在一个湖边看到的景色 The picture reminded me of what I had ever seen near a lake 5. 她所说的是真的。All that she said is true What 的用法 1. 我不知道他在写什么 2. 我知道他的意思 3. 不知道外面在发生什么事 4. 外面发生睥事与我们 5. 接着会发生什么还难以料定 6. 接着发生的事是令人满意的 答案 I don’t know what he is writing I know what he meant What is happening outside is not known What is happening outside does not concern us What follows is doubtful

What follows is satisfactory 7. 问题是她临死之前告诉了她儿子什么 8. 决定就是她临死之前告诉她儿子的 The question is what she told her son before she died The decision is what she told her son before she died When/ where/ how / why = the time when / the place where / the way in which/ the reason why 的用法 1. 我们何时才能开始这次考察仍然悬而未决。 2. 我们不知道她为什么没有来 When we can begin the expedition is still a question We didn’t know why she didn’t come The question is how we can get the loan I remember when it used to be quiet village 3. 问题是我们如何才能弄到贷款 4. 我刻它曾经是个安静的村庄 5. 秋天是查实成熟的季节 Autumn is when fruits become ripe They are waiting outside for when they should be wanted 6. 他们在外面等着,随时听候指派。 7. 那就是他从前住的地方 That’s where he used to live But/ but that/ but what = that/ that…not There can be no doubt but that it is the best choice 这无疑是最好的选择 也不怀疑他是个有责任心的人 She didn’t doubt but that he was a responsible man I can’t deny but what it is an urgent matter 我不否认这是一件急迫的事情。 谁知道这是不是真的? Who knows but that is may be true? = who knows that it may not be true? I can hardly believe but that the answer is right 我简直不能相信这答案不正确。 But that 表示若不是,用虚拟语气 He would have helped you but that he was short of money at the time 如果不是当时没有钱的话,他会帮助你的。 主语从句 It is a pity / fact/ no wonder/ a shame/ an honor that… It is + adj + that… It seems/ turned out / appears/ happened that… It is not known/ decided/ said/ reported/ estimated/ believed that… It doesn’t matter …

It makes no difference… It suddenly struck me/ occurred to me that… 翻译: 1. 她竟忘恩负义,这使他很伤心 2. 她会成功是确实的 3. 他所需要的是更多的经验 4. 据估计,飞到火星来回的时间要超过一年 That she should be ungrateful cut him to the heart It is certain she will succeed What he needs is more experience That a round-trip to Mars would take more than a year is estimated Whether she would play the part is still doubtful = it is still doubtful whether she would play the part 5. 她是否要扮演这个角色值得怀疑 6. 犯人是如何逃跑的是个谜 How the prisoner escaped is a mystery It is a mystery how the prisoner escaped 宾语从句 1. 她说明她来迟了 2. 她说明她为什么来迟了 She explained that she came late She explained why she came late You don’t seem to know when you can get the work done 3. 你似乎不知道什么时候才能把这项工作完成 4. 你是幸运的而你似乎不知道 You don’t seem to know when you’re lucky In that/ but that/ except that… The higher income tax is harmful in that it may discourage people from trying to earn more 5. 所得税过高是有害的,因为它可能使人不愿意多赚钱 6. 除了一些印刷错误之外,这篇文章很好 The paper was perfect except that there were some misprints I would have come to see you but that I had something urgent to do then 7. 若不是当时有些急事要办的话,我本来会来看你的。 Sb be 情感动词+ 从句 恐怕我犯了一个错误 你在学校获得高分,我很高兴 我们不敢肯定能否说服他戒烟。 I am afraid that I’ve made a mistake I’m delighted that you get good grades in school We are not sure whether / if we can persuade him out of smoking 表语从句 翻译:


1. 看起来天要下雪了 2. 问题是我们能否赢得大多数人民群众的支持 3. 珍尼就是这样生活的 4. 这就是杰克受训斥的原因 5. 他被开除的原因是工作马虎,不负责任 6. 他没有来的原因是他病了 7. 和平年代是人人都过上幸福生活的年代 8.是你使他的头发灰色了 答案: It seems that / as if it is going to snow The question remains whether we can win the majority of the people This is how Jane lives That is why jack got scolded The reason why/ that he was dismissed is that he was careless and irresponsible The reason he did not come is that he was ill The years of peace are when everyone can lead a happy life You are why his hair becomes grey 同位语从句 Belief/ fact/ evidence/ suggestion/ idea/ doubt/ rumor/ explanation that… Translation: 1. 我们被邀请去参加会议的消息令人鼓舞 2. 爱因斯坦得出的结论是,宇宙中的最大速度是光速 3. 这样就产生了一问题:我们到哪里弄到贷款 4. 他可能是个间谍 5. 关于他被捕的传闻是没有根据的 6. 她有把握赢得这场比赛吗? 7. 据传说,那位皇帝是被他儿子杀死的 8. 没有人能解开他突然消失了这个谜 9. 我不知道他发生了什么事 答案: The news that we are invited to the conference is very encouraging Einstein came to the conclusion that the maximum speed possible in the universe is that of light There arose the question where we could get the loan There is a possibility that he is a spy The rumour that he was arrested was unfounded Is there any certainty that she will win the match? A story goes that the emperor was killed by his son Nobody can explain the mystery why he suddenly disappeared I have no idea what has happened to him 比较定语和同位语从句的区别 翻译: 1. 她尽了最大努力,这是一个事实 2. 这是一个你不能否认的事实

3. 她表示希望有一天能写一部小说 4. 她为什么放弃了长期怀有的希望? It is a fact that she has done her best It is a fact that you can’t deny She expressed the hope that she would write a novel someday Why did she give up the hope that she cherished so long? The news that he has succeeded inspired them all What’s the news that upset her so much? 5. 他成功的消息使他们深受鼓舞 6. 什么消息使她如此烦恼? 7. 他偷了项链的谣传被证明毫无证据 8. 他在学生中间散布的谣言被否定了。 9. 人皆有错这一结论是极有道理的 10. 他们经过多次讲座得出的结论是正确的 11. 她收到了他将乘收音机来的消息 12. 你几天前给她发的消息她收到了 The rumor that he stole the ring proved groundless The rumor that he spread among the students has been denied The conclusion that no man but errs is well-grounded The conclusion that they arrived at after much discussion is right She received the message that he would come by plane She received the message that you sent her a few days ago




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