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【广东】2013版高中英语全程复习方略 素能提升演练(九)必修2 Unit 4(人教版)

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必修 2 Unit 4 Ⅰ. 单词拼写 1. The manager ________ (雇用)another 20 workers for the new positions. 2. On just the second

day of the trip,I was ______ (咬)on the leg by a snake. 3. There is a ______ (凶猛的)dog to guard the house. Please knock at the door before you enter. 4. The book ________ (包含)all the information you need. 5. His death means a great _____(损失)to science. 6. If you really like the job, ________ (距离) is not a problem. 7. He took the poor children under his _________ (保护). 8. I?d ________ (感激)it if you let me get on with my job. 9. To our _____ (宽慰),the missing child returned home ten days later, tired but healthy. 10. The government shouldn?t _______ (减少)the income of the workers by raising their taxes. Ⅱ. 完成句子 1. Our school has built a new laboratory building, where many interesting

experiments ____________________ these days. (carry) 我们学校又建了一座新实验楼,这些天在那儿做了许多有趣的实验。 2. Most children need encouragement in time of failure

_______________________.(so that) 大多数孩子失败时需要鼓励,这样他们才能重新振作起来。 3. In rural areas, protecting yourself ________________________ seems impossible especially in hot summer. (bite) 在农村,保护好自己不被蚊子叮咬是不可能的,尤其是在炎热的夏天。 4. It is suggested that everybody ______________________ their health problem. (pay) 人们建议每个人都应关注健康问题。 5. It was with the help of his father _____________________ running the company. (succeed) 在父亲的帮助下,他成功地经营着公司。 6. The boss ___________________ Mr. Brown because he stands out through the interview. (employ) 老板打算雇用布朗先生,因为他在面试中表现出众。 7. I ___________________ if you could stop smoking in public areas. (appreciate) 如果你能在公共场所不再吸烟,我将不胜感激。 8. __________________________, including three of Great Britain. (contain)

这本书包含 40 幅地图,其中包括 3 张英国地图。 9. When once again _______________________________ the difficult maths problem, she just smiled and made no answer. (work) 当再次问到她是如何计算出这么难的数学题时,她笑而不答。 10. Too much drinking will _________________________.(harm) 过量饮酒会对你的健康有害。 Ⅲ. 阅读理解 Barack Obama, Lady Gaga and Steve Jobs—what do they have in common? They are, of course, all Americans. And according to a survey by social networking site badoo. com, they all best illustrate(举例说明) the word “cool”. But just what does it mean to say someone is “cool”? Most would answer that it is something to do with being independent-minded and not following the crowd. Yale University art professor Robert Farris Thompson says that the term “cool” goes back to 15th century West African philosophy(哲学). “Cool” relates to ideas of grace(优雅) under pressure. “In Africa, ” he writes, “coolness is a positive quality which combines calmness, silence, and life. ” The modern idea of “cool” developed largely in the US in the period after World War Ⅱ. “Post-war ?cool? was in part an expression of

war-weariness. . . it went against the strict social rules of the time, ” write

sociologists Dick Pountain and David Robins in Cool Rules:Anatomy of an Attitude. But it was the American actor James Dean who became the symbol for “cool” in the hugely successful 1955 movie Rebel Without a Cause. Dean plays a tough guy who disobeys his parents and the authorities. He

always gets the girl, smokes cigarettes, wears a leather jacket and beats up bullies(欺凌弱小者). In the movie, Dean showed what “cool” would

mean to American young people for the next 60 years. Today the focus of “cool” has changed to athletics stars. Often in movies about schools, students gain popularity on the athletics field more than in the classroom. This can be seen quite clearly in movies like

Varsity Blues and John Tucker Must Die. But many teenagers also think being smart is cool. Chess and other thinking games have been becoming more popular in schools. “Call it the Harry Potterization of America—a time when being smart is the new cool, ” writes journalist Joe Sunnen. 1. Barack Obama, Lady Gaga and Steve Jobs are mentioned in the first paragraph to ________. A. introduce the topic B. draw our attention C. tell us what they have in common D. tell us what is “cool”

2. If you were considered “cool” in Africa in the 15th century, you ________. A. thought and acted differently from the majority B. had a calm and quiet attitude towards life C. didn?t observe rules and authorities D. had all kinds of “bad” manners 3. The heroes in Varsity Blues and John Tucker Must Die are likely to be those who ________. A. do very well in their studies B. are very skilled at sports C. are good at chess and other thinking games D. have supernatural powers like Harry Potter 4. Which of the following is NOT true according to the article? A. It is generally considered “cool” to be independent-minded and not to follow the crowd. B. “Cool” was used as early as the 15th century. C. Disobeying one?s parents and the authorities is considered “cool” among American young people nowadays. D. Getting the first place in an exam can also be considered “cool”. 5. What does the article mainly talk about? A. The origin of the word “cool”. B. The kinds of people who are “cool”.

C. The changing meaning of the word “cool”. D. How to be a “cool” person. 6. 请用 30 个左右的词概括文章大意 ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ _____________________ Ⅳ. 读写任务 阅读下面短文,然后按要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短文。 Homework, when used well, can be a great tool for a student and should be a magic key for a teacher. If used and completed in a right way, anyway it can benefit most students at school. Homework encourages students to review and practice the materials before the next class or test. Even under no pressure, they can understand materials by teaching themselves. If homework hasn?t been assigned, students may always ask their teacher for schoolwork later. Or, they have to memorize lessons mechanically. Even some can feel ashamed of what occasional questions cannot be answered in class when they skip out on homework. In fact, homework can be a powerful problem-solving aid to teachers. They can use the assignment to judge how effectively they teach their students in class.

No doubt, all students are different, and they can learn better through their own different methods. If really so, teachers need a unique challenge to offer a lesson plan which provides the greatest benefit to all their students. Some students learn better through hands-on activities, some through reading, some through hearing its explanation, but others still learn more from doing homework by themselves. In brief, homework can be a great benefit for most students in a general view. 【写作内容】 1. 以约 30 个词概括上文的主要内容。 2. 以约 120 个词谈谈你对中学阶段作业的看法,内容包括: (1)谈谈作业对学生学习所产生的影响; (2)你或你的朋友是如何对待作业的,并说明理由; (3)你对如何用作业促进学习和培养良好习惯方面的建议。 【写作要求】 1. 作文中可以使用亲身经历或虚构的故事,也可以参照阅读材料 的内容,但不得直接引用原文中的句子。 2. 作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称。 【评分标准】 概括准确,语言规范,内容合适,语篇连贯。

Ⅰ. 1. employed 5. loss 9. relief 2. bitten 3. fierce 4. contains 8. appreciate

6. distance 10. decrease

7. protection

Ⅱ. 1. are being carried out 2. so that they can cheer up again 3. from being bitten by mosquitoes 4. (should) pay attention to 5. that he succeeded in 6. is going to employ 7. would appreciate it 8. The book contains forty maps 9. (she was) asked how she worked out 10. do harm to your health Ⅲ. 1.【解析】选 A。推理判断题。此类问题要着眼于全文的结构,不 可片面理解。本文主要是介绍“cool”这个词汇在意思上的发展变化,首 段提到这几个人主要是起引入话题的作用。 2.【解析】选 B。细节理解题。由文章第三段最后一句话及第四段中关 键词“calmness, silence and life”等可知答案为 B。 3.【解析】选 B。细节理解题。由文章倒数第三段可看出。 4.【解析】选 D。推理判断题。由第二段可知 A 正确;由第三段可知 B

正确;由倒数第四段可知 C 正确;由倒数第三段可知 D 不正确。 5.【解析】选 C。主旨大意题。通览全文可知,本文主要介绍了“cool” 这个词汇在意思上的发展变化,从它的起源到后来在不同年代所代表 的含义。 6. The passage mainly tells us about the changing meaning of the word “cool”. In the 15th century, it related to ideas of grace under pressure, but today the focus of“cool”has changed into athletics stars. Ⅳ.【参考范文】 Homework can be a great tool and a magic key for students and teachers respectively. It encourages students to learn lessons, and helps the teachers judge their teaching. Different students learn differently, but homework can be beneficial. Obviously, homework can help middle school students consolidate what has been instructed in class, prepare for the next class, use reference materials and explore further subjects. Doing homework is a good learning method, which can increase their knowledge and improve their abilities and skills. However, homework is just to satisfy schoolbooks. So, sometimes I complete part of homework. As we attend other activities, such as sports and events, we should have time to watch current news, read newspapers and extra books, and chat with peers. Undoubtedly, homework becomes an important part of education.

Students have their homework every night until they leave school! So I suggest homework should be set in order to strengthen what is taught in class and develop good work habits. Also, regular homework practice should prepare for assessments and build confidence and self-esteem.


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