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高一下英语科暑假作业 Part One Vocabulary 必修 3 单词拼写 Unit 1 1.Many children s________ to death in Africa because of the lack of food. 2.In summer, there is usually p_______ of rain in our area. 3.They thought if they held some festivals, their a_________ would be s__________ with what they had done. 4.On his a_______, he was greatly welcomed by his fans. 5. The colour of our n________ flag is red with five yellows stars on it. 6. Under the lead of our party, we finally got i_________ from the other countries. 7. At the beginning of the year, farmers usually have a lot of a__________ work to do. 8. The c________ of some E___________ countries are quite different from ours 9. The w________ is a kind of fruit, which is quite famous in our city. 10. He is such a h_______ boy that many girls a_______ him. 11. I hope you will always be e_________ when having classes. 12. Without the teacher's p__________, you cannot play with the computer in our class. 13. He managed to save the d________ girl, which was praised by many people. 14. It is o_______ that he has known the story. 15. He cheated her, which she would never f_______ Unit 2 1.She is so fat that she has made up her mind to go on a d_________ to lose weight. 2.Rice, noodles and bread all belong to e_______-giving foods. 3.When having dinner, I like to eat c__________ instead of m__________. 4.Wu must keep the b_______ of nature. 5. C_________ drove him to follow his friend into that restaurant. 6. Scientist are doing some r________ to find the cause of the disease. 7. There are usually a lot of c_________ in the KFC. 8. Both of the two restaurants have their s________ and w__________, so they decided to c___________ them together into a larger one. 9. They stood there, g________ at each other without a word. 10. Time is l________. We need to be hurry. 11. Knowledge can be of a great b_______ to everybody. 12. Looking at his son, he s________ and went out of the room. 13. Some food is high in fibre which is good for d___________. Unit 3 1.Smoking is not p__________ in our school. 2.He had his wallet stolen, so he had to earn his p__________ during the journey. 3.The reason he gave to a________ for his absence was unbelievable. 4.As is known to all, we should never judge a person only by his a______________. 5.To be h_________, I have no money on me. 6. To do this work well needs some p_________. 7. He was so hungry that he order a thick s________ and a glass of beer for lunch. 8. It's good m________ to say good-bye to the host when leaving. 9. Seeing the snake, she couldn?t help s____________. 10. In some parts of the Great Wall, it is wide enough for two persons to walk s____ to s______ 11. His family is quite rich, so they hire a s_________ to do the housework.

12. Don't be r_______ to your friends. You should be friendly to each other. 13. He was popular because of his sense of h_________. 14. To my great joy, I found my lost pen by a________ in the corner of the room. 15. We don't like him because he is always j________ of other's success. Unit 4 1.He doesn't like to be v_________, instead, he prefers to solve the problem in peace. 2.Without o_________, we can't live. 3.On cold winter days, there will be ice on the s________of the water. 4.As is known to all, smoking is h_________ to our health. 5.With the d___________ of science, many new things are invented. 6. G___________ speaking, he is a smart boy except his carelessness. 7. The news s________ quickly all over the country. 8. Bad habits should always be p_______ in our daily life. 9. Whether you can succeed in the competition d______ on whether you have fully prepared for it. 10. His p________ at the meeting made everybody excited. 11. Not meeting his favorite singer, he felt quite d____________. 12. Another of his book will be p_______ next month. 13. The reason why we have to fall to the ground is that there is g_________. 14. G___________, he realized that he had done wrong to her. 15. The river is so polluted that every day we can see a lot of things f________ on the water. Unit 5 1.It is said the M__________of Japan will come to visit our country next month. 2.There are four oceans in the world, of which the P_________ is the largest. 3.As is known to all, there are seven c___________ in the world. 4.If you go e__________, you?ll find the sea. 5.Our school is s____________ by many trees. 6. There is a h_________ near our city, where you can find many big ships in and out. 7. It is e____________hot these days. 8. After they married, they s__________down in a small village, leading a quiet life. 9. We admire her for she has a g________ for singing and dancing. 10. An order came that we should finish the work w__________ three days. 11. There is a s___________ difference between the two words. 12. Could you help me f_______ out the cost of this trip? 13. It is said that some o__________ will come to our school to have a visit. 14. The t_________sound made me t__________. 15. I have such a good eye-sight that I can see the small things in the d___________. 16. Yesterday, it was so cold that there was some f_____________ on the ground. 17. I planned to go d____________ this Sunday. 18. Finally, they managed to arrived to their destination(目的地)at d_________. 必修 4 单词拼写 Unit 1 1. With her great efforts, she has a__________ everything she wanted to do. 2. Our school is trying its best to improve our studying and working c____________. 3. Her research shows the c____________ between human beings and chimps. 4. “Have you taken part in either of my last two c_____________?” The officer asked the soldier.

5. If you want to help the poor, you can join the o________________, which usually has some such activities. 6. He is an agricultural s___________, who d__________ all his life to the research into agriculture. 7. The little boy?s bad b____________ at the party made his parents upset. 8. It is w___________ to spend the whole day in the forest, o_________ how the chimps live. 9. He is such a great man that all of us show our r___________ to him. 10. The couple living next door always a___________ with each other about some family problems. 11. I_________by the teacher?s words, he is d____________ to study harder than before. 12. He has to work hard to earn more money, because he has a large family to s_________. 13. Last night when I got home, the clock was s_____________ ten. 14. In our school, every teacher is asked to write one or two a_________ about teaching every year. 15. You?d better e__________ to the teacher the reason for your being late, otherwise, the teacher will be angry with you. 16. The teachers in our school will have a m__________ examination once every year. 17. Everything taken into c_______________, he has done a good job this time. 18. The famous doctor has d___________ hundreds of babies during her life. 19. It is c______________ of you not to make any noise while the others are having a rest. Unit 2 1. In the old days, many children suffered from h___________ because of no food. 2. If you keep staying in the sun for a long time, you?ll get s_____________. 3. Though he is young, he is s____________ to support a large family. 4. As is known to all, when heated, things will e______________. 5. He wants to c___________ his knowledge all over the world. 6. Each classroom in our school is e_____________ with a computer, which is helpful to our study. 6. Every year, we will e_________ much oil from the other countries. 7. In my opinion, he is quite s__________ for this job. 8. You?d better finish your homework without r____________ to your notes. 9. The twins are so alike that I always c__________ them with each other. 10. The method of r____________ the teaching cost has been discussed at the meeting. 11. The flooded area was s___________ with enough food and clothing by the government. 12. After your reading, can you give the s____________ of this passage? 13. Before going abroad, you must e_________ your money for some dollars. 14. It is quite c____________ that he will be successful in the final match. Unit 3 1.It?s wrong for the visitors to be c________ to the animals in the zoo. 2. It seems that he is quite c_________ with what he has got. 3. We were all a___________ at the a_________ news he told us just now. 4. It?s hard for her to decide what to buy because she is quite p________ about the things she buys. 5. Whoever comes, my mother will e_________ him the best food of our family. 6. In no time, the exciting news spread t_________ the whole country. 7. Because of the terrible earthquake, many children became h_____________. 8. It?s hard to imagine that such a millionaire wears a w___________ coat. 9. Many of us know the famous saying “F________ is the mother of success.” 10. With the boy leading the way, we had no d____________ in finding his house. 11. He was determined to o__________ the difficulties he met in his study. 12. I was f__________ to catch the train at the last minute. 13. He was caught in a s___________ when he was travelling in the mountains.

14. She s_________ in the film d__________ by Zhang Yimou. 15.His hometown is in a m___________ area, which is surrounded by a lot of mountains. 16.He w_________ to me the news that he had won a thousand yuan from the lottery he bought. Unit 4 ?1. I m_________ in English when learning in university. ?2. When visiting a place, usually the visitors will buy some l___________ things. ?3. Children are always c__________to know the things they have never seen. ?4. When i_____________ to the strangers, I felt a bit shy. ?5. When a___________the house, they found something unusual, so they stopped to have a look. ?6. His words made all the students t__________. ?7. The foreigners e_______________ their satisfaction with what they saw in China. ?8. He is l__________ to come, but I?m not sure. ?9. In g____________, men are usual taller than women. ?10. Be careful to a_________ making the same mistake. ?11. Speak clearly, or you?ll make your m_______________. ?12. This question is s_____________ to that, so we can solve it easily. ?13. F___________ expressions can have a lot of meanings. ?14. Some deaf people make themselves understood by g______________. ?15. He was p_____________by his parents for telling lies. Unit 5 1. There is a _________(多样) of goods in the supermarket. 2. Classes or other groups can get the group ____________(入场费) rate if they let Futuroscope know their plans in advance. 3. Usually, we will buy a lot of ___________(纪念品) when visiting a place of interest. 4. BMW is a famous car ___________(品牌). 5. The equipments for teaching in our school are very _____________(先进的). 6. In some culture theme parks, you can have pictures taken in the clothing of ________(少数民族) people. 7. He likes to _________(逗…乐) his friends with some jokes. 8. You are likely to get lost while travelling in the ___________(丛林). 9. This kind of shirt is made of a special kind of ____________(布料). 10. My wish is to be a ____________(译者) in the future, so I must learn English hard now. Part Two Grammar 定语从句 Exercises: 1.There are three bedrooms in the house,_____ is Mary's. A the smallest of which B the smaller of which C the smallest of them D the smallest one 2.The Greens will move into the new house next Monday,_____ it will be completely finished. A by the time B by which time C by that time D by this time 3.Alice has a large collection of phone,_____ was taken in London. A none of them B no one of which C all of which D none of which 4.With the fast development of agriculture, the people ____ village I taught before lived a happy life. A who B whose C in whose D in which 5.There is a mountain ____ the top is always covered with snow. A whose B of which C it's D that 6.She may have missed her train, in ____ case she won't arrive for another hour. A what B that C which D this

7.1)I have three children, and two of _____ are doctors. 2) I have three children, two of ____ are doctors. 8. There two thousand students in our school,____ are girls. A two-thirds in which B two-thirds in them C two-thirds of them D of whom two thirds 9.I have bought two ball pens,_____ writes well. A neither of them B none of them C neither of which D none of which 历届高考英语单项选择题定语从句精选 1.This is the best factory ____we visited last year . A. where B. which C. in which D. that 2.Is this the factory ____computers are built ? A. that B. which C. in which D. in that 3.please pass me the dictionary ____cover is red . A. whose B.its C. which D. which of 4.The man ____has arrived . A. whom I told you B. that I told you C. whom I told you about him D. I told you about 5. Do you know the comrade ____we are talking ? A. to whom B. to who C. whom D. to that 6. They visited the house ___the great writer was born . A. from where B. in which C. which D. in where 7. The comrade ___is speaking at the meeting is my teacher . A. whom B. which C. who D. whose 8. He asked us to watch carefully everything ___he did in class . A. who B. that C. what D. where 9. I?ll visit the professor tomorrow ,___he will be back from Shanghai . A. who B. that C. when D. which 10.The school ___I study is a new one . A. on which B. at where C. on that D. at which 11. China has many islands,____the largest is Taiwan . A. in which B. at which C. which D. of which 12. The city ____my mother grew up is not far from here . A. what B. where C. that D. which 13. Our teacher lives in the house ____door faces to the north . A. which B. his C. that D. whose 14. Do you know the man ___your father nodded ? A. whom B. to whom C. to who D. about whom 15.Wrestling is a sport in ___people easily get hurt . A. that B. when C. which D. what 16. I told you ____I know . A. all that B. all which C. all what D. all whom 17.China has a lot of famous writers ,one ___is Lu Xun . A. of which B. of whom C. of who D. of them 18. Is this factory ____we visited last year ? A. in which B. around that C. whom D. the one 19. Who is the man ____was there ?

A. who B. which C. that D. whom 20. Is there anything ____I can do for you, sir ? A. that B. which C. whose D. who 21. I still remember the day ____she first wore that green dress . A. which B. in which C. on that D. on which 22. The knife ____we used to cut the bread is very sharp . A. with which B. with it C. with that D. which 23. The games ____the young men competed in were difficult . A. in which B. which C. it D. who 24.It rained hard yesterday, ____ prevented me from going to the park.. A. that B. which C. as D. it 25. George Mallory was an English school teacher _____ loved climbing. A. who B. whom C. he D. which 26. His parents wouldn?t let him marry anyone ______ family was poor. A. of whom B. whom C. of whose D. whose 27.She heard a terrible noise, _______ brought her heart into her mouth. A .it B. which C. this D. that 28. In the dark street, there wasn?t a single person _____ she could turn for help. A. that B. who C .from whom D. to whom 29.The weather turned out to be very good , ____ was more than we could expect. A.what B.which C. that D.it 30.After living in Pairs for fifty years he returned to the small town ____ he grew up as a child. A.which B.where C.that D.when 31.Carol said the work would be done by October,______personally I doubt very much. A. it B.that C.when D.which 32.Dorothy was always speaking highly of her role in the play, ________,of course , made the others unhappy. A.who B.which C.this D.what 33. Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase , _____ was very reasonable. A. which price C.the price of which C. its price D.the price of whose 34._____ has already been pointed out , grammar is not a set of dead rules. A.As B.It C.That D.Which 35.He lived in London for 3 months , during ____ time he learned some English. A.this B.which C.that D.same 36.On the wall hung a picture, _____ color is blue. A.whose B.of which C.which D.its 37.Whenever I met him , ____ was fairly often, I like his sweet and hopeful smile. A.what B.which C.that D.when 38.The visitor asked the guide to take his picture _____ stands the famous tower. A.that B.where C.which D.there 39.The boss ____ department Ms King worked ten years ago look down upon women. A.in which B. in that C. in whose D.whose 40.I don?t like _____ you speak to her. A. the way B. the way in that C. the way which D. the way of which 41.I had neither a raincoat nor an umbrella ._______ I got wet through . A. It?s the reason B. That?s why

C. There?s why D. It?s how 42. He made another wonderful discovery , ____ of great importance to science. A. which I think is B. which I think it is C which I think it D.I think which is 名词性从句 1. America was ________ was called “India” by Columbus. A. that B. where C. what D. the place 2. --- I?d like to invite you to a concert this evening. --- Thank you, but ______ I?ll be free I?m not sure at the moment. A. while B. if C. when D. whether I kept looking at the man, wondering ______________. A. whether I have seen him before B. where I had seen him before C. that I had seen him before D. when I had seen him before You have not yet answered my question ________ I can join in the party tonight. A. whether B. if C. which D. that 5. Information has been put forward _______ more middle school graduates will be admitted into universities. A. while B. that C. when D. as 6. A computer can only do _______ you have instructed it to do. A. how B. after C. what D. when 7. It is a common belief _______ teenagers today know about computers and are familiar ______ using them in all aspects of life. A. that; out B. what; with C. that; with D. what; about Don?t leave for tomorrow _______ you can do today. A. if B. what C. that D. unless 9. Was it because it rained yesterday ______ he didn?t come? A. why B. when C. then D. that 10. ______ all the inventions have in common is ______ they have succeeded. A. What; what B. That; that C. What; that D. That; that 11. --- What clothes should we wear to attend the ball? --- Dress _______ you like. A. what B. however C. whatever D. how 12. ________ has ridden on a railway train knows how _____ another train flashes by when it is traveling in the opposite direction. A. Anyone who; rapid B. Whoever; rapidly C. Anything; rapid D. Whatever; rapidly 13. We believe _______ you have devoted yourself ________ sure to come true. A. that; is B. all that; to be C. that all; are D. what; to is 14. You may give the film ticket to _______ you think needs it. A. no matter who B. whomever C. whoever D. no matter whom 15. Was it in 1998, when he was still at middle school, ______ this boy became expert at computer? A. which B. where C. when D. that 16. It was ______ he came to Macao ______ he knew what kind of place it was. A. that; when B. until; that C. not until; when D. not until; that 17. All finished, we sat down to enjoy ______ we thought the most delicious dinner. A. that B. which C. what D. it 18. It was not until he explained it a second time _______ it.

A. when we understood B. that we understood C. did we understand D. that did we understand 19. The Beaches held _____ they called “family day” once each year. A. that B. which C. what D. when 20. --- How did he fail the examination? --- It was because he was too careless _______ he made so many mistakes. A. therefore B. that C. so that D. so 21. In some countries, ______ is called “equality” does not really mean equal rights fro all people. A. that B. what C. which D. how 22. --- ______ helps others will be helped. --- So I?ll be thankful to and try to help _______ has helped us. A. Whoever; whomever B. Whoever; whoever C. Who; whoever D. Who; whomever 23. Whether ways will be found to stop pollution or not is just _______ worries the public. A. why B. which C. that D. what 24. It was not until dark _______ he found ________ he thought was the correct way to solve the problem. A. that; what B. that; that C. when; what D. when; that 25. The question came up at the meeting _______ we had enough money for our research. A. that B. what C. which D. whether 26. _______ she was invited to the ball made her very happy. A. If B. That C. When D. Because 27.______ we are doing has never been done before. A. That B. What C. Which D. Whether 28.Scientists believe native Americans arrived by crossing the land bridge that connected Siberia and _______ more than 10,000 years ago. A. this is Alaska B. Alaska is now C. is now Alaska D. what is now Alaska 29.Please tell me ______ you would like to have your coffee ---- black or white? A. what B. where C. which D. how 30.Many workers were organized to clear away _______ remained of the World Trade center. A. those B. that C. what D. where 动词—ing 形式练习题 1. Mark often attempts to escape ____ whenever he breaks traffic regulations. A.shavingsbeen fined B. to have been fined C. to be fined D. being fined 2. My wife said in her letter that she would appreciate ____ from you sometime. A. to have heard B. to hear C. for hearing D. hearing 3. The thief took away the woman?s wallet without____. A. being seen B. seeing C. him seeing D. seeing him 4. People appreciate ____wit him because he has a good sense of humor. (CET-4 1998,1. A. to work B. to have worked C. working D. have working 5. I?ve enjoyed ____ to talk with you. A. to be able B. being able C. to been able D. of being able 6. No one can avoid ____ by advertisements. A. to be influenced B. being influenced C. influencing D.shavingsinfluence 7. They are considering ____ before the prices go up. A. of buying the house B. with buying the house C. buying the house D. to buy the house

8. He thought that ____. A. the effort doing the job was not worth B. the effort was not worth in doing the job C. it was not worth the effort doing the job D. it was not worth the effort by doing the job 9. If I had remembered ____ the door, the things would not have been stolen. A. to lock B. locking C. to have locked D.shavingslocked 10. Your shirt needs ____. You?d better have it done today. A. iron B. to iron C. ironing D. being ironed 11. You can?t help ____ commercials; every few minutes the program is interrupted to give you one advertisement or another. A. to hear B. to be heard C. hearing D. with hearing 12. My transistor radio isn?t working. It ____. A. need repairing B. needs to repair C. needs repairing D. need to be repaired 13. It is no use ____ me not to worry. A. you tell B. your telling C. for you to have told D.shavingstold 14. He is very busy ____ his papers. He is far too busy ____ callers. A. to write ;to receive B. writing ;to receive C. writing ;receiving D. to write ;for receiving 15.The suspect at last admitted ____ stolen goods but denied ____ them. A. receiving...selling B. to receive...to sell C. to receiving...to selling D. to have received...to have sold 16. She apologized for ____ to come. A. her not being able B. her being not able C. not being able D. that she?s not able to 17.I really appreciate ____ to help me, but I am sure that I can manage by myself. A. you to offer B. that you offer C. your offering D. that you are offering 18. Please stop ____, boys, I have something important to ____ you. A. saying ...talk B. telling ... sayC. talking ...speak D. talking ... tell 19. Tony, would you go and see if Sam has any difficulty ____ his tape recorder? A. to fix B. fixing C. for fixing D. fix 20.“Why isn?t Nancy going to meet us?”“It?s my fault. I forgot all about ____ her.” A. telephoning to B. to telephone C. to telephone to D. the telephoning to 21.“Why were you late?”“I had a hard time ____ up this morning.” A. to get B. get C. got D. getting 22.I remember ____ to help us if we ever gotsintostrouble. A. once offering B. him once offering C. him to offer D. to offer him 23.John regretted ____ to the meeting last week. A. not going B. not to go C. notshavingsbeen going D. not to be going 24. It is difficult to get used ____ in a tent aftershavingsa soft, comfortable bed to lie on. A. sleep B. to sleeping C. slept D. to sleep 25. He gives people the impression ____ many poems. A. ofshavingswritten B. to have written C. of being written D. to write 26. Do you feel like ____ out or would you rather ____ dinner at home? A. going...to have B. to go...to have C. to go...having D. going...have 27. Prior to ____ the formal speech, first he will introduce himself. A. delivering B. deliver C. being delivering D. being delivered 28.I don?t mind ____ by bus, but I hate ____ in queues.

A. to travel...standing B.shavingstraveled...standing C. traveling...to stand D. traveling...standing 29.What about ____ double quantities of everything today? We have hardly time to go____ next week. A. buying...to shop B. buy...shopping C. buying...shopping D. to buy...shopping 30. We had some trouble ____ the house and nobody seemed ____swheresit was. A. in finding...knowing B. finding...to know C. to find...knowing D. to find...to know 31.We can?t imagine ____ in the entrance examination, for she has never been to school. A. she succeeding B. her succeeding C. she succeed D. her to succeed 32.I don?t like ____ at me. A. them laughing B. their laugh C. them laugh D. them to have laughed 33.We suggested ____ in hotels but the children were anxious ____ out. A. sleeping...to camp B. sleeping...camping C. to sleep...to camp D. to sleep...camping 34.I have no objection ____ the evening with them. A. to spend B. to spending C. of spending D. spending 35. After ____ for the job, you will be required to take a language test. A. being interviewed B. interviewed C. interviewing D.shavingsinterviewed 36.The match was cancelled because most of the members ____ a match without a standard court. A. objected toshavings B. were objected to have C. objected to have D. were objected to having 37.Jean did not have time to go to the concert last night because she was busy ____ for her examination. A. to prepare B. to be prepared C. preparing D. being prepared 38.It is no good ____ remember grammatical rules. You need to practise what you have learned. A. trying to B. to try to C. try to D. tried to 39.After ____ him better, I regretted ____ him unfairly. A. getting to know...to judge B. getting to know...to have judged C. getting to have know...judging D. getting to know...having judged 40.He is looking forward to ____ his holiday in Britain. A. spend B. have spent C. spending D.shavingsbeen spending 41. Before ____ the house, you should get a surveyor____ over it. A. buying...looking B.shavingsbought...to look C. buying...to have looked D. buying...to look 42.In some countries people favor ____ together even though there is much more space. A. to stay B. stay C. staying D. stayed 43.“Why was Fred so upset?”“He isn?t used ____ criticized.” A. be B. to be C. to being D.shavingsbeen 44. It?s no use ____ to get a bargain these days. A. to expect B. expecting C. wanting D. you expect 45.“Why were you so late for work today?” “____ to the office was very slow this morning because of the traffic.” A. Driving B. I drove C. To drive D. That I drove 46.It was impolite of him ____without ____good-bye. A. to leave, saying B. leaving, to say C. to leave, to say D. leaving, saying 47. He kept ____to his parents.

A. putting off to write B. to put off to write C. putting off writing D. to put off writing 48.I?ll go with you after I get through with ____the house. A. cleaning B. to cleaning C. to be cleaned D.shavingscleaned 49. With apples at 25 cents a pound, we couldn?t resist ____four pounds. A. to take B. took C. taking D. have taken 50.How can you keep the machine ____when you are away? A. run B. to run C. running D. being run Part Three Reading Passage 1 One day an ant was drinking at a small stream and fell in. She made desperate efforts to reach the side, but made no progress at all. The poor ant almost exhausted was still bravely doing her best when a dove saw her. Moved with pity, the bird threw her a blade of grass, which supported her like a raft, and thus the ant reached the bank again. While she was resting and drying herself in the grass, she heard a man come near. He was walking along barefooted with a gun in his hand. As soon as he saw the dove, he wished to kill it. He would certainly have done so, but the ant bit him in the foot just as he raised his gun to fire. He stopped to see what had bit him, and the dove immediately flew away. It was an animal much weaker and smaller than herself that had saved her life. (163w) 1. The ant could not reach the side though _______. A. she cried for help B. she asked the dove to save her C. she tried very hard D. she could smell well 2. The dove saved the ant because _______. A. she was the ant's friend B. she took pity on the poor ant C. the ant was almost exhausted D. the ant had been struggled in the water for a long time 3. The ant succeeded in getting on the bank with the help of _______. A. a leaf B. a piece of wood C. a blade of grass D. a raft 4. Just as the man shot at the dove, _______. A. the dove immediately flew away B. the dove hid himself in the grass C. the ant told the dove to leave at once D. he felt something biting him in the foot 5. In writing the story, the writer wants to show _______. A. how clever the ant was B. how kind the dove was C. how the ant and the dove helped each other D. we often need help from others, therefore we should help others as much as we can 词汇扩展 ① desperate adj. 拼死的 ② exhausted adj. 精疲力竭的 ③ dove n. 鸽子 ④ blade n. 叶片 Passage 2 Johnny Smith was a good math student at a high school. He loved his computer. He came home early every day, then he worked with it till midnight. But Johnny was not a good English student, not good at all. He got an F in his English class. One day after school Johnny joined his computer to the computer in his high school office. The school office computer had the grades of all the students: the math grades, the science grades, the grades in arts and music, and the grades in English. He found his English grade. An F! Johnny changed his English grade from an F to A. Johnny' parents looked at his report card. They were very happy. "An A in English!" said Johnny's Dad. "You're a very clever boy, Johnny." Johnny is a hacker. Hackers know how to take information from other computers and put new information in. Using a modem, they join their computers to other computers secretly. School headmasters and teachers are worried about hackers. So are the police, for some people even take money from bank computer account and put it into their own ones. And they never have to leave home to do it! They are called hackers. (210w) 1. Johnny changed his English grade with the computer in _______.

A. the classroom B. the school office C. a bank near his house D. his own house 2. When Johnny's parents saw the report, they were happy because _______. A. Johnny was good at math B. Johnny loved computers C. Johnny could join one computer to another D. they thought Johnny was not poor in English any longer 3. Who are worried about hackers in the story? A. Johnny's parents. B. School headmasters, teachers and the police. C. The police. D. School headmasters and teachers. 4. What should the hackers know well, do you think, after you read this story? A. Information. B. Back computer accounts. C. Computers. D. Grades. 5. The last paragraph is about _______. A. Johnny B. computers C. hackers D. modern 词汇扩展 ① hacker n. 黑客 ② information n. 信息 ③ modem n. 调制解调器 ④ secretly adv. 秘密地 ⑤ account n. 账户 Passage 3 There was ice on the road, and the doctor's car hit a tree and turned over three times. To his surprise , he was not hurt. He got out of the car and walked to the nearest house. He wanted to telephone the garage for help. The door was opened by one of his patients. " Oh, Doctor," she said, " I have only just telephoned you. You must have a very fast car. You have got here very quickly indeed. There has been a very bad accident on the road outside. I saw it through the window. I am sure the driver will need your help." (109w) 1. Where was the doctor going in his car? A. We don't know. B. To a patient's home. C. To a garage. D. To his own home. 2. Which of the following was the cause of the accident? A. Careless driving B. A tree had fallen across the road. C. A slippery road. D. There was a thick fog. 3. The doctor went to the house because _______. A. he knew one of his patients lived there B. he had received a call to go there C. he wanted to use the telephone D. he was injured and could walk no further 4. Why did the woman patient telephone the doctor? A. She needed medical treatment. B. She believed somebody else needed a doctor. C. To ask how quickly the doctor could come. D. To ask whether the doctor was coming on his regular visit. 词汇扩展 ① garage n. 汽车修理站 ② accident n. 事故 ③ slippery adj. 滑 ④ injured adj. 受伤 Passage 4 One day a poor man was cutting a big piece of wood near a river. Suddenly his old axe fell into the water. He felt very sad because he lost his only axe. Then all at once a beautiful fairy came out and asked the man what was the matter. "I have lost my axe," he said." It fell into the water when I was cutting the wood." The fairy showed him a gold axe and asked, "Is this yours?" "No," said the man. The fairy then showed him a silver axe and asked again," Is this yours?" "No," again answered the man. Then she showed him the old axe. "Yes, that is mine," called out the happy man. "I know that well enough," said the fairy." I only wanted to see if you would tell me the truth, and now I'll give you the gold axe and the silver axe besides your own one." (147w)

1. One day when the man was cutting something, ________. A. he fell into the water B. his axe dropped into the river C. his axe fell into a lake D. he saw a beautiful fairy 2. The man was sad because _________. A. he was poor and had no other axes B. he could not go on working C. he liked his axe very much D. his axe was a gold axe 3. The fairy gave him a gold axe and a silver axe but he didn't take them, because he ______. A. did not like them B. did not know they were made of gold and silver C. was very rich D. knew these axes were not his 4. At the end of the story the man had ________. A. only one axe B. two axes C. three axes D. many axes 5. The fairy helped the man because he was ________ man. A. an old B. a young C. a poor D. an honest. 词汇扩展 ① fairy n. 仙女 ② silver adj. 银制的 Passage 5 An Englishman, a Frenchman and a Russian were discussing happiness. "Happiness," said the Englishman, "Happiness is when you return home tired after work, yet find your slippers(拖鞋) warming by the fire." "You English have no romance," said the Frenchman. "Happiness is when you go on a business trip, find a pretty girl who entertains you -then afterwards you part without regrets." "You are both wrong," said the Russian. "True happiness is when you are at home in bed and at 4 a.m., you hear a hammering at the door and outside stand the secret police, who say to you, 'Ivan Ivan ovitch, you are under arrest', and you say, 'Sorry, Ivan ovitch lives next door.'" ( 118w) 1. The Englishman's happiness suggests that _______. A. he should have no time to warm his slippers B. he enjoys the warmth of the family C. he thinks it the most important to have slippers D. he wants someone to warm his slippers 2. What the Frenchman said means that _______. A. a man can be free to play with any pretty girl when possible B. he wants to marry a girl he loves C. he is interested in going on a business trip D. the Englishman should have more romance 3. The Russian thought that ________. A. both the Englishman and the Frenchman were not right B. neither the Englishman nor the Frenchman were right C. neither the Englishman nor Frenchman were wrong D. either the Englishman or the Frenchman were wrong 4. The meaning of the Russian's words is that _______. A. he would like to have a good sleep at night B. he will feel happy if his neighbour is arrested C. he thinks it happiness to feel safe D. he will feel afraid if anyone knocks at his door at night 5. The best title for this story is "_______". A. The Difference in Happiness B. How to Get Happiness C. The Definitionof Happiness D. The Importance of Happiness 词汇扩展 ① slipper n. 拖鞋 ②romance n. 浪漫色彩 ③ entertain v. 招待 ④ part v. 分手 ⑤ arrest v. 逮捕 ⑥ definition n. 定义

Passage 6 "Get up, get up, Jim. It's time to get up!" my mother said while she was pushing me. I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. "Oh dear! It's a quarter to eight already. I'll be late for school again," I thought. I jumped out of the bed, washed my face, then hurried to the bus stop without breakfast. As soon as I got on the bus, it started running. "I'm sure I can get to the school on time," I said to myself. Suddenly the bus stopped. The bus driver got off the bus, then got on the bus again and said, "I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen. There's something wrong with the bus. Please get off the bus and wait for another one." "I couldn't wait. The school is not far. I'd better run to the school," I thought, and then I began to run. But before I got to the school, it began to rain hard. I reached the classroom but I was wet shivering with cold. The physics teacher had already begun his lesson. It was Mr. Smith. He was about fifty years old. All the students were a little afraid of him and so was I. I liked neither him nor his physics lessons. I hesitated for a moment and then I opened the door. "I'm very sorry, Mr. Smith. I'm late again," I said with a red face. "It's you again, Jim," Mr. smith said angrily. "I've told you not be late, but you…" he suddenly stopped and looked at my wet clothes. He turned to the class and said, "I'm very sorry, my boys and girls." With these words he quickly took off his own jacket and handed it to me. "Now take off your wet coat and put this one or you'll catch cold," he said kindly. I went to my seat with Mr. Smith's jacket on. It was a bit large for me but I felt very warm in it. I found, for the first time, physics was so interesting and how well I could understand it! (348w) 1. Jim was late for school because _______. A. he got up too late B. there was something wrong with the bus C. it rained heavily D. he had to wait for the bus 2. Mr. Smith, the physics teacher, _______ at first when Jim came into the classroom. A. felt sad B. looked kind C. looked worried D. was unhappy 3. Jim felt that _______. A. the jacket was large enough to keep him warm B. Mr. Smith took good care of him C. he understood what Mr. Smith said all the time D. physics is easy if you like the physics teachers 4. From the story, we can learn that _______. A. students can't be late for school B. students can learn better if teachers love them C. physics is easy if you like the physics teachers D. you'll catch cold if your clothes are wet 词汇扩展 ① shiver v. 发抖 ② hesitate v. 犹豫 Passage 7 John is a paper boy. He delivers newspapers to different houses in his street every day. He has about 80 customers. Half of his customers only take the newspapers on weekdays, and about half take the newspapers on weekdays and on Sundays. John has to get up at 4:30 every morning to deliver his newspapers. It takes longer to deliver the newspaper on Sundays. The Sunday newspapers are twice as heavy as those on weekdays. John is saving his money to buy a new bicycle. He is also saving money for college. He has already saved 500 dollars. (107w) 1. John ________ every day. A. reads books B. sells newspapers C. borrows books D. delivers newspapers 2. How many customers does he have? A. About 40. B. About 120. C. About 80. D. About 20. 3. ______of his customers only take newspapers on weekdays. A. Two B. Eighty C. Forty D. Twenty 4. What time does he have to get up every morning? A. 3:30 B. 4:30 C. 5:30 D. 6:30 5. John is saving his money to buy ______ A. a newspaper B. a new bag

C. a house D. a new bicycle 词汇扩展 ① deliver vt. 投递 ② customer n. 客户 ③ college n. 大学 Passage 8 Sam lives in New York. His father has a shop and his mother is a doctor. He's seven years old now and has begun to go to school this autumn. It's a little far from their shop and his father drives a car to take him to school every day. So he's never late for class and his teachers like him. It's Monday today. Miss Hunt is teaching them to count the numbers from one to ten. Sam is studying hard. Soon he can count them. Miss Hunt is happy and asks, "How many people are there in your family, Sam?" Sam stood up and said, "Two, Miss Hunt." "Who are they?" "My father and mother." "Oh? "Miss Hunt is surprised. She said, "There're three people in your family." "But now I'm not at home. I'm at school, you know!" ( 140w) 1. Sam is ________. A. an English boy B. an American boy C. an English girl D. an American girl 2. Sam is in Grade _______ now. A. One B. Two C. three D. four 3. Sam usually goes to school ________. A. on foot B. by bike C. by car D. by bus 4. ______, so Miss Hunt is happy today. A. Sam is late for class B. Sam studies Chinese C. The children are good at English D. Sam can count from one to ten 5. Which of the following is wrong? A. Sam is at school now. B. There 're two people in Sam's family. C. There 're three people in Sam's family. D. Miss Hunt doesn't know how many people there are in Sam's family. Passage 9 There was once a captain who loved money so much that he cheated his sailors at the end of every voyage and took their wages. On the last day of one voyage, the ship was in a small port. It was winter time, and the sea was very cold, so the captain said to his sailors, "If one of you stays in the water during the whole night, I will give him my ship. But if he comes out before the sun appears, I shall get his wages." The sailors had heard about the captain's cheating, so they didn't trust him. But then one of them, who thought that he was cleverer than the captain, said that he would do it. He got into the water, and, though it was very cold, he stayed in it. When it was nearly morning, some fishermen lit a fire on the shore about half a mile away. "You are cheating," the captain said to the sailor. "The fire's warming you." "But it's half a mile away!" said the sailor. "A fire's fire," answered the captain. "I have won." The sailor came out of the water, and said, "Perhaps you think that you are clever because you have won my wages, but you can't cook a chicken." "I can," answered the captain. "If you cook this chicken," said the sailor, "I shall work for you without wages for seven years, but if you can't, you will give me your ship." The captain agreed, took the chicken and said, "Where's the fire?" "There it is," answered the sailor. "On the shore." "But it's half a mile away," said the captain angrily.

" 'A fire's fire,' you said," answered the sailor. "If it is enough to warm me in the water, it is enough to cook your chicken." (301w) 1. The captain got the sailors' wages ________. A. to buy a chicken for himself B. and kept the money for future use C. by cheating him D. and said he would return the money soon 2. Which of the following statements is TRUE? A. All the sailors refused to get into the water because it was too cold. B. The captain knew that the fire the fishermen made was enough to warm the sailor in the water. C. The captain succeeded in cheating the sailor. D. It was the sailor who was cleverer. 3. The captain insisted that the fire was warming the sailor because he ________. A. didn't want to lose the bet B. didn't believe the sailor's success C. wanted to keep his promise D. wanted to show his cleverness 4. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE? A. The sailors didn't trust the captain. B. In order to help the sailor in the water, the fishermen made a fire. C. The captain failed to cheat the sailor this time. D. The sailor didn't get out of the water before the sun appeared. 5. What is the title of the story? A. How a Captain Cheated His Sailor B. How a Sailor Got a Ship C. A Brave Sailor D. A Fire Is Fire 英语阅读理解精选》答案 1. CBCDD 2. DDBCC 3. ACCB 4. BADCD 5. BCACA 6. BDBB 7. DCCBD 8. BACDB 9. CDABD

Part Four Writing 书面表达专题训练 1 假如你是李华,你的英语老师要求你们明天上午去武进影剧院听一个由李阳老师所作的英语讲座,你因故 不能参加。 请你根据以下要点,写一封短信向你的老师请假。 内容要点:1、表示歉意 2、原因:去机场接海外归来朋友 3、 询问:是否有录音,以便补听讲座 注意: 1 、字数: 100 词左右 2 、可以根据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯 Dear sir, ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________

___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Yours sincerely, Li Hua 书面表达专题训练 2 某中学将有一位美国教授布菜克博士来访,该教授将给师生们作一次报告,介绍美国的教育情况。学 校要求同学们在星期三下午 2:30 准时到 105 大教室参加报告会,并带上笔记本,以便会后讨论。请你根 据上面要点,用英语写一通知。(字数:80 左右) 参考词语 美国教授 American professor 有关教育的报告 a report on education 作笔记 take notes 讨论 have a discussion Notice ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 书面表达专题训练 3

假如你是高三(6)班班长,你班要在 5 月 4 日即下星期六去庐山郊游。请你拟一份通知,准备向同学们 宣读。内容包括: 1、郊游日期:5 月 4 日,下星期六; 2、主要内容:攀登比赛、摄影等; 3、早餐后 8 点坐校车出发,午餐自带,下午 3 点回校; 4、欢迎全体同学参加。凡参加者先登记并交给班长 5 元钱。 注意:通知词数约 70—120。要求意思连贯。 ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ 书面表达专题训练 4 假如你是班长,通知你班同学本周星期六晚上 7:30—在本班教室举行一次英语晚会,节目有唱歌、朗诵、 讲故事、话剧等,要求本班同学都参加,欢迎外班同学光临,请同学们作好准备。(字数:80 左右) 参考词语 朗诵 recitation 节目 programme (或 program) 欢迎 be welcomed 表演 perform ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________

___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ 书面表达专题训练 5 请你以学生会名义,根据下面表格的内容写一则去人民公园游玩的通知。 参加者 高二年级全体学生 活动内容 1.12 月 28 日,周六去人民公园,上午浏览东湖; 2.中午在湖边野餐; 3.下午参观植物园(the botanical garden ). 集合时间和地点 早上 6:50 在校门集合;7:00 开车。 注意事项 1.穿运动鞋; 2.自带午餐和饮料; 3.如有可能,每班带 1——2 部照相机; 4.准时集合。 注意:1.词数 100 左右。2.通知的格式已写出。 ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Keys 必修三 unit 1 1. starved 2. plenty 3. ancestors, satisfied 4. arrival 5. national 6. independence 7. agricultural 8. customs, European 9. watermelon 10. handsome 11. admire 12. eneregetic, permission 13. drowning 14. obvious 15. forgive unit 2 1. diet 2. energy 3. cucumbers, mashrooms 4. balance 5. Curiously 6. research 7. customers 8. strengths, weaknesses, combine 9. glaring 10. limited 11. benefit 12. sighed 13. digestion unit 3 1. permitted 2. passage 3. account 4. appearance 5. honest 6. patience 7. steak 8. manners 9. screaming 10. shoulder, shulder 11. servant 12, rude 13. humour 14. accident 15. jealous

unit 4 1. violent 2. oxygen 3. surface 4. harmful 5. development 6. Generally 7. spread 8. prevented 9. depends 10. presence 11. disappointed 12. published 13. gravity 14. Gradually 15. floating unit 5 1. Minister 2. Pacific 3. continents 4. eastward 5. surrounded 6. harbour 7. extremely 8. settled 9. gift 10. within 11. slight 12. figure 13. officials 14. terrifying, terrified 15, distance 16. frost 17. downtown 18. dawn 必修四 Unit 1 1. achieved 2. conditions 3. connections 4.campaigns 5. organization 6. specialist devotes 7. behaviours 8. worthwhile observing 9. respect 10. argue 11. Inspired determined 12. support 13. striking 14. articles 15. explain 16. medical 17. consideration 18. delivered 19. considerate Unit 2 1. hunger 2. sunburnt 3. struggling 4. expand 5. circulate 6. equipped 7. exported 8. suitable 9. referring 10. confuse 11. reducing 12. supplied 13. summary 14. exchange 15. certain Unit 3 1. cruel 2. content 3. astonished astonishing 4. particular 5. entertain 6. throughout 7. homeless 8. worn-out 9. Failure 10. difficulty 11. overcome 12. fortunate 13. snowstorm 14. started directed 15. mountainous 16. whispered Unit 4 1. majored 2. local 3. curious 4. introduced 5. approaching 6. touched 7. expressed 8. likely 9. general 10. avoid 11. misunderstood 12. similar 13. Facial 14. gestures 15. punished Unit 5 1. variety 2. charged 3. admission 4. profit 5. souvenirs 6. brand 7. equipment advanced 8. experiment 9. minority 10. athlete 11. amuse 12. jungle 13. techniques 14. cloth 15. translator 定语从句 (1---6ABDCBC 7----9B DDC) 历届高考英语单项选择题定语从句精选答案: 1-5DCADA 6-10 BCBCD 11-15 DBDBC 16-20 ABDCA 21- 25 DABBA KEYS: 26-30 DBDBB 31-35 DBCAB 36-40 ABBCA 41-42 BA 名词性从句参考答案 1-5 CDBAB 6-10 CCBDC 11-15 BBDCD 16-20 DCBCB 21-25 BBDAD 26-30 BBDDC V-ing 答案: 1.D 2.D 3.A 4.C 5.B 6.B 7.C 8.C 9.A 10.C 11.C 12.C 13.B 14.B 15.A 16.A 17.C 18.D 19.B 20.A 21.D 22.B 23.A 24.B 25.C 26.D 27.A 28.D 29.C 30.B 31.B 32.A 33.A 34.B 35.A 36.A 37.C 38.A 39.D 40.C 41.D 42.C 43.C 44.B 45.A 46.A 47.C 48.A 49.C 50.C 英语阅读理解精选》答案

1. CBCDD 2. DDBCC 3. ACCB 4. BADCD 5. BCACA 6. BDBB 7. DCCBD 8. BACDB 9. CDABD 书面表达答案 1.Dear Sir; I am so sorry that I won?t be able to attend the English lecture which will be given by Mr. Li Yang in WuJin Cinema tomorrow morning. I have a friend who is returning home from abroad tomorrow morning and I have promised to meet him at the airport. You know I am very interested in English learning. I wonder if it is possible for the talk to be recorded, and if so, could I borrow the tape? It would mean so much to me to listen to the tape and learn what is covered in the talk. Yours sincerely, Li Hua 2.Notice An American professor, Dr Black will visit our school this Wednesday afternoon. He will give us a report on the education in America. Everyone is supposed to be in Room 105, the big classroom exactly at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday. Please bring your notebooks with you and take notes while listening to the lecture, so that we can have a discussion about it after it is over. 3 An Announcement Class, please be quiet. I am glad to tell you that we have decided to have an outing to Lushan next Saturday, May 4th. The expense is about five yuan. Those who wish to go should put down the names on this piece of paper and give the money to me. We will go by school bus which is to start after breakfast at 8:00 a. m. and come back to school at 3:00 p.m.. Remember to bring your lunch with you. We?ll have a contest of climbing the hill and take photos there. All the students are welcome. That?s all. Thank you. Monitor Class 2 of Senior Grade 3 4 Fellow students, attention, please.I have some good news to tell you. We?re going to have an English evening, in our classroom at 7:30 on Saturday evening. The programme inclides songs, recitations, storytelling and short plays. Everyone in our clas must take part in it and students form other classed are also welcome. Everone who takes part in the party should perform once. That?s all. Thank you. 5 Notice Attention, please . The students of Senior Grade Two will go to the people?s Park for an outing on December 28,Saturday. In the morning ,we will visit the East Lake . We?ll have a picnic by the lake at noon .After that , we?ll visit the botanical garden .Please wear your sports shoes ,and take your lunch and drinks with you ,If possible ,each class can take a couple of cameras along so that you can take some pictures of the beautiful sights . We are to meet at the school gate at 6:50 a.m. The buses will start at 7:00 a.m. Don?t be late . The Student?s Union

Li Hua




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