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1. The play begins at 6: 40 pm. So we have to be at the theatre ________ 6:30 pm at the latest. A. after B. around C. until D. by

2. They held a ceremony ________ those killed in the battle. A. in honor of B. instead of C. in favor of D. by means of

3. After finishing middle school, my sister did nothing ________ at home. A. but to read B. but read C. besides reading D. except to read

4. Write your name and address on your bag ________ you lose it. A. in any case B. in case C. in no case D. in that case

5. — ________ did the professor give you much advice? — The choice of a career. A. On what B. In what C. What D. For what

6. I made coat ________ my own hands. It was made ________ hand not with a machine. A. in; in B. in; with C. with; by D. with; with

7. He is running ________ the wind towards the east of the station ________ Tom running ________ the right. A. down; and; on B. against; with; on C. for; with; in D. with; while; to

8. Not all of us know the difference ________ wheat, oats(燕麦) and barley (大麦). A. among B. between C. from D. in

9. The young singer is quite popular ________ the public. She’s made a remarkable achievement ________ a girl of her age. A. with; to B. to; for C. with; for D. for; to

10. The apple trees have lots of big apples ________ them. And some birds are singing ________ the trees. A. in; on B. at; in C. on; in D. with; through

11. That woman will quarrel ________ everybody ________ anything. A. about; about B. about; with C. with; about D. with; with

12. The weather this month has been good ________ . A. on the whole B. generally speaking C. above all D. on one hand

13. We should divide all the potatoes ________ two piles and separated the good ones ________ the bad ones. A. from; by B. into; from C. into; into D. from; into

14. They said the building would be completed ________ a year. A. after B. for C. in D. about

15. — These boxes are too heavy for me to carry. — Here, I’ll give you a hand ________ them. A. for B. to C. with D. by

1. D。从“戏剧在下午 6:40 开始”可知到达剧院的时间最迟不应晚于 6:30。A 项表 示“下午 6:30 后到剧院”,C 项表示“在剧院呆到下午 6:30 为止”,均不合题意。B


项干扰性最强,around 意为“左右,大约”, 但在 6:30 pm 后有 at the latest“最晚”, 二者相矛盾。C 项 by 是 not later than(不迟于)之意,整合题意。 2. A。 in honour of 意为“为庆祝(为向. . . 表示敬意,为纪念”; instead of 意为“代 替; 而不是”; in favor of 意为“赞成; 支持”; by means of 意为“通过; 用; 借助于”。 根据句意“他们举行了纪念阵亡战士的仪式”可知答案为 A。 3. B。but, except 和 besides 都有“除…之外”的意思,但没有”,相当于 not including. 另外,but 后面可接不定式 to do,但如果 but 前面有实义动词 dbesides 是“除…之外,还”的意思,等于 in addition to; 而 except, but 是“除…之外, o 的任何形式,不定式省略 to。 4. B。in any case 意为“在任何情况下”;in case 意为“以防万一,如果”;in no case 意为“决不”;in that case 意为“如果那样的话”。句意为“在你的包上写上名字 和地址以防丢失”。 5. A。“教授给你提的什么建议?”“择业”。“关于…的建议”应用介词 on。 6. C。by hand 意为“用手工”;with“用”, 表示使用的工具, 手段,如 He hit it with a hammer. 7. B。against the wind“逆风”;on the right 意为“在后边”;介词 with 与一个 复合结构构成短语,用作状语,说明状态、方式等。 8. B。一般说来,between 用于两者之间,among 表示三者和三者以上之间。 但有时说的虽然是三个以上的人或东西,如果强调的是两两相互间的关系,适用


于 between. 如:The soldier is hidden between the trees. 在谈论事物间的差别时总 是用 between. 9. C。词组 be popular with 意为“受…欢迎”,for“就…而论,比较…而言”。 10. C。介词 on 意为“在…之上,依附于”;in 意为“(表场所,位置)在……之 内 / 上”in the tree 译为“在树上”。 11. C。 quarrel with sb. about / over 意为“和某人争论某事”。 句意为“那个女人 无论碰到什么事儿, 总是和别人争吵不休”。 12. A。on the whole 意为“总的来说;从总体上看”;generally speaking“一般 说来”;above all 意为“首先,最重要的”;on one hand 意为“一方面”。句意为“这 个月的天气基本上是好的” 。 13. B。 divide…into 和 separate…from 都有“把……分开”的意思。 但前者指“把 整体分成若干部分”,后者指“把连在一起的分开”。 14. C。in, after 这两个介词都可以用来表达“在若干时间之后”。in 可以用于 将来时态或一般过去时态的句子中;after 用于一般过去时,如果表示某时刻之 后或某件事之后,则不受时态的限制。 15. C。 答语中的 them 指前一句的 boxes。 Give sb. a hand with sth. / in(at) doing sth. 意为“帮助某人做某事”。




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