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1. _____________ vt.& n.缺乏,没有缺乏 lack 2. _____________vt. 系牢,扎牢 fasten 3. _____________ vt.& n.按,逼迫,印刷 press 4. _____________ vt.吞下,咽下 swallow 5. _____________ vt.回收利用,再利用 recycle 6. _____________ n.方面,层面 aspect

7. _____________ n.面具,伪装 mask
8. _____________ n.垃圾箱 dustbin 9. _____________ n.公民,居民,市民 citizen 10. ____________ v.(使)闪光 flash 11.material n. _________________ 原料;材料

12.guide n.
13.switch n.

_________________ 指导;导游
开关;转换 _________________

14.instant n. 15.greedy adj. 16.previous adj. 18.optimistic adj.

________________ 瞬间;片刻;立即的 ________________ 贪吃的;贪婪的 ________________ 早先的 ________________ 乐观的

17.manufacture vt. ________________ 生产 19.exhausted adj.
20.tolerate vt.

________________ 筋疲力尽的
________________ 容忍

1.impress v.压出印记;使深深印在
impression ____________n. 印象;(书籍)一次印刷

____________adj. 给人留下深刻印象的 impressive

impression ⑴ The first___________(impress) of this book was sold very quickly so two more ____________(impress) were ordered. impressions ⑵ They produced a strong _____________ impression (impress) on me.
⑶ The way he talks is really _____________ impressive (impress).

2.adjust v.调整,使适应 ____________n. adjustment 调整,调节 ____________adj. 可调动的,可调节的 adjustable adjust to ____________[ 搭配]适应……

⑴ The desks and seats can ________ be adjusted (adjust) to the height of any child.
to ⑵ My eyes haven’t adjusted___the dark yet.

adjustable (adjust) electric lamp can ⑶ An __________ be placed in various positions. ⑷ Try to make some __________(adjust) of adjustment your differences so that you can work together without quarrels.

3.instant n.瞬间;片刻adj.立即的;立 刻的 instantly adv. 立即地 conj.一……就 ____________ ______________[ 搭配]一……就 the instant

⑴ Please tell me________ instantly (instant) he arrives.
The instant he opened the door he ⑵_____ saw the thief.

4.press v.挤,压,逼迫;n.新闻,印刷 ___________adj. 紧急的,紧迫的 pressing
pressure ___________n. 压力,压强

⑴ The minister invited the ______ press (press) to a meeting to explain his actions. pressure ⑵ Villagers are unaccustomed to the______ (press) of modern life.

⑶ What they discussed was a mostpressing _______ (press) problem.

5.optimistic adj. 乐观(主义)的 _____________n. 乐观主义者 optimist
optimism _____________n. 乐观,乐观主义

⑴ Those __________ optimists (optimism) are optimistic________ about their future. ⑵ At the airport,he expressed _________(optimistic) about the talks. optimism

6.settle v.解决;安居 __________n. 定居者,移居者 settler settlement 定居,居住地;解决;协议 __________n.

⑴ Now a number of farmers live in new ___________ settlement (settle).
⑵ Five years having passed,the government and the villagers haven’t reached any ____________ settlements (settle) yet.

⑶ With the problem ________ settled (settle),we became good friends.

⑷ It is said that the first _________ settlers (settle) of this country are prisoners.

1.打扫,横扫 2.看不见 3.加速 4.安全带

________________ sweep up ________________ lose sight of ________________ speed up ________________ safety belt


________________ be back on one’s feet

6.拿起;接受;继续_______________ take up

7.the instant 8.slide into

_____________ 一??就 _____________ 溜进

9.remind of 11.as a result

_____________ 使??想起;提醒?? _____________ 结果

10.suffer from _____________ 遭受 12.be used to (doing)_____________ 习惯于

1.李蕙很幸运在刚完成大学学业后,很快就找到 “未来之旅”公司导游工作。(take up,the instant) 1.Li Hui was very lucky to take up the job as a guide of “Future Tour” company,the instant she completed her studies in the university. 2.刚开始时,她不习惯这份工作。(be used to)

2.At first,she was not used to the new job.

3.她每次完成她的导旅任务时,一回到家,她就觉 得精疲力尽。(exhausted)

3.Every time she finished her journey,she felt exhausted,upon returning home.

4.她开始怀疑她能否忍受她的工作环境。(tolerate, surrounding)

4.She first doubted whether she could tolerate her working surroundings.


5.Li Hui is quite an optimistic girl.
6.她相信一定能克服困难,做好工作。 (overcome)

6.She believed that she could overcome the difficulties by her hard work.

7.因此,她每天努力工作,出色地完成各项任务。 (therefore,outstanding)

7.Therefore,she worked very hard every day and finished her job outstandingly.
8.她终于成为“未来之旅”公司的模范工作者。 (recommend,model)

8.She was finally recommended as one of the model staff members of “Future Tour” company.

Li Hui was very lucky to take up the job as

a guide of “Future Tour” company,the
instant she completed her studies in the felt exhausted,upon returning home from

university. Not being used to the new job,she the journey and doubted whether she could
tolerate her working surroundings.

Being quite an optimistic girl,she believed

that she could overcome the difficulties by
her hard work. So,she worked very hard

every day and finished her job outstandingly.
As a result, she was finally recommended as one of the model staff members of “Future Tour” company .

The passage is about a letter written by
Li Qiang who is taking 1____ up the prize that

he won last year. At first he was nervous and
2__________ uncertain (certain) about the journey.However,3_____ with Wang Ping’s guiding,Li Qaing was transported into the

future safely.

Hit by a lack 4 ____ of fresh air,his head
ached and he tried to make the necessary 5 ___________ adjustment (adjust) to this new situation. Soon he was back 6 ____ on his feet again and flew after Wang Ping in a hovering carriages

7______ driven (drive) by computer.

Arriving at Wang Ping’s house,Li Qing was shown into a large room with a green wall

8 ______ made (make)of trees,9 _______ whose leaves
provided the room with oxygen.10________ Exhausted

(exhaust),Li Qing slid into bed and fell fast

1.________ Beaten (beat) by the police and sent to jail,Gandhi created the principle of non violent resistance.

2.Though_________ warned (warn) of the danger, he still went skating on the thin ice.

3.The children went home from the grammar school,their lessons_________ finished (finish) for the day.

4.“We can’t go out in this weather,” said Bob, _______ (look) out of the window. looking 5.________ Dressed (dress) in a white uniform,he looks more like a cook than a doctor.

1. previous adj.在前的;早先的;从前的

previous to 在??之前(to是介词)

运用:根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 ⑴ 有时候,我还翻看我以前写的文章。 I sometimes look throughmy ________________. previous articles ⑵ 在你上课之前,我们讨论到了这个问题。 ______________________,we discussed the Previous to your lecture matter.

2. guide n. 指导;向导;导游;vt.指引;指导

guide sb.along/through/to 带领某人…… be guided by sb.由某人引导/指导
拓展:guidance n.指导;咨询

with one’s guidance 在……的指导下

运用:根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 ⑴ 在他的指导下,该村进行了一次大胆实 验。 ____________________, With his guidance the village took a risky experiment.

⑵ 一个当地农民带我们穿过这片森林。 A local farmer ________________________. guided us through the forest

⑶ 在导游的指引下,我们观光了这个小镇。 ___________________ Guided by the guide ,we had a tour to the small town.

3. remind vt.提醒;使想起;回忆起 remind sb.of sth./that...使某人想起某事;提醒 remind sb.to do sth.提醒某人做某事

运用:用适当的词填空或用所给词的适当形 式填空。
⑴ Please remind yourself often____ of your weak points. ⑵ Pleas remind me ________(call) Mother. to call

4. lack v.& n. 缺乏,没有 lack sth.缺乏某物(lack作 vt.) lack of sth.缺乏某物(lack作 n.) be lacking in缺乏(某种品质、特点等),不够

lack for 缺(vi.否定式,无被动语态)

运用:补全下列句子。 ⑴ 她缺乏常识。 She_________ lacks common sense. ⑵ 植物因缺水而枯死了。 The plant died for__________water. lack of

⑶ 她缺乏勇气吗? Is she____________ lacking in courage? ⑷ 他父母亲确保他什么也不缺。 His parents made sure that he _________ lacked for nothing.

5. desert n. 沙漠;荒漠 vt. 抛弃;遗弃 注意:拼写相似的词 dessert (饭后 的甜点心)

运用:理解下列句子中desert的词性和词义。 ⑴ Some rich husbands often desert their wives. vt. 抛弃

⑵ If you go to the countryside,you will find there are a lot of deserted houses.

⑶ Once an Arab was travelling in the desert on his camel.

1. take up拿起;开始从事,对……发生兴趣;占 据(时间、空间) 运用:根据汉语意思完成英文句子。 ⑴ 用QQ在网上聊天占用太多的时间,而且很无 聊。 Using QQ to chat on line____________________ takes up too much time and it’s very boring. ⑵ 安娜在小时侯对绘画产生了兴趣。 Anna _____________________in her childhood. took up drawing

⑶ 你打算接受这份工作吗? Are you going to ________________? take up the job ⑷ 我不想把钢琴放在这里,因为它占了太 多的空间。 I don’t want the piano to be set here,just because it________________________. takes up too much room

2. be similar to 与……相似 运用:译下面的句子成汉语。 ⑴ Your views on education are similar to mine. 你的教育观和我的相似。 ________________________________ ⑵ The country is very similar to China in the development of its economy. _________________________________ 在经济发展方面,这个国家和中国很相似。

3. be back on one’s feet(困境后)恢复;完全 复原 运用:根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 ⑴ 我知道他迟早会东山再起的。 I know he will ___________________sooner be back on his feet or later. ⑵ 病了十天后,赛门终于又恢复健康了。 After being ill for 10 days,Simon is finally _______________again. back on his feet

4. lose sight of... 看不见……;忘记;忽略 运用:根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 ⑴ 只有鼠目寸光的人才会看不见教育的重 要性。 Only those short-sighted people will ___________________________________. lose sight of the importance of education

⑵ 在辩论得激烈的时候,我们不应忘 掉我们的主要目的。

In the heat of the argument we mustn’t
____________________________. lose sight of our main purpose

5. speed up 加速;(使)增速;促进

运用:根据汉语意思完成英语句子。 ⑴ 这种小车必须加速生产。 Production of this kind of cars must _________________. be sped up ⑵ 火车逐渐加快了速度。 The train gradually________________ . sped up



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