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主题: 用英语简介李敏同学 [姓名职务与特点] Li Min, monitor of Class 1 Grade 2 (同位语), is healthy and lively. [成绩与爱好] She does well in all her subjects, and she is fond of sports, singing and dancing.

> [事迹] When she came to school, she had much difficulty with English, but through hard work she made great progress. In 2006 she took part in the National Physics Olympic Competition and won the first prize. Li Min is very strict with herself in her work and daily life, and is always ready to help others.


1. age, sex, birth-place, background (概况)
2. appearance, character (外表、性格) 3. Education (教育背景) 4. big events in his or her life (in order of time) (经历、生平)

5. evaluation (评价)

1. 职位头衔: 用同位语, 年龄性别与家境 也可用同位语。如:

⑴ Sun Shuwei, a world champion in diving (一位跳水的世界冠军), is a boy of 14 from Guangdong.(同位语) ⑵ I’m Li Hui, a girl of seventeen(一个 17岁的女孩子).

⑶ Abraham Lincoln, the son of a poor family (一个贫苦家庭的儿子), was born in Kentucky on February 12, 1809. 亚伯拉汗· 林肯, 于1809年2月12 日出生于肯塔基州。

2. 介绍出生: 介绍出生的时间、地点和家 境用分词结构, 使文章更简洁。如:

⑴ Yao Ming, born in Shanghai in 1980 (1980年出生于上海), is a world famous basketball player. ⑵ Born of a poor clerk ’s family(出生 在一个贫困的小职员家庭中), Charles Dickens had little schooling.

3. 描写外貌: 巧用with短语。如:
My English teacher is a beautiful lady, with long hair and big eyes (她

长着两只大眼睛, 留着长发).

4. 生平事迹: 尽量用复合句、并列 句、非谓语动词短语和倒装等高级语 句。如: ⑴ In his life, he got many honours, one of which is the 2005 CCTV Moving China Award (其中包括获得 “2005感动中国年度人物”的称 号).(定语从句)

⑵ In 2006, having broken the world record and got the gold medal(在他 打破世界纪录并获得金牌之后), he became the idol of the youth.(分词短 语) ⑶ Not only does he show interest in science(他不但对科学极有兴趣), but also he has a gift for music.(倒装句式)

写成长经历请按时间顺 序。如when he was a small boy, at (the age of) five, in 2006, a year later等。

5. 评价: 尽量运用短语。如:

Lei Feng set a good example to us (给 我们树立了一个良好的榜样), so all the people show great respect to him (很 敬重他).
此外, 以下短语很有用, 请熟读背诵:

⑴ be admitted into a key university

⑵ major in law主修法律 ⑶ get a master’s degree 获得硕士学 位 ⑷ graduate from Harvard University 毕业于哈佛大学 ⑸ win the first prize获得一等奖

⑹ win a gold medal赢得一枚金牌 ⑺ win the Nobel Prize 获得诺贝尔奖 ⑻ become a world champion 成为世界 冠军 ⑼ set a good example to us 给我们树立 了良好的榜样

(10) be highly thought of受到好评 (11) be awarded a medal for因…… 而获得奖章 (12) be awarded the title of获得…… 称号 (13) devote ...to ... 把……专用于/奉 献给

三、超级仿写 (2010浙江) 最近,李越被评为你们班的“每周之星”。 [写作要点]请你根据她的事迹,用英语 为班级板报写一篇短文,内容包括: 1.事迹:上周六下午,天气炎热,在别人休 闲之时,她却不辞劳苦为班级选购歌咏比 赛服装; 2.结果:被李越的事迹感动,我们竭尽全 力赢得了一等奖; 3.评论:她关心班集体,常利用业余时间 帮助别人;为我们树立了良好榜样。

参考词汇: singing contest 歌咏比赛 costume 服装

Star Student of the Week Li Yue has been awarded the title of “Star Student of the Week” for what she did for our class. On the afternoon of last Saturday, Li Yue went downtown and walked from one store to another, looking for the costumes we would wear in the singing contest regardless of the hot weather.

While the rest of us were enjoying our leisure time in cool and comfortable rooms, she took great pains to search, select and managed to find the right clothes. Deeply moved by her efforts, we tried our best and won the first prize in the contest.

Apart from being warm-hearted

and caring a lot about the class, Li
Yue often devotes her spare time to

helping others. She has set a good
example to us, so she deserves the

honor and we should learn from her.



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