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Unit 2 Wish you were here活动单

Unit 2 Wish you were here

1. Teaching aims:
1. Let the students know how to read and write an informal letter. 2.Develop the students’ creative, comprehensive and

consolidating abilities by different exercises arranged from lower levels to higher levels.

Teaching procedures:
Preparation for the class
1.忙于做某事 2.骑骆驼旅行 3.在明朗的夜晚 4.沿尼罗河顺流而下 5.穿上救生衣 6.万一 7.作一次旅行 8.提前,预先 9.食物和水的供应 10.穿行于陆地 11.尽可能靠近动物 12.即使 13.把……吓跑 14.靠近地 15.感到恶心 Task2:Get the meaning of the underlined words. 1.A little way down the river from Lake Victoria, the water actually gets quite rough. rough_______________ 2. I expect it will be very hot, dry and dusty there. expect______________________


Activities in class
Activity1 Reading comprehension
Task1.Scan the text and pick out the adventure activities(Put“√”before each right answer) Adventure activities ( )1. hunting ( )2 .swimming ( )3. bungee ( )4. rock climbing ( )5.white-water rafting ( )6.traveling on camels ( )7.mountain climbing ( )8.seeing wild animals Task2. Choose the correct answer: Which of the following is their traveling route?_____ A. Morocco → Britain → Tanzania → Kenya → China B. London → Morocco → Kenya → Tanzania → China C. China → Morocco → Kenya → Tanzania → Britain D. China → Britain → Morocco →Kenya → Tanzania Task3.Read each paragraph carefully and choose the main idea for each paragraph

Para1.______Para2.______Para3.______Para4.______ Para5.______Para6.______Para7.______
A. Go to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro . Afterwards, go to the Himalayas. B. Go to travel down the River Nile after the trip by camel. C. Go to travel on camels through the Sahara Desert. D. Plan a trip during the holiday and go to visit Africa first. E. Go on a trip to visit Africa in Kenya. F. Try to get close to animals in Kenya. G. Send postcards from different places we visit . Task4.Fill in the missing words (From one word to four words) I’ve been quite ______________________my holiday with my older brother , Colin. We’re going to visit ___________________________places and do lots of _________________things. We leave London___________________. We ‘re going to travel on camels __________the Sahara Desert. It’s the ____________desert in the world. I_____________ it will be very hot, dry and dusty there. After the trip_______ camel, we’re going to ___________________the River Nile. We’ll go white-water rafting. It’s

quite ______________but very_____________! You have to _________ a helmet and a life jacket, just___________________you fall into the water. After white-water rafting, we’re going on a trip to ___________________in Kenya. During the day, we’ll walk___________ the land, _____________the tracks of wildlife________________elephants, lions and giraffes. We’ll try to get _____________________________________to the animals,_____________ they’re dangerous. After that, we’ll be ____________________Tanzania, __________we’re going to climb Mountain Kilimanjaro. Mountain climbing can be very ______________. Then we’re going to the Himalayas.


Task-based reading Details Going to Morocco by (2)_____________ from London (3)_____ __ to visit The Sahara Desert ●Traveling on camels ● (5)________ in tents ●Sleeping on the ground The River Nile Going white-water rafting from Lake Victoria to travel (6) ___________ the River Nile Kenya Tanzania

Toby’s (1)______ __ In Africa (4)_____ __

Following the (7)________ of big animals 2.Getting close to them to take photos 3. Eating and drinking (8) _________ the local villagers do

1.Getting enough rest . 2.(9)______ ____Mount Kilimangjar o

Going to the Himalayas (10)_________ the trip in Africa

Activity2 language points
1. We’re going to visit so many exciting places and do lots of extrordinary things. (L7) so many/few + n. (可数名词) so much/little + n. (不可数名词) 即当名词前有 many, few, much, little(少)修饰时,如要表示“如此……” ,必须用 “so”不用“such” 如:so many students so much/little milk 但如“little” 表示“小” , 则用“such” 如:such little birds 如此小的鸟

选词填空: so


(1)The color TV set costs________ much money that no one can afford it. (2)__________few people would accept his theory that he had to give it up. (3)I feel shamed that I’ve made ________ many mistakes. (4)They were _______interesting books that the boy stood by the bookstall for a long time. 选一选 Can you believe that in _____a rich country there should be _______many poor people? A. such, such B. such, so C. so, so D. so, such ★such +a/an +adj. +n(可数名词单数) + that-clause 如此 … 以致于… =so adj. +a(an) + n. + that-clause 如此… 以致于 … He is such a clever boy that everyone here loves him. =He is so clever a boy that everyone here loves him.
2. I expect it will be very hot, dry and dusty there. expect(词义)_______________________( 预料,预计) 选一选: -Do you think the Stars will beat the Bulls? -Yes. They have better players, so I _____ them to win. (NMET 1999) A. hope ground(L13) camping/sleeping ____________________________(成分) 课堂检测: ?He came in,____________(sing) and ____________.(dance) ?He came in, ___________ (follow)by a group of students. ?During the day, we’ll walk across the land,_________(follow) the tracks of big animals such as elephants, lions and giraffes. ?请选择:The storm left, ______ a lot of damage to this area. The storm left and ________a lot of damage to this area. A. caused in the dark 1) 在暗处 A cat can see_______________. 2) 秘密地,一无所知

B. prefer

C. expect

D. want

3.We’ll be traveling by camel, with local guides, camping in tents and sleeping on the

B. to have caused

C. to cause

D. having caused

4. I’ll bring a flashlight with me so that I’ll be able to see in the dark. (L16)

We were completely kept_____________ about the plan. 5.You have to wear a helmet and a life jacket for protection, just in case you fall into the water . (1)将该句译成中文: ___________________________________________________________. (2)查字典了解 wear 的用法: ____________________________________________________ (3)just in case(中文)_____________________________(相关用法见同步导学 P35) 课堂检测: 第一部分: 用 case 的短语完成下列句子 ?Take a hat with you _______ the sun is very hot. ?Take an umbrella with you _________ rain. ?____________, I would prefer to stay on the bus. ?Don’t worry. I’ll go there ___________. ? ___________ will I give in. 第二部分选择: (1)John may phone tonight. I don’t want to go out _______he phones. A. as long as C. in case A. at last C. once again B. in order that D. so that B. in case D. in time

(2)I don’t think I’ll need any money but I will bring some_____.

(3) I can think of many cases ______students obviously knew a lot of English words and expressions but couldn’t write a good essay. A. why B. which C. as D. where

6.We’ll live with the local people in their villages, and eat and drink whatever they do Whatever they do (成分)____________________________ whatever(中文)______________________ 改写下列句子: (1)Anyone who breaks the law should be punished. 改写:_________________________________________________ (2)I’ll just say anything that comes into my head. 改写:_________________________________________________ (3) Keep calm, no matter what happens. 改写:_________________________________________________ 选择: (1)Sarah hopes to become a friend of _____ share her interests.

A. anyone A. Who water.(L28)

B. whomever B. The one

C. whoever

D. no matter who

(2)_______ has helped to save the drowning girl is worth praising. C. Anyone D. whoever 7.I’ll need to buy a large backpack in advance to carry my supplies of food and In advance(用法见同步导学 P36) supplies of food and water (中文)__________________________ supply 1) n. (词义)______________ the supply of food/ the food supply 食物的供应 medical supplies 药品的储备 food/ fuel supplies 食物/燃料贮备 * gas/electricity/water supply(煤气,电,水的供应) in short supply 不充裕; 供应不足. If you fail to pay your bill, you run the risk of having your electricity supply cut off (=stopped) . 2) vt.(词义)________________ supply sth. to sb. supply sb. with sth. be well/poorly/generously supplied with sth He kept me well supplied with cups of coffee while I wrote the report. 我写报告时, 他一直不停地给我一杯杯续咖啡. 比较:provide sth for sb. // provide sb. with sth offer sb sth // offer sth to st 选择题: The media supplies ______ every day. A. lots of information to us C. a lot of information with us A. provide B. supply B. us for lots of information D. us to a lot of information D. source

The water company cut off the _____ of water for no good reasons. C. offer 8.We’ll try to get as close as possible to the animals, even though they’re dangerous , so that we can take some really good photos. (L31) 一、掌握下列 close 的短语 1) be (get) close(adj.) to 接近、靠近…… E.g. The firefighters couldn’t get close to the burning building on time. 2) follow close(adv.) behind sb. 紧紧跟在某人后面 3) with one’s eyes closed 眼睛闭着 4) keep a close `eye/`watch on sb/sth 密切注视某人[某事物].

5)a close contest, match, election 势均力敌的竞赛﹑ 比赛﹑ 选举 a close finish 几乎平手的结局 6)up close 靠近地 close 用作 adj. 常与 to 连用: (1)在空间或时间上)接近: The church is close to the school. 教堂离学校很近. The children are close to each other in age. 孩子们彼此的年龄很接近. (2)关系很近的,亲近的; 亲密的: a close friend 密友 (3)(指竞赛﹑ 游戏等)参赛者势均力敌的, 旗鼓相当的 a close match 势均力敌的比赛﹑ (4)仔细的; 彻底的; 详细的: pay close attention to sth 密切关注(某事物) ★close / closely 用作 adv.的区别: close adv 空间距离的近 closely : (adv) 严密地,仔细地,密切地 用 close 和 closely 填空 1. She stood______ to her teacher so that she could watch_______. 2. The policeman examined his room______. 3. They watched the thief________. 4. They have been ________ friends for many years. 二、even though=even if (中文)______________________ _______it was raining cats and dogs, she still walked to work. A. If B. When C. Even though D. Only if Activity3: Multiple choice for consolidation 1. Those flowers are so special that I would do ___ I can to save them. A. whatever A. close; close B. no matter what C. whichever D. that 2. He sat ___ against the wall and listened to the teacher ___. B. closely; closely C. closely; close D. close; closely 3. – Have you heard from Janet recently? - No, but I ___ her over Christmas. A. saw A. so many A. increased A. scary A. however B. will be seeing C. have seen B. so much B. included C. such many C. contained D. have been seen D. such much D. charged 4. With ___ electrical equipment, wood and paper in one place, there is a danger of fire. 5. We have ___ in your bill the cost of the teapot you broke just now. 6. On seeing the accident, he felt ___. B. scared C. scare B. no matter D. scaring D. whatever 7.You should try to get a good night’s sleep ___ much work you have to do. C. although 8. A middle-aged woman came ___ to the bus stop only ___ the bus had gone.

A. to run; to find finding

B. running; to find C. and ran; finding

D. running;



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