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高一必修 2 第三单元测试卷 一.选词填空 go back to, go by, after all, deal with, communicate with, in a way, instead of, turn over, be about to, keep…from… 1. This store 2. I 3. He 1800. leave the office when

it began to rain. on the bed and couldn?t sleep. asking the teacher for help. each other by body language. .

4. He did his homework by himself 5. The dumb and deaf people 6. He is a stubborn man and hard to 7. As time 8. 9. We must

, all the memory of my childhood has faded. I like Betty, but I wouldn?t really trust her. factories giving off poisonous gases into the air. , he finished his work in time.

10. He met with a lot of difficulties. But 二.单项选择 11. The boy was last seen

near the West Lake. B. missing; play D .missed; to play eaten by the fish.

A. missing; playing C. missed; played

12. It was dangerous for you to swim in that river. You A. might have been C. could have been 13. Let?s hold a party to driving test. A. congratulate; celebrate C. celebrate; congratulate 14. We B. celebrate; celebrate

B. must have been D. should have been your birthday and at the same time you on your passing the

D. congratulate; congratulate we were interested in.

walk in the moonlight, talking about

A. used to; all what C. used to; what 15. It is a paradox that in A. such; such

B. were used to; all that D. were used to; what a rich country there should be B. such; so many poor people.

C. so; so

D. so; such

16. The boy wanted to ride his father?s new motorcycle in the crowed street but his father told him A. not to do C. not do it 17. The students were told that they afternoon. A. met B. will meet C. were to meet D. were met . B. not to D. do not so at the school gate at 2:00 o?clock the following

18. I couldn?t find Peter, A. neither B. nor

did I know where he had gone. C. so D. and

19. Which of the following sentences is right? A. Not only does he know Jim, but also they are good friends. B. Not only he knows Jim, but also are they good friends. C. Not only does he know Jim, but also are they good friends. D. Not only he knows Jim, but also they are good friends 20. During the football match, he hurt his arm as well as A. break B. breaks C. breaking his leg. D. broke day. D. every other the Olympic Games

21. He goes to the gymnasium for physical training A. every each B. every one C. each other;

22. Every four years, athletes from all over the world compete the honor of winning. A. in; against B. in; for C. against; in D. for; for

23. The German Nazis were considered A. to have stolen C. having stolen B. stealing D. to steal

the Amber Room during the Second World War.

24. The weather turned out to be very good, A. what 25. He had A. allowed B. which C. that

was more than we could expect. D. it

me to come to my birthday party, but he didn?t show up. B. promised C. wanted D. advised

26. Which of the following sentences is NOT right?

A. There is no doubt that you will succeed. B. We have no doubt that you will succeed. C. We don?t doubt that you will succeed. D. We don?t doubt whether you will succeed 27. Take away whatever A. belong to you. C. belonging to D. is belonged to .

B. belongs to

28. The old woman has been ill for several months but is beginning to pick A. out B. off C. up D. on stay. D. the other voice.

29. When winter comes, some birds fly to the south and A. another B. other C. others news in a

30. He told me about the A. amazing; surprising C. amazing; surprised 三 完形填空

B. amazed; surprised D. amazed; surprising

Last autumn I spent a week at a big hotel in London, where every room is the same size and has the same furniture, and looks just like every other room. One night, quite late, I got back to the hotel after a good 31 into the lift and with some friends. I walked was

32 the button. When the lift stopped, I got out and walked to what I 33 34

my room. When I opened the door I saw an

scene. A man pointed a 35 at a woman voice, “Please don?t shoot me!” I

sitting in an armchair, and the woman was saying in a 36

turned 37 , ran along the corridor and 38 the stair---I daren?t wait for the lift ---and found the night porter in the hall. “Quick.” I cried, “Someone was murdered in my room”. Controlling his 39 he came back with me, but when we opened the door of 311, the room was looked at me strangely, said, “I think, sir, you?d better drunk 42 much. I followed his 40 . The porter

41 ,” and he left. I thought I must have 44 . The next

43 . At last, I thought I hadn?t heard a gun

morning I made some inquires, and the explanation was really quite the floor 46 where a famous actor and his wife were studying told them that it was I who had play on the 50 night. 48

45 . I went to Room411 on 47 of a new play. When I 49 to see the

their room, they laughed and gave me a

41.A.dinner 42.A.found 43.A.saw 44.A.interesting 45.A.branch 46.A.soft 47.A.round 48.A.for 49.A.sorrow 50.A.full 51.A.go back 52.A.so 53.A.advice 54.A.shout 55.A.moving 56.A.over 57.A.a scene 58.A.robbed 59.A.seat 60.A.opening

B. lunch B. repaired B. found B. exciting B. finger B. frightened B. right B. up B. fear B. disorder B. go to bed B. very B. way B. shot B. simple B. in B. a picture B. stole into B. card B. last

C. rest C. pressed C. guessed C. astonishing C. stick C. stick C. pale C. down C. surprise C. tidy C. go home C. enough C. suggestion C. shooting C. funny C. above C. the music C. broke into C. time C. lonely

D. party D. fixed D. thought D. striking D. gun D. whisper D. outside D. under D. doubt D. empty D. go away D. too D. idea D. fire D. lively D. just D. the sense D. burst out D. ticket D. closing

四.阅读理解 A King Midas used to love gold. One day he met a fairy who allowed him to make a wish for something. The king replied at once, ??I love gold. I want everything I touch to change into gold”. ??Very well, tomorrow morning, everything you touch will turn into gold.” Saying this, the fairy disappeared. The king waited excitedly till the next morning. To his joy, everything he touched changed immediately into gold. ??I?m the richest man in the world now.” He shouted.

Soon Midas became hungry. He sat down at his table. All the foods and drinks turned into gold in his hand. ??I?m dying of hunger.” He cried. Just then his daughter came running in. ??Why are you so sad, dad?” she asked, putting her arms around him. There and then she became a golden statue. The king loved his daughter very much .Seeing this, he began to cry. He looked up and suddenly saw the fairy before him. ??Don?t

you like the golden touch?” asked the fairy. ??Please take it away,” begged the king, ??give me back my daughter.” ??Well, you have learned your lesson. Go and wash in the river. Then the golden touch will be gone.” The king ran quickly to the nearby river. 51. The fairy allowed the king to make a wish because_____ A. She hoped to make the king the richest in the world. B. She loved gold too. C. She wanted to teach the king a lesson. D. She wanted to turn the king?s daughter into gold. 52. When the foods and drinks turned into gold the king was _____ A. excited B. hungry C. worried D happy

53. The king?s daughter became a golden statue when _____ A. she saw her father B. the king went to meet her C. she put her arms around her father D. the king loved her very much 54. Which of the following might have happened afterwards? A. B. C. D. The king died in the river. The king?s daughter changed back from gold to a lovely girl. All the things the king had touched changed back into real ones. Both B and C

55. What do you think the story tries to tell us? A. B. C. Gold makes people unhappy. More gold, more happiness. Gold is not the thing that makes life happy.


People feel happy if they have not gold. B

Excuse me, Mrs. Jones .Would you mind doing me a favor ? I was just going out shopping. But as soon as I shut my front door, I realized that I had left my key in the house. So when I get back, I will not be able to get in .It was very silly of me. I needn?t have come out at all, because all the vegetables and fruits had been bought by my husband. I only wanted some salt. May I come in and clime over the fence into my back garden? That?s very kind of you. I wish I did not give you so much trouble. 56. Mrs. Jones was the speaker?s_____ A. boss B. next-door neighbour C. friend D. sister

57. This speech was made_____ A. before the speaker went out shopping B. when the speaker went back after shopping C. while she was shutting the front door D. after her husband returned from the office 58. The speaker was going out to_____ A. drop in on Mrs. Jones B. buy some vegetables and fruit C. get some salt D. go to her husband 59. Mrs. Jones _____ A. refused to help her B. agreed to let her in C. gave her some salt D. telephoned her husband 60. What is the best title of the passage? A. Please do me a favor B. The life of a housewife C. I want some salt only D. Excuse me, Mrs. Jones

C It doesn?t matter when and how much a person sleeps, but everyone needs some rest to stay alive. That?s what all doctors thought, until they heard about Al Herpin. Al Herpin, it was said, never slept. Could this be true? The doctors decided to see this strange man themselves. Al Herpin was 90 years old when the doctors came to his home in New Jersey. They thought for sure that he got some sleep of some kind. So they stayed with him and watched every movement he made. But they were surprised. Though they watched him hour after hour and day after day, they never saw him sleeping. In fact, he did not even own a bed. He never needed one. The only rest that Herpin sometimes got was sitting in a comfortable chair and reading newspapers. The doctors were puzzled by this strange continuous sleeplessness. They asked him many questions, hoping to find an answer. They found only one answer that might explain his condition. Herpin remembered some talk about his mother having been injured several days before he was born. But that was all. Was this the real reason? No one could be sure. Herpin died at the age of 94. 61. The main idea of this passage is that_____ A. large numbers of people do not need sleep B. a person was found who actually didn?t need any sleep C. everyone needs some sleep to stay alive D. people can live longer by trying not to sleep 62. The doctors came to visit Herpin, expecting_____ A. to cure him of his sleeplessness B. to find that his sleeplessness was not really true C. to find out why some old people did not need any sleep D. to find a way to free people from the need of sleeping 63. After watching him closely, the doctors came to believe that Al herpin_____ A. needed some kind of sleep B. was too old to need any sleep C. needed no sleep at all D. often sleep in a chair 64. One reason that might explain Herpin?s sleeplessness was _____

A. his mother?s injury before he was born B. that he had gradually got rid of the sleeping habit C. his magnificent physical condition D. that he hadn?t got a bed 65. Al Herpin?s condition could be regarded as ______ A. a common one B. one that could be cured C. very healthy D. a rare one D My name is Lin Fang. For a long time, I dreamed of doing something in poor areas in China and last year after I left my college, I became a volunteer teacher. It has changed my life completely! I traveled a long way to a small village school in Long Zhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region(广西壮族自治区). On my way there, I thought about the village, the school of the first day and the children there. However, my heart sank(沉下) when I arrived there. It wasn?t what I thought of. It didn?t look like a school at all! The school had only three rooms, one for Grades1, 2 and 3, and the other for Grades4, 5 and 6. There was a third classroom for me. The children welcomed me warmly on my first day. They asked me a lot of questions and I told them stories about myself and my life in Shanghai. The next day, I gave them a test to find out their level(水平). To my surprise, over half of the students failed in the test, but they all wanted to learn new things. I knew they needed me. I spent many nights preparing lessons, reading test papers and marking homework. I enjoyed teaching these lovely and hardworking children and I could see that they were making progress with my help. I have also learned a lot from them. I understand their lives better, and we are now good friends. I have worked in Long Zhou for a year now. I?m very happy and the experience has been very useful for me. Now I?m more responsible and I know how to look after myself. I love the small village and the children. In fact, I would like to go on working here. 66. According to the passage, where is Liu Fang working now? _____________________________________________________ 67. Was the village school large or small? _____________________________________________________ 68. How was she getting on with the children? ______________________________________________________ 69. How did she think of the experience she got in Guangxi? _____________________________________________________ 70. Why does she want to go on working there? _____________________________________________________

1. goes back to 2. was about to 3. turned over 4. instead of 5.communicate with 11-15 AACCB 31-35 ACDCD 51--55 CCCDC 16-20 BCBAC 36-40 BACCD 56--60 BACBA 6. deal with 7. goes by 8. In a way 9. keep from

10. after all 21-25 DBABB 41-45 BDABB 61--65BBCAD 26-30 DBCCC 46-50 CACDA

66. Li Fang is working in a small village school in Long Zhou. 67. The village was small.

68. She was getting on well with the children. 69. She thought that the experience was very useful for her. 70. Because she loves the small village and the children.



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