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高考英语一轮提能训练:外研版必修3 Module5(附解析)




Module 5

Great People and Great Inventions of Ancient China
能 力 闯 关

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.Tom was not plea

sed with his boss an d planned to r_______. 2.He has made great c________ to a space development program. 3.Qiu Jin,as a fighter,called for e________ rights between men and women. 4.I won’t change my car as it is still in good c________. 5.Tom had to give up his p________ with the company. 6.He is the sort of man to be trusted because he always lives up to his ________(原则). 7.They are having an ________(争论,争吵)about the children. 8.I will in ________(最后)say a few words about rules. 9.Let me have a look at the ________(燃料)bills. 10.The book provides much ________(素材,资料)for thought. 答案:1.resign 2.contributions 3.equal 4.condition 5.position 6.principles 7.argument 8.conclusion 9.fuel 10.material Ⅱ.单项填空 1.I have a new pen and several old ________. A.one B.ones C.that D.those 解析:句意:我有一支新钢笔和几支旧钢笔。one 可用来替代上文出现过的单数名词,ones 可用来替代上文出现过的复数名词。此时,one/ones 须有前置修饰语(如此句的 old)。that 可替代上文提到过的具有特指意义的可数名词单数或不可数名词。 those 可替代上文提到的 具有特定意义的可数名词复数。但 that/those 常跟后置修饰语。 答案:B 2.He ________ his post because he had been offered a better job. A.sought for B.quit C.resigned D.gave in 解析:句意:“他辞去了职务,因为他得到一份更好的工作。”根据题意答案是 C。(A. 词意不合语境,B.时态不对,D.是不及物的。) 答案:C 3.John knows so much about the stars that I am sure it would be impossible to find his ________. A.similar B.reflection C.same D.equal 解析: 句意: “John 知道这么多明星的事, 我相信找到他同样的人是不可能的。 ”考查 equal n.“同等/同样的人或物”,故答案是 D。 答案:D 4.The book was written in 1946,________ the education system has witnessed great changes. A.when B.during which C.since then D.since when 解析:句意:这本书写于 1946 年,从那时起教育体制发生了巨大变化。因为从句中时态 为现在完成时,故选 since when 来引导这一定语从句。A、B 两项引导的从句应使用过去 某种时态;C 项只是充当后面从句中的时间状语,而不能充当引导词来引导该从句,故排 除。 答案:D 5.I can’t give you ________ for the type of car you sell because there is no demand for it in the market. A.an expense B.a charge C.a purchase D.an order 解析:句意:“我不能订购你销售的这种汽车,因为现在市场对这种车没有购买要求。”



考查“put/place/give an order for sth.”订购??,故答案是 D。 答案:D 6.You may borrow the book,________ you do not lend it to anyone else. A.in good condition B.on condition that C.in no condition to D.in condition 解析:句意:你可以借这本书,条件是你不要借给其他人。on condition that“条件是”; in good condition“完好无损 ”;in no condition to“(身体状况)不适宜”;in condition“指 身体很好”。 答案:B 7.His idea of having weekly family meals together ,which seemed difficult at first,has ________ many good changes in their lives. A.got through B .resulted from C.turned into D.brought about 解析:句意:他那每周进行家庭聚餐的想法起初似乎难以实施,但给他们的生活带来了很 大的变化。本题考查动词短语的辨析。bring about 意为“带来,造成”,符 合题意。A 项 意为“通过”;B 项意为“因为??的结果”;C 项意为“变成”。 答案:D 8.You can only be sure of ________ you have at present;you cannot be sure of something ________ you might get in the future. A.that;what B.what;/ C.which;that D./;that 解析:句意:你只能把握今天的拥有;至于未来你会拥有什么你不能肯定。根据结构,第 一空中引导宾语从句且在从句中能作成分的只有 B、C,根据句意,which“哪一个”不符。 第二空考查定语从句,关系代词作宾语可有可无。 答案:B Ⅲ.翻译句子 1.他总觉得似乎能够实行那项计划。(eq ual to) ________________________________________________________________________ 2.你得耐心地多等会儿。(resign) ________________________________________________________________________ 3.如果我妻子也被邀请了我就会来。(on condition that) ________________________________________________________________________ 4.他正从井里提水。(bring up) ________________________________________________________________________ 5.她吩咐把行李搬进她的房间。(order) ________________________________________________________________________ 答案:1.He somehow felt equal to carrying out the plan. 2.You must resign yourself to waiting a little longer. 3.I’ll come on condition(that)my wife is invited too. 4.He is bringing up water from the well. 5.She ordered the baggage to be brought to her room. Ⅳ.阅读理解 “Christmas comes but once a year” is a familiar phrase,and indeed for many people the 25th of December is the highlight of the calendar. But for one British man once a year is not enough.Andy Park,who is better known by his nickname Mr Christmas,has celebrated Christmas every single day for the last 14 years. The 44?year?old electrician claims to have eaten a full roast dinner every day for the last decade and a half,munching(大声咀嚼)his way through over 5,000 turkeys,117,000 Brussels sprouts(汤菜),and around 30,0 00 roast potatoes in the process. He also sends himself a Christmas card every day and looks forward to unwrapping a present he has bought himself each evening, while watching the Queen’ s Speech.Mr Park estimates his festive fetish(节日癖好)costs him £150(1,570 yuan)a week.This year,however,the divorcee says he is feeling the pinch(手头缺钱)due to the global financial crisis,and is scaling back his celebrations. His Christmas habit is putting a strain on more than just his wallet.Mr Park was previously



warned by his doctor that his Christmas addiction could kill him.His daily over?indulgence(过度放 纵)has caused his weight to increase to 19 stone (121 kg). So how did Andy Park’s obsession with Christmas begin? “I’ll never forget the day it started, ” said Mr Park, “The sun was shining,but I was just feeling fed up and bored,so I went home and put the decorations up.Suddenly I was happy.I thought,this is fun.So I did it again the next day,and the day after that.” And Mr Park has not been content to keep his Christmas cheer to himself .In 2005 he released a song,aptly titled It’s Christmas Every Day,but has yet to find chart success. 【解题导语】 本文讲述了“圣诞先生”Andy Park 的故事。 1.Andy Park is known as Mr Christmas because ________. A.he eats a full roast dinner every day B.he has eaten over 5,000 turkeys C.he has celebrated Christmas every day for the last 14 years D.he sends himself a Christmas card every day 解析:细节理解题。由第二段第二句可知。 答案:C 2.The following are the usual ways of celebrations of Christmas EXCEPT ________. A.having a roast dinner B.enjoying a grand dinner with a roast turkey C.having Brussels sprouts D.watching the Queen’s Speech 解析:细节理解题。由第三、四段可知吃汤菜作为圣诞菜谱很另类,在圣诞节食物中并不 多见。 答案:C 3.Find a sentence from the passage that can best replace the following one. His hobby of enjoying Christmas as a holiday every day makes him feel unable to afford it. ________________________________________________________________________. 解析:找替换句。 答案:His Christmas habit is putting a strain on more than just his wallet. 4.It can be inferre d from the passage that ________. A.Mr Park’s addiction to Christmas began by his repetition of making Christm as celebrations B.the Christmas atmosphere made him happy C.he publicized a song named It’s Christmas Every Day D.his newly published song isn’t successful 解析:推理判断题。由倒数第二段可以推知,他对圣诞节的狂热源于他庆祝圣诞节时的愉 悦感觉。 答案:B 5.The underlined word “obsession” in the passage most probably means ________. A.痴迷 B.庆祝 C.依赖 D.爱好 解析:词义猜测题。下文解释了他痴迷于圣诞的 原因,故 obsession 应 意为“痴迷”。 答案:A



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