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测评网学习资料-高二英语上期末考试试卷及答案 舟山中学

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I. Listening: (20 marks)
第一节(共 5 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 听下面 5 段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选项,并标在试 卷的相应位置。听完每段对话后,你都有 10 秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话仅读一 遍。

1. What does the woman mean? A. She hasn't made up her mind. B. She is going to leave. C. She wants her coffee to be black. 2. How does the woman keep in touch with her friends abroad ? A. By e-mail. B. Over the phone. C. Through letters. 3. What did the man do last night? A. He watched television with h' ;%bsOE' ;%bs home talking with his friend. C. He went to see a film with his friend. 4. What does the man wish to know most? A. What's to be discussed at the meeting. B. When the meeting is to be held. C. Who are going to attend the meeting. 5. What are they talking about?. A. A wedding plan. B. A business plan. C. A travel plan.
第二节(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 听下面 5 段对话或独白。每段对话或独白后有几个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选 项,并标在试卷的相应位置。听每段对话或独白前,你将有时间阅读各个小题,每小题 5 秒钟;听完后, 各小题将给出 5 秒钟的作答时间。每段对话或独白读两遍。 听下面一段对话,回答第 6~8 题。

6. What's the possible relationship between the speakers? A. Husband and wife. B. Friends. C. Classmates. 7. How much did the coffee cost? A. Ten pence. B. Twenty pence. C. Forty pence. 8. Where was the key? A. It's in the handbag. B. It' s lost. C. It's in the lock.
听下面一段对话,回答第 9~11 题。

9. What did the man think of the film? A. It's very good, B. It's very bad. C. It's neither good nor bad. 10. Where did the couple in the film live? A. They lived in their own house. B. They lived with the husband's parents. C. They lived with the wife's parents. 11. What happened to the couple in the film in the end? A. They bought a house of their own.

欢迎登录 100 测评网 www.100ceping.com 进行学习检测,有效提高学习成绩. B. They continued to live with the husband's parents. C. They continued to live with the wife's parents.
听下面一段对话,回答第 12~14 题。

12. What did the letter say about the man's interview ? A. The interview was a success. B. The application was a failure. C. No result had been given. 13. What did the woman think with the result of the interview? A. The man would get the job. B. The man would stand no chance. C. She was not sure. 14. What's the possible relationship between the two speakers? A. Brother and sister. B. Friends. C. It's difficult to tell.
听下面一段对话,回答第 15~17 题。

15. According to the weather report, when would it start mining? A. In the afternoon. B. At night. C. In the morning. 16. Where did Sara leave the playing cards? A. Next to the picnic table. B. On the picnic table. C. Under the picnic table. 17. What do they finally decide to do? A. Stay at a hotel. B. Return home. C. Sleep at the campground.
听下面一段独白,回答第 18~20 题。

18. How do Pamela and Edith manage to keep down the cost of the hotel? A. They hire only retired workers. B. They each do jobs they are good at. C. They close the hotel during low seasons. 19. What jobs in the hotel are given to the college students? A. Staff training. B. Book-keeping. C. Cleaning and washing up. 20. Why are the two ladies popular in the area? A. They have the hotel beautifully decorated. B. They provide delicious food. C. They make their guests feel at home. II. Multiple Choices:(15 marks) 21. The whole world consider ________ wrong for American soldiers to treat their prisoners ________ way. A. that, it B. it, that C. it, it D. that, that 22. --- Lucy, why didn’t you go to the cinema to enjoy the wonderful movie last night? --- I’d like ________ there, but an unexpected visitor came. A. to have gone B. to go C. having gone D. going 23. --- Mom, the pizza looks so ________. May I have one more piece? --- Oh, dear, just ________ small one. A. inviting, the B. invited, a C. inviting, a D. invited, the 24. ________ Christmas in the west, the Chinese Spring Festival is a get-together for the family members. A. As B. As for C. As to D. As with 25. The girl was sad at first when she cut off with her boy friend but she soon ________. A. cheered up B. break up C. called up D. used up 26. Don’t always stay inside the house. Go out and enjoy the fresh air. It will ________ your health.

欢迎登录 100 测评网 www.100ceping.com 进行学习检测,有效提高学习成绩. A. look forward to B. stick to C. get down to D. contribute to Every one of you is worth believing. I’ll give the secret letter to __________ of you wants to accept the job. A. whoever B. whatever C. whomever D. who In the 1970s in China there was __________ is called reform in the ownership of land: peasants in the rural areas could hire land from the local governments. A. what B. which C. that D. it A good example of the transportation development of Zhoushan ________ the cross-sea bridge, ________ is the second longest of its kind ever in China across the sea. A. to be, which B. being, as C. has been, as D. is, which Now, look, Presley, what trouble you’ve got in. If only you ________ your teacher ’s advice. A. followed B. would follow C. had followed D. should have followed People in the earthquake-stricken areas in Pakistan ________ the basic necessities of life. A. lacked B. were lack of C. lacked of D. were lacked of Every ________ had been made in order to save the boy with the H5N1 bird flu, but all in vain. He died at last. A. effect B. affect C. infect D. effort It is not how much homework that you do but how you do it ________. A. counts B. count C. that counts D. that count ________ snacks and drinks, but they also brought cards for entertainment when they had a picnic in the forest. A. Not only they brought B. Not only brought they B. Not only they did bring D. Not only did they bring ---Nothing wrong with it, ______? ---No. Yours is a specially-built model. Drive carefully, though. A. is it B. has it C. are they D. is there




30. 31. 32.

33. 34.



Cloze test:(30 marks) These days experience, like many other things, is becoming increasingly expensive. One’s got a lot to get an experience, even 36 one. Not long ago, I wanted to 37 my friend to a lunch. What we really needed was a good and quiet place for some conversation, not a big meal, so I selected one only for people including myself who 38 to a particular club. What could be nicer? “ Let’s go to the 39 ,” I told my friend. When I ordered a day in advance, I was asked 40 I would eat a 20 yuan 41 50 yuan lunch. I said, “50 yuan”. I didn’t 42 , until I was asked to pay 43 the lunch, that “50 yuan” means “50 yuan for each person.” There were five of us the other day, and all of us were surprised by the quality of the 50 yuan meal ( for 44 , we thought). The bill came at last; it was 310. 40 ( 45 yuan for the five of us plus the charges for 46 , fruits and air-conditioning). I paid the bill without a 47 . What could I say? It was not 48 fault. It was my own 49 that made me pay the largest lunch bill of my life. On the whole, it was not so unhappy, we had a good lunch and in a beautiful place. __50__, the experience was valuable, and will 51 in later years

欢迎登录 100 测评网 www.100ceping.com 进行学习检测,有效提高学习成绩. To support the logic(逻辑) of the lunch 52 , I have developed my own way to explain it: 50 yuan for the 53 and 260.40 for the 54 This 55 experience has made me ten times wiser. 36. A. an ordinary B. a special C. a useful D. an important 37. A. ask B. order C. show D. treat 38. A. lead B. stick C. go D. belong 39. A. club B. restaurant C. dining-hall D. hotel 40. A. why B. how C. when D. whether 41. A. or B. and C. from D. with 42. A. think B. tell C. realize D. believe 43. A. after B. before C. during D. about 44. A. each B. some C. a lot D. all 45. A. 250 B. 200 C. 150 D. 300 46. A. cakes B. drinks C. dishes D. tickets 47. A. change B. coin C. word D. mind 48. A. the waiter’s B. the club’s C. my D. their 49. A. business B. wish C. promise D. carelessness 50. A. Besides B. However C. Therefore D. Otherwise 51. A. make B. help C. understand D. succeed 52. A. room B. time C. bill D. meal 53. A. air conditioning B. food C. fruits D. lunch 54 A. experience B. position C. quality D. conversation 55. A. unfair B. paid C. stupid D. given IV. Reading comprehension: (40 marks) A. Good tool design is important in the prevention of overuse injuries. Well-designed tools and equipment will require less force to operate them and prevent awkward (别扭的) hand positions. They will allow the worker to keep the elbows (肘) next to the body to prevent damage to the shoulder and arm. Overuse injuries can therefore be prevented or reduced if the employer provides, and workers use: ● power tools rather than having to use muscle power ● tools with specially designed handles that allow the wrist (手腕) to keep straight (see the figures ). This means that hands and wrists are kept in the same position as they would be if they were hanging relaxed at a person’s side

欢迎登录 100 测评网 www.100ceping.com 进行学习检测,有效提高学习成绩. ● tools with handles that can be held comfortably by the whole hand. This means having a selection of sizes---remember that tools that provide a comfortable firm hold for a person with a very large hand may be awkward for someone with a very small hand. This is a particularly important consideration for women who may use tools originally designed for men ● tools that do not press fingers (or flesh )between the handles, and whose handles do not have sharp edges or a small surface area. 56. Which is the best title for the passage? A. Good Tool Design for Women B. Importance of Good Tool Design C. Tool Design and Prevention of Injuries D. Overuse of Tools and Worker Protection 57. Which of the following describes a well-designed tool? A. It’s kept close to the body. B. It fully uses muscle power. C. It makes users feel relaxed. D. It’s operated with less force . 58. What are the two figures used to show? A. The effective use of the tool. B. The way of operating the tool. C. The proper design of the handle. D. The purpose of bending the wrist. 59. In choosing tools for women, ________ of the handle is the most important. A. the size B. the edge C. the shape D. the position B Empty Deserts In the 19th century Americans from the eastern states moved out west to settle in the rich new lands along the Pacific coast. The most difficult part of their trip was crossing the “Great American Desert in the western part of the United States by horse and wagon. The western desert can be very dangerous. There is little water and there are few trees. But the desert also has scenery of great beauty. Tall towers of red and yellow stone rise sharply from the flat sandy valley floor. The scene has been photographed many times and appears in movies and in TV. In Arizona, man made dams across the Colorado River have made two large lakes in the middle of the dry desert country. At Lake Powell, the red stone arch of Rainbow Bridge rises high above the blue lake. There are few roads. Many areas of Lake Powell’s shore can only be reached by boat or on foot. But hikers in this empty desert land sometimes find very old native American pictures, painted on the rocks. In Death Valley, California, the summer temperature rises to 130 degrees. There is less than two inches of rain each year. Death Valley is the lowest place in America---- 925 meters below sea level. In the 1800s, many travelers died when they tried to cross this waterless valley in the terrible heat. Although the desert is dry and seems empty, there is plenty of life if you look closely. Small insects, snakes and rats have learned how to live in the desert heat. They live under ground and come out at night, when it is cool. Plants such as cacti need very little water. When it does rain in the desert (sometimes only once or twice a year), plants grow quickly, and flowers open in a single day. For a short time, the desert is covered with brilliant colors. 60. In the 19th century, Americans moved from the east to the west because they ______. A. enjoy the trip B. wanted to make their home there

欢迎登录 100 测评网 www.100ceping.com 进行学习检测,有效提高学习成绩. C. wanted to find new grassland there D. had no water to drink From the passage, we can conclude that ______. A. the western desert is a good place for people to live in B. there is little water but there are many trees in the desert C. the desert is dangerous but it is full of life D. till now, people know little about the desert If you want to find some old native American pictures painted on the rock you must go ______. A. on foot B. by boat C. by car D. by plane In the 1800s many travelers died in Death Valley because of ______. A. illness B. high temperature C. cold weather D. poisonous water In the desert, animals will die ______. A. if they move about B. if they cannot make holes underground C. if they come out at night D. if they drink much water





C Everyone’s at it, even my neighbors. I thought I might be the only person left in the world who hadn’t done an eBay deal. So, I decided to try my hand at online auction (拍卖). Buying for beginners: Sign up on www.ebay .co .uk.. Most items (e. g. tables, computers, and books) ready for auction will come with a picture and a short description; others may be marked with “Buy It Now” and have a fixed price. You can buy these right away. If the item is being auctioned, you offer the highest price you are prepared to pay and eBay bids(出价) for you. The bid will be increased little by little until it goes beyond your highest bid, then you are emailed and asked if you would like to bid again. Auctions last up to 10 days and when they finish you get an email telling you whether you have won the item. How to pay: Sellers decide how they would like to be paid and you need to check this before placing a bid as you might not want to post a cheque or postal orders. The easiest way is through PayPal, an online payment system that takes the money away from your credit card. Selling made simple: If you plan to sell on eBay, it helps to include a picture of the item. I followed my friends’ advice and put up the items I wanted to sell for a 10-day auction, starting on a Thursday. This way buyers had two weekends to bid. The big things in life: It’s easy to post a small item, but furniture is a big part of eBay and this has to be collected or sent by deliverymen. Check the ways of delivery before you bid. 65. What is the passage mainly about? A. How to make payment online. B. Ways of making delivery online. C. Advantages of an online-auction system. D. How to use an online-auction system. 66. After bidding for an item, a buyer _______. A. will get what he wants in ten days B. should make payment immediately C. has chances to make higher bids D. may check its picture and description

欢迎登录 100 测评网 www.100ceping.com 进行学习检测,有效提高学习成绩. 67. The easiest way of making payment mentioned in the passage is _______. A. through an online payment system B. through a local banking system C. by sending the money to the seller D. by paying the deliveryman directly D Special Bridges Help Animals Cross the Road ------Reported by Sheila Carrick Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side. Most people know this joke. But recently, some people have been much more worried about how the grizzly bear and mountain lion can cross the road. “Millions of animals die each year on U.S. roads,” the Federal Highway Administration reports. In fact, only about 80 ocelots, an endangered wild cat, exist in the U.S. today. The main reason? Roadkill. “Ecopassages” may help animals cross the road without being hit by cars. They are paths both over and under roads. “These ecopassages can be extremely useful, so that wildlife can avoid road accidents,” said Jodi Hilty of the Wildlife Protection Society. But do animals actually use the ecopassages? The answer is yes. Paul Beier of Northern Arizona University found foot marks left by mountain lions on an ecopassage that went under a highway. This showed that the lions used the passage. Builders of ecopassages try to make them look like a natural part of an area by planting trees on and around them. Animals seem to be catching on. Animals as different as salamanders(蜥蜴) and grizzly bears are using the bridges and underpasses. The next time you visit a park or drive through an area with a lot of wildlife, look around. You might see an animal overpass! 68. The writer uses the example of “ocelots” to show that ________. A. wild animals have become more dangerous B. the driving conditions have improved greatly C. the measure for protecting wildlife fails to work D. an increasing number of animals are killed in road accidents 69. From the news story, we know an ecopassage is _______. A. an underground path for cars B. a fence built for the safety of the area C. a bridge for animals to get over a river D. a pass for animals to cross the road 70. When the writer says that animals seem “to be catching on”, he means ________. A. animals begin to realize the dangers on the road B. animals begin to learn to use ecopassages C. animals are crossing the road in groups D. animals are increasing in number 71. The writer asks visitors and drivers to look around when traveling because ________. A. wild animals may attack cars B. wild animals may jam the road C. they may see wild animals in the park D. they may see wild animals on ecopassages E People living on part of the south coast of England face a serious problem. In 1993, the owners of a large hotel and of several houses discovered to their horror, that their gardens had

欢迎登录 100 测评网 www.100ceping.com 进行学习检测,有效提高学习成绩. disappeared overnight. The sea had eaten into the soft limestone(石灰岩) cliffs on which they had been built. While experts were studying the problem, the hotel and several houses disappeared altogether, sliding down the cliff and into the sea. Erosion(侵蚀)of the white cliffs along the south coast of England has always been a problem but it has become more serious in recent years. Dozens of homes have had to be given up as the sea has crept farther and farther inland. Experts have studied the areas most affected and have drawn up a map for local people, forecasting the year in which their homes will be swallowed up by the hungry sea. Angry owners have called on the Government to build sea defenses to protect their homes. Government surveyors have pointed out that in most cases ,this is impossible .New sea walls would cost hundreds of millions of pounds and would merely make the waves and currents go further along the coast ,shifting the problem from one area to another. The danger is likely to continue ,they say ,until the waves reach an inland area of hard rock which will not be eaten as limestone is .Meanwhile, if you want to buy a cheap house with an uncertain future, apply to a house agent in one of the threatened areas on the south coast of England. You can get a house for a knockdown price but it may turn out to be a knockdown home. 72. What is the cause of the problem that people living on parts of the south coast of England face? A. The rising of the sea level. B. The experts' lack of knowledge. C. The washing-away of limestone cliffs. D. The disappearance of hotels, houses and gardens. 73. The erosion of the white cliffs in the south of England ________. A. will soon become a problem for people living in central England B. has now become a threat to the local residents C. can be stopped if proper measures are taken D. is quickly changing the map of England 74. It is not possible to build sea defenses to protect against erosion because ________. A. house agents along the coast do not support the idea B. it is too costly and will endanger neighboring areas C. the government is too slow in taking action D. they will be easily knocked down by waves and currents 75. According to the author, when buying a house along the south coast of England, people should ________. A. take the quality of the house into consideration B. guard against being cheated by the house agent C. examine the house carefully before making a decision D. know of the hidden danger V. Word spelling: 76. O__________, what American government did to Iraq was not what most American people wanted to do. 77. It is not as c__________ as it was to go to school, for the new house is farther away. 78. The teacher r__________ me the dictionary so I bought it yesterday. 79. No one can i__________ the handwriting without a name on the paper.

欢迎登录 100 测评网 www.100ceping.com 进行学习检测,有效提高学习成绩. 80. They tried to p__________ him to give up smoking, but he just wouldn’t listen. 81. The movie is wonderful, but are there any tickets a__________? 82. When giving first aid, you should first check whether the victim is c__________ and can tell what has happened. 83. The Hollywood movies are full of sex and v__________, so some are not suitable for teenagers. 84. The most important things you need when climbing the highest mountain are c__________ and experience. 85. When the Israeli premier Sharon felt sick for a second time, he was sent to the best hospital i__________. VI. Proof reading: (10 marks) When I was four years old I got ill. I took medicine twice a day. The medicine had so a bitter taste that I took it mixed in 86. ____________ orange juice. The problem was that I can still taste the medicine. 87. _____________ In a particular afternoon my mother brought the drink in. As 88. _____________ she gave it to me, the phone rang and she went to answer 89. _____________ it. I looked at the orange drink and decided I couldn’t face them, 90. _____________ so I hid the glass behind a pile magazines. Of course, when 91. _____________ my mother was asked, “Have you already taken your medicine?” 92. ____________ I said, “Yes.” I felt very pleased with me. The next day, my 93. ____________ mother found drink when she was doing the housework. She 94. ____________ looked at me serious and said, “It’s bad to tell lies !” 95. ____________

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VII.Writing (25 marks) 假如你是李晓华,住在岛城。你的加拿大笔友 Bob 来信谈到了他所居住的城市,并希望了 解你家乡岛城的情况。请你用英语写一封回信。回信须包括下表中的内容。 自然情况 ①位于长江边、风景优美、适合居住 ②经济发展迅速。 成 就 ③新建了不少工厂、住房、道路等。 ④水、空气污染较少。 ⑤交通不便。 存在问题 对岛城发展的看法 ⑥工业欠发达。 ⑦(内容由考生自己拟定)

注意:1.回信中不能使用“岛城”以外的地名。 2.词数 100 左右。信的开头与结尾已为你写好,不计入词数。 参考词汇:经济 economy n. Dear Bob, It's very kind of you to write me and let me know about your beautiful city.Now I’d like to tell you something about my hometown Daocheng. Yours, Xiaohua

欢迎登录 100 测评网 www.100ceping.com 进行学习检测,有效提高学习成绩. answers 1-5 BABAC 6-10 ABCBC 11-15 ABACB 16-20 ACBCC 21-25 BACDA 26-30 DAADC 31-35 ADCDD 36-40 ADDAD 41-45 ACADA 46-50 BCBDA 51-55 BCDAB 56-59 CDCA 60-64 BCABB 65-67 DCA 68-71 DDBD 72-75 CBBD 76. Obviously 77. convenient 78. recommended 79. identify 80. persuade 81. available 82. conscious 83. violence 84. courage 85. immediately 86. so—such 87. can—could 88. In—On 89. right 90. them—it 91. a pile—a plie of 92. cross out was 93. me—myself 94. drink—the drink 95. serious—seriously One possible version: Dear Bob, It's very kind of you to write me and let me know about your beautiful city. Now I'd like to tell you something about my hometown Daocheng. The city stands on the bank of the Changjiang River. It is a beautiful place for people to live in. The air is fresh and the rivers are clean. Its economy has been developing in the past ten years. New factories, houses and roads have been built. More schools and hospitals are available for its people. However, there are still some problems, such as the inconvenience of transportation. And the industry here is still under development. In my opinion, Daocheng should develop its economy scientifically. I would also think that the growth of its population should be brought under control so that we'll have a better hometown in future. Yours, Xiaohua

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