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Unit 10 Money
编辑、审核:王葆红 一、重要词组 16. be ashamed of ____________________ 1.__________________________失业 17. appeal to ____________________ 2._______________________泄露,送给 18. agree with ____________________ 3._______________________退学,退出 19. have effect on ____________________ 4._______________________决定去做 20. start with ____________________ 5._________________________空想出 21. keep the balance of ________________ 6._______________________达到目标 22. force sb. to do sth __________________ 7.__________________________关心 23. play a role in ____________________ 8.____________________________确定 24. change …into… ___________________ 9._______________________不理睬 25. get a discount ____________________ 10.______________________高兴去做 26. pay cash ____________________ 11.__________________________厌倦了 27. get good offers ____________________ 12.______________________作出选择 28. reduce the price ___________________ 13._________________________感觉像 29. earn a good salary _________________ 14.______________________对……有意识 30. lose money ____________________ 15.________________________就……争吵 二、词组填空:用本单元所学词组的适当形式填空或完成句子。 dream up, be tired of; turn one’s back on; give away; agree with; drop out of ; go back to ; take up; give up; dream of

1. The lazy boy _______________ many ways of getting rich without working hard. 2. He __________ football at the age of 11. Now he is a famous football player. 3. The old man ______ his collection of stamps ________ for nothing. 4. I _____________ hearing Susan complain about her job. In my opinion, it is her duty to do her job well since she has already chosen it. 5. Last night I _____________ a tiger. I was nearly scared to death. 6. Unable to bear the dishonest behaviour of people in authority, he decided to _____________ politics. 7. I won’t _________ being a housewife. It is so dull to stay at home and do nothing. 8. He’s always been kind to me. I can’t ________ him now because he’s ill and poor. 9. The boy arrived home safe and sound when his parents nearly _______ all hopes. 10. Though I didn’t ____________ what my mother said, I couldn’t oppose her
三、词性转换 1. determine (vt) ______________(n) 2. enjoyable (adj) __________(v) 类似:examine ______________(n)考试 类似:comfortable ___________(v)安慰

3. aware (adj) _____________(n) 4. amusement (n) __________(v) 5. importance (n) __________(adj) 6. practical (adj) ___________(n) 7. useless (adj) ____________(n) 8. cleaner (n) _____________(v) 9. translation (n) __________(v) 10.economy(n)___________(adj) 四、用所给词的适当形式填空。

类似:careless ________________(n)粗心 类似:government ___________(v)统治,管理 类似:difference ____________(adj)不同的 类似:logical ______________(n)逻辑 类似:wireless ______________(n) 线 类似:worker _______________(v) 工作 类似:organization ___________(v)组织 类似:chemistry __________(adj)化学的

1. What’s your ____________(motivate) for working in the Great Northwest? 2. Some games can be used to make learning ____________(enjoy). 3. With a little more _________(practical) you’ll be able to pass your test. 4. You can hear that _______(noise) motorcycle when it is in the next street. 5. An English—English dictionary is of much ______(useful) to us. 6. Tom speaks Chinese more _________(fluent) than David. 7. The scientists have made great _______________(achieve) in space research. 8. I have read a new ______________(translate) of “Great Expectations”. 9. The ________________(important) of washing one's hands before a meal is that it prevents infection. 10. During the school holidays the children enjoyed their _________(free).
五、 词形辨别

1. She was very _____________ and reliable. (A. hard work B. hardworking) 2. Both countries called for the peaceful ________ of the border dispute. (A. resolution B. revolution) 3. I don’t think that box is ___________ enough to stand on. (A. hard B. firm) 4. This shop sells women’s ____________. (A. clothing B. clothes C. cloth) 5. The can ___________ milk. (A. holds B. includes C. contains) 6. We learn swimming by the ______ way of swimming in the water. (A. practical B. practice ) 7. A red light is usually a _________ of danger. (A. signal B. sign) 8. Most legal ________ is done by lawyers with foreign language training. (A. interpret B. translation)
六. 经典句型:用适当的词填空并翻译和背诵下列句子。

1. They spend half of their time _________ (dream) up ways of getting rich. 2. But there are people who have turned their back ________ their millions and

found different ways to be happy ________ their lives. 3. He was pleased _________(give)up the lifestyle of a rich man. 4. He was tired of being a person who had everything in a world ______ many people had nothing. 5. Well, if buying a bag of candies or cookies doesn’t appeal_________ you, how about _______ (buy) a tree instead? 6. In fact, it is you ________ have the most important role________( play) in stopping Yellow River erosion.
七、语法填空 阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入一 个适当的词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空。 A lot of people are[1]_____________ (determine) to become a millionaire. They spend half their time [2]_________ (dream) up ways of getting rich, and [3]____ rest of their time think about all the [4]__________ (enjoy) things they would do once they got rich. [5]_____do all millionaires find the happiness [6]______they thought they would get[7] ______they achieve their goals? Some millionaires continue to be concerned [8]______money when they become millionaires. They are hardworking to get all that money.[9] ______they are hardworking to make sure they never [10]______ (lose) it! Still [1]______ (puzzle) how your 5 yuan can have so much effect? Well, just take a look at the fact [2]______. [3]______1997, a tree—planting programme has changed the

Jiuchengong Valley in Inner Mongolia into a green homeland. Vistors from all over the world now come to admire this great[4]____________ (achieve). What is[5] ______, the success of the programme has [6]______ (great) improved the lives of the local people. Just think: all this started with 5 yuan! So [7]______ you have 5 yuan in your pocket next time, think [8]______ (two) about how to use the money. Remember you can use it to buy a tree and create[9] ______green future for our mother land, our people and[10]__________. 八.改写句子。 1. Every year, approximately 1.6 billion tons of soil flows into the Yellow River. There are _______ 1.6 billion tons of soil _______ _______ the Yellow River _______ _______. 2. Many people believe this kind of work is best done by government or international organizations.

___ ___ _____ _____ government or international organizations can do the work best. 3. It is you who have the most important role to play in stopping Yellow River erosion. You are ________ the most important role _______ _____________ Yellow River erosion. 4. What is more, the success of the programme has greatly improved the lives of the local people. _________, the ________ programme has greatly ________ the local people’s lives. 5. So when you have 5 yuan in your pocket next time, think twice about how to use the money. You should_______ ________ how to use your money next time _______ you have 5 yuan in your pocket. ◆补充用法:. find + 宾语 + 宾补 (宾补可是形容词、副词、不定式、现在分词、过去分词、介词短语) 。 (1) find +宾语+名词(词组) 。例如: The teacher found the girl a good singer. 老师发现这个女孩是个出色的歌手。 We found it a difficult problem. 我们发现这是一个难题。 (2) find +宾语+形容词。 例如: They found the boy very clever. 他们发现这个男孩很聪明。 (3) find +宾语+副词。例如: When I rang up Mike,I found him out. 我给迈克打电话时,发现他出去了。 (4) find +宾语+介词短语。例如: I found the cat under the desk. 我发现那只猫在桌子底下。 (5) find +宾语+现在分词。例如: The girl found a purse lying on the ground. 这位姑娘发现地上有一个钱包。 (6) find +宾语+过去分词。例如: The next morning,the old man found himself covered with an old coat. 第二天早晨,老人发现自己身上盖着一件旧大衣。 (7) 当不定式作 find 的宾语时, 通常用 it 作形式宾语, 真正的宾语则放在宾语补足语之后。 例如:He found it very difficult to solve the problem. 他发现要解决这个问题很难。 九、基础写作 结合本单元句型, 并运用部分重要词组, 如: out of work, give away, drop out; earn money; make a choice; agree with, be aware that/ of ; 表达以下我的经历: 五年前我父母失业了,我不得不辍学。 于是我决定去找份工作赚钱来养活自己和整 个家庭。我把我的想法告诉父母,他们同意我的想法。现在我有一份不错的的工作,薪水 也不错,我还将一些钱捐献给那些需要帮助的人们,我感觉好极了。




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