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2014高考英语一轮复习语法专题课件 09:时态与语态


1.一般现在时 2.一般过去时 3.一般将来时 4. 现在进行时

5. 过去进行时 6. 现在完成时 7. 过去完成时 8. 现在完成进行时

? 1.结构一:will/shall+动词(常与next week, in two days等 连用; 或表示说话

时的临时决定) ? 结构二:be going to do…(强调计划性或客观性) ? 结构三:be to do(表示职责命令,相当于should/must; ? 或表示“注定”) ? 结构四:be about to do…(=be on the point of doing; 表示 “即可,就要”,后面不能接时间状语) ? 结构五:be + coming/going/starting/leaving/etc.(动词大多 为瞬间动词) ? 结构六:如果强调动作“列入日程”,不会随便改变,经常 用一般现在时态表示,这类动词大多为表“止”的动作, 如:come, go, leave, arrive, fly, open, close, end, stop等。

? China is to launch its third manned space mission, Shenzhou VII, later this month and one Chinese astronaut will conduct spacewalk during the mission Video:http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/200 8-09/18/content_7037734.htm


? Shenzhou VII, the country's third manned space mission, will blast off between 9:07 pm and 10:27 pm Thursday from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center (JSLC) in northwestern Gansu province, top Chinese space officials announced Wednesday afternoon.

2.用正确的时态结构填空: (1) If it’s fine, we _______________ (go) fishing. (2) Don’t be worried. I ___________ (help) you. (3) He is so seriously ill and he _______________ (die). (4) I __________________ (join) my classmates going camping this Saturday. (5) We _____________ (go) to bed and get up early. (6) Hurry up! The train ________________ (leave). (7) I _____________ (leave) for Shanghai tomorrow. (8) The train _______ (arrive) at about 9:00 every day.

三、一般将来时 (1) will go (2) will help (3) is going to die (4) am going to join (5) are to go (6) is leaving (7) am leaving (8) arrives

3.语法填空: Nigel is our new next-door neighbor. He’s a pilot. He used to work in the R.A.F (皇家空军). will fly He _______ (fly) to New York next month. The will fly month after next he __________ (fly) to Tokyo. At the moment, he's in Madrid. He flew __________ (fly) to Spain a week ago. He will return __________ (return) to London the week after next. He's only forty-one years old, and he has already been to nearly every country in the lucky world. Nigel is a very ________ (luck) man. But his wife isn't very lucky. She usually stays ____________ (stay) at home!

? 4. 短文翻译: ? 我们的邻居查尔斯.艾利森船长(Captain Charles Alison)明天就要从朴次茅斯 (Portsmouth)启航了。明天一大早我们将 在码头为他送行。他将乘坐他的“涛波赛” 号小艇(Topsail)。“涛波赛”号是艘有名 的小艇,它已经多次横渡大西洋。艾利森 船长将于8点钟启航,因此我们有充裕的 时间。我们将参观他的船,然后和他告别。 他要离开两个月,我们真为他感到自豪, 他将参加一次重大的横渡大西洋的比赛。

4. 短文翻译: Our neighbour, Captain Charles Alison, will sail from Portsmouth tomorrow. We'll meet him at the harbour early in the morning. He will be in his small boat, Topsail. Topsail is a famous little boat. It has sailed across the Atlantic many times. Captain Alison will set out at eight o'clock, so we'll have plenty of time. We'll see his boat and then we'll say goodbye to him. He will be away for two months. We are very proud of him. He will take part in an important race across the Atlantic.

? ? ? ?

四、过去将来时考点分析与练习 1.参照一般将来时对比学习: 结构一:用would/should do表过去将来; 结构二:用was / were going to do 表过去 将来; ? 结构三:用was / were to do表过去将来; ? 结构四:用was / were about to do 表过去 将来; ? 结构五:用come, go, leave等过去进行时表 示

? 2.用正确的时态结构填空: ? (1) I ________________ (leave) when it rained. ? (2) She said that she __________ return in 2 days. ? (3) I ____________ (see) you yesterday. But I had an unexpected guest.
(1) was leaving (2) would return (3) was going to see

1.结构:am/is/are + doing 2.概念或用途: ①表示说话时正在发生着的一个动作; ②表示现阶段但不一定是发生在讲话时; ③表近期特定的安排或计划; ④go、come等起止动作可用进行时代替将来 时。如:

⑤(与always、often等频度副词连用,表经常反 复的行动或某种感情色彩) ⑥下面四类动词不宜用现在进行时:表示心理状 态、情感的动作:like, love, hate, care, remember, believe, want, mind, wish, agree, mean, need。表存在的状态的动词:appear, exist, lie, remain, seem belong to, depend on。 表示一时性动作的动词:allow, accept, permit, promise, admit, complete。表示感官的动词: see, hear, notice, feel, smell, sound, taste, look。

? 3. 用正确的现在进行时结构填空: ? It _________________ (rain) now. ? He _______ (teach) English and _____ (learn) Chinese. ? I ____________ (meet) Mr. Wang tonight. ? We ______________ (leave) on Friday. ? At six I ________________ (bathe) the baby. ? The girl _____________ (always, talk) loud in public.

五、现在进行时 3. (1) is raining (2) is teaching; learning (3) am meeting (4) are leaving (5) am bathing (6) is always talking

? 4. 短文翻译:

? 今天天气好。天空中飘着几朵云,但 阳光灿烂。琼斯先生同他的家人在一 起。他们正在过桥。河上有几艘船。 琼斯先生和他的妻子正在看这些船。 莎莉正在观看一艘大船。那船正从桥 下驶过。蒂姆正望着一架飞机。飞机 正从河上飞过。

4. 短文翻译:
It is a fine day today. There are some clouds in the sky, but the sun is shining. Mr. Jones is with his family. They are walking over the bridge. There are some boats on the river. Mr. Jones and his wife are looking at them. Sally is looking at a big ship. The ship is going under the bridge. Tim is looking at an aeroplane. The aeroplane is flying over the river.

? 六、过去进行时考点分析与练习
? 1.结构:was/were + doing ? 2.概念与用途:①过去某一时刻正在进行的动作或 某一阶段内发生或频繁发生。②某一动作发生时另 一动作正在发生,其中一个在由when或while引导 的时间状语从句中。 ? 3.用正确的时态结构填空: ? (1) I __________ (fly) kites at this time of yesterday. ? (2) She __________ (do) her homework while her mother was cooking in the kitchen. ? (3) We ________ (watch) TV when the power went off.
(1) was flying (2) was doing (3) were watching

4.语法填空: was having I ____________ (have) dinner at a restaurant worked when Tony Steele came in. Tony _______ (work) in a lawyer's office years ago, but he is now working _______________ (now, work) at a bank. He _______ (get) a good salary, but he always gets borrows money from his friends and never _______ (pay) it back. Tony _______ (see) me pays saw and came and sat at the same table. He has never borrowed money from me. While he was eating (eat), I asked him to lend me twenty __________ gave pounds. To my surprise, he _______ (give) me the money immediately. “I have never borrowed any money from you,” Tony said, “so now you can pay for my dinner!”

3.语法填空: I have just received (just, receive) a letter _________________ from my brother, Tim. He is in Australia. He has been _______________ (be) there for six months. Tim is working is an engineer. He ____________ (work) for a has already visited big firm and he ___________________ (already, visit) a great number of different places in Australia. He has just bought an Australian car has gone to and ___________ (go) to Alice Springs, a small town in the centre of Australia. He will soon visit will fly Darwin. From there, he _________ (fly) to Perth. has never been My brother _______________ (never, be) abroad before, so he is fending this trip very exciting.


1.We were all surprised when he made it clear that he ____ office soon.(MET93) A.leaves B.would leave C.left D.had left 2.— Alice, why didn't you come yesterday? — I ____ ,but I had an unexpected visitor(NMET97) A.had B.would C.was going to D.did

1. The old man _____ two days after he had been sent to hospital. A. died B. would die C. had died D. has died 2. Old McDonald gave up smoking for a while, but soon ______ to his old ways. A. returned B. returns C. was returning D. had returned 3. I _____ my son _____ a doctor, but he wasn’t good enough at science. A. hoped; would become B. had hoped; would become C. had hoped; will become D. hope; will become 4. I _____ to take a good holiday this year, but I wasn’t able to get away. A. hope B. have hoped C. had hoped D. hoped 5. Helen _____ her key in the office so she had to wait until her husband _____ home. A. has left; comes B. left; had come C. had left; came D. had left; would come

6. — Look! How wonderful my car is! Oh, Jack. What are you thinking about? Don’t you like it? — I’m sorry I ______ any remark about it in time. I certainly think it’s smart. A. wasn’t making B. don’t make C. won’t make D. didn’t make 7. To find the street where I lived in my childhood is no easy task because the city ______ so rapidly all these years. A. is changing B. has changed C. will have changed D. will change 8. He ______ quite well, but he hasn’t had time to swim since this summer. A. will swim B. have swum C. swam D. swims 9. Jimmy said that he would come to pick me up, but he ____by now. A. hasn’t turned up B. doesn’t turn up C. won’t turn up D. hadn’t turned up

10. I’m terribly sorry for being late, but I _____ the wrong bus.

A. catch B. had caught C. caught D. catching 11. The truth, sir, is that the old man _______ across the road when my car hit him. A. was to walk B. had been walking C. walked D. was walking 12. I really don’t think Rose will be upset, but I will go and see her in case she _____. A. is B. does C. will be D. has been 13. The computers made by our company sell best, but several years ago no one could have imagined the role in the markets that they _________. A. were playing B. were to play C. had played D. played

14. — Kate is in hospital.

— Oh, really? I _______. ________ visit her.
A. didn’t know; I’ll go and C. don’t know; I’m going to B. don’t know; I’ll go and D. didn’t know; I’m going to

15. — Where _______ the guidebook? I can’t see it anywhere.
— I _______ it right here, but now it’s gone. A. did you put; have put B. had you put; have put C. have you put; put D. were you putting; put 16. — Do you live in this city? — No, we ______ it for holidays. A. just visit B. just visited C. are just visiting D. have visited 17. — How is the old man now? — Sorry, he ______ though they did all they could to save him. A. was dead B. had died C. has been dead D. died

18.The lake will be further polluted unless some measures ______.
A. will be taken B. are taken C. were taken D. had been taken 19. I’m afraid it will be two months ______.

A. when I come back
C. before I come back something he ______ in the office. A. had worked, had left

B. when I’ll come back
D. before I’ll come back

20.The workers _____ busily when the boss came to look for B. were working ; had left

C. working ; had left
A. is told B. reads

D. had worked; left
C. tells D. is read

21.The notice ______ “No smoking”.



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