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(测试时间:120 分钟 评价分值:120 分) 第一部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项中选出最佳选项。 A For many students, the joy of graduating from college is quickly replaced by the pressure of trying to find a job.Many new graduates think they lack the skills required in companies becaus e they lack working experience. Students don't think about what skills they developed during their college years over and above what's on their transcripts( 成 绩 单 ) . Colleges also provide “soft_skills” that many employers require. Students have the ability at 2 am to write a paper while messaging their friends and watching TV.And that's a skill which can make employees manage tight schedules effectivel y.The ability to function on four or five hours of sleep and work late to complete a project is particularly useful in industries like consulting, banking, law and technology.In the consulting world,you're going to travel a lot, and it's different from a nine to five job.The fact that applicants are OK with that is very helpful. Recent students also tend to have more knowledge on technology than general people, so it takes less time for them to learn to use technological equipment.A survey found 30% people of 18~21 years old agreed that they tried to keep up with the latest styles and trended for electronic products, compared with 18% of 45~54 years old and 15% of 55 years old and older. Students also frequently work on group projects in school, learning skills like teamwork and conflict resolution in the process. Living in schools can help prepare graduates to work with people of different genders, races and nationalities. Students have much broader vision than many working professionals. These skills and experiences come so naturally to students that many of them forget to bring them up in job interviews. The recruiters(招聘者) may not know you have these experiences and abilities. Sharing them frankly will help set you apart from others who are being interviewed. 1.Which of the following is NOT included in “soft skills”? A.Managing tight schedules effectively. B.Learning how to use technological equipment faster than general people. C.Having much broader vision than many working professionals. D.Having more working experience than other employees. 2.If you can manage your tight schedules effectively,you can work as a________. A.lawyer B.worker C.doctor D.cook 3.Why do many graduates think they lack the skills required in companies?

A.Because they haven't been trained in college. B.Because they have no chance to learn these skills in college. C.Because their skills come so naturally that they don't realize their value. D.Because they don't know what skills the companies require. 4.From the text we can infer that________. A.the recruiters don't pay attention to the students' ability B.students value more the results of their test papers C.you can't do well in your work if you don't have “soft skills” D.students can do better than other people in consulting and banking 语篇解读:对于大多数学生来说,大学毕业的喜悦会很快被找工作的压力所取代。因为 他们认为自己缺乏工作经验,所以达不到公司所提出的要求。 1.解析:由文章可知“soft skills”指的应是学生在进入社会工作之前所具有的、却 被他们本人所忽视的技能。 答案:D 2. 解析: 根据文章第三段“The ability...is particularly useful in industries like consulting,banking,law and technology”可知,能够有效地安排时间的人适合从事咨询 业、银行业、法律与技术方面的工作。 答案:A 3.解析:从文章最后一段第一句可知,学生自然而然地拥有“soft skills”,所以他 们根本没有把这些技能列入自己所认为的技能范畴,这就是他们认为自己缺乏招聘公司所要 求的技能的真正原因。 答案:C 4.解析:由第二段可知,学生们没有考虑除成绩单之外,他们在大学里还发展了哪些能 力,所以 B 项符合题意。 答案:B B We're not suggesting that you should reach a permanent state called “happiness” and remain there. But there are many ways to keep away from anxiety, anger, frustration and sadness. Here are some ideas to get you started. Choose the ones that work for you. Practice mindfulness. Focus on the present. Instead of worrying about what you should do tomorrow while you're having dinner with your family, focus on the here and now—the food, your families, the conversation. Sing along. Studies find music activates parts of the brain that produce happiness. In one study older adults who listened to their choice of music during eye surgery had significantly lower heart rates and blood pressure than those who had silent surgery. Go to sleep. We have become a nation of sleep?deprived citizens. Taking a daily nap or getting into bed at 8 pm at night with a good book and turning the light out an hour later can do more for your mood than any number of bubble baths or massages. Make a list. There's nothing like writing down your tasks to help you organize your thoughts and calm your anxiety. Checking off each item provides a great sense of fulfillment. Visit a quiet place. Libraries, museums, gardens, and places of

worship (礼拜场所) provide islands of peace and calm in today's world. Find a quiet place near your house and make it your secret get away. Volunteer. Helping others enables you to put your own problems into perspective(客观判断力) and also provides social interaction. While happy people are mor e likely to help others, helping others increases your happiness. One study found that volunteer work enhanced all four aspects of well being: happiness, life satisfaction, self esteem and sense of control over life. 5.According to the passage,which of the following ways can keep you away from bad moods? A.Staying with your family. B.Having a lot of money. C.Having enough sleep. D.Travelling. 6.As stated in the text,________can reduce the risk of operation. A.taking a nap when having surgery B.finding a quiet place to perform surgery C.listening to music when having surgery D.keeping quiet when having surgery 7.Making a list of your tasks and checking them off can________ yourself. A.encourage B.satisfy C.improve D.change 8.You'd better not go to________ if you want to keep quiet and calm. A.libraries B.churches C.supermarkets D.gardens 语篇解读:我们很难保持天天“开心”,但是我们可以有很多远离焦躁、生气、挫折和 伤心等情绪的方法。 5.解析:文章第四段提到了睡眠的重要性。A 项容易被误选,但仔细阅读第二段发现原 文意思是要注意眼前的事情,而不是说要和家人待在一起才能快乐。 答案:C 6.解析:文章第三段举了一个例子,老年人边听音乐边做手术会减缓心率和降低血压, 所以这是一个降低手术风险的好办法。 答案:C 7.解析:根据原文第五段可知,给你的工作列一个清单可以帮助你组织思路,抚平你的 焦虑,核对每一个项目,可以使你有一种满足感,所以 B 项符合题意。 答案:B 8. 解析: 阅读文章倒数第二段, 可以先排除 A 与 D 项。 仔细分析后面的“places of worship 做礼拜的地方”又可以排除 B 项。 答案:C

C Nuclear radiation has a certain mystery,partly because it cannot be detected(察 觉) by human senses.It can't be seen or heard,or touched or tasted,even though it may be all around us.There are other things like that.For example,radio waves are all around us but we can't detect them or sense them without a radio receiver.Similarly,we can't sense radioactivity without a radiation detector.But

unlike common radio waves,nuclear radiation is not harmless to human beings and other living things. At very high levels,radiation can kill an animal or human being outright(彻 底地) by killing masses of cells in important organs.Even the lowest levels can do serious damage.There is no level of radiation that is completely safe.If the radiation does not hit anything important,the damage may not be signif icant.This is the case when only a few cells are hit,and when they are killed outright.Your body will replace the dead cells with healthy ones.But if the few cells are only damaged ,and if they reproduce themselves , you may be in trouble.They reproduce themselves in an unusual way.They can grow into cancer.Som etimes this does not show up for many years. This is another reason for some of the mystery about nuclear radiation.Serious damage can be done without the knowledge of the person at the time that damage has occurred.A person can be irradiated(放射)and feel fine,then die of cancer five, ten,or twenty years later as a result.A child can be born weak or easy to get serious illness as a result of radiation absorbed by its grandparents. 9.According to the passage,the danger of nuclear power lies in ________. A.nuclear mystery B.radiation detection C.radiation level D.nuclear radiation 10.Radiation can lead to serious trouble even at the lowest level________. A.when it kills few cells B.if it damages few cells C.though the damaged cells can repair themselves D.unless the damaged cells can reproduce themselves 11.Radiation can hurt us so much that it can________. A.kill large numbers of cells in main organs B.replace cells which may grow into cancer years later C.affect the healthy growth of our younger generation D.A and C 12.Which of the following can be best inferred from the passage? A.The importance of protection from radiation cannot be overemphasized. B.The mystery about radiation has been solved. C.Cancer is only caused by radiation. D.Radiation can hurt those who do know about its danger. 9.解析:原子能之所以可怕,是因为有核辐射的危险,所以选 D 项。 答案:D 10.解析:第二段最后几句讲到如果细胞只受到损害,这些细胞就会以一种非正常的方 式繁殖,演变成癌症之类的绝症。 答案:B 11.解析:从第二段第一句和最后一段的最后一句可知答案。 答案:D 12.解析:A 项为正确答案,意思是:防范核辐射伤害的重要性再怎么强调都不为过。 答案:A

D At the beginning of the 20th century , there were four powerful means of transmitting( 传 送 )and receiving information over long distances : print , photography,telegraph and telephone.The middle of the century saw both radio and television.In 1964 , the Olympic Games in Tokyo became the first program to be transmitted via satellite. In order to transmit an event such as the Olympic Games via satellite,television signals are first changed into radio waves,which are then sent from a station on earth to an orbiting satellite.The satellite receives the radio waves and sends them back to earth , where another station picks them up and changes them back into television signals. The combination of satellites,computers and television changes every home into an education and entertainment center. The most common use of tele?communications(电信通讯) satellites,however,has been for transmitting telephone calls.Most of them travel 40,000 miles to a satellite and then back to earth.Ten years ago , a satellite was capable of receiving and transmitting more than 33,000 telephone conversations simultaneously.Now a single satellite is able to transmit over 100,000 conversations as well as several hundred television channels-all at the same time. Telecommunications can make information from around the world available to use quickly and easily,but some people worry that it may be a risk to our privacy.If personal information is stored in computers,then it may be easily transmitted via satellite to anyone who can pay for the service. Another worry is that telecommunications systems may isolate people from each other.When people are able to shop from their homes,do their banking without leaving the house, watch any movie they wan t on their television, as well as get any information they need,then there will not be as much contact between people. It is important to realize that the same technology that helps us may also harm us.We can prevent this from happening by carefully controlling the new technology.As one telecommunication expert says, “We must remember that technology alone is not the answer.It is the intelligent application of technology that will lead us to success.” 13.Which of the following is NOT true about the telecommunication system? A.It could not transmit hundreds of television signals while receiving telephone calls ten years ago. B.It develops quickly. C.It may reduce contact between people. D.It brings great convenience to people's life. 14.How far does the telephone call travel via satellite to complete the whole journey? A.40,000 miles. B.80,000 miles. C.100,000 miles. D.33,000 miles. 15.What may people worry about while using telecommunication?

A.Costing too much money. B.Risking losing one's own privacy. C.Having too much unwanted information. D.The service not being avai lable all the time. 语篇解读:文章介绍了通信技术的迅猛发展及其负面作用。 13.解析:根据第四段可知,文中并没有提到 A 项描述的内容。 答案:A 14.解析:根据第四段第二句可知,大部分电话经过 40 000 英里传送到卫星,然后从卫 星再返回到地面,故选 B。 答案:B 15.解析:根据第五段可知 B 项正确。 答案:B 第二节(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选 项中有两项为多余 选 项。 Tips for Public Speaking Feeling very nervous before giving a speech is natu ral and even helpful. Here are some tips on how to control your nervousness and express yourself better. Know your material.__16__ Know more about it than you include in your speech. Use humor, personal stories and familiar language-that way you won't easily forget what to say. Know the audience(观众). Say hello to your audience as they arrive__17__ Know the room. Arrive early, walk around the speaking area and practice using the microphone. Make yourself less anxious. Pau se, smile and count to three before saying anything. Change nervous energy into enthusiasm(热情). __18__Imagine yourself speaking loudly, clearly and confidently. Imagine the audience clapping. It will make you sure of yourself. __19__Audience want you to be interesting, funny, and full of energy and information. __20__Mainly, your speech should express your feeling. Speak as often as you can. Experience builds confidence, which is the key to good speaking. A.Gain more experience. B.Don't say sorry f or any nervousness. C.Pick a topic you are interested in. D.Imagine yourself giving your speech. E.Realize that audience want you to succeed. F.It's important to keep calm before speaking. G.It's easier to speak to a group of friends than to strangers. 16.解析:根据上文提到“Know your material.”了解你的材料,可知,挑选你感兴趣 的。 答案:C 17.解析:根据本段提到的,了解你的观众,当他们到来时与他们打招呼,G 项符合,

跟一群朋友说话要比跟陌生人说话容易。 答案:G 18.解析:根据下文提到的,想象自己大声,自信的演讲,想象一下观众在为自己鼓掌, 故选 D 想象一下自己演讲场面。 答案:D 19.解析:根据下文,观众想让你有趣着,充满能量和内容,可知选 E,意识到观众也 想让你成功。 答案:E 20.解析:根据下文提到“Mainly, your speech should express your feeling. Speak as often as you can.”主要的是,你的演讲在表达你的感受,故选 A 体验更多的经历。 答案:A 第二部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C、D),选出最佳选项。 Here You Grow Again “You're having problems? No problem. ”That's what I try to tell myself when I begin to feel overwhelmed. And then I__21__myself that the only people I am aware of who don't have__22__are gathered in peaceful neighborhoods. There is never a__23__, never a moment of stress to ruin a day. All is calm. Most__24__have at least one such worry?free zone. We call them__25__. But if you're still__26__, you have difficulties. It's the way of life. And believe it or not, most of your problems may actually be__27__for you than you think. Let me explain. Maybe you have seen the Great Barrier Reef, __28__some 1, 800 miles from New Guinea to Australia. Tour guides regularly take visitors to__29__the reef. On one tour, the guide was asked a question. “ I notice that the lagoon( 浅水湖 )side of the reef looks__30__and lifeless, while the ocean side is lively and colorful, ”a traveler observed. “__31__is this? ” The guide gave an interesting answer, “The coral(珊瑚)around the lagoon side is in__32__water, with no challenge for its survival. It__33__early. The coral on the ocean side is constantly being__34__by wind, waves, storms—surges of power. It has to fight for__35__every day of its life. As it is challenged a nd tested it changes and__36__. It grows healthy. It grows strong. And it reproduces. ”Then he added this telling note, “That's the way it is__37__every living organism. ” Like coral__38__by the sea, we grow. __39__demands can cause us to grow stronger. Mental and emotional stress can produce strength and determination. Spiritual testing can produce__40__of character and faithfulness. 21.A. warn B.remind C.i nform D.persuade 22.A.purposes B.troubles C.plans D.opinions 23.A.wonder B.miracle C.care D.wish 24.A.suburbs B.halls C.countries D.towns 25.A.cemeteries B.yards C.squares D.parks 26.A.worrying B.breathing C.thinking D.working

27.A.bigger B.smaller C.better D.heavier 28.A.covering B.running C.reaching D.stretching 29.A.view B.dig C.protect D.find 30.A.healthy B.pale C.strong D.colorful 31.A.how B.when C.why D.what 32.A.dirty B.cold C.deep D.still 33.A.grows B.dies C.rests D.settles 34.A.tested B.washed C.cleaned D.killed 35.A.nutriment B.development C.survival D.energy 36.A.enlarges B.breaks C.disappears D.adapts 37.A.for B.with C.on D.in 38.A.struck B.flooded C.swallowed D.supported 39.A.Social B.Emotional C.Spiritual D.Physical 40.A.feature B.result C.strength D.influence 语篇解读: 大堡礁上经常受到海水冲击的珊瑚生命力更加旺盛, 但是那些没有受海水冲 击的反而会死得更早。作者从而得出, 在我们的人生中, 经常遇到挫折, 会使我们更加具 有能力。 21.解析:从下文的“myself that the only people I am aware of who...pe aceful neighborhoods”可知, 这是作者提醒自己的事情。 答案:B 22 . 解 析 :与 本 文的 第一 句 话 “‘You're having problems? No problem’” 中的 problems 呼应, 指那些没有麻烦的人们。 答案:B 23.解析:由下文“never a moment of stress”可知。指没有任何关心的事情。 答案:C 24.解析:根据上下文语境可知,这里指每个城镇。 答案:D 25. 解析: 由上文可知, 每个城镇都有一个让人从来不会担忧的地区。 A 项符合句意, “公 墓”。 答案:A 26.解析:根据后面的“you have difficulties.It's the way of life”可知, 只要 你呼吸, 只要你活着, 你就有困难。 答案:B 27.解析:根据上下文可知, 你的问题要比你想象的要好。 答案:C 28.解析:从下文的“some 1,800 miles from New Guinea to Australia”可知这里 指大堡礁绵延 1 800 英里。 答案:D 29.解析:根据上文的“Tour guides regularly take visitors”可知导游带着游客们 去欣赏这里的风景。 答案:A 30.解析:与后面的“and lifeless”呼应, 指这里的珊瑚是无生命的, 并且颜色是 苍白的。 答案:B

31.解析:根据上文可知, 这个游客看见这种情景之后, 问为什么。 答案:C 32.解析:根据上文的浅水背景和下文的“with no challenge for its su rvival”可 知, 这些珊瑚生长在平静的水中。 答案:D 33.解析:从上文的“with no challenge for its survival”没有生存的挑战性, 可 知它们死得早。 答案:B 34.解析:根据上下文可知这些珊瑚经常遭到风、海浪和暴风雨的考验。 答案:A 35.解析:浅水湖边和海洋中的珊瑚作比较,海洋中的珊瑚每天都为它的生存作斗争。 答案:C 36.解析:从下文的“It grows healthy.It grows strong.And it reproduces”可知, 这些珊瑚已经适应了环境。 答案:D 37.解析:由本句句意可知,with 指的是这些情况适用于每一个活着的生物。 答案:B 38.解析:从后面的“by the sea, we grow”可知这里指我们像珊瑚一样, 经常接受 海水的撞击, 从而我们能够成长。 答案:A 39.解析:与后面的“Mental and emotional stress”精神的和情感的对比, 指身体 上的。 答案:D 40 . 解 析 : 由 上 文 “Mental and emotional stress can produce strength and determination”可知。 答案:C

第二节(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) According to a recent survey, violence did exist in schools.Students showed their fear and parents and teachers also expressed their great concern about it.Experts hope the whole society pay more attention to the mental health of adolescents. Nowadays, school violence is 41.________hot issue.I think this is a phenomenon, 42.________calls for our great concern.We should try every effort 43.________(prevent) violence happening at school for more and more students would drop out of school 44.________their personal safety could not 45.________(guarantee).In fact, violence can 46.________ (learn).Children learn violent behavior from adults or from 47.________ they see on television or on the Internet. If I meet with school violence, I will not answer violence 48.________ violence, for it will result in49.________ (much) fighting.I will tell my teachers or parents about it.I think they will help me deal with it well and they will protect me from the bad guys. All in al l, every student should behave 50.________(he) and keep away from

violence. 语篇解读:文章向我们介绍了作者对校园暴力的看法。 41.解析:不定冠词 a,表示“某个”的意思。 答案:a 42.解析:引导一个非限制性定语从句,先行词为物,所以用 which。 答案:which 43.解析:不定式作目的状语。 答案:to prevent 44.解析:人身安全得不到保障是辍学的原因,应用引导连接条件状语从句的连词。 答案:if 45.解析:所给动词和其逻辑主语是动宾关系,用被动语态。 答案:be guaranteed 46.解析:事实上,暴力是可以学的。表被动。 答案:be learned 47.解析:引导一个宾语从句,并且在从句中作宾语。 答案:what 48.解析:表示方式,意思是“用” 。 答案:with 49.解析:由语境可知,以暴力对付暴力,只能产生更多的暴力。 答案:more 50.解析:behave oneself“表现良好,行为良好”。 答案:himself 第三部分 写作(共两节,满分 35 分) 第一节 短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共 有 10 处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),并在其下面写出该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。 修改:在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意:1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词。 2.只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。 I am a senior 2 student. Recent I have made a survey between 100 boys and 100 girls. The result of the survey is as the follows: What boys like to do most is to become businessmen, while the g irls' favorite work is to be teachers. Only few boys want to do this job. It is interested that the number of boys and girls who want to be doctors are equal. As for lawyers,more boys expect to have this job. Therefore, there are still students who are not clear about our future. In a word, they all express they would work hard at their study for the College Entrance Examination. As long as they do this badly, they will realize their great dreams. Recent between I am a senior 2 student. I have made a survey 100 boys and 100 Recently among girls.The result of the survey is as t\he follows:What boys like to do most is to

become businessmen, while the girls' favorite work is to be teachers.Only boys want to do this job.It is to be doctors


interested that the number of boys and girls who want interesting

are Therefore equal.As for lawyers,more boys expect to have this job. , is However our future.In a word, they all their

there are still students who are not clear about express they

would work hard at their study for the College Entrance Examination.As will badly , they will realize their great dreams. well

long as they do this

第二节 书面表达(满分 25 分) 假如你是林星,昨晚你偶然看到在中国读书的美国学生 Jim 在论坛发帖,求网友给他推 荐一本帮助他学习汉语的书。 你正好有一本合适的书可以借给他。 请你给他发一封电子邮件, 包括以下要点: 1.说明写信原因。 2.描述书的情况。 3.约定见面的时间和地点。 注意:1.词数 100 左右。 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 3.开头语和结束语已为你写好。 Dear Jim, I'm Lin Xing , a student of a middle school in your city.________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Best wishes. Yours, Lin Xing Dear_Jim, I'm_Lin_Xing,a_student_of_a_middle_school_in_your_city.Last night,I learned quite by chance that you were in need of a book to help you improve your Chinese.I happened to have one, which I think will help you a lot. The book, entitled New Practical Chinese, is intended for beginners at your

level.Not only does it include the basic conversations in our daily life, but it is also a window through which y ou can get to know Chinese culture and customs.Edited by three language experts, it has been popular with the readers ever since it came out two years ago. If it is convenient to you, let's meet at 3:00 pm.this Sunday, at the entrance to People's Park, where I can give you the book.If not, try to find another time that is suitable for both of us. Best_wishes. Yours, Lin_Xing



人教版数学必修5-综合测试题1_数学_高中教育_教育专区。人教版数学必修5综合检测题,高一下学期期中考试卷 必修5综合测试试题一、选择题 1、数列 2,5,8,11,?,...


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数学必修5 模块综合检测卷(一)

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高二数学必修 5 综合检测(一)一.选择题 (本大题共 12 小题,每小题 5 分,共 60 分) 1.已知 c<d, a>b>0, 下列不等式中必成立的一个是 A.a+c>...


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5页 免费 高中地理必修1期末测试题(... 8页 免费如要投诉违规内容,请到百度文库投诉中心;如要提出功能问题或意见建议,请点击此处进行反馈。 ...


优化方案语文必修5(人教版)模块综合检测(一)_语文_高中教育_教育专区。模块综合检测(一) 本试卷分第Ⅰ卷(阅读题)和第Ⅱ卷(表达题)两部分。共 150 分,考试...


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