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牛津高中英语 B5U1 重点词汇讲解

Book 5_U1_资源库_词汇

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牛津高中资源库之词汇设计 元:Unit 1 Getting Along With Others 块:词汇

1. What do you think the proverbs tell us about friendship and getting along with others? 你认为这些谚语告诉了我们关于友谊和与别人相处的什么? get along with 相处, 进展,设法度过,过活 How are you getting along with your roommate? 你和你的室友相处如何? How are you getting along with your English study ? 你的英语学得怎么样? We’ll get along without that much money somehow. 即使没有那么多钱,我们也能设法过日子。 2. If you can buy a person’s friendship, it’s not worth having. 如果友谊能用金钱来买到的 话,它就不值得拥有。 worth / worthy be worth + money ( the price) 值??钱 be (well / better) worth doing sth. (很)值得做某事 (worth 前的修饰副词只能用 well,不可以用 very, much 等) be worthy of sth. / of being done / to be done The trip was expensive but it was worth every penny. 这次旅行花费很大,但是花的每一分前都不冤枉。 The book is worth reading. = it is worth reading this book. 这本书值得一读。 The article is worthy of careful study / of being studied carefully / to be studied carefully. 3. Sometimes, other children say we are no fun because we are both very academic and like to study, but we like it that way. 有时侯,别的同学说我们俩一点儿意思也没有,因为我们 俩都擅长读书,又爱学习,可我们俩觉得这样很好。 fun u.n. 乐趣;有趣的人/ 物 funny adj.滑稽的有趣的 It’s great fun talking with you. 和你交谈很愉快。 What fun it is to meet so many new friends! 与到这么多新朋友是多么愉快的事啊! He is good fun; we all enjoy being with him. 他是个有趣的人,我们都喜欢跟他在一起。 4. Afterwards, I went out to the playground, I was determined to be careful, but Hannah sensed something was wrong. 后来,我去了操场.我决心要让自己开心一点,但汉娜感觉到 哪儿有些不对劲. be determined to do sth. 下决心做某事. determined adj. 己下决心的 (不能用于名词之前);坚定的;果断的;决然的 determine v. 决心;决意;使下定决心 determine to do sth. 决心做某事 determine sb. to do sth. 使某人下定决心做某事 determine + that clause 决心?? She is determined to work in Tibet.
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Book 5_U1_资源库_词汇

她下定决心去西藏工作。 Weather determined the crops. 气候决定收成。 5. We went to wash our hands in the girl’s toilet before lunch and I admitted how badly I had done. 午饭前我们到女厕所洗手时,我承认我做得非常糟糕。 admit Vt. Vi. 承认(事实,过失) ;准许进入(场所) ;准许??的入场 / 入学 /入会;可 容纳 admit ( doing ) sth. 承认做了某事 admit + that clause 承认做了?? admit to sth. 承认某事 admit sb. to / into 准许某人进入??,准许某人入会/场 He admitted his guilt. = He admitted that he was guilty. Will you admit having broken the window?= Will you admit that you have broken the window? 你承不承认你打破了窗户? This hall can admit 1,000 people. 这个礼堂可容纳 1000 人。 6. a friendship in trouble 陷入困境的友谊 trouble v. n. 麻烦,苦恼,忧虑 in trouble =get into trouble 处于困境中/ 困难中 trouble sb. with sth. 麻烦某人某事 trouble sb. to do sth. 麻烦某人做某事 trouble to do sth. 麻烦做某事 He is in trouble , so he is in great need of your hand. 他陷入麻烦之中,所以他急需你的帮助。 Those students always trouble their teachers with some difficult problems. 那些学生总是问一些让他们老师头疼的难题。 Could I trouble you to pass the book to me? 我可以麻烦你把那本书递给我吗? Don’t trouble to carry the heavy box for me. 别劳驾来帮助我搬这个很重的箱子。 ask for trouble 自找麻烦 make trouble for 制造麻烦,捣乱 take the trouble to do sth. 费神地/ 不辞辛劳地做 trouble sb. with / about sth. 使某人因某事烦恼 7. He seemed absent-minded and as a result of careless playing, we lost the game.由于他的心 不在焉和他的疏忽,我们输掉了那场比赛。 as a result of 由于 /因为…结果 He failed in Math test as a result of his carelessness. 由于他的粗心,数学考试没有及格。 His laziness resulted in his failure in career. 他的懒惰导致他事业的失败。 Rose jumped with joy at the result of examination. 听到考试的结果罗丝高兴地跳起来了。 8. He said it wasn’t his fault if he couldn’t play as well as me and that I shouldn’t yell at him.
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Book 5_U1_资源库_词汇

他说如果他不能踢得像我一样好,那不是他的错,我不应该对他大叫大喊. yell vi. vt. 大声叫喊;叫喊;号叫;欢呼 Don’t yell at me. 不要对我叫喊。 A drowning girl in the river yelled for help. 一个落水的女孩大声喊救命。 She yelled at him about his constant drunkenness. 她大声叫嚷着说他总是烂醉如泥。 9. I feel really guilty because I said some really cruel things too, but I can’t stand seeing our team lose. 我现在感到很内疚,因为我说了一些非常冷酷的话,可是我无法忍受我们的队输 球。 stand n. 停立;立场;看台;摊位 A chair will not stand on two legs. 一把椅子不能靠两条腿站立。 The old temple stands at the top of the hill. 古庙位于山顶。 The agreement stands good. 协议依然有效。 stand v. 经受,忍受( 常用于否定句或疑问句,不可用进行时,后接名词、代词或动名词) I can’t stand that hot weather here. 我无法忍受这么热的天气。 This blouse doesn’t stand washing. 这件短衫不耐洗。 10. mean v. adj. n. v. 意思为 “ 意思是” , “意味着” (接名词、代词、动名词或从句为宾语) ; “意图” , “打 算” (接名词、代词、动词不定式) Success means working hard. 成功意味着努力的工作。 I had meant to call on you, but I forgot your telephone number and address. 我本打算来看你的但我忘了你的电话和地址。 mean adj. 意思为 “吝啬的、 小气的” (接 with sth.) ; “卑鄙的、 不仁慈的 (接 to sb. ) ; “简 陋的、破旧的” ; (在位置、顺序、时间等方面)中间的、平均的”。 mean 用作名词时,是一个可数名词,意思“中间、平均数和值”等。单复数形式相同,意 思是 “方式、方法、手段和工具” 。 Don’t be mean to me. 不要对我这么狠。 It is mean of him to say those mean words to me. 他真卑鄙对我说出那些卑鄙的话。 It is mean of you to tease her. 你戏弄她真是卑鄙。 11. bitter adj. 苦味的;难以接受的 bitterly adv. 苦地 She was bitter about that matter. He has a bitter memory. It is bitterly cold today. 12. However, if you feel that she is very bad at keeping secrets and likes to embarrass you in
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Book 5_U1_资源库_词汇

public, you had better find a new friend. 但是,如果你感觉她不能很好地保守秘密,并且喜 欢使你当众难堪的话,你最好找一个新朋友。 embarrass v. 使为难;使不好意思;使局促不安 embarrass sb. with sth. 以某事使某人不好意思 Embarrass sb. by doing sth. 做某事使某人难堪 embarrassing adj. embarrassment n. Don’t embarrass him in public with those boob questions. 不要用那些愚笨的问题使他当众难堪。 It is wrong of you to embarrass her before so many people. 你当着这么多人的面使她难看是不 对的。 I have no shame for my action: I did what was right. 我不会为我的行为感到羞愧。我做的是正确的。 13. Adjectives are used to describe people or things. 形容词是用来描述人或物。 describe v. 描述某人;叙述某事物; 移动 Words can not describe the beauty of the scene. 那景色之美难以表达。 Bullet describes a curved path in the air. 子弹在空中作曲线运动。 description 是名词“叙述;描述;形容” beyond description 难以形容 descriptive adj. 描述的; 形容的 a very descriptive account of a journey 对旅程十分生动的描述 descriptively adv. 14. We stay up at night and talk about many things. 我们一夜没有睡,并且谈了很多事情。 stay up 熬夜,通宵不睡 sit up 熬夜,迟睡;坐起来;坐正 He stayed up all night preparing for the report. 他通宵没有睡在准备那份报告。 Three nurses sat up all night with the dying patient. 三个护士一夜没睡守在那个临终的病人。 15. He is very humorous even though he has a serious personality. 即使他的个性很严肃,他 还是很幽默的。 humorous adj. 幽默的;滑稽的 humour n. 幽默;滑稽 He saw the humorous side of a situation. 他看到事情中滑稽的一面。 a story full of humour 非常幽默的故事。 He has a good sense of humour. 他很有幽默感。 out of humour 心情不好 a humourless person 缺乏幽默感的人
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Book 5_U1_资源库_词汇

good-humoured adj. 好情绪的 ill-humoured adj. 情绪坏的 16. I’m so glad I persuaded you to talk to Rachel. 我很高兴说服你跟雷切尔交谈。 persuade vt. (成功地) 劝说,说服 persuasion n. 劝说, 说服,信服 相关的短语和结构有: persuade sb. 说服某人 persuade sb. of sth. 使某人相信某物 persuade sb. (not) to do sth. 劝说某人(不)做某事 persuade sb. into doing sth. 劝说某人做某事 persuade sb. out of doing sth. 劝说某人不做某事 He is easily persuaded. 他这人好说话。 How can I persuade you that I am sincere? 怎样才能使你相信我是诚实的呢? Gentle persuasion is more effective than force. 温和的说服胜于压服。 17. Mum discourages me from chatting online. 母亲阻止我上网聊天. discourage vt. 阻止;使泄气 discouragement n. 挫折;泄气 discouraged adj. 泄气的 discouraging adj. 令人泄气的 encourage v. 鼓励 courage n. 勇气 discourage sb. from doing sth. 阻止某人做某事 encourage sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事 18. Our line can get very busy but please keep trying and you will eventually get through. 我 们的线路可能很忙,但请继续拨打,最终你会接通的。 Get through (电话)接通;通过(考试) ; 做完(工作) The line was busy and I couldn’t get through to you. 线路很忙,我接不同你的电话。 19. When asked they usually hesitate before responding, ‘My best friend’?当男孩被问及时, 他们通常在回答前犹豫地自问, 我最好的朋友? hesitate v. 犹豫, 踌躇 hesitation n. 踌躇;犹豫 without hesitation 毫不犹豫地 hesitate to do sth. 犹豫做某事 hesitate about / at / over sth. / doing sth. 关于某事犹豫不决; 做某事犹豫不决 20. respond v. 反应;回答 response n. 反应;回答 respondent n. 反映者
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Book 5_U1_资源库_词汇

respond to sb. / sth. 对某人或某事作出反应 21. When he comes back three and a half hours later, they are still sitting on the sofa, absorbed in conversation. 当他三个半小时回来时,他们还坐在沙发上专注地聊 absorb v. 吸进;吸收 The large firm absorbed those small ones. 大公司吞并了一些小公司。 Plants absorb oxygen. 植物吸收氧气。 22. These results have been consistent worldwide. 这些结果已经是广泛的一致性。 consistent adj. 一致性的;相符的 consistence n. 一致性;相符 You are not very consistent; first you scold me, then you praise me. 你前后矛盾,开头你责备我,后来又表扬我。 23. Regardless of what these friendships are based upon, shared feelings or activities, the important thing to remember is that both of them are friendships. 不管男孩和女孩的友谊是 建立在什么基础上,共同拥有的感情也好,共同参与的活动也好,要记住,重要的一点是:这两者 都是友谊. regardless of 不顾一切;无论如何 I protested strongly, but she carried on regardless. 我极力反对,但她置之不理仍一意孤行。 be based on / upon 建立??基础上 base sth. On / upon 把??基础放在??; 以??为基础 basis n. 基础 on the basis of 在??基础上 on air base 在空军基地 This novel is based upon historical facts. 这部小说是以历史事实为根据的。 Where is your son based now? 你儿子现在被安排在哪里? baseball 棒球运动 base rate 基本利率 base sb. in / at 把某人安置在

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Book 5_U1_资源库_词汇

一. 词汇拼写 1. A good friend must be honest, kind and have a sense of h___________. 2. Check that all p_____________ marks are used correctly and that none are missing. 3. Maybe I should tell them , so they won’t b_________ me for keeping a secret. 4. The idea that the number thirteen brings bad luck is a_________. 5. Mary makes too much money a week and has enough for a______________. 6. The plans that we have made should be put into p_____________. 7. When we are young ,we should go to the c_________ to see the clowns and the performing animals. 8. My English teacher should ask us to answer an a______________ problem that we would race to work out in our heads. 9. All her worries and a______________ made her look pale. 10. Some of the young have the wrong a__________ towards the disabled people. 11. You should do it without h____________. 12. I protested but she carried on r___________. 13. What you say now is not c______________ with what you said last week. 14. Most of the students in our class are a___________ in listening to the teacher in class. 15. She r_________ to my letter with a phone call. 16. Generally speaking, a successful scientist should be both academic and __________( 思维开放的). 17. I am looking for friends who are ___________ (诚实的) and ________ (乐意助人的). 18. His speech is really long and _________(枯燥的). 19. We had a long conversation because my friend is a very __________( 爱说话的) person. 20. I noticed that the old man was sometimes very _________(固执的) at the beginning, but later on I found him very ______________(热心肠的). 二. 完成句子 1. Mark was strict in the _____________ 2. The experiment is ________________ (revolution) work. ( complete) successful. (slight) different.

3. I can’t tell one from the other because they are only ______________ 4. Computers are ________________ ( wide) used in daily life. 5. Mr. Smith said that his trip to China was ______________ 6. Some plants have _______________ 7. He could ______________ 8. “We all take ____________ 9. I was _____________ (poison) fruit. ( natural) do the work well. ( pleased)

(proud) in your success,” she said ____________ (well). report.

( proud).

( deep) moved by his good deeds. (excite) at the _____________ (excite)

10. These oranges taste _______________ 11. We were _______________ 12. This was so ______________

(interest) a book that I read it several times. (fortunate) the train was late too. (most) young people.

13. I was late for getting to the station , but _____________ 14. Those who came to dance were______________ 15. My _____________ 16. He runs _____________ (fast) in his team.

(old) brother is seven years_____________ (old) than I. (good) , if not _____________ (good) than, as yours.

17. His work is as _____________

18. Which is ______________ (strong), Tom or Jack?

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Book 5_U1_资源库_词汇 19. I changed into my sports shoes so that I could walk more ______________ 20. They lived in London until quite ______________ 答案: 一.词汇拼写 1—5 humor 6—10 practice 11—15 hesitation 16. open-minded 二.完成句子 1. revolutionary 5. pleasant 9. deeply 13. fortunately 17. good ; better 2. completely 6. poisonous 10. good 14. mostly 18. stronger 3. slightly 7. nationally 11. excited; exciting 15. elder; older 19. comfortably 4. widely 8. pride ; proudly 12. interesting 16. fastest 20. recently punctuation circus regardless blame arithmetic consistent absurd anxieties absorbed 18. boring amusements attitude responded 19. talkative ( recent). (comfort).

17. honest; helpful

20. stubborn; warm-hearted

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