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新人教必修五 Unit 5 First Aid-导学案

2011-2012 第一学期高二英语导学案






课题: unit 5 Warming-up and new words 【学习目标】



1. 了解急救相关知识及相应的急救措施; 2. 熟记重点单词,重点短语,句式;提升提炼有效信息并加工的能力。 【重点单词短语】 first aid fall ill poison electric shock swell squeeze squeeze out over and over again in place pour a number of put one’s hands on treat apply make a difference 【使用说明与学法指导】 1、20 分钟课前自学,熟悉单词和短语,了解本单元话题; 2、10 分钟听单词和短语的录音,熟练掌握单词的发音,结合单词发音进行单词记忆,可以在小 组内相互纠正和提问; 3、组内对本单元话题进行讨论分析。 请同学们注意在例句和短语中记忆单词, 通过话题讨论掌握日常急救知识和提高口语表达能力。 【补充知识要点】 1. first aid (对伤患者的)急救 aid n.救援,救助;辅助器具; v.帮助 eg. This work could not be done completely without the aid of a computer. 归纳拓展:in aid of…为帮助… do/give/offer first aid 进行急救 come to one’s aid 前来援助某人 aid sb. to do sth. 帮助某人做某事 词义辨析:aid 正式用词,指“帮助别人脱离险境或战胜困难” ,强调对弱者的帮助; help 指一般性的帮助,侧重“积极为他人提供物质或精神上的帮助” ; assist 多指“协助” ,事情主要是由被帮助者完成的。 1)A concert will be held (为了救助) the disabled. 2) Anne is such a good cook that I cannot (禁不住) eating everything she cooks. 3) A nurse (协助)the surgeon during the operation. 2. fall ill 生病, 也可用 fall sick, 此处 fall 是系动词, 含义为 “变成, 进入某种状态” 后可跟形容词或介词 into。 , 归纳拓展:fall apart 倒塌 fall behind 落后 fall off 跌落,从…上掉下 fall in love with sb. 爱上某人 fall asleep 入睡 fall ill 生病 3. poison vt.毒害,使中毒; n.毒药,毒害; eg. They had poisoned the political life of the nation. 扩展:poisonous adj.有毒的,致命的; eg. I am sure he knew of this poisonous cycle. 4. swell vi. & vt. (swelled ,swelled/swollen) (使)膨胀,隆起; eg. Her leg has swollen badly

eg. The wind swelled the sails.风鼓起了帆。 eg. The heavy rain swelled the river. 大雨使河水上涨了。 swollen 可作形容词,表示“ 肿胀的” eg. Her eyes were red and swollen with weeping. eg. Have a swelled/swollen head.(指因突然成功)冲昏头脑 5. squeeze out 榨出,挤出 eg. They have been squeezed out of the job market by young people. 他们被年轻人挤出了就业市场。 squeeze money from sb.\ squeeze money out of sb.向某人勒索钱财 eg. The young man often squeezes money from/out of the pupil. 那个年轻人经常向那个小学生勒索钱财。 squeeze n.紧握,捏;v.压榨,挤 eg. She gave my hand a squeeze. 她捏了捏我的手。 Squeezed hard to get all the water out of the sponge. 使劲把海绵里的水都挤出来。 6. in place 在适当的位置, 适当 归纳拓展:out of place 不在适当的位置,不适当 in place of 代替,取代 take the place of 取代,代替 take place 发生 She likes everything _______________ before she starts work. Her criticisms were quite_____________. ( 她的批评太不相宜了) 7. pour v.倾泻,不断流出 1)pour…on…把…倒在… eg. If you pour water on the flowers, they will flourish. 2)pour…into…把…倒进… eg. I opened a can of orange and poured it all into the bowl. 3)pour in 不断地涌入或涌出 8. choke vi. & vt. (使)噎住, (使)窒息 eg. The smoke almost choked me. 烟呛得我几乎喘不出气来 The streets in the centre of the city were choked up with traffic.市中心的街道被车辆堵塞了。 归纳拓展:choke sb. to death 使…窒息死亡,掐死 … choke on a fish 鱼刺卡在喉咙里 choke with anger 气得说不出话来 choke(hold) back one’s tears 忍住泪水 choke one’s feelings 抑制感情 9. sprain n. 扭伤 vt. 扭伤, 损伤 eg. I sprained my ankle/wrist when I fell. 我跌倒时扭伤了踝骨/手腕。 eg. He got a foot sprain in his ankle. 他脚踝受了严重的扭伤。 10. apply v. 申请,应用 eg. How many jobs did Ben apply for? 本申请了多少份工作?


2011-2012 第一学期高二英语导学案






apply oneself to 致力于 eg. After a short holiday, he applied himself once more to his study. …他再次投入学习中。 扩展:applied adj.应用的 applicant n.申请者 application n.申请,申请书 备注:其他重点知识点参看导学教程 P53-56 _____________________________________________________________________________ 【测一测】 1、汉译英 1) 老师借助电脑上课. __________________________________________________________________________________ 2) 小偷挤入拥挤的公共汽车寻找作案机会。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 3) 当航空员返回地面时,少先队员们为他们送上了鲜花。 __________________________________________________________________________________ 4)因为这个坏消息他病倒了。 __________________________________________________________________________________ 5) 在中国人们使用筷子而不是刀叉。 __________________________________________________________________________________ 6)不断尝试,总有一天你能得到你想要的一切。 __________________________________________________________________________________ 7) 这次旅行对他以后的人生很有影响。 __________________________________________________________________________________ 8)毫无疑问,证据是对我方有利. __________________________________________________________________________________ 9) 在足球比赛中,他的腿折了。 __________________________________________________________________________________

American friends 7 (stand) there feeling stupid because they can't understand the conversation. The Americans may also feel that you are talking about them or saying something you don't want them to hear. If you 8 switch to your native language to explain something to a non-English-speaking companion, at 9 (little) translate for your American friends 10 they don't feel left out.

1. The opening between the rocks was very narrow,but the boys managed to ________ through. A.press B.squeeze C.stretch D.leap

2. With everything needed________,she declared that the party began. A.in the places B.taking place C.out of place D.in place

3. I know their address is somewhere,but I can't ________ it right now. A.find out B.put my hand on D.get my hands on

C.lay my hand to

4. Bob said he was going to _____ himself to a vacation in the mountains because he had been so tired. A.press B. add C. touch D. treat 5.—I still haven't received my passport. (2009· 济南模拟) —When did you ________? A.acquire B.apply C.assess D.suspect 6. We had tried everything,but it made little ________.(2009· 金华十校模拟) A.good B.use C.result D.difference 7. It will _____ no difference whether our pay will be raised _____ 5%this year. (2009· 江南十校测试) A.take; by B.make; to C.make; by D.give; to 8. The global warming, not properly ______, if might lead to more natural disasters. (2009· 唐山模拟) A.was controlled B.controlled C.to control D.being controlled 9. We all know that,________,the situation will get worse. (2010· 厦门外国语学校) A.not if dealt carefully with B.if not carefully dealt with C.if dealt not carefully with D.not if carefully dealt with 10.—What do you imagine ________ her look so upset? (2010· 浙江三校联考) —________ by her teacher again. A.making; Because she was blamed B.making; She was being blamed C.made; That she was blamed D.makes; Because of her being blamed 11. However, now Barack Obama who used to struggle with his identity doesn't see it as a problem any more, ________ an advantage for his successful career. (2010· 安徽名校联考) A.so B.or C.but D.and

Homework:完成一线精练 P33
2、语法填空 阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入一个适当的词 或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为 31-40 的相应位置上。 字数:145 完成时间:9 分钟 难度:*** Americans usually make allowance for non-native speakers who have some trouble understanding English. 1 they become annoyed when 2 person pretends to understand but doesn't really and then creates problems because of 3 (understand) what is said. 4 wants soap when he asks for soup. So if you don't understand what is said to you, admit 5 and politely ask the person to repeat or explain. Second, it is quite rude to converse with a companion 6 your native language and leave your


2011-2012 第一学期高二英语导学案






课题: unit 5 【学习目标】

reading 课文阅读导学案



1.熟记重点单词,重点短语,句式;提升提炼有效信息并加工的能力。 2.合作探究,大胆质疑;用表格梳理信息的方法明确文章脉络。 【重难点】 分析文章中出现的复合句,重组复述课文,培养阅读能力和技巧,熟练掌握重点句型。 【使用说明与学法指导】 自学:20 分钟课前自学,严格按照要求充分预习课文。 要求:10 分钟迅速默读课文一遍,把握文章主旨大意,并分析其框架结构。 10 分钟再读课文,深入透彻理解课文,并对重难点进行勾画与标注。 请同学们注意跳过词汇障碍,培养提高自己在语境中猜测词义的能力。 正课: 1.5 分钟浏览、思考、理解相关知识,标记出疑点难点。 2.8 分钟组内简单讨论并把不会的提出质疑,12 分钟展示点评总结。 3.20 分钟时间背诵并进行当堂检测。 【课前预习】 【预习指导】 (20 分钟完成) Reading practice: read the passage silently for 2 times and finish the following tasks: Task I: 阅读课文,试着用 30 来个单词概括课文大意或将下面的短文译成英语。 As everyone knows, the skin is 1 (必不可少的)to us. Our skins can sometimes 2 (burn) due to our 3 (粗心). Therefore, first aid shows its importance in the 4 (治疗) of burns. Generally speaking, burns, 5 are caused by hot liquids, fire, radiation and so on, can be divided into three types-first degree, second degree and third degree 6 (depend) on the 7 (受伤的) layers of the skin. To minor burns, cool water proves to be helpful in 8 (stop)the burning process and preventing or reducing pains. But 9 severe burns get the 10 to the doctor immediately. Task II: 完成一线精练 P35 【课内探究】 【自主学习、文章理解】 Ⅰ、15 分钟时间阅读文章,回答下列问题。 1)、What will be written in the passage? __________________________________________________________________________________

2)、 Find out types of burns and which layer of the skin each type affects. There are _____ types of burns depending on which ______ are burned. First degree burns affect only the _______ layer and should feel better within ______. Second degree burns affect both the _______ and the ______ layer. These burns are _____ and take ______to heal. _______ affect all _____ layers and any _____ and ______ under the skin. They are very _______ injuries and the victims must go to a _______ at once. 2、小组讨论 Decide whether the first aid treatment is Right (R) or Wrong (W). (based on BookⅤ P35) 1).When someone is burned, you should place some ice on his wound. ( ) 2).We should put damp cloths on the second degree burns. ( ) 3).We shouldn’t break the blisters, or they will make the wound infected. ( ) 4).Sometimes, we can put oil or ointments on burns to stop the infection. ( ) 5).If burns are on the face, we should make the victim sit up. ( ) Structure of this text: Part 1: The purpose/ importance of skin —→Part 2:Causes of burns—→Part3:Types of burns—→ Part4:Characteristics of burns—→Part5:First aid treatment for burns ▲课内知识点参考导学教程 P53-P56 3、课文佳句背诵与仿写 (旨在培养对难句的理解和运用能力) 1【原句】So, as you can imagine, if your skin gets burned, it can be very serious. [要点] 句子结构:as 从句插入用法 【翻译】英语在我们的生活中起着很大的作用,因而,如我们所知,如果你想学好英语,你必 须多多的实践。 __________________________________________________________________________________ 2【原句】If burns are on arms or legs, keep them higher than the heart, if possible. [要点] 句子结构:if possible 等插入用法 【翻译】如果你想提高英语,如果有可能的话,你每天要背诵 10 个句子或记住 50 个单词。 __________________________________________________________________________________ 3【原句】Your skin also keeps you warm or cool; it prevents your body from losing water; it is where you feel cold, heat or pain; and it gives you your sense of touch. [要点] 用分号或逗号并列四个单句。 【欣赏】太阳从山顶上的古堡后面落了下去。黑夜突然降临,河水的颜色也越变越深。从年深 日久的堡垒窗口发出的灯光射在河面上闪闪抖动。对岸山脚下的村庄里也静静地闪烁着灯光。 The sun sinks behind the great castle-crested(装饰)mountains; the night falls suddenly; the river grows darker and darker; and lights quiver(抖动)in it from the windows in the old ramparts(壁垒), and twinkle peacefully in the villages under the hills on the opposite shore.


2011-2012 第一学期高二英语导学案






完成一线精练 P37 【高考链接】 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1. We finished the run in less than half the time _____. (江西 2008) B. to allow C. allowed D. allows

为了避免重复,使语言简练紧凑,在不引起误解的情况下,将一个句子中的一个或多个成 分省去,这样的句子叫做省略句。这种语法现象称为“省略” 。 [例句展示] 仔细观察下列句子中的省略现象并归纳其用法。 1. (I am) Glad to see you. 省略主语 2. ---Do you often go to see film? 3. ---Are you hungry? ---No, I don’t (go to see films). ________\ Never. ___________ ---Yes, I am (hungry). ____________

A. allowing 2.

—Have you known Dr. Jackson for a long time? (2008 全国卷Ⅰ) —Yes, since she _____ the Chinese Society.

A. has joined B. joins 3.

C. had joined

D. joined

—What are you reading, Tom? —I’m not really reading, just _____ the pages. (2008 全国卷Ⅱ)

4. Let’s do the dishes. I’ll wash (the dishes) and you’ll dry (the dishes). ____________ 5. Old men and (old) women are respected in China. ____________ 6. The boss said (that) he wasn’t satisfied my work. ____________ 7. He is the last person (that/who/whom) I want to see. You’d better not mention him to me. ________ 8. I got up so early (that) I could catch up the early bus. ____________ 9. The weather in autumn in Beijing is better than (the weather is) in spring (in Beijing). __________ 10. When (he was) in trouble, he always asked me for help. ____________ 11. If (it is) necessary, the boss will go by himself. ____________ 12. Should I meet her, I would tell her. / Were I in your position, I would do it better. / Had they made preparations, they would have succeeded. ____________ 13. ---Are you interested in going to university? ---Yes, I would like to (go to university). ____________ Don’t touch anything unless your teacher allows you to (touch them). ____________ 14.习惯用法中的省略 .How/What about you? .Why not watch TV? = Why don’t we watch TV? 要求:根据以上例句,各小组内相互讨论总结省略这一语法现象,然后由各小组进行语法展示, 互相点评。 【自主学习】根据导学教程 P57 进行学习总结;完成一线精练 P39。

A. turning off 4.

B. turning around

C. turning over

D. turning up

—Have you got any particular plans for the coming holiday? —Yes. _____, I’m going to visit some homes for the old in the city. (安徽 2008)

A. If ever 5.

B. If busy

C. If anything

D. If possible

—Who should be responsible for the accident? —The boss, not the workers. They just carried out the order _____. (福建 2008)

A. as told 6.

B. as are told

C. as telling

D. as they told

Bill wasn’t happy about the delay of the report by Jason, and _____. (辽宁 2008) B. neither was I C. I was either D. either was I

A. I was neither 7.

_____ you eat the correct foods _____ be able to keep fit and stay healthy. (江苏 2008) B. Only if; you will C. Unless; will you D. Unless; you will

A. Only if; will you 8.

Not until the motorbike looked almost new _____ repairing and cleaning it.(陕西 2008) B. did he stop C. stopped he D. he did stop

A. he stopped

Where there is a will there is a way. 有志者事竟成。

2011-2012 第一学期高二英语导学案






常见省略结构精练精析 30 题 1. — Shall I take a message to your parents that you’ve been all right? — Yes, it will be nice ____. A.. to do 2. B. to do it C. if you do D. if it is so

— But he ____. I posted it to him 5 days ago. A. must have B. had received C. ought to D. ought to have

10. — A dog is said to be bitten by a human! — ____. A. Never heard of such a thing B. Not strange C. A good news. D. Doesn’t matter. 11. So much for this problem. ____? B. Something more C. Anything else D. Anything you ask for

— How are you getting along with your experiment with the new material? — ____

A. Very good. 3.

B. That’s all right.

C. Nothing wrong.

D. Pretty well.

A. Anything other 12.

As you can see that there are so many graduates ____ forward to get the proper job. B. to want C. want D. who wanted

I dare not tell him the truth though ____. B. I’d like very much to D. I’d like to tell very much

A. wanted 4.

A. I’d like very much C. I’d like very much to tell

— Can you get the first place in the model airplane competition? — ____. The competition is too fierce.

13. This project is progressing much more smoothly than ____. D. I’m afraid not so A. last year 14. B. that of last year C. it was last year D. we had last year

A. I’m afraid not 5.

B. I’m afraid so

C. I’m not afraid so

— I am not fond of the summer of the Philippines. — ____.

I’m a Party member, ____? So I must rush to the very front of the danger. B. am I C. am not I D. so am I

A. aren’t I C. I am not, too D. Neither do I

A. So am I 6.

B. Nor am I

15. We came to the grassland. Mashes(沼泽)everywhere. No houses. ____. A.. Not a soul had been seen B. Not a soul is seen C. Not a soul seen D. Not a soul to be seen

— Will the US and PDRK reach an agreement on the nuclear issue recently? — ____. There is no sign of it.

A. Yes, I hope so 7.

B. Yes, I hope it

C. No, I hope not

D. No, I don’t hope so

16. When July comes, the weather in Thailand is getting hotter and hotter, but ____. A. in Australia, is colder and colder C. in Australia, colder and colder 17. said B. Australia is getting colder and colder D. Australia is colder and colder

— There’s a fancy party this evening. We’re expecting your participation. — ____, but there’s something wrong with our tap.

A. I’d like it 8.

B. I’d love to

C. Good idea

D. Sure

— They fell in love with each other at the first sight, but soon after their marriage they “Good-bye”. — ____?

China today is no longer what it ____. We’ve become an economical and political power. B. was used to C. used to D. used to be

A. was like 9.

— Charles telephoned to say that he didn’t receive your software.

A. Why not so

B. Why so

C. Why is so

D. Why is that


2011-2012 第一学期高二英语导学案






18. ____, I would drop in at your teahouse every day and have a heart-to-heart talk with you. A. Even though I’m busy C. If I have time B. Had I time

— Much better ____. A. than it expected B. than expected C. than is expected D. than it is expected 28. — Have you got ready for the trip? — ____. We’re clearing up the baggage. A. Yes, already B. No, not already C. Not still D. Not yet

D. If I had been free

19. Though times were very difficult for the US troops, Bush said, they would stay in Iraq ____. A. two more years C. for other years B. for more few years D. another two years more

29. — Anything wrong with my composition? — Nothing very serious except ____ a comma here. A. that ought to be B. for ought to be D. that there ought be

20. Those days we spent ____ research on the hybrid rice reminds me of some good memory from time to time. A.. to do B. on C. doing D. for doing

C. there ought to be

21. “____,” the girl said, “we’ll have our wedding ceremony in space in the future.” A. Possible B. If possible C. If is possible D. If it possible

30. — Do they produce this kind of software? — ____ that I know of. A. No more B. Not any C. There is nothing D. They do

22. — We can manage this month with the money we’ve raised. — But ____? A.. what to do B. what the next C. what next D. how the next

23. ____, Shenzhou V was launched on the morning of October 15, 2003. A. As scheduled C. When it was scheduled B. As scheduling D. As in the scheduled time

24. She wouldn’t stop working, ____ I had asked her twice to stop. A. even when B. not even C. not when D. not even when

25. At that time what we could do was ____ rescue from the local government. A. wait for B. to be waiting for C. waiting for D. waited for

26. He knows the nature of the dog much better than ____. A. me B. I know C. I do D. I know him Where there is a will there is a way. 有志者事竟成。

27. — What’s the result of the trade talk?



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Unit 5 First aid Using language 导学案-人教必修5精品_高二英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 5 First aid Using language 导学案 【要达成的目标】 Do some...

高中英语导学案与练习Unit 5 First aid学案(新人教版必...

高中英语导学案与练习Unit 5 First aid学案(新人教必修5)_英语_初中教育_教育专区。英语,全册上册下册,期中考试,期末考试,模拟考试,单元 测试检测,单元 练习 ...

人教新课标必修五Unit 5 First aid 课下作业

人教新课标必修五Unit 5 First aid 课下作业_高二英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。人教新课标必修五 Unit 5 First aid 许义怀 课下作业 贵州省思南中学 given. ...

新人教版必修五Unit5 First Aid教案Period1

新人教必修五Unit5 First Aid教案Period1_初二英语_英语_初中教育_教育专区。...Unit 5 First Aid 第一部分 教学设计说明 About the topic and structures ...


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