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高二年人教版选修8 Unit1 A land of diversity 单词课件

1. distinct adj. 清晰的;明显的;明确的 There is a distinct improvement in your study. 你的学习有显著进步。 You should make your writing distinct. 你应把字写清楚。
注意: distinctive adj.独特的;特别的 clothes with a distinctive style 式样独特的衣服

习惯用语: be distinct in…from…在某方面与……不同 (as)distinct from 与……不同的 汉译英: 1.月球上的地球阴影很清晰。 The earth’s shadow on the moon was quite distinct. 2.那两个建议截然不同。 Those two suggestions are quite distinct from each other.

distinction n. 差别;分别;卓著 There is no appreciable distinction between the 可以觉察到的 twins. 在这对孪生子之间看不出有什么明显的差别。 His distinction of sound is excellent. 他辨别声音的能力很强。 短语: make a distinction between 对……加以区别 rise to distinction 出名 Win a distinction for 因……而获功勋 Without distinction 无差别地,一视同仁地

2. live on ① 继续存在;继续生存 ②靠……生活

① 继续存在;继续生存 After the earthquake, the old couple live on with their grandsons. 地震后,这对老夫妇和他们的孙子继续活下去。

②靠……生活 Small birds live mainly on insects. 小鸟主要靠食昆虫为生
live短语: live for 为……而活着 live up to 实现 live with 忍受

活学活用 Stand up and_______. You are sure to succeed in the future. (live in; live √on) I don’t enjoy the pain, but I can ___it. (live with; live out) √ We will ___what our parents expect of us. (live up to; live in) √

Arctic ocean

Bering Strait

Pacific ocean

Antarctic 南极的

3. means 手段;方法


There is no doubt that television is an important means of communication. 毫无疑问,电视是信息交流的重要工具。 by means of…用……方法;借助…… The local army men helped the victims of the earthquake by means of rebuilding their houses. 当地的军人用重建房屋的办法帮助震区灾民。

means 短语:
by every means用一切办法 by all means不惜一切地 by any means无论如何 by this means用这种方法 by no means决不;一点也不=not a bit放句首要部分 倒装

By no means ____give in to the terrible circumstances at that time although faced with great difficulty. A. they will B. will they C. they would D. would they His shaking his head ___that he didn’t agree to the plan at the meeting yesterday. A. meant B. means C. meaning D. mean

means; way; method区别
means 方法、手段、工具,单复数同形, 多和介词by 搭配。 way 方法,普通用语。可用于任何处理 事物的方式。多于介词in搭配。 method 方法,理论,指合乎逻辑或系统的 方法。多和介词with 搭配。

e.g.:teaching method 教学方法

Only ___this method can you get much benefit from it when reading. A. in B. on √ C. with D. by We look forward to the day when the motor car has been replaced by some less dangerous______ transport. A. means B. methods √ C. ways D. manners

4. majority n. 大多数;大半 adj. major minority 少数;少数民族 the/a great majority of…作主语,谓语动词通常用 复数形式;作为整体,谓语动词也可以用单数形式。 The majority of students ________ is/are hard-working. The majority of the damage _______ easy to repair. is

The majority 单独做主语谓语动词单复数都可 不可数名词 以。 is/are The majority _______(be) against the plan.

短语: by a majority of 以多数票…… in the majority 拥有多数 in a majority 完成句子: in in in aa the majority majority majority In the nursing profession, women are_____________ (占大多数) He was made leader of the team____________( by a majority of 以多 数)185 votes.

make a life 习惯于新的生活方式、工作等 The old worker out of work makes a life by collecting wine bottles. 这位失业的老工人依靠收酒瓶子为生。 短语: bring to life 使恢复知觉 come to life 变得活跃;变得兴奋 for dear life 拼命地 His son sent him an e-mail saying how he____ in Australia.

A. has made a life C. made

B. makes D. was making a life

despite prep. 尽管;不管

in spite of ______the heavy rain, they were still searching for the lost plane. A. Although B. Though C. Despite D. As √

elect vt. 选择;决定做某事;选举某人 She elected to return to work after her baby was born. 她决定孩子出生后再去工作。 The government is made up of men and women elected by the people of the country. 政府是由这个国家的人民选出来的人员组成的。 ______ to the House, a person must be twenty five years old and must have been a Unites States citizen for seven years. (To be elected; Elected)

n.百分比;百分率 a percentage of后接名词时,其后面谓语动词的单 复数要与所接名词相符合。 What percentage of the earth is covered by oceans? What percentage of the students were absent? the percentage of…某事物的百分比,作为数字, 谓语动词用单数形式。

The percentage of the students is 46.

keep up 坚持;维持;沿袭(风俗、传统等) We asked her to stop talking, but she kept up. 我们请她别再说话了,但她依旧说下去。 I think you should keep up your courage. 我认为你应该鼓足勇气。

keep away使离开 keep back阻止,阻挡 keep down控制,压制 keep in with不断讨好 keep off避开;不接近 keep out关在门外;不准入内 keep up with跟上;不落后;赶上

keeps up 继续) the garden will be If this rain _______( ruined. keep up with 赶上) He successfully tried to___________( his classmates. The surviving sailors managed to keep up 坚持) until the life boat came. ________(

n.(人口、贸易的)繁荣 e.g. baby boom boom in sth. a boom in car sales汽车销售额的剧增 vi. 处于经济迅速发展时期 Business is booming! 生意兴隆!

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