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2012 概念版(Concept) ·八年级英语(下) 综合能力培优周周练(三十三)
专项能力检测卷(单项填空 III-介词和介词短语)

笔试部分 1、If you do things ________, usually you ca

n’t do them well. A. in a hurry B. from now on C. just now D. at once 2、 Sometimes most of us probably are angry______our friends, parents or teachers. A. to B. with C. at D. for 3、Thanks ________ your help, or we couldn't finish the work ________ such a rainy day. A. to; in B. to; on C. to; in D. for; on 4、I like music that I can dance _______. A. from B. by C. with D. to 5、 You must concentrate more _________ your English. A. to B. in C. on D. at 6、 Our English teacher is very strict ________ us and he is strict __________ his teaching. A. with, at B. with, with C. at, at D. with, in 7、Wang Mei ____ her mother because she is beautiful and intelligent. A. look B liked C. is like D. look like 8、---Where is the bookstore? ---Take the elevator ______ the second floor and turn left. And the bookstore is ________ the furniture store and the drugstore. A. at, next to B. at, between C. to, between D. to, next to 9、--How many students are there in the Classroom? -- _________.They are all on the playground. A. one No B.None C. Nobody D.Everyone 10、Tom and Mike are good friends,________often help each other. A.They B.Them C.Their D.Theirs 11、—Have you finished your work yet? —No, not yet. I think it will take _________ ten minutes. A. another B. other C. others D. more 12、The weather in winter here is like ___________ in Guangzhou. A. that B. it C. this D. its 13、-I have looked for my ruler everywhere. Have you seen it? -Is this ________? A. you B. your C. yours D. yourself 14、-There are two new cars in front of the building.

-One is Bill’s, ______________ is the manager’s. A. other B. another C. others D. the other 15、-Is your mother badly ill? -No, ___________, only a little cold. A. nothing serious B. serious nothing C. anything serious D. serious anything 16、-Have you heard __________ your father? -Not yet. A. from B. for C. to D. on 17、He raised his arm to protect his head _____________ the blow. A. to B. for C. from D. at 18、The weather in winter here is like _____________ in Shenyang. A. that B. it C. this D. its 19、--David,what have you done with the poor dog? He is wet through! 一 Not_________ ,mum! I never do the same thing a second time. A.myself B.me C.him D. he 20、Ben’s composition is almost perfect several spelling mistakes. A.except B.except for C.besides D.beside 21、The young people worked in the small village________the year of 1972. A. during B. on C. for D. by 22、Before 2003, there was no direct airline Taiwan and the mainland. A.along B.in C.between D.at 23 、 Qingdao will spend about 80,000,000,000 yuan in building a bridge the sea. A.over B.on C.in D.above 24、-Kate! Where is Mike, do you know? -I think he is talking with a friend of ____ on the phone in the next room. A. his B. him C. you D .Jane 25、-What about a rest here ? I’m too tired to walk -No It’s very hot here, Let’s make ____there, under the big tree A it B that C this D you 26.________the invention of television, we can have more fun________our spare time. A. Instead of, at B. Thanks to, in C. Not until, on D. Thanks for, during 27、-You look rather tired. ______ stop to have a rest? -All right. A. Why not B. How about C. Why not to D. Why don\'t 28 、 To protect environment( 保 护 环 境 )is________to take care of our lives. A. important B. as important as

C. more important D. the most important 29、The girl is afraid her teacher, and she doesn't want to sit _____ the classroom. A. of, in the front of B. of, in front of C. at, before D. for, in front of 30、Beijing still has air pollution. A. problem with B. problem of C. a problem with D. a problem of 31、After working in Shanghai for more than ten years, he returned to his hometown in he was living as a child. A. that B. where C. which D. when 32、He left the classroom the door . A. after, closed B. with, open C. before, open D. with, close 33、I am so thirsty. _________ I want to do is to drink some water. A. All which B. That C. All D. Everything which 34、I wonder you would like to come to my birthday party. A. that B. whether C. that if D. that whether 35、______ of my parents are on business, but I can take good care 0f myself. A. Both B. Neither C. Either D. None 36、_______the morning of March 31, she made an important decision in her life . A. Since B. In C. From D. On 37、Don’t tell anybody it. Keep it you and me. A. about, in B. about, between C. of, in D. of, with 38、Linda has read many novels by English writers. Now she should like to read novels by writers from countries. A. some, other B. other, some C. some, any D. some, another 39、His work is better than in the class. A. anyone else B. anyone’s else C. anyone else’s D. anyone’s else’s 40、There used to a bookstore in the neighborhood, but now we have a drugstore _________ A. have; though B. be; instead C. had; by mistake D. has; by accident


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