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一、 按大词(动词、名词)记忆
look 的常用短语: look up ? in 查找 look sb. up and down 上下打量 look back to/ upon 回顾 look upon?as 把? 看作 look forward to 期待 look through 浏览; 看穿 take a new look 呈现新面貌 fear 的常用短语: in fear 害怕地 (be) in fear of 害怕 for fear of/ that 担心;生怕 concentrate 的常用短语: concentrate on 专心? concentrate one’s mind on 专心于? 类似的短语: fix one’s mind upon focus on put one’s heart into focus one’s mind on surprise 常用短语: in surprise 惊讶地 to one’s surprise 使某人惊讶的是 be surprise at/to do/that 对某事感到惊讶 表示“穿衣”的动作或状态的词和短语 1.表示动作的有: pull on put on dress dress sb 2. 表示状态的有: wear be in be dressed in have … on
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常见表“喜欢”的短语和单词 like care for be keen on be fond of take delight in… trouble 的常用短语: have much trouble / no trouble (in) doing 在?有/没有困难 take great trouble to do 不辞辛劳做某事 put sb to the trouble of doing … 为难某人做某事 make trouble 捣乱 be in (great) trouble 惹麻烦;处在困境中 help sb. out of trouble 帮某人摆脱困境 end 的常用短语: come to an end??结束 put an end to 结束?? on end 竖起, 连续 in the end 终于; 最后 end up (by) doing?以??结束 make both ends meet 收支相抵 表示“导致” 、 “由?引起”的短语: 1. 导致 cause sth. (to do) result in lead to 2. 由??引起 be caused by result from grow out of lie in 表“全力以赴”的短语: do / try one’s best spare no efforts to do take great pains to do go all out to do
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do what somebody can (do) to do do all somebody can (do) to do direction 常用短语: in (the ) direction of?.朝??方向 under the direction of ...在??的指导下 follow the directions 照说明去做 far 常用短语: far from (being)离??要求相差很远 far from +(a place)距离某地很远 far away 遥远 so far 到目前为止; 那么远 as far as sb. knows/sees 据某人所知 by far (最高级前,比较级后)起强调作用 distance 常用短语: in the distance 在远处 from/ at a distance 从远处 keep sb. at a distance 于某人保持一定距离 It is no distance at all.不远 use 常用短语: used to do 过去曾经、常做 be used to doing ?习惯于?? be used to do 被用来做?? make good/ full use of 充分利用?? come into use 开始使用?? it is no use doing ?干??没有用 “出了什么事”的几种不同表达 What’s wrong with….? What’s the matter with…? What’s the trouble with…? What happened (to sb.) ? “众所周知”常用表达法: It is known to all that?主语从句,that 不能省 As is known to all,定语从句,置于句首 We all know (that)后接宾语从句 Everyone knows (that)后接宾语从句 , which is known to all.非限定从句,置于句末
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表“同意某人意见”的常用短语: agree with sb. /what sb. said agree to sth. approve (of) sth. in favour of sth. be agreeable to sth. be for sth. “不同意” disagree with sb./ what sb. said object to sth. disapprove (of) sth. be against sth. sign 的常用短语: sign one’s name 签名 sign to sb (not) to do sth. 示意某人(不)做某事 signs of … ??的迹象 would rather 与 prefer 的区别 1.宁愿做??而不做?? would rather do A than do B prefer A to B prefer to do A rather than do B 2. would rather 主语 + 过去式,表示“宁愿” eg. I would rather you came tomorrow than today. should prefer sb. to do sth./ should prefer 主语 + 过去式,表示“比较喜欢??” eg. I should prefer you not to go there alone. OR: I should prefer that you did not go there alone. trap 常用短语 be caught in a trap 落入圈套 be led into a trap 中圈套 set a trap to do sth.设圈套?? be trapped in sth.被?..所围困 grow 常用短语 in the grow of 在?.成长中 grow up 长大; 成长 grow rich on 靠?.. 变富 grow into 长成?? grow out of 由?..引起/滋生出


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make 常用短语 be made up of =consist of 由??组成 make up for 弥补 be made from/ of 由??造成 make up 编造;组成;化妆 be made into 制成?? make fun of 取笑; 嘲弄 make a living 谋生 supply, provide, offer 的区别: 1.表示“向某人提供某物” supply / provide sb. with sth. supply / provide sth. for sb. supply sth. to sb. offer sb. sth. 2. 表示“主动提出做某事” offer to do sth. 3. 表示“倘使” 、 “假如” provided / providing that = on condition that =only if 4. 表示“满足需要”supply / meet a need. supply 的常用短语 in short supply 缺乏,不足 medical/military supply 医疗/军用品 supplies of?许多 lack 的常用短语 be lacking in sth. 在??不足 make up for the lack of 弥补??的不足 for/by/from/through lack of… 由于?不足,缺乏 have no lack of 不缺 damage 的常用短语 do damage/harm to 对??有害 cause damage to 对??造成损害 ask for damage 要求赔偿 die of 与 die from 的区别 die of 表示“死于??病”或冻死、气死,或死于过度悲伤。 die of cancer/grief/hunger/anger/cold
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die from 表示死于外伤、事故、劳累过度。如: die from polluted air/overwork/sword thrust die 常用短语 die for one’s country 为国捐躯 die down 熄灭、平息 die off 绝种、枯死 die away 消逝、静下来 die a heroic death 英勇牺牲 threaten 常用短语 threaten sb. with sth.用??威胁某人 threaten to do?威胁做?? under the threat of?在??的威胁下 speed 常用短语 speed up 加速 at the speed of?以?..的速度 with great speed 迅速 aim 常用短语 take aim at 瞄准 reach an aim 达到目的 aim at 瞄准、针对 permit 与 allow 的区别 表“允许做某事”或“允许某人做某事”用法基本相同。 permit/allow doing sth. permit/allow sb. to do sth. permit /allow of sth 一般在独立主格结构中表示“时间、条件等许可” ,多用 permit Time/Weather permitting, I’ll drop in on her. allow 还可以表示“承认” 、 “考虑到” 。例如: 1. We allow him to be wronged. 2. will take an hour to go there, allowing for traffic delays. means 常用短语 by means of 通过?.., 靠?? by this means/ in this way 用这种方法 by no means/in no case 决不 by all means 用一切办法 keep 常用短语 keep up with 紧跟?.. keep sb. doing sth.让某人一直做 keep sb. from doing sth.阻止?..做?? keep off the grass 勿踏草地 keep to the point 紧扣主题
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keep in touch with 与??保持联系 mark 常用短语 make one’s mark 成功、出名 be marked with 标明 gain/get full marks for ??得满分 seat 常用短语 take one’s seat 坐下 have a seat 请坐 see/find sb. seated 看见/发现某人坐在?. be seated 就座, 坐着 seat oneself in/at/on 使自己坐在?? 部分 动词+ to + doing 的用法 look forward to get down to object to devote… to… pay attention to prefer…to… give 常用短语 give up 放弃 give in 让步\屈服 give off 散发出 give away 赠送、泄漏 give rise to 引起?? give out 疲劳、用完、散发出 fit 常用短语 be fit for 适合 keep fit/keep healthy 保持健康 be fit to do 适合于?.. fit in with 适应?? a nice fit 合身的衣服 ?fit sb.某人穿?.. 合身 reach 常用短语 reach an agreement 达成协议 reach for?伸手去拿/够?? within / out of reach 够得到/够不着 reach sb’s understanding 使某人明白


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feed 常用短语 feed sth. to sb/feed sb. on sth. 用??喂养?? be fed up of…/ be tired of…/ be bored with… 对??感到厌倦 feed on 以??为食 mercy 常用短语 without mercy 残忍地 have mercy on /upon 对??表示怜悯 at the mercy of 任凭摆布 beg for mercy 乞求饶恕 exist 常用短语 exist in/lie in/consist in 存在于?? in existence 现存的 come into existence/ come into being 形成 opinion 常用短语 in one’s opinion =in the opinion of sb.在某人看来 have a high/ low opinion of 对??评价高/低 give one’s opinion on 对??谈自己的看法 persuade 常用短语 persuade sb. to do = persuade sb. into doing 说服某人做某事 try to persuade sb. to do 试图说服某人做某事 persuade sb. to sth. 说服某人同意某事 engage 常用短语 be engaged to sb. 与某人订婚 be engaged in sth. = be engaged doing sth. 忙于??, 从事某事 wide 与 broad 的区别 它们均可以表“宽”和“广阔的” a river 50 feet wide/ broad 指身体部位“宽肩、宽背”一般用 broad, 表示 “睁大眼睛、张大嘴巴”一般用 wide。
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broad shoulders/ back with wide eyes open one’s mouth wide wide 还可以作副词,表示“完全、大大地” be wide awake be wide open sure 常用短语 be sure of/about 对??由把握 be sure to do sth. 肯定会?? make sure + that-clause 务必??,一定要?? make sure of… 弄清楚?? experience 常用短语 have experience in… 在??有经验 be experienced in… 在??有经验 pain 常用短语 take great pains to do 努力做某事 spare no pains to do 全力以赴做某事 stick 常用短语 stick to sth. 坚持?? stick …on… 粘贴?? be stuck in … 陷进?? stick no bills 请勿张贴 spare 常用短语 spare money/time for 省出钱?,腾出时间 in one’s spare time 在某人业余时间 spare no efforts to do
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不遗余力去做 don’t spare the opinions 不要保留意见 put down 的不同含义 put down (one’s knife and fork) 放下?? pit down the rebellion 镇压 put down what sb. says 记下,写下 take up 的不同含义 take up a hobby 培养?? take up football 开始?? take up the work 继续?? take up…time/space 消耗,占据?? take up a post 就职 take up a song/ cry 跟着一起?? habit 常用短语 form/get the habit of 养成??习惯 be in/have the habit of 有??.习惯 get into the habit of 沾染了??恶习 get rid of the habit= grow out of the habit= break away from the habit 改掉了??习惯

二、 按小词(介词、副词)记忆
l.动词+about speak/talk about care about set about


think about

思考 引起,使发生 发生

关心,对……有兴趣 bring about 着手,开始 come about
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h ear about


worry about


2.动词+away throw away carry away die away wash away
put away

扔掉 拿走,使入迷 逐渐消失,减弱 冲走 收拾起来,存起来 磨掉,消耗 让走开

blow away clear away

吹走 清除掉,消散 去世 拿走,使消失 背弃,泄漏,赠送 摆脱 把……打发走

pass away take away give away break away turn away

wear away send away

3.动词+back keep back hold back call back 4.动词+for run for wait for long for care for search for call for change…for apply for seek for 5.动词+down burn down take down cut down

隐瞒,忍住 控制住 回电话

look back(on) give back take back

回顾 归还 拿回,收回

竞选 等候 渴望 关心,喜欢 查找 需要,要求 用……换 申请 寻找

ask for stand for

要求得到 代表,表示 希望得到 乞求 寻找 寻找 收费,要价 误以为……是 来拿,来取

hope/wish for beg for look for hunt for charge…for take…for come for

烧毁 记下,记录 削减,砍倒

break down turn down slow down
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坏了,垮了,分解 调小,拒绝 慢下来

pass down calm down settle down tear down 6.动词+at come at run at tear at stare at glance at knock at smile at aim at wonder at 7.动词+from

传下来 平静下来 安家 拆毁,拆除

put down bring down come down

记下,写下,镇压 使……降低,使倒下 下落,传下

向……袭击 冲向,向……攻击 用力撕 凝视 匆匆一瞥 敲(门、窗等) 冲(某人)笑 向……瞄准 惊讶

shout at work at look at glare at laugh at point at strike at shoot at call at

冲(某人)嚷嚷 干……活动(研究) 看,注视 怒视 嘲笑 指向 向……打击 向……射击 拜访(地点)

differ from 与……不同
hear from

suffer from die from

受……苦 因……而死 向……学习 始于……时期


keep/stop/prevent…from 不让……做 learn from result from separate…from 8.动词+of think of 想到 consist of 由……组成 approve of 赞成 talk of 谈到 complain of 抱怨 9.动词+off
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由于 把……分离开

date from

dream of 梦到 speak of 谈到 die of 死于 hear of 听说 become of 发生……情况,怎么啦

start off leave off get off see off put off cut off keep off knock…off pay off get off

出发 中断 下车 送行 延期,推迟 切断,断绝 避开,勿走近 把……撞落 还清 脱下(衣服等) 关掉

set off


show off 炫耀 take off 脱下,起飞 ring off 挂断电话 come off 脱落,褪色 fall off 跌落,掉下

go off 走开;消失;坏了,爆炸,不喜欢 break off 打断

carry off 携走带走,赢得 give off 散发出

turn(switch) off 10.动词+on depend on insist on keep/go on

依靠 坚持 继续

rely on carry on

依靠 继续,进行

spend…on 在……花钱 call on 拜访

put on 穿上,戴上,上演 move on 继续移动,往前走

live on 以……为生 bring on 使……发展 try on 试穿

feed on 以……为生 take on 雇用,呈现(新面貌等) have on look on 穿着 旁观

pass on 传授,传递 turn(switch) on 打开

11.动词+out break out 爆发 pick out 选出 point out 指出 figure out 算出,理解 bring out help out set out
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burst out 进发 carry out 执行,进行 hold out

阐明,使表现出 救助 出发,着手,摆放


wear out 穿破,使??疲劳 make out 理解,看清楚

turn out 结果是,生产,培养 come out leave out work out give out 出版,出来 省略,删掉 算出,想出办法等 散发,分发,用完

cross out 划掉 keep out(of) 使不进入,挡住 find out 查出,弄明白 try out 试用,试验

look out 当心,提防 speak out 大胆讲出 send out 发出,派遣 go out die out 熄灭 灭绝

put out 扑灭 hand out 散发 run out 用完 let out 泄漏,发出(声音),出租 12.动词十 in give in 让步 bring in 引进,使得到收入 result in join in 导致 参加

hand in drop in

上交 拜访 在??获成功

succeed in take in break in call in persist in

接纳,吸收,改小 强制进入,插话 召集,来访 坚持

get in 收获,进入 fill in 填写 cut in 插入 look in 来访,参观

13.动词十 into look into 研究,调查 burst into 闯入,进发 change?into 把??变成 run into 碰到 14.动词+over turn over 翻倒,细想 go over

turn into divide?into

变成 把??分成 把??译成


send sb to/into sleep 使进入状态

think over look over
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仔细考虑 翻阅,检查


get over


run over watch over

压死,看一遍 看守,照看

take over 接管,接替 fall over 跌倒,摔倒

roll over 翻滚

15.动词十 to belong to 属于 refer to 谈到,涉及,参阅 turn to 向??求助,查阅 object to 反对

point to 指向 stick/hold/keep to 坚持,忠于 come to get to 共计,苏醒 到达

see to 处理,料理 reply to 答复 bring to 使苏醒把??比作

compare?to 与?相比;把?比作 write to 写信给 lead to 导致,通向 attend to 处理,专心,照料

agree to 同意 supply?to 为??提供 add to devote?to 16.动词+up grow up 成长,长大 build up 建立 增添 贡献给

give up set up

放弃,献出 架起、建立

put up 搭起,架起,安装,住宿,张贴,盖起 do up go up pick up 整理,包装,打扮 增长,上涨 get up 起床,站起 拾起,学会,用车,来接,收听到 turn up 开大(音量等),出席 take up 开始学,从事,占据 eat up 吃完 tear up 撕碎 make up 构成,组成 编造 弥补 join up 联结起来,参军 come up 上来,长出,出现
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bring up 抚养,呕吐,提出 出现 stay up 挺住,熬夜 sit up use up lay up 储存 cut up 切碎 end up

熬夜 用完


speed up 加快速度 clear up 整理,收拾,放晴 bum up 烧毁 hurry up 赶快 keep up 保持 send up 发射 open up 开创,开辟 break up 分解 17.动词十 through get through 通过,干完,接通电话 go through 审阅,检查,学习 see through 识破 pull through 渡过危机,康复 18.动词+with deal with 处理,对付 meet with 遇到,遭受 agree with 同意,与??一致 combine with 与??相联合 cover?with 用??覆盖 end up with 以??结束 provide?with 以??供给 19.三词以上的短语动词 add up to 总计 keep away from 避开,别靠近 look down on 轻视 put up with 忍受 keep up with 赶上
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throw up 呕吐 look up 查找,找出 catch up 赶上 fix up 修理,安排,装置 hold up 耽搁,使停顿 ring up 打电话 divide up 分配

look through 翻阅,看一遍,仔细查看 put?through 接通电话 check through 核对

do with 处理,需要 talk with 同??交谈 compare with 与??相比 equip?with 以??装备 begin with 以??开始 supply?with 以??供给 play with 玩,玩弄

break away from 摆脱 do away with 废除 look up to 仰望,尊敬 catch up with 赶上 run out of 用完

make up for 弥补 get on(along) with 和??相处 get close to 接近 get out of 逃避,避免 set fire to 放火烧 take notice of 注意 do well in 在??干得好 take a photo of 拍??照片

go on with 继续 look forward to 盼望 take hold of 握住 get down to 认真开始 pay attention to 注意 set an example to 为??榜样 pay a visit to 访问 take the place of 取代

三、 易混短语强化记忆
1. in turn 一个接一个地 in return 作为回报 I tried to do a good deed, but this is what I got in return, by turns=one after the other take turn to do sth.轮流做某事 turn secretary=become a secretary turn to sb ( for help ) turn up=appear turn out=prove to be / produce turn down 拒绝=refuse;音量调低 ;向下翻; 2. If she spent five years in Paris, how come she can't speak a word of French? 她假若在巴黎呆了五年,怎麽一句法语都不会说呢? come across 越过某处;被理解;偶然发现, 偶然遇到 come into being/existence 出现,开始形成,建立 come into use/service 开始使用 (无被动) come out 出来; 出发;出版;名列…; (总数等)达到(+ at/to) come to light 泄露(真相) ;被发现 cf. Your statement does not throw light on the subject. 并没有说明问题 come true 实现,变成现实 My dream has come true. 我的一个梦想实现了。 Cf. realize one’s dream reach one’s goal turn sth into reality come up 升起;走进;种子生长发育; 被提出 come up with an idea(突然)想出办法
3. go all out to do sth 全力以赴去做某事 =try one’ best to…=do what / all one can to…

go beyond 超出;超出…的能力 go beyond one’s ability / imagination / control go in for 参与,参与(竞赛等) ;从事(某项工作) ;爱好,酷爱 go out (火)熄灭,过时了 cf. put out the fire(灭火) put off 推迟, 延期( put off the meeting ); put down the rebellion(镇压) go with 相配 (同义词 match / go along with) 4. keep in touch with 与…保持联系(指状态)
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get in touch with (指动作) keep up your courage 保持勇气,别泄气 keep up with 跟上 catch up with 赶上 5. look down upon/ on sb 轻视某人;鄙视某人/某物 look on /upon sb./sth. as 把...看作.(近义词组:regard…as; treat…as; consider…as/to be) look over 对…审阅;粗略地看;翻阅 look up a word in a dictionary 查阅… look through 透过…看(尤指空隙或透明物体等) ; (从头到尾)初略地翻阅 look up to sb 尊敬某人 look sb. in the eye 盯着 6. make oneself at home(如同在家一般)随便些,不必客气 make arrangements for 为…做安排 make a been line for 取捷径前往 make room for 让出地方,腾出空间 make the best of 充分利用 ,尽量利用 make the most of 尽量利用,善于利用 make up for lost time/ground 加紧努力补回失去或落后的时间 make oneself heard / understood 使自己被别人听到/听懂理解 make good /no sense 有意义/没意义 make tea/coffee 泡茶/咖啡 make for 有助于,使成为 Cultural exchanges make for mutual understanding. 7. put away 放好;收起来;把…放在原位;储藏 放弃 put aside 放在一边;抛弃;暂时不做;留出(时间),省出(钱) put sth. in order(使)整齐 put on weight 增加体重(lose weight 减肥,减少体重) put on your clothes 穿衣 take off your clothes 脱衣 put an end/stop to 制止,使停止,结束 cf. come to an end(某事)结束 end up with failure 以失败而告终 put up with 和某人住在一起;忍受,忍耐=bear / stand put through 做成,完成;接通电话 使通过考试;使经历(难受的事) 8. take sb. by surprise (出人意料地)攻占;撞见 take A for B 把 A 误认为是 B take sb./sth. for granted 认为…是必然情况,视为当然 take sth. into account/consideration 加以考虑;予以重视 take advantage of 利用;占…的便宜 take the opportunity of 抓住机会;利用(机会) take charge of 开始负…的责;看管;控制 take it easy=Don’t be nervous take your time 从容 Take your time. There is still half an hour left. take the place of 代替 cf. stand for 代表 take on a new look 呈现新面貌 take off 脱下,起飞 take on sb 雇用 =employ sb=hire sb take in fresh air=absorb take up 占据(时间,地方);从事于 take up space / much time take up a city 攻占城市
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take up arms (against)拿起武器反对…,武装起来与…作对 take over 接管,接替 9. turn down 拒绝;音量调低 ;向下翻; turn out 制造出,生产出,培养出;结局是,结果是;原来是 It turns out that 知道是…,结果证明是 It is one's turn to do sth 轮到某人做某事 turn over a new leaf 重新生活,改过自新 turn in sth to sb 上交 10. not a little=much not a bit=not at all=not in the least ---Are you hungry? ---Not a little. I could eat a horse. 11. break away from(the Union )脱离(联邦) get rid of bad habit 去掉 do away with 废除 12. drop in at a place drop in on ab 顺便拜访 13. due to=caused by The accident was due to careless driving. owing to=because of Owing to the rain they could come. thanks to=as a result of Thanks to your help we were successful. 14. feel like doing=would like to do… 15. figure out=imagine=work out make out 辩认,拼凑 16. have a gift for=be talented at 17. in short 简言之 in a word 一句话 18. knock into sb=happen to meet sb cf. knock sb down 撞倒 19. let out a cry of surprise= cry out 20. It is no wonder that … There is no doubt that … 21. on show 在展出 cf. show off one new clothes 炫耀 22. out of order=in a mess / sth goes wrong in (good) order 23. pick up sb 开车去接 pick out=choose 24. run short of run out of=use up Our supplies have run short(不用被动语态)=We have run short of supplies. 25. run for 竞选 call for=need send for a doctor=ask sb to go to fetch a doctor apply for the position 申请 run into sb=(suddenly) see sb 撞上/碰到 26. set about to do sth=set out to do sth 27. burst out laughing carry out a plan 执行 The war broke out in late autumn. His shoes were worn out. wear out 穿破 28. cut down the price 削减 cut off electricity 切断 29. call off a meeting=not hold …取消 see sb off at the airport 送行 set off for the first destination 30. break in 打断/插入 be engaged in 从事 31. reply to sb=answer sb stick to sth / to doing sth see to sb=take care of sb
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take to 开始, 喜欢, 沉溺于, 走向, 照料, 求助于, 适应 take to gardening when one retires take to drinking get down to some solid work 认真开始? object to sth/ doing …反对 32. tear up a letter 撕… keep up one’s courage 保持… bring up a child 抚养… break up a family 拆散… stay up late at night=do not go to sleep until very late 33. pass away=die die away= (sound ) gradually disappear 34. cut through=take a shortcut see through one’s trick I couldn’t get through; the line was busy. 35. in charge of 负责 in the charge of,意味着在…管理下 36. add up to 总计 add to=increase 增加/添加 37. all at once=all of a sudden=suddenly 38. give out 散发,分发,用完 give away 背弃,泄露,赠送 39. keep … safe to remain safe : cf: remaining food(剩菜剩饭)=leftover to stay safe 40. What do you think of your new job? How do you like your new job ? How do you find your new job? 你认为你的新工作怎么样?


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