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2011 年华二自主招生英语考试试卷--英语学科素养
I. Vocabulary and Grammar (每题 1 分) 1. The rescue team found the _______ boy extremely _______, wolves bowling in the woods. A. missing ... scaring B. missed ..

. scared C. missed ... scaring D. missing ... scared 2. This year an increased number of drivers _______ for speeding. A. have fined B. have been fined C. has punished D. have been punished 3. A couple of decades ago, he _______ Austria and lives there now. A. was to visit B. had gone to C. left for D. arrived in 4. This is the Department of Foreign Languages, where we _______ about 80 student a year. A. teach B. educate C. train D. instruct 5. The villager said to the official with great panic that the UFO _______ east to west when he saw it. A. was traveling B. traveled C. had been traveling D. was to travel 6. There was nothing of _______ importance in the annual report. A. specific B. particular C. special D. peculiar 7. Nobody but my father can _______ the handwriting on the yellow envelope which is kept in the safe. A. work out B. look out C. make out D. find out 8. Adams hadn't a _______ what the speaker was talking about most of time because the class was in chaos. A. guess B. thought C. concept D. clue 9. My cousin Betty is the black _______ of the family A. cow B. pig C. horse D. sheep 10. My father's very quiet too. I _______ him. A. follow with. B. take after C. look like D. turn up to be 11. I can't get into my apartment because I left the key _______ my door in my car. A. of B. from C. on D. to 12. It's not far from the village if we take the short _______ through the jungle. A. pass B. comer C. turning D. cut 13. Not many of them hurt themselves in the accident last night, _______? A. don't them B. didn’t they C. did they D. do they 14. I can’t describe to you _______ at that moment, when I was first led into a dark room and then told to sit there for a while. A. what 1 feel B. what did I feel C. what do I feel D. what I felt 15. _______ he has limited technical knowledge, the old worker has a lot of experience. A. Since B. Unless C. As D. Although 16. Scientists say it may be five or six years _______ it is possible to test this medicine on human patients. A. since B. after C. before D. when 17. In our new society, more and more women are _______ an increasingly important part in our socialist revolution and construction. A. doing B. making C. playing D. paying

IX. Cloze (每题 1 分) In colonial(殖民地的) America, medical science was so dangerous that it was often safer to remain sick than it was to be treated for illness. One of the most popular 18 for illness was bloodletting. This 19 cutting a patient's skin and allowing him or her to bleed 20 remove the cause of a disease. Sometimes so much blood was lost that patients would grow 21 and die. Another example of a 22 treatment used in colonial America was "sweating." A patient would be forced to stay in a small, hot room 23 the heaviest clothing and blankets available. Often the heating would Worsen the patient's 24 . The result was extreme weakness, heat exhaustion, and sometimes death. A final 25 that hurt patient more than it helped them was purging. This treatment was based on the idea a 26 was in the body and could be removed by vomiting. Patients would be forced to take a water-like mixture that would 27 them uncontrollably sick to the stomach. With all these treatments, the "cure" was usually worse than the disease. 18. A. treatments B. medicines C. poison D. operation 19. A. was B. involved C. required D. needed 20. A. in order to B. as well as C. so far as D. in addition to 21. A excited B. weak C. pale D. painful 22. A. useful B. effective C. terrible D. harmful 23. A. wearing with B. put on C. covered in D. dressed in 24. A. situation B. memory C. temper D. condition 25. A. illness B. method C. treatment D. way 26. A sickness B. danger C. poison D. problem 27. A. make B. do C. force D. let III.Reading Comprehension (每题 2 分) (A) Ben Johnson is one of the few men ever buried standing up. As the story goes, King Charles I once made him a promise. The king told the great writer that he would be buried in England's famous Westminster Abbey. But that wasn't all. Johnson could choose any place he liked for his grave. Johnson died in 1637. Then it was found that the spot he had picked was already filled. The ground space left in it was just eighteen inches square. King Charles I kept his words. He had Johnson's coffin placed on its end in the small place. That's the way it would just fit. 28. Which probably happened first? A. Johnson picked a place in the Abbey. B. Johnson died. C. Johnson received Charles's promise. D. Johnson told the king of his choice. 29. Charles I found out the place filled after _______. A. Johnson's death B. Johnson's burial C. the reading of Johnson's will D. the year of 1638 30. Johnson's coffin was placed upright so that it would _______. A. face the west B. look bigger C. take less room D. reach the floor 31. The story shows that Charles tried to _______. A. role Britain well B. keep his promise

C. learn about art

D. write poems and stories

(B) Along with jogging and swimming, cycling is one of the best all-round forms of exercise. It can help to increase your strength and energy, giving you more efficient muscles and a stronger heart. But increasing your strength is not the only advantage of cycling. Because you're not carrying the weight of your body on your feet, it's a good form of exercise for people with painful feet or backs. However, with all forms of exercise it's important to start slowly and build up gently. Doing too much too quickly can damage muscles that aren’t used to working If you have any doubts about taking up cycling for health reasons, talk to your doctor and ask his/her advice. Ideally you should be cycling at least two or three times a week. For the exercise to be doing you good, you should get a little out of breath. Don’t worry if you begin to lose your breath. Shortness of breath shows that the exercise is having the right effect. However, if you find you are in pain then you should stop and take a rest. 32. The words "Along with" (in Para. 1, line 1) most probably means _______. A. Rather than B. Except for C. In addition to D. Instead of 33. Cycling is good for people with painful back because _______. A. they can avoid putting all their weight on their feet B. they can have some exercise on their back C. they must start slowly and build up gently D. they can relieve pain from the back 34. The probable result of sudden exercise is that _______. A. you might get a little out of breath B. you will lose your breath C. you can get your muscles hurt D. you' 11 find you are in pain with your heart 35. What is the writer's purpose of writing this article? A. To give amusement B. To make commends C. To give advice D. To give warning (C) Good health is not something you are able to buy at the drugstore, and you can not depend on getting it back with a quick visit to the doctor when you are sick, either. Making your body last without major problems has to be your own responsibility. Mistreating your system by keeping bad habits, neglecting symptoms (症状) of illness and ignoring common health rules can reduce the best medical care. Nowadays, health specialists promote the idea of wellness for everybody. Wellness means achieving the best possible health within the limits of your body. Some people might prefer a lot of easier exercise to m6re strenuous exercise. While one person enjoys playing seventy-two holes of golf a week, another would rather play the sweaty, competitive games of tennis. Understanding the needs of your own body is the key. Everyone runs the risk of accidents and no one can be sure of avoiding disease. Nevertheless, poor diet, stress, a bad working environment and carelessness can ruin good health by changing your habits or the conditions surrounding you, you can lower the risk or reduce me damage of disease.

36. What does the writer imply about good health? A. The best method care maintains good health. B. Good health can not be obtained quickly, once it is lost. C. Good health results only from developing good habits. D. Doctors are responsible for maintaining people's health. 37. How can one achieve his wellness? A. One should try to avoid being overweight. B. One should keep fit according to his own condition. C. Easier exercise is preferable. D. Sweaty, competitive games are more helpful. 38. What can not people avoid completely according to the passage? A. Accidents and disease B. Being sick and overweight. C. Keeping bad habits D. Changing their habits. 39. What can people do to maintain or improve their health according to the passage? A. Change their habits B. Change their working environment C. Change their living conditions D. All of the above. IV. Translations (每题 3 分) 40. 中国的绝大部分城市在广泛地使用移动电话。(mobile phones; use) __________________________________________________________________________ 41. 看到这样美丽的景色,我们把疲劳和饥饿全忘了。 (Seeing, forget about) __________________________________________________________________________ 42. 为争取顾客,许多商人花大钱做广告。(compete) __________________________________________________________________________



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